Hi I'm back! Sorry I haven't been on in forever but I went on vacation. This is my first T rated fic. So um, yeah.


Barbie snuck in 6-year-old Bonnie's backpack with a basket. She was going to picnic at Bonnie's room. They had planned this for a while but when they heard that Bonnie was going to a graduation party, they toys had time. Bonnie came home and threw her backpack on her bed and greeted the toys.

"Hey guys. I'm back from daycare! We learned about double digit numbers like 13 and 14." She said. She picked up Woody and pulled his string. "There's a snake in my boot!" the toy said. "That's interesting. I got to go to my cousin Sid's graduation party. I will be back tonight!" She said as she ran out the door.

The toys woke up to find something moving around in there. "Barbie's here!" Woody yelled. He unzipped the bag and a Barbie popped out.

"Hi everyone!" She said as the toys were cheering.

"We are so glad for you to join us Miss Barbie." Buzz greeted acting fancy.

"Are you guys ready? I brought my food." Barbie asked. They all said 'Yes' all in sync. Rex rolled out a blanket. And everyone sat down to eat each other's meals. The radio was on and Justin Bieber came on.

"OMG Justin Bieber I love him! I have all his songs on my Ipod!" Jessie shouted as she heard the "teen's" voice.

"I just don't see him as good." Buzz said as he grabbed for Barbie's food. "Hey Barbie what is this?" He asked

"Mahii Mahii." She replied. Buzz took a bite and he really liked it.

" Hey this tastes just like chicken! What is this creature that's tastes so good?" He asked

"I think that's fish." She replied. Buzz dropped the fish with a blank face. Jessie murmured a "Oh no, Not again." Buzz started to remember a tragic memory from long ago.

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