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In the middle of the Australian bush, a boy slept peacefully, dreaming of a dark house, and of engines and sirens. He sighed, and was in the process of rolling onto his other side when a gentle hand touched his shoulder. Blinking, the boy frowned and muttered in protest.

"Shh" whispered his sister, tugging at his sleeve. "Look." Her eyes gleamed with excitement, and she motioned to a seemingly inconspicuous area behind him.

The boy sat up slowly, squinting into the dark bush. For a while he saw nothing; a small, whisper of a breeze played along his arm and he shivered, pulling his blanket up over his shoulders. In the hushed night he heard the soft flapping of wings as a night predator took to the sky.

Then she appeared.

Like a ghost, the small silver mare emerged from the trees. Nostrils dilating, she stepped cautiously forward, taking care to place each delicate hoof without a sound. Carefully scanning the area around her she turned, and nickered softly.

Out of the undergrowth behind her a small, leggy foal stumbled. It was silver, like the mare, with a small grey patch near its left eye. It gave a small whinny, staring with wonder at the world around it, before the mare scolded it and nudged it forward.

The two of them melted back into to the bush, like two unearthly shadows. There was nothing to show they were there- not a twig snapped, not a hoofprint in the soft ground. They had simply disappeared, leaving nothing behind but a memory forever burned into the boy's head.

"What was that?" He whispered, unable to turn away. Behind him, the girl smiled.

"That was a silver brumby."

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