I hate you Kittara Jaganshi! If you get past the genderbending this is one of most favorite fanfics I've ever written.

Hariette Potter hated her life. Four years ago Ronald Weasly's wand had broken and a backfired spell turned a he into a she. Hariette remembered the event as if were yesterday. The rogue Bludger had Harry cornered when the spell that was aimed at the bludger hit him instead. The blast from the unknown spell managed to destroy the bludger while forcing a violent change onto Harry.

Waking up in the hospital wing a girl was a nightmare. That was four years ago. Now Hariette was more confident with her physical appearance. Not long after turning female she defeated the giant snake in the Chamber of Secrets proving to the whole school that despite her appearance as a girl Hariette was still a force to be reckoned with. In her third year Hariette scared the living daylights out of her Godfather as he came to terms with his Godson being a Goddaughter. Learning and using a full fledged Patronous. Fourth year she won the Tri-wizard tournament on default. Fifth she led a club dedicated to learning Defense Against the Dark Arts proving her worth as a leader. In the end she lost the only family she ever really had.

The Dursleys took the change from having their nephew to into a niece very hard. They were terrified as to what the neighbors would say. The treatment of being kept inside all day wore on her nerves and Dudley's side way glances did not help. During her fifth year one thing Hariette did notice was a heavy increase in the post arriving every morning. Stacks upon stacks of letters arrived every morning. One particularly boring morning three weeks before Hari's sixteenth uncle Vernon paid a visit to his niece's room.

"You have finally made yourself useful." Started Uncle Vernon. Looking up from her Quidditch book Hariette did not say anything. From behind his back Uncle Vernon produced a manila folder for her to look at. Opening the folder Hariette met the picture of a stiff looking teen with piercing brown eyes from behind wire frames. His neat jet black hair was combed precisely on his head. Frowning Hariette had no idea why Uncle Vernon was showing her this.


"Your fiancé." Smiled Uncle Vernon to his niece's horror.

"What? You can't do that?" Yelped Hariette.

"Can and I did. Be grateful that someone is willing to take in your carcass." Snapped Uncle Vernon. "Mr. Ootori will be here in a few days to collect you."

Two days later Hariette still hated her life. Ron and Hermione still hadn't replied back to the god awful news. Laying facedown in her room Hariette was sulking. She was so far into her sulking that she failed to react when the doorbell rang. Not even the stomping coming up the stairs stirred a reaction from the depressed girl.

"Good morning Princess." With sarcasm dripping in his voice Uncle Vernon entered the room. Hariette lifted her head up just enough to glare at her Uncle. "Your Prince has arrived." Not bothering to get up from her position Harriette went back to sulking.

"Interesting taste in décor." Commented a cool voice Hariette had never heard before. Horror shot through her spine. Sitting up Hariette turned to see. Dark eyes drifted from Hariette's permanently messy hair to her baggy clothing. Kyoya Ootori. In a word the teen looked evil. He gave a smile when he spotted Hariette.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked with a bright fake smile. Glaring at the older teen Hariette got up. Underneath her large sweater Hari hid her cloak of invisibility as well as her wand. Hermione had explained that spell that traced magic was placed on the household not the person. (true story see book four) Tossing the remaining bits and bobs Hari hadn't packed yet. Locking the trunk Hari turned to look Kyoya up and down. Hari seriously doubted the skinny male could lift such a heavy trunk by himself.

"We will have someone bring you possessions on a later. There isn't enough room for it in the limo." Explained Kyoya leaving the room. Not looking at Uncle Vernon Hariette followed her fiancé down the stairs. Aunt Petunia, Dudley, and Uncle Vernon didn't even tell their niece farewell. With one last glare at the house of Dursley the limo pulled away from the house towards the airport.

The airport was on the other side of London. In order to get to it one had to drive through London to get to it. Kyoya had pulled out his notebook to jot down notes about his new fiancé. For some reason her wild hair looked good on her. Hariette needed new clothing that outfit and more than likely the rest of her wardrobe needed to be burned. For some reason Kyoya couldn't find any information on her school record. So she was going to need private tutoring to catch up before entering Ouran academy. With a sideways glance Kyoya eyed Hariette for her outer beauty for a second. In all honesty she was cute, but if she was a moron someone was going to pay. As he watched the girl's green eyes widen as they stopped at a red light. The second the limo came to a complete stop Hari grasped the handle to the door and bolted out of the vehicle.

Blinking Kyoya took a second to realize that his fiancé just bailed out of a running vehicle. Unbuckling his seatbelt Kyoya bolted after her. Hariette had a bit of a head start she turned a corner with Kyoya mere feet behind her. As Kyoya turned the corner he was shocked to when he didn't see Hariette. Still running he felt his feet catch on something. Anger boiling over Kyoya looked around to see what he tripped on. Snarling at nothing Kyoya picked himself back up on his feet. Pulling out his cell phone he called the main house.

"I need the private police squad in downtown London stat!" Snapped Kyoya.

"YES SIR!" Shouted the head of the squad.

'I'll find her. I'll find her if it's the last thing I do." Thought Kyoya looking around for a café to sit down at it. For some reason he was less angry at the fact that Hariette ran and more upset at not being able to find her instead.

Under her cloak of invisibility Hari had to stop herself from laughing at the scene in front of her. Her fiancé was beside himself with rage. The dark haired teen called in a private detective and everything. Slinking off Hariette walked towards the Leaky Cauldron.

Despite the state of turmoil Diagon Alley was in Hariette listened to the urge to wonder. Without her trunk Hariette was forced to buy a new pair of robes to dawn everyday. As soon as Hedwig returned from her first trip she would be sent out again with a letter asking for help. The first mistake Hariette had made was getting comfortable after her escape. On the second night of her stay in Diagon Alley there was a man sitting in the bar wearing Muggle clothing. As Hariette passed him on the way up towards her room the man spoke.

"Mistress Potter, you've given everyone quite a scare." Turning toward Hariette, the man gave a small smirk. "It's not often that it takes longer then an hour or two to find someone." Hariette reacted by running. Sadly the man expected this and grabbed her arm.

"Your husband is worried sick about you." Scolded the man.

"He. Is not. My. HUSBAND!" Yelled Hari.

The man did not seem to take notice of Hariette's outburst. "Not yet anyway. But it would be in your best interest to come along quietly for now. It would not bode well for your family if you don't."

"I have no family." Growled back Hari. The man ignored Hari's outburst as he pulled her closer. Tom, the barman, came to investigate the commotion.

"What seems to be the problem here?" Asked Tom glancing between the two.

The man replied coolly, "We've been looking for Hariette for the last two days, her fiancé is worried sick."

"Miss Potter you should be with your family during these troubled times. You especially should be with the people who love and care about you." Chided Tom. He gave her a sad pitying smile. Horror stricken Hari didn't say anything.

"Thank you for you kindness." With a short bow Hari was steered up the stairs to fetch the few things she had, and out of the pub into the waiting limousine.

Hari noticed that the doors locked the second she crawled in. Thoughts of escape flickered through her mind, each idea more extreme than the last. All the excitement from never ridden an airplane before died due to dread. First class was boring as all hell. Staring out of the small airplane window Hariette scowled. "What the boy wonder couldn't have at least greeted us at the airport?"

The man looked over at Hari. "No, this was only supposed to be a one day ordeal; he had to be back in school today. Oh, and you can call me Watari from here on out."

Hariette didn't reply, but only looked out the window silently, watching the clouds below, wondering how far away from home she was now.

Upon reaching Japan, Hari was promptly guided into another waiting limo, and taken to the Oortori main household. Watari, keeping an eagle eye watch on her the entire time.

Slowly getting out of the car, Hari looked at the large household in front of her. 'This is nothing like the Weasly's…' Her stomach twisted at the thought of never seeing them again. Placing that thought at the back of her head, she made a devout resolve that she would indeed see Ron and his family again, and she would make it back to England for the beginning of her sixth year of Hogwarts.

Hari was brought to a large room with several chairs and a table in the middle; it looked like a room that would be used for meetings of some sort. At the far end, Kyouya could be seen typing on his laptop.

"Master Ootori, Hariette Potter is here." Watari pushed Hari further into the room, and closed the door behind her. Looking around, Hari noticed that there were no windows in the room, and Watari was probably just behind the door. There would be no escaping this time.

Kyouya stood up, closing his laptop with a small 'click'.

"You've given me quite some trouble running off like that." His dark eyes bore into Hariette's with a glimmer of anger. "How is it that you managed to disappear like that, when I was less then four feet behind you? There is no possible way that you could have ducked into something that quickly, being as that alleyway was void of anything to duck into for that matter." By this time, Kyouya had moved across the room to stand in front of Hari.

Hari said nothing, her bright green eyes matching the glare Kyouya was giving her. She wasn't going to tell this rich brat how she'd gotten rid of him, nor was she going to give into his petty attitude either.

Kyouya's expression didn't change, but he didn't force an answer either. "You are going to be watched closely from here on out, I wouldn't try anymore escape attempts. Am I clear?" Not getting a response, Kyouya closed his eyes and looked away. Opening the door behind her, he called out to Watari.

"Take her to her room." Turning to Hari he quietly added in a tone of indifference, "Dinner is in two hours." With that, he walked out of the meeting room, and down the hallway.

Watari shook his head, and put his hand on Hari's shoulder. "This way little miss."

Once in her room Hari sat down on her bed with a sigh. Who did Kyouya remind her of… Oh that's right! Malfoy. A dark haired, wearing glasses, money and status hungry he was just like Malfoy. Quite honestly, Hari thought the two could be cousins, if the Malfoy's weren't so gung ho about their bloodline being pure, they really could have been.

Looking around her new room, Hari noticed that her trunk was not there. 'Okay, that's not good… Dark-haired Malfoy said my stuff would be here…'

A knock at the door made Hariette jump. "Come in." Was the only thing she could think of saying, being as she didn't know how this household worked, and taking out her frustration on random people was not her style, now if it had been at home, Hogwarts, or the Weasly's, she could have very well gotten away with telling whomever it was to leave her alone.

In walked one of the maids who had greeted her at the front door. "Um, Miss Potter, I was told to come help you get ready for dinner. It was the young master's request that you didn't show up looking like you were part of a cult."

Hari looked down at her robes. 'Oh yeah…. Mister. I'm-part-of-the-private-police didn't let me change before dragging me off…' Sighing warily, she allowed the maid to help choose an outfit for dinner. She could play along for a little while, at least until she figured out how she was going to get out of here.

Kyoya met Hari at the doorway to the dining room. Looking her up and down, he gave the maid behind her a nod of approval, and opened the door the rest of the way. Hari picked at the sides of her dinner dress. The dress clung too terribly tight for her comfort. Back in the room that looked like a meeting room the rest of the family had gathered. Apparently the windowless room was a dinning room. Sitting at the head of the long table was a very serious looking business man. His large glasses obscured his eyes. Flanking the head of the family sat two men in their twenties. Both men's eyes followed Hari much like wolves. Next to them, sitting across from one another was a cheerful looking woman and Watari. Kyoya sat next to the only other woman. The open spot next to Watari Hari was guessing was her place at the table. Not looking at anyone Hari sat at her designated spot. The second Hari at sat down a butler appeared at push her chair in more. Soup and salad was presented with a wave of the father's hand. Not particularly hungry Hari poked at her food a little. Sensing the glares from the others at the table she sat her fork down to fold her hands in her lap.

'Doesn't any one talk in this family?' Asked Hari inside her head. Trying with all her might Hari failed to spot anything on the pristine polished table to stare at. At least in History of Magic Hari could fall asleep if she got too bored. Hari's stupor was broken when her untouched food was whisked away for the main course. Roast beef with garlic roasted potatoes as a side. The plate was more like a work of art than food. The roast beef on her plate was the size of a Muggle Credit Card with drizzled gravy on top. The three little potatoes were more of a decoration than actual food. No wonder the wealthy at so many courses, they where tiny! From the head of the table came the rumbling voice of the head of the family.

"Is the food not to your liking?" Asked Mr. Ootori. Gauging the severity of his voice Hari knew this was not a man to cross.

"I'm not hungry." Repiled back Hari. Still not looking up from one of the shine spots on the flawless table.

Mr. Oortori closed his eyes and sighed. "That is understandable; you have had quite the long day of traveling. But as a doctor, I cannot allow you to leave the table without eating at least the main course. You may be escorted back to your room before dessert."

Not replying verbally Hari picked her fork to stab one of the mini potatoes. Ignoring the stares from the rest of the family Hari allowed one of the maids to escort her back to her room. The small click after the door told Hari that she was locked in. The windows, despite being on the second floor where locked as well. Huffing Hari ruffled through the desk for pen and paper. Failing to find anything she wandered towards her private bathroom. The whole situation reminded Hari of her of the summer before her second year of Hogwarts. The year she became a girl due to Ron's stupid broken wand. Stupid Ron! This whole thing was his entire fault! Punching the tiled wall Hari gave a frustrated yell. From her room Hari heard a knock on her door. No wishing to see anyone right now Hari walked over to the bathroom door and shut it.

"Hariette?" Called a light female voice. It was probably a maid. "Hariette, are you in there?" Called the woman banging on the bathroom door. Figuring the woman might call for Watari if she didn't get an answer Hari called back.


"Please come out so we can talk properly." Requested the woman. Sighing in annoyance Hari opened the door.

"Yes?" Sighed Hari looking over the woman. She clearly wasn't one of the staff. With a little squeal she snatched Hari up into a bear hug.

"You're such a little cutie! Just want to wrap you up and take you home." Cooed the woman petting Hari's shoulder length hair. The woman possessed the strength of a python. "I can not wait to take you shopping." Hari made a noise of annoyance as the woman finished hugging her.

"I'd take you tomorrow, but you have to go take your entrance exam." Gushed the brunette.

"Entrance exam. What entrance exam?" Asked Hari.

"You didn't know? You are to attend Ouran Private Academy along with Kyoya." Exclaimed the woman with a clap of her hands. "That's if you pass the entrance tomorrow."

All Hari could do was stare dumbly. 'I am so screwed.'

"Well I have to go." Sighed the woman giving Hari one last hug. Sighing Hari watched the woman leave for the night. Maybe if she tried really hard she could get some sleep tonight.

Hari ended up sleeping in her dinner dress that night. In the morning she was disturbed by one of the maid's horrified gasps. Apparently sleeping in one's day clothing was a cardinal sin in the world of the wealthy. The maid produced another girly outfit for her to wear for the day. Pink was not Hari's style. Neither was the enormous bow resting against her throat. The second the maid left Hari found her outfit from her time in London underneath her spotless bed. Debating on wearing her robe Hari's train of thought was interrupted by the arrival of yet another maid.

"Hariette-sama. Tetsuya-sama is ready to see you." Bowed the woman.

"Who?" Asked Hari forgoing the robe. Not answering the maid motioned her to get a move on. Sighing Hari followed the maid through the maze that was the mansion. Finally the maid stopped in front of a normal door. To Hari's utter horror there was one of the men from last night's dinner. He was dressed as a doctor.

"Hariette-san. I've been expecting you. Please have a seat." Motioned Tetsuya towards the couch. Eyeing the doctor Hari took the spot furthest from the man.

"Your medical history is rather spotty." Explained Tetsuya opening the medical notes. "I will be conducting a full medical examination today."

Hari froze in terror. Full medical examination? As in being seen naked by this stranger? NO WAY!