Haunted Justice

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"I'm dumbfounded, but nothing surprises me in this game."
Francis Lee

Chapter Thirteen

Back to the Beginning

Kendall sat in the kitchen of the apartment, sipping quietly at a cup of coffee. He looked around the apartment. It was stacked high with boxes filled with their belongings. Carlos had done most of the packing, with Kendall helping with tiny things since his arm was in a sling. James couldn't do anything since he was on crutches.

Kendall and James arrived home from the hospital three days ago, and the night they came home was the night the Kendall, James, and Carlos threw out all records of the past two years. They didn't want to remember what had happened; they just wanted to move with Logan in their memories.

Logan. Kendall hadn't seen him since Ford's arrest. One night at the hospital, Kendall fessed up to James about seeing Logan. James told him it was his mind's way of dealing with the situation. Now that the whole ordeal was over with, Logan was gone.

Kendall finished up his last sip of coffee and Carlos helped James into the room. James took a seat across from Kendall while Carlos got out two cups for him and James.

"Ready for our road trip?" James asked, excitement clear in his voice.

Kendall nodded his head. With the reward money that got the boys got, they decided to take a cross county road trip before coming back home to Los Angles and heading to college. Carlos and James saw the trip as a way to go see new things. Kendall saw the trip as a way to escape the horrors of the past two years.

Kendall excused himself from the room to get a moment of peace to himself. He walked into his room and sat down on his bed. He leaned over to his nightstand and pulled the silver picture frame off it. It was a picture of Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan in front of the Palm Woods pool. Logan sat at the end, his arm draped over Kendall's shoulder. Kendall had his arms draped over Logan and James, and James had his on Kendall and Carlos, and Carlos had his arm over James's shoulder, and with his free hand, Carlos gave a thumbs up. Kendall smiled at the photo.

Just as the phone rang in the kitchen, a knock came at the door. Kendall heard Carlos on the phone and knowing it would take James forever to get down the hall with his crutches, Kendall decided to answer the door. More knocks came impatiently at the door, so Kendall walked to the door with the silver picture frame in hand.

Kendall was opening the door just as Carlos screamed from the kitchen doorway, "Ford escaped prison!"

Kendall spun around and stared at Carlos in disbelief. Realizing he had opened the door, he turned around to see who was there.

Kendall found himself staring into a pair of dark brown eyes.

The picture frame dropped, shattering into a million pieces all over the wooden floor.

To Be Continued…