Reception - Ten P.M.

Toasts, first dances, and the cake cutting over with, the party began to commence once more into full swing with renewed vigor; the live band was showing no signs of stopping any time soon as gay and straight couples alike, some with drinks in their hands, swayed intimately to the music.

From their vantage point in their seats near the dance floor, Tony and Fin watched the antics of the guests in amusement.

"Well, you can certainly tell the guests who have had way too much to drink from the sober ones," Tony observed dryly. "They're making total asses of themselves." He watched as one guest sloshed a nearly-full drink on his date; the woman, instead of recoiling in horror at his action, merely shrieked and giggled at the action as they danced on as if nothing was amiss.

Fin snorted. "Yeah, they'd better hope they don't have some sort of sobriety checkpoint set up outside the gate - I think the number of arrests could probably bankroll the whole city here - whatever the hell this city is."

Tony smiled as he played with Fin's hand clasped in his. "I don't think this area qualifies as a city, Senator. I think they have more cows and horses as residents around here than people."

Fin grinned over at him. "Yeah, you're probably right." He glanced over at the guests of honor table, noticing the two empty places. "Any idea where the newlyweds went to?" He had stopped on the way back to their table to grab a couple shots of Beam for him and Tony, and hadn't even noticed his son and Justin were gone.

Tony shook his head. "They were gone when I got back, too." He gazed at his partner's handsome face that was so like the son's. "I'm glad you and Brian had that talk," he said softly.

Fin squeezed his hand in response. "Yeah, me, too." Even he could see a definite thawing in Brian's previous demeanor. "But don't go reserving side-by-side burial plots just yet; it was just a polite conversation, nothing more." But he had to admit – it had been a definite improvement in their previous encounters and it did promise a possible deepening of their relationship.

Tony winced at the choice of words. "I know, but it's still a start," he insisted. "Considering the two of you didn't know each other existed until a few weeks ago, I think it's pretty damn promising, especially in light of how stubborn both of you are."

Fin peered over at him in amusement with his eyebrows raised. "Oh, we are, are we?" he asked, curling his lips under.

Tony rolled his eyes. "Well, duh," he answered impertinently. "I've got tons of circumstantial evidence piled up already." He began to tick the reasons off on each finger of his free hand. "Both don't want to reveal their true feelings, both too proud to make the first move, both too hung up on their image, both in love with the hottest blonds this side of…." His next spoken word wound up coming out as more of a muffled grunt as Fin promptly clamped a hand over his mouth and chuckled.

"Okay, Counselor, I get your point. You actually might have been winning your case until you rattled off that last item."

"Ha, ha," Tony responded in mock indignation. "Well, if you feel that way, I saw some really sexy-looking waiters over at the bar…." He began to stand up but was promptly pulled back down into his seat with a distinct oomph.

"I don't think so," Fin answered, surprised that his voice actually sounded jealous even to his own ears; he knew Tony was kidding, but even the possibility of his lover pursuing someone else made his heart beat a little faster in trepidation. The thought of just how much this man meant to him still filled him with a little bit of unease and also fear; now, not only had he opened his heart irretrievably to his partner, but he was expected to open up to a son and grandson he barely knew. It was exciting in a way, but also scary as hell.


He turned, a little startled at the sound of his partner's voice. "What?" he answered a little absentmindedly.

Tony smiled at him, perhaps with just a hint of smugness. "Really had you scared there, huh? That was the third time I called your name - you totally zoned out at the thought of my leaving you." He beamed and his blue eyes shone as he stated rather arrogantly, "I still got it."

Fin huffed and shook his head, having to speak a little louder now as a booming, pulsating, up-tempo dance tune began to play. "Don't get cocky," he said as Tony started to open his mouth. "And don't even say it," he warned, afraid that Tony was going to respond with yet another sex joke.

Tony made a zipping motion across his lips as his eyes twinkled; he was really enjoying this evening, for a number of reasons. "I think I'm going to get another piece of the wedding cake before it's all gone," he suddenly decided. "I think I saw one of those hot waiters helping to serve it, too…"

Fin rolled his eyes again as he stood up. "Where do you put it all?" he groused as he placed his hand across the small of Tony's slender back and they began to thread their way slowly through the mass of bodies on the dance floor and surrounding area.

Tony smiled, relishing the almost possessive feel of Fin's hand lying on his skin; he could feel the warmth resting there, even through his shirt, and as always it filled him with the anticipation of what would come later. "You always seem to provide a rigorous workout at home so I can keep my metabolism up," he whispered huskily in the brunet's ear.

Fin smiled. "Yeah…'s my favorite kind of pushup," he countered as Tony shivered at the thought.

Just as they neared the remnants of the wedding cake, a sudden flash nearby temporarily blinded the blond as Tony turned to glare icily at the would-be publicity hound. "I can't believe how rude people can be!" he said, speaking intentionally loud enough to be overheard by the perpetrator. "You would think a guest would have more manners." The person in question, a dark-haired, middle-aged man dressed in the latest, most expensive Armani fashion, quickly flipped his high-tech phone shut and scurried away as Fin pulled his partner into his embrace from behind and wrapped his arms around his chest. "Shh….let it go, Tony," he whispered. "It comes with the territory."

Tony turned in his partner's embrace with his eyes flashing. "Well, I still think it's fucking rude. I mean, for God's sake - it's your son's wedding! Can't they let you have any privacy during a family celebration? These are supposed to be guests - friends and business clients - of your son and Justin! I can't believe these people!"

Fin gazed at his fiery partner tenderly as he reached to brush a misbehaving strand of hair out of the blue eyes. "Tony, Baby, you know this is going to be ongoing now until the governor's race is over. I'm considered a celebrity, whether I like it or not. And now that I've officially come out, it's only going to get worse."

Tony deftly dodged a guest walking behind him by turning to the side briefly to let him pass before answering, "You're not the first politician's who's acknowledged he's gay. It's not such a big deal anymore."

Fin looked at him skeptically. "Come on, Tony! It may not be so unusual now, but it's still not the norm. Even if I wasn't gay, just the fact that I'm running for governor is going to involve me being in the public spotlight for months to come. And if I should be victorious…"

"You mean when," Tony firmly corrected him, his hands on his hips.

Fin smiled at the other man's conviction. "Okay, when I'm victorious…it just may get worse." He gazed into his partner's eyes. "I mean, just think what a firestorm will be generated when the first gay governor of Pennsylvania moves into the official gubernatorial residence with his partner."

Tony smiled. "You mean….?"

Fin huffed out a sound of disbelief. "Do you really think after all this time I wouldn't? Tony….we've already been through enough turmoil in our lives and our relationship recently. I'm not going anywhere unless you're with me." He smirked. "Although, now that I know your penchant for hot waiters, I guess I'll have to assign one of my bodyguards to make sure you don't interact too closely with any of the wait staff there. I can just see it now - my partner goes down to the kitchen for a late night raid on a BLT and winds up fucking one of the waiters in the walk-in pantry for his midnight snack instead."

Tony smacked him in the arm, but his face was aglow with Fin's heartfelt declaration. How far they had come in such a short time; it gave him renewed hope that his lover and his son could yet become closer, also.

Feeling just a little uncomfortable with how intense their conversation had suddenly become, Fin suggested, "Let's go get that piece of cake before it's all gone. I feel a need for some extensive exercise later."

Tony smiled as he took Fin's arm and they walked the few feet over to stare at what remained of the three-tiered cake. The entire top two parts were gone, leaving only part of the bottom layer remaining.

"Well, you can have either double German chocolate cake, or double German chocolate cake….which one do you prefer?" Fin asked solemnly as he turned to gaze impishly at his partner.

Tony pretended to seriously study that question before replying, "Uh, I think I'll have the double German chocolate cake - I'm watching my figure." Tony blushed a little as he looked over at a nearby, bare-chested, dark-haired, olive-skinned waiter who was dressed in a black pair of tux pants, matching black suspenders, and a white bow tie who was openly admiring his Nordic good looks.

Fin observed the interaction and felt the familiar, but somewhat unwelcome pangs of jealousy as he decided he would prefer to serve his partner the cake himself. Fixing the waiter with a steely-eyed glare of propriety first, he reached over to retrieve a nearby dessert plate and slid the cake server under a large, cut piece to place it on the china. As he handed the plate to his partner, he murmured huskily, "You're not the only one watching your figure. But he can just take a fucking hike somewhere else. I got here first and I have no intention of sharing."

Tony flushed with pleasure at the intense look as his insides warmed over his partner's words. "You keep saying things like that and we'll have to find a place to work out here," the blond warned him, feeling a sudden, uncomfortable pressure in his crotch at the sexy tone of his partner's voice.

"Wouldn't get any resistance from me," Fin leaned in to whisper promptly.

The hot breath washing over his face made Tony shiver in pleasure; he knew that tone of voice, and he knew what that meant for later. A full-out, mind-blowing fucking session followed by a more tender, lovemaking interlude. He wasn't complaining, though…..

"I think it might be about time for us to say adieu," he suddenly decided, stabbing a large bite of the cake with his fork and hurriedly cramming it into his mouth to hurry things along.

Fin laughed. "Only you would still make time to eat after that statement," he teased, smiling.

Tony smiled back at him sheepishly when he noticed his partner's gaze being directed behind him and his expression changed just a little; he thought he saw just a hint of anxiety as he turned to see Brian walking up with his son. The little, brown-haired boy was holding tightly onto his father's hand as they approached.

As they stopped to stand directly in front of them, Gus hid behind his father's leg and peered out to stare at the two other men warily.

Brian smiled down tenderly at the miniature version of himself. "Gus, it's okay," he gently told the little boy as he placed his hand around his son's shoulder and cradled him gently against his side. "You remember Fin and Tony from before, don't you? Remember the day we had the cookout?"

Fin watched the little boy nod shyly, a long index finger stuck partially in his mouth as he bit on it nervously. The boy's curiosity prevailed over his initial nervousness, though, as he pulled his finger out of his mouth long enough to gaze up at his father and whisper, "Is he really my grandpa, Daddy?"

Brian looked over into his own father's eyes to explain, "He heard you calling me your son earlier and was confused." He smiled down at the little face peering up at him. "Of course, I had to explain to him exactly what a toast was - the only toast he knew about was the bread he always wants me to slather with peanut butter and bananas for breakfast."

"You're kidding!" Tony could help blurting out. "That's what Fin usually has for breakfast, too."

"Tony," Fin chided him softly in embarrassment as Brian looked over in amusement. "Please."

"Well, it's true," Tony maintained; he couldn't help smiling over at Brian, who found himself returning the expression.

"See, Gus?" he told his son, looking down at his little boy. "You and your grandfather already have something in common." He placed both of his hands on top of the boy's shoulders and gave him just a slight nudge forward to lean him against the front of his legs. "Can you say hello to your grandfather?" he requested softly.

Fin squatted down on his knees to stare into the wide-eyed little boy face-to-face. He smiled reassuringly at him as he stuck his hand out. "I'm very pleased to officially meet you, Gus," he said politely. "We peanut butter and banana eaters have to stick together, don't we?"

He waited a little anxiously as Gus eyed him warily before, finally, the little boy tentatively reached his small hand out to touch Fin's. Fin lightly clasped the little hand and marveled at the softness before he gently shook it up and down a few times before releasing it. "I'm very glad to have a grandson, Gus," he said, his voice inexplicably choking up to his surprise. "Maybe we can ride my horses together sometime - would you like that?"

To his delight and relief, the little boy's chocolate-brown eyes lit up and he smiled as he nodded.

"Gus likes to ride with me here at Britin," Brian explained to his father as the older looked up at him. "He loves horses, but he's still in the learning stage on how to ride them properly."

Fin stood up as he nodded, peering down at his grandson. "That's very important, Gus," he told the little boy. "You have to know how to control them so they don't get away from you." He turned to stare into his son's eyes to say, "Tony and I have a couple of ponies at the house that would be ideal for him to learn to ride on - they're completely broken and very gentle." He held his breath for a moment before he plunged in with his suggestion. "Maybe you and Gus could visit sometime and he could ride one of them."

Brian stared intently into his eyes before gazing down at the excited face of his son; he could tell Gus wanted to do that very badly; he loved horses so much, but the ones here at Britin were so much taller than he was, it normally intimidated him, and frankly, it always worried him that Gus would fall off and injure himself. Swallowing his pride a little, Brian finally nodded. "Would you like that, Sonny Boy?" he asked his son. As Gus nodded eagerly and smiled, Brian turned to look at his father and said humbly, "Thanks. We'll take you up on that some time."

Fin nodded, hiding a slight twinge of disappointment over not receiving a definite commitment; but as he stole a quick glance over at Tony, he could almost read his thoughts: It's a start, Fin….it's a start...

"Good," he said, nodding. "I'll look forward to it; maybe after your honeymoon."

"Daddy, what's a honeymoon?" Gus asked his father curiously, gazing up into the amused hazel eyes.

Brian glanced over at his father and Tony before saying softly, "Justin and I are going on a little vacation after our party tonight."

"Can I go, too?" Gus asked eagerly; he always enjoyed taking trips with his mommies and he loved being with his father and Justin. He always had so much fun here at Britin whenever he visited - a trip with his father and Justin sounded like a grand idea.

He was disappointed, however, when Brian smiled down at him tenderly before scooping him up into his arms and murmuring, "Not this time, Buddy, this is a trip just for grownups." As Gus' lower lip stuck out into a pout, he said, "We'll plan on taking another trip soon, though, I promise," he said fervently. "And Justin and I will bring something back for you this time so we can tell you all about our trip, okay?"

As the little boy reluctantly nodded at last, Brian added, "And we'll go over to your grandfather's to take that pony ride when we get back. How's that sound?" He looked over at his father, who smiled in pleasure.

"Okay, Daddy," Gus said a little more agreeably as he thought about his impending pony ride. His mouth opened suddenly as a wide yawn broke out across his face.

"I think it's past someone's bedtime," Brian murmured gently as Gus snuggled his head into his chest. "Let's go find one of your mothers and get you to bed, okay, Buddy?" He leaned down to plant a kiss on top of the brunet head and wrap his hands around the slender body as Gus' eyes slowly fluttered closed, despite the constant thumpa-thumpa background still playing nearby.

"I'd better go find Mel or Lindsey so they can take him back up to the house," he told the two men.

"Of course," Fin told his son. "And I'll be looking forward to taking him on a ride soon."

Brian nodded at both of them silently before he turned with the precious cargo still in his arms and went in search of the two women.

Fin felt Tony reach for his hand as he clasped it silently in response. "I think you're on your way, Fin," he leaned over and whispered loud enough so his partner could hear. "You two are definitely making progress." He gazed into the steel-gray eyes. "How's it feel?"

Fin felt the tears stinging his eyes as he took a deep breath and turned to his lover, not afraid to show the emotion clearly etched on his face. "It feels really good, Baby," he said, smiling, twisting his mouth affectionately as he gazed at the blond.

Tony smiled as he reached up to cup the other man's face. "I'm glad," he told him as he quickly finished off the last of his cake. "Now why don't we say our goodbyes to some of the guests and blow this joint so we can go home and I can make you feel even better?"

Fin waggled his eyebrows in mock horror. "Why, Counselor, are you trying to seduce me by suggesting we engage in one of my favorite workout activities?"

Tony beamed. "You always were very perceptive, Senator. Let's go give our best wishes to the two newlyweds and then leave; this joint isn't the only thing I'd like to blow."

Fin laughed as he took his partner's hand in his. "Well, in that case, expediency is my middle name. Lead the way, Counselor."

Thirty Minutes Later – Near the bar area

"Ah, hem." The two men turned their flushed faces toward the distinctive clearing of a throat.

"Honeycutt, you have impeccable timing," an irritated voice responded from the shadows.

"Why, thank you very much, Brian; I believe that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me," Emmett replied, smiling, as he added in a stage whisper, "Of course, that's not saying very much." He waited as Brian shielded Justin's body from his prying gaze while he gave the blond enough time to zip his pants back up.

"Uh, can't you see we're a little busy here?" Brian growled, glancing longingly back at the swollen, thoroughly-kissed lips of his partner, who grinned over at their friend somewhat sheepishly. He and Brian had just had a 15-minute make-out session away from the prying eyes of their guests, and his body was screaming for release. He had just been about to receive what would no doubt be the first of many blow jobs this evening from his new husband when their wedding planner had unfortunately chosen just this untimely moment to interrupt.

"Sorry, Sweetie," Em apologized to his friend. "But some of the guests are leaving now and they're all looking for the newlyweds to wish them well and say goodbye." He eyed them with amusement as Justin blushed slightly. "Uh….you boys think you can tear yourselves away from your urgent business long enough to say au revoir to them?"

"We'll be right there," Justin assured him as Brian glared back at him in return. As soon as Emmett had left, Brian muttered, "We have a little unfinished business here, too, you know, Sunshine." He reached over to possessively squeeze Justin's cock through his pants as the blond squirmed in response.

"Brian!" he scolded him breathlessly. "You're not helping the situation here." Silently, he actually preferred to remain where he was so they could finish what they had started, but he knew Em would come looking for them if they didn't move soon.

"I thought that was exactly what I was doing," Brian countered, smirking as he ignored Justin's comment and continued to massage the rapidly-hardening member through the thin dress fabric.

Justin couldn't help moaning at the intense sensation as he almost blindly reached out to place his hands on Brian's shoulders for support when his legs quickly threatened to turn to jelly. "You don't play fair, Brian," he struggled to breathe out.

"All's fair in love and fucking, Sunshine," he chuckled against Justin's stomach as he began to slowly slide down the lithe body to kneel on the floor of the makeshift bar area; they had returned to their previous "scene of their crime," the secluded corner of the bar where they could engage in a little one-on-one action in private without fear of being disturbed - at least when it came to everyone else except for a rather persistent wedding planner….

Justin's body temperature shot up as he realized what Brian was about to do. He reached out to grab a tuft of Brian's hair on the top of his head and gave it an urgent tug. "Brian!" he gulped out as he felt a rush of cool air on his stomach where the brunet had his shirt pushed up and his palm pressed against the exposed flesh; his muscles quivered where Brian made lazy circles around it with one of his experienced, warm hands. "You heard Emmett!" he stammered, trying to think. "He needs us to say… say, uh, goodbye to the guests." He was having trouble concentrating at the moment because Brian had reopened his pants and was slowly tugging them downward to expose his cock again.

"Well, I have needs too," Brian argued huskily against his legs.

He gasped as Brian wrapped his free hand around his ass and he felt a warm, wet mouth encircle him tightly. "Fuck, Brian!" he groaned out. His pulse raced as Brian's chuckle came out as a hum on his lips and the vibration against his cock made him even harder as his husband slowly drove him insane with desire. Brian's only other response to Justin's cry was to start sliding his wet, hot lips up and down on his shaft as Justin turned his head from side to side in an overwhelming flow of pleasure.

The combination of Brian's ministrations with his mouth and the feel of his hand kneading his fleshy ass made him come a few minutes later as he cried out and sagged in Brian's skillful hands, a spineless, emotionally charged mess. The loud cry of ecstasy was fortunately drowned out by the loud band and the boisterous guests as Brian pulled his mouth from Justin's cock a few moments later and slowly rose to his feet with a smug look of satisfaction.

He pulled Justin's pants and briefs back up to zip them closed before reaching to take the slender blond in his arms. As he wrapped his owns hands around his husbands' back, Brian reveled in the rapidly beating heartbeat as Justin sighed and nuzzled his head against his chest for a few moments, his insistence earlier that they accede to Emmett's request temporarily forgotten.

Brian closed his eyes briefly as he rested his chin on top of Justin's head, marveling at how such a simple gesture could fill him with so much contentment. He hadn't even been sucked off yet, but surprisingly at the moment he didn't care; it occurred to him then that perhaps at last he was finally learning the true meaning of love - making someone else happy by putting their needs above his own. And for this man - this incredible man - he would always do that willingly.

He heard Justin emit one additional long sigh before he felt the blond reluctantly pull away from him. As he loosely held him in his arms, he gazed down at the satiated look on his lover's face and smiled. "Feeling pretty good at the moment, Sunshine?" he whispered as he curled his lips under; Justin's present expression was a cross between bliss and almost drunkenness as soft blue eyes stared up at him almost dreamily.

"Yeah…..Pretty damn good, actually," he confided as Brian gave a short laugh at his response.

He reached down to push some hair out of Justin's eyes as he smiled and said, "Weren't we supposed to be doing some other sort of husbandly thing?"

Justin frowned before his eyes widened and Brian chuckled. "Shit! We were supposed to go say goodbye to our guests!" He smacked Brian's chest with his hand as he scolded him, "You deliberately diverted my attention to try and get out of it, didn't you?"

"Well, it worked, didn't it?" Brian countered. "I don't exactly see you complaining about it." He raised his eyebrows in a silent challenge to his statement.

Justin glared at him, but he knew his initial protest was quickly disappearing, "They're going to think we're awfully rude," he tried to argue.

Brian snorted. "No, they're either going to be too drunk to care or they're going to realize we're doing what we always do when we're together – getting into each other's pants."

Justin rolled his eyes. "Well, at least getting into my pants," he pointed out, glancing down at Brian's still rock-hard cock. "I think I may need to reciprocate the favor."

Brian smirked at him. "Well, if you insist…..I don't want to seem uncooperative on my wedding day." He reached down to begin unzipping his pants, but a slender hand stopped him.

"Let me," Justin whispered almost shyly as he reached down and began undoing the brunet's pants. Brian couldn't help from touching Justin as he proceeded to deftly take hold of his waistband and briefs and free his throbbing organ from its captivity; he placed his hands on Justin's shoulders until the blond gazed up at him intently and, just like Brian had done earlier, he slowly slunk down to the ground on his knees and wrapped one hand around the small of Brian's back and the other around his purplish, leaking cock.

As he felt the skilled, hot and wet mouth of his husband proceed to do its magic on him, he twisted some of the silky blond hair in his hand in rhythm with Justin's ministrations. Between his husband's perfectly-proportioned mouth, his warm hand drawing small circles on his back, and his other hand caressing his balls, Brian knew he wouldn't last long. In what seemed like record time, he felt his body tighten with impending orgasm and he came soon afterward with a loud groan of sensual pleasure as he almost violently fisted Justin's hair.

As Justin finished swallowing the last remnant of his seed, he pulled Brian's briefs and pants back up and fastened them before rising up to smile in contentment at the other man.

"I now pronounce us husband and husband," Brian quipped, as he leaned down to plant a deep kiss on the plump, smiling, pink lips.

Their private interlude was rudely interrupted just then by the squelch of the band's microphone. A familiar voice was heard saying, "Attention, attention! If anyone has seen two missing newlyweds who refuse to adhere to proper wedding etiquette, will you please drag them forward? Thank you."

Justin snorted in amusement as Brian rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Whose idea was it again to hire Emmy Lou for our wedding?" he asked, as Justin gazed back at him innocently with a who, me? look.

"Come on, Mr. Kinney," Justin chastised him softly as he took a hold of his sleeve and began to tug him out from behind the tufted, white leather partition. "I think we need to make an appearance." As Brian looked at him imploringly, he said, "It's just for a little longer," he soothed, amused at Brian's look of reluctance. "You just had a blowjob," he pointed out reasonably.

"And your point is?" Brian asked.

Justin made an incredulous grunt as he pulled Brian more firmly along. "It'll only hurt for a little while," he told him, smiling.

"Yeah, that's what they said when they pulled my ball out," Brian muttered as he reluctantly allowed himself to be led back around toward the side of the tent where they had initially came in. As they got closer, Justin could see Emmett's face relaxing in relief as the two missing men finally decided to make an appearance. The remaining guests broke out into applause as Justin smiled back at them a little guiltily. Brian, of course, merely raised one eyebrow and bowed slightly in acknowledgement as they eventually took their place side by side just inside the tent, his hand automatically reaching around Justin's back to hold him gently to his body as if in an invisible, silent show of love and protection.

Brian managed to behave himself for the next several minutes as he graciously accepted the congratulations and parting best wishes of various guests until finally the room had emptied out substantially. It seemed that once the band had wrapped up its performance, and the free-flowing booze had eventually petered out, the guests saw that as their not-so-subtle signal to leave.

He ran his hand over his face a little wearily as the last of the current guests in line left to depart for his vehicle parked nearby. Only a few close friends and family remained now, interspersed with a small number of wait staff from the catering company Emmett had employed for the catering and subsequent cleanup detail.

"There they are," Tony whispered to his partner, as he grabbed his sleeve to get Fin's attention. They had been about to give up on locating the pair and leave when Tony noticed them near the side entrance. The two men walked up to the newlyweds as Fin extended his hand out to his son.

"Brian, it's been very enjoyable," his father told him sincerely as the younger man reached out to return the gesture; their hands gripped each other's firmly as father and son stared into each other's eyes. Fin thought he saw a fleeting flicker of emotion behind the hazel orbs before Brian broke their grip and nodded.

"Tony," he said to the younger man as he turned to acknowledge Fin's partner and the two shook hands briefly.

As they broke their grip, Tony turned to Justin and smiled at him warmly as they walked a few steps away to speak privately. "Thank you for including us," he told the artist as he shook hands with him firmly. "We had a great time." Just being able to be out in public with his lover and actually dance, laugh, and enjoy each other's company had meant so much to him; it had been a special evening for him as well as for the newlyweds. He looked over at his partner and Brian; the two men were still conversely quietly together.

"I think we've made some headway tonight, don't you?" he asked softly as he nodded his head toward father and son.

Justin turned his gaze to look upon his new husband and the senator as he smiled in agreement. "Yes, I think so," he replied, his heart soaring that at last it seemed his wedding present to Brian was finally becoming a reality. Oh, he knew the two men had a long way to go yet, but even the small baby steps the two had taken recently were so much more meaningful than a lifetime would have been with Brian's asshole of an adoptive father.

"Well, I'll do whatever I can to encourage their relationship," Tony assured him, gazing over at the handsome pair of bookends nearby. "I think they're both stubborn as hell, but they're also good for each other." He turned to look into the eyes of his young friend and smiled. "They owe you a big debt, Justin – and so do I."

Justin frowned as he shook his head slightly. "A big debt? How so?"

Tony nodded. "Yeah….if you hadn't found that paper and insisted on tracking Fin down, I'm sure he would have never found out about Brian. And if I hadn't called him out on it afterward, I think he would have persisted in keeping his secret about being gay, as well as keeping our relationship in the dark. Thanks to you, I don't have to hide in the shadows any longer." He felt his eyes tearing up as he added, "You don't know how much of a burden that was, and how fucking great it feels now." He knew he and Fin would have a difficult road ahead with his campaign just gearing up, but at least now they would be able to combat it together. "Thank you," he said sincerely.

Justin felt embarrassed as he tried to shrug off the profuse statement of gratitude. "I did it for Brian mainly to make him happy; he deserves a real family after what he went through." He glanced once more at father and son, who continued to engage in polite conversation as he added, "I'm just so glad they seem to be making an attempt to get to know each other better."

Tony clamped a hand on Justin's shoulder in mutual camaraderie before saying, "So am I." He noticed Justin yawning as he hastily tried to cover his mouth. "We'd better get going," he told the younger man. "Looks like you've had a long day."

Justin admitted, "Yeah, I guess it's finally catching up with me – I was so wired this morning that I was up before 6:00." He gazed over at Brian; he could tell by his somewhat stooped stature and the faint creases on his face that he was beginning to feel the effects as well. "We've got a plane to catch early tomorrow."

"Oh, yeah, that's right," Tony said. "Where are you two going on your honeymoon? Fin asked me earlier but I told him I didn't know."

"That's make three of us, then – you, Fin, and me," he said surprisingly. "Talk about stubborn – a certain someone is refusing to tell me what he's got planned. I don't know whether to be excited as all get out or nervous as hell. I think maybe a mixture of both is safest."

"Brian hasn't told you where you're going on your honeymoon?"

Justin nodded. "Yeah, if it was anyone else, I'd say it was actually kind of romantic. But knowing Brian, I'd say it's more a case of wanting to torture me about it instead."

Tony chuckled as his partner and Justin's husband began to walk over to join them. "Yeah, I think you're right," he agreed. "I could definitely see Fin pulling something like that, too." That is, if the man would ever get married at all, Tony thought wistfully. He had managed to push that wish out of his mind for the past few hours, but it was never completely hidden; his most desired hope was to one day experience the same exact thrill that Justin had felt today.

"Ready to go, Counselor?" Fin asked him as he reached his side and lightly placed his hand around his waist.

Tony smiled at the gesture as he nodded back at him. "Yeah, I'm ready. Congratulations, you two," he said to Brian and Justin. "And I'd love to hear all about your trip when you get back, Justin – once you find out where you're going," he teased. Fin gave him a strange look as he whispered to him, "I'll explain it to you later."

Brian turned to Justin as they walked away. "You told him, didn't you?"

Justin snorted. "What's to tell? I don't know anything. You are planning on at least telling me what to pack, aren't you? It might be nice to know what kind of weather to dress for."

"Doesn't matter," Brian told him pointedly as he stared into the amused eyes. "Wherever we're going, you won't need anything to wear," he stated huskily, evoking a slight shiver of anticipation from his husband.

"Oh, so you're just planning on holding me hostage in our hotel room and fucking me senseless?"

"Yeah," Brian whispered, tongue in cheek, as he rubbed against the side of Justin's soft cheek. "That's exactly the kind of honeymoon I had in mind."

Justin closed his eyes briefly at the sensations flooding through his body; even now, just the simplest of touches or the sound of Brian's voice always set him immediately on fire. That was one more reason why it had never been a great idea for him to consider working permanently with him at Kinnetik; the two of them would have been so busy eye-fucking each other – or going at it like two animals in heat behind closed doors – that they would have never gotten any business done.

"Uh….I think I can live with that," he managed to whisper breathlessly at last as Brian smiled in triumph. Of course, both of them knew there would be more to it than that, but frankly, Justin really didn't care where they went, as long as they went together. They had spent far too little precious time alone for the past several months, even though they were living together at Britin – between plans for the wedding, Brian's intense involvement with Kinnetik and his ever evolving relationship with his father, along with Justin's burgeoning art career, it seemed there was never enough time in the day for just the two of them. Just to be alone with his husband for two weeks, then, sounded heavenly, no matter where they were going, especially since Brian had promised him he would not take his work with him like he typically did; he was adamant that he would rely, instead, on Ted, Cynthia, and the others to take care of Kinnetik while he was away.

"I knew you were a smart man," Brian was telling him as they noticed a small group of their friends approaching to say their goodbyes. Lindsey and Mel had long ago left with an extremely sleepy Gus to head back up to the house, and Sean and Kathy had left earlier, also. Despite Brian's offer to let them spend the night, they had told him they preferred to head home, promising to be in touch shortly upon the newlyweds' return home.

Michael and Ben had also departed about an hour ago, wanting to get home to their daughter and free up Hunter from his babysitting duties, while Daphne had reluctantly bid them goodbye as well, citing her need to return to her resident training early the next morning.

Debbie walked up with a big smile on her face and her arms outstretched, making a beeline for Brian as she rushed up and placed both hands on his cheeks to give him a big, lip-stained kiss. "You did it, you asshole!" she gushed. "You really fucking married Sunshine!"

Brian smirked as she finally released her hold on him to gaze up into his face. "You just now noticed that?" he teased. He shrugged. "Well, he was kind of hot, so I thought what the hell?"

"Yeah, right," she said, grinning as she looked over at a radiant Justin. "And the Wimbledon's just another tennis game."

"Boys," Carl said, nodding as he joined them. "We're going to get going. Congratulations again," he said as he shook both of their hands in turn. "Debbie, ready, honey?" he asked.

Debbie nodded. "Yeah, just a second," she replied as she walked a couple of feet over to Justin and hugged him tightly. As they embraced, she whispered just loud enough for him to hear, "I'm so fucking glad for you, Sunshine; but he's the lucky one."

As they broke apart, Justin smiled at her through his tears. "Thanks, Deb," he told her softly. "We're both lucky." She smiled at him tenderly before turning to Brian with one last piece of advice. "He's priceless, Brian, don't fuck this up!" she warned him with one well-lacquered finger.

"Yes, Mother," he said softly with just the hint of a smile. She stared at him for a couple of seconds before, satisfied, she nodded and, taking Carl's arm, quietly walked away.

"Where was she when I needed to know our honeymoon destination?" Justin grumbled as Brian turned to look at him with a grin. The brunet looked to Justin's side before saying, "Uh, oh. Mother No. 2 approaching at six o'clock."

Justin turned around to see his mother walking up with his sister and Tucker; she smiled as they reached the couple, pulling her son to her with a fierce hug. "We're heading out, Honey," she told the blond; she gave a small grunt as she squeezed him tightly for a second before letting go. "It was a beautiful wedding and reception," she told him. "I'm so happy for both of you."

Justin smiled. "Thanks, Mom – that makes two of us." He glanced over at Brian before adding, "Three of us, actually."

She turned to face Brian and give him a short hug before saying, "Yeah, I'd have to agree with you." She stared into the hazel eyes for a few seconds before adding softly, "I'm glad I finally got my son-in-law after all. Although….maybe if you were a little younger, it wouldn't make me feel quite so old right now."

Brian grinned as he curled his lips under. "Sorry, Mom, but I'm not returning him. I've gotten used to his cooking by now."

She laughed. "I have a feeling his cooking wasn't the big attraction," she answered as Justin blushed a little. "But that's okay….I've kind of gotten used to you, too." She gave Brian a kiss on the cheek as she whispered, "Take good care of him."

He gazed over at his husband before answering sincerely, "I will – I promise."

She nodded as they broke their embrace and the two men exchanged goodbyes with Justin's sister and Tucker. As the three strode away, at last the two newlyweds were left with only a handful of catering personnel and Emmett, who was diligently supervising the cleanup activities.

Brian let out a breath. "Well, that was one hell of a party, Sunshine," he decided as he pulled Justin into his arms and gazed down at the tired but happy blue eyes. "I think we had more homos and heteros here than they had at the last anti-marriage rally in the Pitts."

Justin grinned. "And I think they got along a little better, too."

He commented, "Well, its amazing what a little booze, food, and dancing will do in the name of unity." Brian looked tenderly into Justin's face, observing his somewhat tired, drawn look. "I think someone could use some sleep before our big adventure tomorrow," he commented. "Wherever that might be," he kidded him mysteriously, enjoying the look of frustration on his husband's face.

"So I guess that means you're not going to give me just a little hint?" he asked hopefully, knowing he was wasting his time.

"Nope," Brian promptly responded, linking his hands behind Justin's back to pull him even closer; he grinned as he noticed one particular part of Justin's anatomy was quite alert at the moment, despite his lover's tiredness.

Justin sighed, trying hard not to notice the effect Brian's body rubbing against his was having on him; but, then again, he noticed he wasn't the only one with the same problem. "Well, then, I guess there's nothing left to do but just go up to the house and go to sleep, then."

"Wrong, Blond Boy!" Brian growled softly; Justin groaned as he ground their cocks together for emphasis. "I'm not getting married to someone who's not willing to put out on their wedding night." His eyes twinkled as he gazed solemnly at the man being held in his arms.

Justin laughed softly. "Oh, you aren't, are you?"

Brian gazed into the blue eyes as he grinned and shook his head in silent reply; the ebbing flicker of the candles and the chandelier overhead cast flecks of silver-white light into Justin's eyes, making them even more amazing than they normally were, and his breath caught in his throat at the sight of the mesmerizing, glowing face staring back at him so lovingly. Thoughts of continuing their light-hearted banter suddenly disappeared as he stared at the incredible man in front of him before whispering softly, "I love you so fucking much, you know that?"

Justin sniffed a little before smiling back at him radiantly through unshed tears. "Ditto, Mr. Kinney," he finally managed to say before he reached up with his right hand to pull Brian's head down into a deep kiss. His left hand, adorned with the gleaming token of their love, covered Brian's heart which was beating rapidly in response.

As they finally broke apart a few minutes later, Brian said, "Let's continue this celebration in private, shall we?" Justin smiled as, hand-in-hand, they slowly turned and walked out of what remained of the now-empty arena and toward their house – their home – their forever home.

A/N: I have decided to conclude this story here because I will be writing a sequel to it shortly that will involve, among other things, the honeymoon, Fin's run for governor, and the ever-changing relationship not only between father and son but also Tony and Fin. I want to thank everyone who has read and especially reviewed this story and hope you will stay tuned for the continuation.:) I would love to hear your parting thoughts as well - thanks again to all my readers - your continuing support is what keeps me writing these!