Tim felt a wad of paper bounce off of his head, and choose to once again ignore Tony's antics. "McGeek, why don't you ever just kick back and relax. There's no Gibbs here to head slap you for it."

"Tony, we're supposed to be on a stakeout. Why can't you just do what you're supposed to for once? You're the one that should be worried about Gibbs' slap." Tim didn't look up from the computer he was using to see the street outside the window of their hotel room.

"Oh, come on, McKilljoy. There's no reason for you to have a stick up your ass all the time." Tony came over and slammed Tim's laptop shut on top of the other agent's fingers.

Tim jumped up from his seat and started shaking his hands, as if he could flick the pain off. "Aagh! Tony! What the hell is your problem?"

Tony had taken Tim's seat and was bouncing the paper wad up and down in his hand. He looked over at Tim and smiled. "Oh, come off it, McGoo. We both know that you love me because I'm the rebel you wish you could be."

"No, I don't Tony. I don't want to be a rebel, and I hate that you are. You're always acting like a clown, and you just don't get it. I hate that. I hate you," Tim snapped back in anger, shoving Tony off the chair and pulling the laptop back open. "Tony, you made my computer freeze up!" Tim started trying to fix the problem.

"Look, I'm going to go get coffee across the street—" Tony started.

"Might as well, we can't do anything until the system is back up." Tim didn't look up.

"…Right…so I'll be back in a bit, McGee."

Tim heard the door close when Tony left and breathed a sigh of relief. Tony could be so frustrating. He looked down at his fingers and saw a dark bruise across his fingers. "Damnit, Tony. What's your problem?" he muttered to the empty room.

After a few moments, Tim finally got the equipment back up and running, and saw Tony walking across the street with two coffees in his hands. Suddenly Tony's head jerked the left, seeing something that was not in view of the camera. He placed the coffees down on the ground and reached for his gun.

Tim rushed out of the room and to the fire escape. He ran down the stairs of the fire escape, and jumped down the last level instead of using the ladder. Once on the ground he drew his gun, just in time to hear a gunshot. He rounded the corner to see his fellow agent falling to the ground while someone stood over them with a pistol trained on him. Tim reacted without thinking, training his gun on the offender and firing three shots. As the criminal fell to the ground, Tim sprinted to Tony's side, dropping to his knees.

"McGoo, you fixed the computer." Tony's eyes were glassy, and he seemed to be going into shock.

Tim shoved his hand into the wound in Tony's gut, causing Tony to wince horribly. "Sorry, Tony, but you're bleeding out."

"I'm bleeding?" Tony asked. "Did I ever tell you how cute you are when you're flustered, Timmy?"

Tim blinked. Even when Tony was dying he had the attention span of a two-year-old. He reached for his phone with one hand, increasing pressure on the wound with the other, which made Tony groan in pain. He one-handedly dialed 911.

A recording answered him, saying that all phone lines were full and to wait. Tim cursed under his breath and then smiled down at Tony, waiting for a person to pick up. "Tony," he whispered softly, "what happened?"

Tony's glassy gaze moved to Tim's face. "Well the guy was being all wonky, so I told him to stop it, and then there you were, looking all flustered." Tony's flashed his usual, cocky grin, which was extremely out of place in this situation.

Tim opened his mouth to say as much, but then a female voice spoke on the other end: "911, what is your emergency?"

"I'm Special Agent Timothy McGee, and my partner, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo has been shot in the abdomen by a suspect we were investigating, who has also been shot, and is probably already dead."

"Where are you?" the dispatcher responded without missing a beat.

"Outside the Holiday Inn Hotel on Elizabeth Avenue in Norfolk. He's bleeding profusely, and I think he may be going into shock."

"Wait, I was shot?" Tony demanded.

Tim nodded. "Definitely going into shock."

"Okay, an ambulance should be there in fifteen minutes. You should put pressure on the wound to keep him from bleeding out."

"I am," Tim responded, shifting to put more pressure on the wound.

Tony groaned. "I knew it. I knew you hated me. Why? I'm not that bad am I?"

The dispatcher said something that Tim didn't hear. Tim looked at his partner. "I don't hate you, Tony. Don't be ridiculous. … I'm sorry, what?"

The dispatcher sighed. "Do I need to stay on the line or are you okay?"

"Of course you do. You just said you did ten minutes ago," Tony accused.

"DiNozzo, I was angry because you shut the computer on my knuckles! I don't hate you, Tony." Tim was starting to panic.

"I'm sorry?" The dispatcher asked.

"We're fine. Just tell the ambulance to hurry." Tim slammed the phone shut and turned back to Tony.

"Of course you do. Who wouldn't? I'm like the biggest jerk ever, especially to you, Probie." Tony looked at something behind Tim. "What's that?"

Tim looked around to see nothing. "Tony, look at me, you're in shock. An ambulance is coming to take you to the hospital." Tony was still looking over his shoulder. "Tony. Tony! Look at me." Their eyes met. "Tony you need to pay attention. Try and think strait."

Tony blinked several times. "You have a halo. Did you know that? Of course you did. You're an angel, aren't you, Probie? I knew there was something weird about you, Mc…Gee." He blinked again and went silent.

"Tony!" Tim pleaded. "Please look at me. Come on, DiNozzo, you can do this."

"Do you hate me, McGoo?" Tony asked, his eyes getting really wide.

"No, Tony, I love you. You're like the obnoxious older brother I never had." Tim shook his head. "Tony, you're like my best friend, minus Abby. How could I hate you?"

"I knew it. I knew you loved my antics." Tony smirked knowingly.

"Tony," Tim said warningly. He opened his mouth to say something, but then Tony's eyes drifted shut. "Tony! Tony! Tony!" Tim screamed, but Tony didn't responded.