Sean Anderson isn't one to go on adventures. He'd rather stay at home and play on his PS3. But, with his uncle Trevor around, he'd rather do the opposite. However, the opposite doesn't include tons of research on Atlantis. So far, he did finish the book, and he is content with just that. But, Trevor and Hannah (now Trevor's girlfriend), are so addicted to knowing as much on Atlantis as possible, that Sean is starting to get a little worried. They were in the city library (again), with all three at a computer side by side.

"Sean, you shouldn't play games on the computer. You should be doing research," whispered Trevor, while his eyes were glued to the computer screen. The nephew looked over at Trevor, surprised, before whispering,

"Trevor, it's the same websites, the same do we know we'll be able to find anything?" When he didn't get an answer, Sean, dissappointed, shut off the computer and began to look at the books around them. Hannah, on Trevor's other side, started whispering frantically,

"Guys, over here!" She moved the screen so the others could see while Sean rushed over and Trevor looked over curiously. It was an article that talked about Atlantis, and how all the people were divinely beautiful, all children of Poseidon, yadda, yadda, yadda. Until, at the bottom, the article claimed that, after Atlantis was destroyed "in a single day and night of misfortune", some survivors were able to retreat to North America, and were adopted into the Cherokee Indian tribe.

"Finally," Trevor muttered, "we're getting somewhere." Soon, research on the Cherokee indians and who would be their descendants today took over, but Sean felt it was the same as the research on Atlantis. Eventually, they found an Indian maiden who had married an Atlantean survivor. The Atlantean survivor's name could not be found, but the Cherokee maiden's name was Oliwiya Naiti. So, they looked up Oliwiya Naiti on numerous ancestry sites. They found Oliwiya's children (by the survivor), then Oliwiya's grandchildren, and so on, until they found a living descendant as of today. A girl by the name of Chrystina Krystal Trevino, who lived all the way in Colorado.

"Pack up boys," whispered Hannah, "we're going to Colorado." Groaning, Sean shut off the computer and left the library. Trevor and Hannah, after shaking their heads doubtedly, did the same and followed Sean out of the library. Little did they know of a gentleman who had been listening to their conversation the whole time. He walked outside, took out his phone, and called him.

"She has been found. Follow them. They know where she is. Wait for instruction after you have seen her with your own eyes." After the reply, the gentleman hung up and looked up at the sky longingly.