Fake Id's

I do not own the rights to saved by the bell or the characters, or the storyline.

This takes place after Fake Id's. Scene happens after the credits.

Zack laid his jacket on his chair and was getting ready for bed. As he got into bed he heard a knock.

"Come in" Said Zack, hoping it wasn't his father with another lecture.

"Hi Zack" said Kelly with a smile

"Hi Kelly! How are you?" said Zack

" I'm fine, just hurt. I really liked Jeff but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I just came by to say Thank you for everything you did and also sorry for not believing you" said Kelly

"It's fine Kelly" said Zack with a smile

"Not for me. I broke up with you for him, I slapped you, and then I yelled at you for being jealous of Jeff. I'm just really sorry" she said with a tear rolling down her face

"Kelly, don't worry about it, that's ancient history. We are friends and that is what friends do for each other. Look out for one another" said Zack wiping her tear

"Oh, Zack thank you" she hugged him and he hugged her back.

"Well I better go, I told your mom I would only be a few minutes" she got and walked toward the door

"Kelly, wait" Said Zack

Kelly turned around seeing Zack with a serious look on his face.

"Yes, Zack" said Kelly looking concern

"I just wanted to know why you chose him over me. I never got a reason why and was hoping you could tell me" Zack said

Kelly thought for a moment and sat down back and the bed and said " Sometimes I didn't think you cared about me. You always involved me in your schemes and felt ashamed. Sometimes I would see you flirt with another girl and wondered if you really cared about me. Then if I talked to another guy you would get all over me. Jeff was a new exciting guy, he was in college and I just felt flattered that he was attracted to me. He treated me really special. But Zack I always loved you and I cried so much when we broke up" Kelly said

"Kelly, I didn't even know how you felt about the schemes I did. I am so sorry for not showing you how much I cared for you. I care for you so much. Kelly I still love you" Said Zack going to kiss Kelly

Kelly turned he head and said "Zack, it's too soon. I just broke up with a Jeff and I feel like there is to much hurt right now to get back together. We need to date other people and if in the future there is chance between us then we will go for it."

"You're right" he said with a half smile "Goodnight"

Kelly started walking to the door but turned around and kissed Zack very passionately.

"What was that for?" he said kind of shocked

"to hold you until the future, and that I still love you" she said with a smile and walked out the door.

That night, Zack went to sleep with a smile on his face, something he hasn't done for a long time.