Alright here is to those individuals still screaming about real life laws, I don't care. In my mind the magical world is completely separate than the Muggle world. I mean for crying out loud their age of adulthood is seventeen rather than eighteen so I am positive that there are other laws that differ. If I got the history wrong on the Shinsengumi and other Bakufu troops I apologize.

It was like being sucked through a tight rubber tube. When the whole horrid sensation stopped Hari stumbled away from who grabbed her. She wore a long old fashion black dress. Her hair, black and straggly, was it hung ominously over her face. Hari fumbled for her wand as the drowned looking woman raised her hand.

"Wotcha Hari?" Croaked the voice of Tonks. Relaxing Hari lowered her wand. Tonk shortened her hair just enough for her to see past her bangs. From what Hari could tell Tonks had not slept for days. The older woman's eyes glittered, as if she was holding back tears.

"Tonks?" Asked Hari. In response Tonks turned away beckoning Hari to follow. Now that her heart had returned to a normal rhythm did Hari realize they were on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest. In the early morning light Hari was surprised to see the Tonks wipe her face with her black dress sleeve. Deciding against asking again Hari followed down the well-worn path to Hogwarts. The sun was peeking over the towering trees when they finally reached the school gate. When they reached the gate it opened with a creak to allow them up the grounds further. It seemed like eternity but they finally made it to the gargoyle guarding Professor Dumbledore's office.

"Rice Candy." Spoke Tonks. It seems the trip up to the office had sobered her up nicely. When the staircase revealed itself Tonks instructed Hari to go up alone.

Dumbledore's office was open when she got to the top. The old man wordlessly usher Hari into her usual seat in front of his desk. It was disturbing how the aura around both Watari and Dumbledore felt exactly the same. If she had to pick a word for it, it was 'Fatherly'. Never having an actual father the comparison the theory was based off of theory alone.

"You probably have many questions for me." It was a statement. Hari nodded; she was too caught up in the moment to speak. Dumbledore folded his hands to lean forward on them. Taking this as the signal Hari began.

"What's going to happen to me?" Not four years ago Hari asked that exact same question.

"Well our choices are limited. We can either convince your new guardians to continue your education here or we can activate sanctuary."

"Sanctuary?" Parroted Hari. Dumbledore nodded. Leaning back he pulled out his wand and wave over an old looking document. With another flick it rolled open to the passage they needed. Leaning forward she spotted the paragraph she needed.

"In accordance in ancient law as long as the student refuses to leave the grounds they can call Sanctuary. It isn't commonly used anymore but it is there to help protect students from being denied an education. Unless the student is in danger or is a danger to others no one can force them from the grounds."

"Sounds great!" Smiled Hari. For the first time things where finally looking up. With a snap the scroll rolled itself up.

"The only problem is that you are never allowed to leave the grounds."

"Never?" Squeaked Hari.

"Never. That means no Hogsmead trip and you have to stay at Hogwarts during both Winter and Summer breaks." Dumbeldore looked deep into Hari's eyes.

"If that's what it takes." Nodded Hari. She knew there was no other way. Just like third year all over again. As Dumbledore looked into her eyes Hari could feel him looking for deception. Even if it went all her freedoms taken away until her seventeenth birthday Hari could deal with. Better than being married off to someone she did not love. With a nod of a satisfaction Dumbledore called Professor McGonagal to take Hari to the dormitories. Now all Hari could do now is wait.

Kyoya toed off his shoes. He had a feeling that he couldn't seem to shake off. The last time he saw Hariette the brief touching of hands sends shivers downs his spine. Not the disgusting shivers like eating flan. No he liked the touch of her rougher hands. What sort of lifestyle would a girl like that have? She was thin but had muscle on her. Thankfully her chest wasn't too large to where they were everywhere. Most women where petite all around or overtly endowed with impossible thin figures he wondered how they even managed to stand up at all.

Hari was tomboy no doubt about it. But with curves. Lovely curves. Kyoya would never admit it out loud but he would not mind resting his hand over the curvature of her hip. Her rougher hands small hands nestled in his. He wanted to feel where exactly her hands hardened from her mysterious lifestyle. Maybe while they waltzed they would talk about how they would overtake his father's company from his brothers. As he enjoyed his little fantasy his phone went off. Pulling it out of this pocket he noticed it was Renge.

"I'm so sorry m'lord." Bowed Watari to his boss.

"How did this happen?" Asked Ootori Senior. His cool demeanor masking the anger he felt.

"She was taken. I think it might be the work of the Dark Lord." Explained Watari. He refused to look up from the ornate rug. There wasn't even the slightest snag to focus on.

"Explain yourself. You said this Dark Lord was defeated by Miss Potter. That why we wanted her part of our family. Her prestige, despite her pedigree, would make our alliance with her open a literal world of possibilities for our family. " Snapped Mr. Ootori. They needed Hariette Potter if they wanted ties to the wealth of the magical world. Both the gold and the wealth of knowledge the wizarding world would make any savvy business man salivate with such prospects. Kyoya, his dark horse of a child, may be his key onto said world. It made the tycoon smile to know his youngest was not some romantic that would choose heart over wealth. Can't feed a family on love.

"His followers are still littered throughout the region." Stated Watari bitterly. Their master was never coming back, they are worse than the Shinsengumi. "Up until now the government had been rounding out stragglers but it appears that a few have slipped through the cracks."

"What happened to your trackers?" Asked Mr. Ootori. Watari felt his face give a wince despite his usual stony expression.

"She took off her barrette while trying on clothes. The watch I am still trying to figure out."

"EXPLAIN." Snarled the tycoon. Anger filtered through his normally calm demeanor.

"There were two charms on the watch. The first was a Placement charm that could only be removed by the person who placed the object on the person. That was Kyoya-sama she must have tricked him into taking it off her. She then gave the watch to Houshakuji throwing our trackers completely off."

"So you where bested by a sixteen year old girl." Remarked Mr. Ootori. Still not looking up Watari could only grit out a small 'yes.'

"Well we only have one option then."


"Get her back. Do whatever it takes." Ordered Ootori senior staring hard at the top of Watari still bowed head. "After all in accordance to your law she is your daughter now isn't she?"

"In accordance to our laws her wellbeing is now one hundred percent our responsibility yes."

"Then isn't it your responsibility as a guardian to make sure your daughter wellbeing is taken care of?" Watari knew where this was going.

"Yes, sir." Neither man looked at one another when Watari went to kiss his wife goodbye. He had a daughter to find.

Students spared Hari a glance as they filed into the Great Hall. When Hermione and Ron entered the Great Hall the looks on their faces was utterly priceless. With a speed that almost exceeds that of her Firebolt Hermione tackled Hari. Only when she promised to tell her bushy haired friend everything that happened to her that Hermione let go.

Between eating and stopping to ask questions the whole ordeal took until dessert to finish. Midway through pudding Hermione began to question things.

"So they really can force you to marry?" Asked Hermione. Ron actually stopped eating to explain.

"I don't know what the laws are in Japan but here-yes." Ron seemed very interested in his raspberry chocolate pudding.

"But as long as Hari can claim sanctuary she should be fine right?" Asked Hermione ignoring her own dessert

"That what Dumbledore said." Commented Hari focusing on her tarts. Despite getting exactly what she wanted in being back in the world she belonged Hari can stop thinking about Kyoya.

"I'm just glad Hedwig was able to find you. Poor Errol came back after only a week." Said Hermione trying to change the subject.

"And before I was able to send Pig Dumbledore said only Hedwig could find you no matter what." Chimed in Ron.

"Uh why is that?" Asked Hari.

"Hedwig is your familiar. Dumbledore says the bond between a witch and their familiar is the only way we could find you." Explained Hermione. "What I want to know is what happened to your stuff in the first place?" At Hari's puzzled look Hermione kept going. "Right after your adoption the Order went to your house to collect your things, but they were already picked up by somebody else."

"Great now I have to start the new school year without any robes, books or anything. I'm just happy I managed to grab my cloak and wand." Hari patted the pocket housing her wand before a thought hit her.

"My photo album!" She gasped in horror. The single thing in her trunk that couldn't easily be replaced. With a loud anguish filled groan Hari buried her hands in her hair. Ron and Hermione shared a pained look between them. They both knew the life of Hariette Potter was never easy.

Then again there where are the rare occasions where things did go miraculously wonderful. Hari followed behind the twittering Lavender and Parvati while Hermione almost ran towards their shared dormitory. The other girls whispered behind the bookworm's back that she needed all the beauty sleep she could get. For some reason Hari was never able to get down the two-faced façade every other girl in the world seemed to have mastered from birth.

'Well at least that is one thing me and Haruhi have in common.' Thought Hari. The last few days thinking about the various weirdoes she met in Japan. Tamaki loving the Great Hall for a lavish dance party to Honey almost bursting with joy at the thought of limitless cakes from the ever present staff of House Elves. She giggled at the thought of the Hitachin twins trying (and failing) to follow in the elaborate footsteps of the Weasley twins. Hari imagined the meeting of Hermione and Haruhi to end in a session of comparing various study techniques all the while Kyoya would scribble away in that black book of his.

Hari was so caught up in what Kyoya could possibly be writing all the time when Hermione came barreling back out of the dormitory. Lavender and Parvati glared as the brown hair girl pushed past them to get to Hari. Hermione was grinning like a mad woman as she pulled Hari into the shared room. It took Hari a second to realize what she was looking at. At the foot of her bed like it did for the past five years now was her trunk. With a happy squeal (she would deny later) Hari rushed over to make sure it was real. Taped to the lid was a letter addressed to her from the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Opening the letter first Hari's heart was still fluttering from the surprise that her trunk was actually found.

Dear Miss Potter,

We are pleased to hear that as of September 1 you claimed Sanctuary to, Howarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. All items that had been confiscated under the International Educational Privacy Potocol have been returned in the original condition they were confiscated. (As per protocol of the Sanctuary Act of 1644 Section 12-Q). If you so wish to revoke on your claim-

At that point Hari stopped reading. She was too excited to read any more on the proper procedure to revoke her Sanctuary-ship. Throwing the paper aside Hari flew open the lid of her trunk to dig out her prize. Nestled between her robes was her photo album she picked it up to hold to her chest. For a brief moment everything was right with the world.

I know you do not want me to simply rewrite the books so I was thinking of just skipping those parts and focusing on the conflict between the people from Japan and Hari. Thoughts and ideas are welcome.