A/N: A short little thing inspired by THE Hand Touch of Moebius fame ;) Oh and I'm not saying that their hand have never touched before Moebius...I'm saying they'd never touched like THAT! :) No Beta on this one so...

The First Hand Touch

by mara-anni

"You know these have absolutely no nutritional value right?"

"But it's fruit."

"It's just sugar."

"So, it's sugary fruit."

"And food colouring."

"Mmmm…food colouring."

Sam let out a faint giggle at his Homer impression, finding a place in the kitchen cupboard for the General's Froot Loops. Two large boxes he had brought with him. She had to shuffle a few things around to fit them in, though she had to admit the cabin was much more spacious and comfortable than she had feared when he all but demanded she go fishing with him. He hadn't asked politely this time, like all those times before. This time he'd simply told her they were going fishing. The memory of his soft, deep voice issuing the gentle demand still thrilled her.

She turned and reached for the packet of cookies just as he did. Hands collided. But as she began to pull her hand back and out his way, his wrist turned and his fingers closed.

She felt her heart beat quicken at the contact; her eyes mesmerized by the sight of her own hand engulfed in his. Eventually she found the courage and raised her eyes to his. Nothing had ever been as exciting, as exhilarating and as terrifying as meeting his gaze at this moment. He squeezed her hand. She felt a stinging behind her eyes as she clutched his in return.