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Two petite figures under fresh trees are bathed warm in light. One smiling as he watched pink petals of spring's cherry blossoms float obliviously in the air. The other, resting in heavenly slumber. The two figures had the same appearence. Same chocolate brown hair, same lightly tan skin, same everything. Save for their eyes. The older one had flame colored eyes as to the other who had honey caramel orbs. And why did they look alike? Simple, they were twins at age 14. But sure enough, there was one major similarity about the two's eyes. Whenever you looked into them, it could warm your soul.

" Tsu-kun~, Tsu-chan~! We're going home now, let's go~!" Nana Sawada shouted.

" Okay mom!" The older twin, Tsunayoshi, shouted back.

" Tsuna, Tsuna wake up." The older sibling pushed his little brother softly and get up from his spot.

" Mmm, wha~?" The younger one, Tsuna, mumbled as he revealed caramel pupils.

" C'mon, we're leaving now."

" Already?"

" Well duh, you've been sleeping for so long that you hadn't realized what time it is now." Tsunayoshi stated as he got his I-phone out, Tsuna did the same.

" 6:30..." Tsuna groaned.

" C'mon, you can sleep in the car." Tsuna stretched a hand to him, Tsuna gladly accepted the lift. The two walked hand in hand to their SUV, this helped Tsuna maintain his wobbly balance. On the way home, Nana brought up different several conversations. For example:

" Tsu-kun, I still don't understand why you have flame eyes instead of caramel ones..." Nana pouted. Tsunayoshi sighed.

' This topic again.' Tsunayoshi thought.

" Mom, I told you. I'm the oldest son of the Sawadas. Aka, you and dad."

" But still, Papa and I don't have eyes like that." Nana pouted once more. Tsunayoshi sighed.

' Want to end this quickly.' Tsunayoshi thought as he glanced at his sleeping brother.

"... So are you saying this a bad thing? And from now on wear contacts and be a new person?" Tsunayoshi smiled, he always knew the answer.

" No! No! Mama loves the way my babies are, I won't bring this up ever again!" Nana shouted. But Iemitsu, Tsunayoshi, and Tsuna all knew that she will talk about it again. And even though Tsuna is sleeping, he has heard this conversation thousands of times since they were 4.

The Sawada family lives in humble simple city of Nanimori, Japan. Though Iemitsu was 3/4 Italian, making Tsunayoshi and Tsuna 1/4 Italian. The family was great in wealth and was very rich, though they didn't let it go to their heads. They didn't live in a mansion, but instead a humble lively house. With four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a livingroom connected to a kitchen. And the twins didn't go to some fancy private school. No~, they went to a normal middle school but now, they graduated from Nanimori Middle and are moving on to Nanimori High.

Now on the topic of school. Tsunayoshi was a student ranked one on the honors list and got perfect grades. He was famous for his fiery eyes. And was known as one of the school's sweetest heart breakers. Why? He got love letters from girls of different grades and ages, he met them all and told each one that he doesn't love anyone and when he does that person and that person only will be the one. Tsuna on the other hand got Cs and Ds in all subjects. He was known very well with his go happy go lucky attitude and utter clumsiness. And he too got love letters from girls. Tsuna would just say sorry and run away. He also had two nicknames. Dame-Tsuna and Kawaii-Tsuna. Yes, kawaii. Tsuna was considered as one of the cute students in school.

Now for their friends. They all have older or younger siblings.

Gokudera Hayato and his big brother, Giolio Gokudera, known by G. They had met since the twins were 4. Gokudera calls them Decimo and Juudiame because they became friends in ten minutes. The siblings are half Italian and half Japanese. Gokudera is a harsh heartbreaker with short silver hair and emerald eyes that only sparkled for the people he admires. G is a kind red head with ruby eyes, he had the hairstyle Gokudera has except for the big wad of hair that scarred his face that he calls a bang. But in any case, those two were the twin's childhood friends not to mention their first friends.

Yamamoto Takeshi, mostly known as Yamamoto, and his step brother Asari Ugetsu were their second friends. Despite being step brothers, Yamamoto and Asari's relationship was like real siblings. Yamamoto was a bit tanner than Asari. His eyes were light brown, and his hair was dark dark brown. Asari was more pale. Had navy blue eyes and blue hair. But, the two does have a resemblance. Yamamoto loves baseball and Asari on the other hand loves music. They were exactly the same, yet extremely different.

Well, they knew this kid Lambo Bovino. He was only 5, and he had a 15 year old brother, Lampo Bovino. They are full Italian and they moved to Japan a few years back. Lambo... Well from his name, let's just say he looks like a cow. No, sheep. Ah, a better way to describe him. A broccoli. This 5 year old kid has a black afro and green eyes. He's really obnoxious. And his older brother, Lampo. At least Lampo looked like a real guy, not an object. He dyed his hair light green and got a lightening bolt tattoo on his left cheek for some weird reason.

The Rokudo and Spade siblings. Nagi Rokudo who is known by the name Chrome Dokuro is the only female sibling. She used to have nice long blueish purple hair and her right bang covered her entire eye, because she lost her eye a few years back. But, her stupid brothers Mukuro Rokudo, older by two years( 15 years old), and Deamon Spade, older by four years and is a step brother, knowing that she absolutely hate pineapples gave her a new haircut. The trio looked so fruity now. Pineapples to be exact. The twins felt bad for Nagi the day they saw her hair. She said when she grows her hair she'll either keep the style or cut it off. Whichever was fine for her. But, in any case. Nagi was their closest friend from the three, Mukuro was second, and well Deamon was third.

Then the Sasagawa siblings. Kyoko, Ryohei, and Knuckles. To put it bluntly, Kyoko, the only girl from the siblings, didn't look like her brothers at all! They had tan skin when she had pale skin. And their hair. Kyoko has orange short hair. Ryohei, a year older(15), had bleach white hair. And Knuckles, two years older, had pitch black hair. Was that even all possible for three completely related siblings? I guess so. The twins were pretty all close to them all. Kyoko is addicted to cake. Ryohei is addicted to boxing. And Knuckles is addicted to well, God. They all were close to the twins.

Then lastly were Hibari Kyoya and his brother Alaude Hibari. The twins consider them as friends. Sure, they're cold and mean. But on some occasions, the two are very nice. Hibari is 15 and he has gray blue ice eyes naice pale skin, and velvet like raven hair. The other, he too once had raven hair but he dyed it light blond. They love to beat the shit out of people. And weirdly enough, the whole city of Nanimori was okay with that. But the real reason is the their father is the sheriff.

And the twins would see them again in just the day after tomorrow. And tomorrow they would just relax and get psyched up for school

Skipping tommorow and on to the first day of school

Tsunayoshi woke up early, as always and did his daily morning activities. Showering, brushing teeth, dressing into his new uniform, and waking up his little brother. As soon as Tsuna took his bath, being the devious older brother he is, Tsunayoshi smirked as he switched his younger brother's uniform with a girls' uniform, of course with leggings. And he walked into the kitchen seeing their parents had not waken up yet.

" Tsunayoshi-kun!" Tsuna shouted as he ran downstairs holding the towel on his hips.

" Hmm? Nani, Tsuna?" Tsunayoshi asked innocently.

" Don't act so pure! You, you switched my uniform with a girls' uniform!"

" Well, at least I gave you leggings."

" But still!"

" Be quiet, you'll wake mom and dad up. Don't worry, I have your uniform in my bag. The rest is hidden."

" T-then, when will you give me my uniform?"

" When we arrive to school. So just get dressed so we can leave already." Tsunayoshi said as he swiftly spread butter on two toasts.

" Fine!" Tsuna pouted as he went back upstairs. Tsunayoshi chuckled and watched some videos on youtube. After three songs, Tsuna came back down, blushing.

" Hmm, it kinda looks good on you." the older twin chuckled.

" S-shut up!" the other replied.

" Hai, hai. Come on let's go." Tsunayoshi handed Tsuna's bag to his little brother. Tsuna reluctantly took it.

" We're going now~!" the two yelled, not expecting an answer. Not even wanting an answer.

At school( during Tsunayoshi and Tsuna's walk)

Spring cherry blossoms welcome the new and familiar faces by letting their petals fall beautifully with the wind. Students saying their hellos and usual greeting. Though there was some unusual greetings for certain students.

" Ohayo~, Gokudera, G!" Yamamoto shouted.

" Teme, don't act like we're friends!" Gokudera shouted.

" But, Gokudera, you are friends with Takeshi." G stated.

" Wha-!" Gokudera shouted.

" Now, now. You really need to calm down Gokudera." Asari smiled as he blew on his flute.

" How can I calm down? You're little brother is too cheerful in the morning!" Gokudera shouted.

" But you are too when you see Tsuna and Tsunayoshi." the three said in unision.

" Ah? That's because we're childhood friends. And they were my first friends!" Gokudera explained.

" Well, anyways. Are you guys ready for a new school year?" G and Asari asked.

" Yup!/ Hell yeah!" Yamamoto and Gokudera replied eagerly.

" Oya, oya. What's with all the ruckus in the morning?" Mukuro suddenly appeared with Chrome.

" Ah, Chrome and Mukuro! Ohayo!" Yamamoto smiled.

" Ohayo, Takeshi-kun, Gokudera-kun, G-senpai, and Asari-senpai." Chrome greeted.

" Hmm? Where's your older brother?" Asari asked.

" Deamon went to class already. He doesn't really want to talk to anyone right now." Mukuro explained.

" Hmm, why not?" Yamamoto asked.

" He asked this girl out and got majorly rejected." Chrome giggled, Mukuro kufufu'd. Yamamoto and Asari chuckled.

" Heh, serves that bastard right!" G and Gokudera laughed with their friends.

" Hmm, he should be here by now." G suddenly said.

" Who?" the rest asked in unision.

" Giotto." G wondered.

" Giotto? Who's that Asari?" Yamamoto asked for everyone.

" Ah, he's a friend of all of ours." Asari said referring to G, himself, Deamon, Lampo, Knuckles, and Alaude.

" Really? How come we never saw him?" Gokudera asked.

" He transferred in the third semester of sophmore year." Asari explained. The little freshmen oh'd.

" Kyokugen!" Ryohei shouted as the Sasagawa siblings walked to the group.

" Onii-chan, please be quiet." Kyoko said.

" Hello, minna. Has God blessed you all to be in the same classes?" Knuckles asked.

" Hopefully." Chrome answered.

" Chrome-chan~! I missed you! Did you skip a grade again?" Kyoko asked as she hugged Chrome. The purple hair girl embraced back and nodded.

" Are you all crowding again?" Hibari asked, the Kyoyas came.

" But, Hiba-kun. You're in the same group with us. Remember?" Mukuro smiled.

" Shut up." Hibari threw a tonfa at him. Alaude sighed.

" Hahaha, maa maa. Well all we need now is Tsuna and Tsunayoshi." Yamamoto smiled. The group nodded.

" Yare, yare. You lot are all loud." Lampo walked into the conversation.

" Surprise!" a voice called out as he pounced on Asari and G.

" Giotto!" G and Asari shouted happily. The freshmen was a bit taken aback. This guy kinda looked like Tsunayoshi and Tsuna. Though he had golden blond hair and sky blue eyes.

" Hmm? Who are these kids?" Giotto observed them one by one.

" Ah, this is my little bro. Gokudera. Those two over there are Deamon's step siblings." G pointed at Chrome and Mukuro.

" They, look all the same." Giotto commented about the siblings' hair.

" This is my little step brother, Takeshi. You can call him Yamamoto." Asari pointed at his brother.

" No way! You guys are step brothers? But you guys look alike!" Giotto shouted.

" Hahaha~, everyone says that. We have the same dad, different moms." Yamamoto smiled.

" These two heavenly two are my younger siblings. Ryohei and Kyoko." Kunckles hugged his younger siblings.

" Nice to meet you!" Giotto smiled.

" This is my brother, Hibari." Alaude pointed.

" You both look alike." Giotto complimented.

" There! We're at school! Give me my uniform!" a sweet voice shouted.

" Not yet. I wanna see the guys reactions once they see you." a mature voice replied.

" Ah! Tsuna, Tsunayoshi!" the freshmen all yelled, save for Hibari and startling Giotto. Giotto watched the male freshmen get nosebleeds, the girls squeal, and even his friends blush. Once he saw the Sawada twins he too blushed.

" T-Tsuna, why are you wearing a skirt?" Yamamoto asked.

" Because of him!" Tsuna shouted, pointing at Tsunayoshi.

" D-decimo, what did you do?" Gokudera asked.

" Well, I stole some female uniforms and switched it with Tsuna's." Tsunayoshi smiled proudly.

" Oya oya. Tsuna, you look very cute." Mukuro complimented.

" I don't want a compliment stupid!" Tsuna high kicked Mukuro on the chin.

" Tsunayoshi, why did you do this?" Hibari asked.

" To see you guys get nosebleeds. And it worked." Tsunayoshi smirked.

" Baka, now give me my uniform!" Tsuna smacked his older brother.

" Hehehe, ok, ok." Tsunayoshi gave Tsuna his uniform and the younger twin hid behind his brother as he changed.

" Huh? Who are you?" Tsunayoshi asked the blond before him.

" Ah, I'm Giotto Vongola. And you are?"

" I'm Tsunayoshi, my little bro is Tsuna." Tsunayoshi pointed in back of him. Tsuna appeared once again in his original uniform and threw the female uniform at his big brother. Tsunayoshi threw it on a brach of a tree.

" Put it back, honestly. Huh? Wha! This guy looks like us!" Tsuna pointed at Giotto.

" So, you're Tsuna?"

" Eh? Ah, yeah! Nice to meet you..."

" Giotto."

" Giotto-san." Tsuna smiled cutely as he blushed. Giotto blushed too.

" Ah, have you guys checked the classes?" Tsuna turned his attention to his friends.

" Nope not yet. We were waiting for you both." Gokudera smiled.

" Then we should check right now." Tsunayoshi said as he pulled his little brother to the wide and tall board. The others followed their leaders.

" Hmm." Tsunayoshi squinted. He only looked for the names he knew easily.

Class 1-A

Gokudera Hayato

Hibari Kyoya

Nagi Rokudo

Mukuro Rokudo

Tsuna Sawada

Tsunayoshi Sawada

Kyoko Sasagawa

Ryohei Sasagawa

Takeshi Yamamoto

" Woo hoo!" Tsunayoshi cheered.

" Are we in the same class?" Tsuna asked.

" Hell yeah!"

" Ne, ne. Let's sit next to each other, Tsuna, Tsunayoshi, Gokudera." Yamamoto suggested.

" Yeah, it'll be more fun that way again!" Tsuna smiled. The other two nodded.

" Hibari! Let's extremely sit next to each other!/ Hiba-chan~, let's sit next to each other." Ryohei shouted while Mukuro said.

" Hmph." Hibari scoffed.

" Kyoko-chan, let's sit next to each other." Chrome smiled.

" Yup!" Kyoko nodded.

With the now juniors

" We should probably look at our class too." G stated.

" Yeah, we'll be back Giotto." Asari said as he walked with G to the boards.

Giotto smiled as the two left. And his eyes wondered around and was somehow fixed on the Sawada twins. He found a difference. The eyes. Tsunayoshi had flame like eyes, while his little brother had honey caramel eyes. He watched the two laugh at their friends and them childishly arguing.

" Hey, Giotto!"

" Huh? Oh, Reborn! Hey, took you long enough to get here." Giotto smiled. Reborn was in this group called Arcobaleno. It was mostly made up of Italians. Luce was the leader and she kept everyone together. Fon was a Chinese, he was the one mostly calm. Viper, or now Mammon, is really greedy but he has his times. Skull, an annoying one, let's skip him. Verde a bizzare one who has a love for science. Lal is a loud one, who really needs to work on her temper. Colonello is another calm one who is dating Lal, though he is a bit younger than her. And Reborn who was pretty much the cool one, and was known for his dating habits. One month he would be dating someone, then the next, another girl.

" Yeah yeah. So who're you lookin at?"

" What?" Giotto blushed.

" Mmm, is it those two? They kinda look like you." Reborn stated.

" Yeah, hey can I ask you something?"

" What?"

" Is it wierd for me to think that they're cute?" Giotto blushed.

" Hunh, who knows. But personally, I like the mature one. With flame like eyes."

" Tsunayoshi?"

" That's his name huh? He seems pretty cool." Reborn smiled.

" Wait, don't you have a girlfriend?" Giotto asked.

" Bianchi? Yeah, but she's getting too clingy." Reborn sighed.

" Reborn~!"

" And speak of the devil. I'll see you later." Reborn said as he walked away. Giotto smiled.

" Giotto! Great news!" Asari huffed, holding on to his hat so that the wind wouldn't blow it away.

" What?"

" We're in the same class again!" G shouted eagerly.

" Yes!" Giotto cheered.

" G-san, Asari-san, Giotto-san~! We'll see you later!" Tsuna shouted with all his might. The trio turned to see the young twin. The freshmen all waved to them.

" Ok! Meet us on the roof!" G shouted back. They all nodded and happily merrily walked into their new school. Then Asari and G looked at Giotto intensely.

" Hey, what's your impression on the Sawada twins?" G asked.

" Well, I think they're pretty cute."

" Anything else?" Asari asked.

" Uh, they look like nice kids, why?"

" Well, when we met them we had the same thought." G explained.

" And the more you're with them. The more you'll like them." Asari smiled.

" Yeah, it looks like you two like them a lot. Now come on. What class are we in?" Giotto said.

" 3-C!" Asari happily shouted.

" Then, come on. Let's go." Giotto said as he dragged his best friends inside the building.

During Nutrition

On the roof top 9 freshmen are on the roof. Two sparring, and the other seven was just ignoring the two and ate their bentos.

" Chrome-chan! Do you want a slice of cake?" Kyoko asked.

" Ah, is it chocolate?" Chrome asked.

" Yup!"

" Ok then."

" Little Chrome~, can you save me some?" her brother who was fighting asked.

" Don't wanna." Chrome said as she began eating.

" Juudiame, Decimo. Would you like to try my cooking?" Gokudera asked.

" What is it?" Tsunayoshi asked.

" Just some pasta."

" Ooo, I wanna!" Tsuna blissfully shouted.

" Sure why not?" Tsunayoshi took his chopsticks and grabbed one between the wooden sticks.

" Tsuna, say 'Ahh'." Tsunayoshi said.

" Ahhn." Tsuna opened his mouth and let his big brother feed him.

" You two haven't changed even a bit." Gokudera smiled.

" Of course, he's my little brother. I need to take care of him." Tsunayoshi stated proudly, Yamamoto laughed as well as Gokudera. Tsuna chewed and gulped.

" Wha~, Gokudera-kun! Your cooking taste nice!" Tsuna complimented. Tsunayoshi tried some.

" Hmm, did G help you?" Tsunayoshi remembered the first time they tasted his food, it was all burnt.

" Hehe, well he taught me. So I think so." Gokudera smiled.

" Huh? I though octopus head's cooking was extremely bad. Is it better now?" Ryohei asked.

" What was that lawn head?"

" Ahh! Got something to say?" Tsuna and Tsunayoshi ignored the bickering going on.

" Here, Tsuna, Tsunayoshi! Want some of my pop's sushi?" Yamamoto happily asked. The two nodded and got their favorite kind. California roll.

" Mmm, good as always." they both smiled. The door opened and the seven teens looked who it was. It was G, Asari, Giotto and another person. The other male had wild spikey raven hair and onyx eyes. And had cool curly sideburns.

" Ara? Who's this Giotto?" Tsunayoshi asked.

" I'm Reborn. So you two must be the Sawada twins huh?"

" Eh? How do you know us?" Tsuna asked cutely by tilting his head to the side. That affected G, Asari, and Giotto but not Reborn. Which really made the other juniors wonder.

" These three wouldn't shut up about you two." Reborn smirked. Asari and G sat next to their little brother. Giotto sat next to Tsuna and Reborn sat next to Tsunayoshi.

" I'm Tsunayoshi! The older one!" Tsunayoshi smiled brightly.

" I'm Tsuna." Tsuna smiled too.

Giotto talked to Tsuna about the twin's normal life. And Tsunayoshi's with Reborn went like this.

" Ne ne. Where are you from?" Tsuna asked.

" Italy."

" Honto? Tsuna and I are 1/4 Italian!"

" Is that so?"

" Yup!"

" Hey. What were you known as in middle school?"

" Mm, if I remember... I was known as one of the sweetest hearbreakers."

" How did you break their hearts?"

" I told them that I'll only date the one that I truly love and no one else. It made them cry cause it really meant that I can't date them because they're not the person who I love." Tsunayoshi looked into pools of darkness that of Reborn's eyes. In Reborn's sight. A gentle nice smile was plastered across Tsunayoshi's face. The flaming eyes were shining along with the sun's rays. Reborn blushed. And G, Asari, and Giotto noticed that. And they were shocked. Never has Reborn blushed at anyone. They began chuckling and Reborn snapped his head at them, glaring at them intensely.

And back to Tsuna and Giotto.

" Ne, Giotto-san. Howcome you have blue eyes and blond hair?" Tsuna asked.

" It's because I'm from Italy."

" Really? How weird."

" What?"

" Most people we know are Italian."

" Oh? Like whom?"

" Gokudera-kun, G, Deamon-san, Mukuro, Chrome, Dad, and now Giotto-san." Tsuna smiled cutely as always. Giotto blushed but quickly hid it.

" I-I see."

" Ne, doesn't Giotto mean God's peace and vongola mean clam?"

" Yeah."

" Giotto Vongola... Hehehehe."

" W-what?"

" God's peace is a clam!" Tsuna smiled and giggled, Giotto chuckled.

As the twins spoke to the person reflected in their heart warming eyes, they hadn't realize that their hearts skipped a few beats. The completely oblivious twins didn't realize. That, the person they talked to. Tsunayoshi with Reborn and Tsuna with Giotto. They just thought that it was a start of a new friendships. But, they hadn't know yet. That their hearts were silently attracted to them.

For the twins, new love will be experienced, for the first time in their whole life.

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