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Yu-Gig-Oh! GX The Next Legacy

Episode 3:

Moving In. Welcome to Duel Academy!

It had been a couple of days since the entrance exam duels, and in that time many of the new students were packing up and saying their goodbyes. Some of the students, however, didn't tell many people about making it into Duel Academy, including Mokuba. He couldn't tell anyone but the members of the staff he trusted. He especially couldn't tell Seto, as he was the reason Mokuba was trying to get into Duel Academy. During Battle City and the KC Grand Prix, Seto always had Mokuba by his side, as the vice president, and served as tournament commissioner and referee. Seto trusted him to help during the big events that Kaiba Corp held, but lately it seemed like Seto was pushing him away, keeping him away from the business end of the company. To make matters worse, Seto was about to head out to all the Kaiba Land parks worldwide to set up a special tournament that would be held in a couple of years, and instead of taking Mokuba with him, Seto was leaving his little brother at home. That wouldn't be all that bad if Mokuba was watching the company while his brother was gone, but he's not. Seto hired a guy named Sylvester Kornakoff to serve as acting president of Kaiba Corp in his absence, a job you'd think would go to Mokuba. When he confronted him about it, Seto simply told him: "You're too young yet, Mokuba. Shareholders see I left a child in charge, the stock will drop."

"But you were still a kid when you took over Kaiba Corp," Mokuba argued.

"True," Seto said, "but I had the attitude and abilities to back up my status. All you have is the fact that you're my brother. Unless you can back up your words and actions, no one will take you seriously."


There are two modes of transportation to Academy Island, by boat or by helicopter. The modes the students used all depended on what was closer, really, the copter picked up most of the international students while the boat took the local Domino City students and those that were near a port. Mokuba and Noah used the helicopter, so that there would be less of a chance of Mokuba being recognized as Seto's brother and se he could hang out and talk with Jethro, Vinnie, and Junker. Through most of the trip, though, Mokuba had been very quiet, replaying the conversation he had with Seto before he decided to enter the Academy.

'I'll show you, Seto,' he thought. 'I'll prove to you I have what it takes, one way or another.'

"Hey, Mokie," called a voice that snapped Mokuba out of his thought. He looked over to see his 'brother' and their three friends staring at him.

"You ok?" Vinnie asked him.

"Yeah, sorry," the young Kaiba said. "I was just uh. . ."

"You were thinking about your last conversation with your brother weren't you?" asked Noah.

Mokuba just nodded.

"You mean the conversation that started this journey you're on?" Junker asked.

"Yeah," Mokuba answered, "guess I'm just worried about if I'm actually going to do it. This is a pretty big step."

"It's like that for most of us, partner," Jethro told him. "All we really need to do is give it our best."

Mokuba gave a slight smile after hearing this.

'Maybe he's right,' the young Kaiba thought.

"Attention, ladies and gentlemen," came the pilot's voice over the loud speaker, "if you look out your windows, you will see below you what could be the first day of the rest of your life. The prestigious Duel Academy."

All of the students on the helicopter crowded around the windows in their rows to get a glimpse down from their high height. The students had an excellent view of the island school.

"Please return to you seats as we begin our descent."


Soon after landing, the students were escorted through the sign-in and given their school uniforms and equipment, including a Duel Disk and the Academy's version of a smart phone, and their living accommodations. Noah and Mokuba, now wearing yellow and white blazers, were seating under a tree near the main entrance of the Academy waiting for their three friends to finish up inside.

"Well, we're here," Noah said. "No turning back now. Hope you're ready for all of this."

"I'm pretty sure I am," Mokuba told him. "As long as I have you, Vinnie, Junker, and Jethro, I think I'm gonna do fairly well here. And since we're rooming together, I think the plan might work."

"So long as we don't get found out," Noah remarked.

"Don't worry," Mokuba chuckled. "I'm sure the guys will keep this quiet."

Almost as if on cue, they hear Finnie's vice shout out "Hey Guys" to them. They turned to see him, along with Junker and Jethro coming towards them. The three of them were pretty much wearing what they were in when they arrived except that they were now wearing red blazers the same style as Noah and Mokena's blazers.

"You guys are in Slier Red?" Mokena asked, surprised. "That's like the low man on the totem pole. What happened? I thought you guys did well in your duels."

"Oh, uh, we did do…good in our duels," Vinnie told him. "It was the, uh, written test we stunk at."

"Vinnie and I didn't really have much time to study," Jethro explained.

"And I tend to get a real bad case of test anxiety were it comes to big exams like that," Junker added.

All Mokuba was able to stammer was "but" a few times before Noah chimed in.

"Hey, it's okay, Mokuba. Rank can change as the years go by. It's not that big a deal."

"I guess you're right, Noah," Mokuba sighed. "Well, I guess we better settle into our dorms. They're gonna hold an exhibition match to kick the year off."

"Well, what are wes waitin' for? An engraved invite?" Vinnie asked, fairly excited. ""Let's go checkout our digs."

"According to the schedule, the match isn't until 5 o'clock," Junker said, checking his Duel Pilot. "It's three now, so let's say we meet back here at about 4:30?"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Great!" Mokuba exclaimed as he and Noah took off in one direction. "See you guys then."

"Not if we see yous first," Vinnie called back, as he, Jethro, and Junker ran in another direction. Jethro and Junker stared at Vinnie as they ran. "What?"


Shortly after separating, Mokuba and Noah had arrived at the Ra Yellow Dormitory. For the new students there, they soaked in the energy and essence that seemed to surround them. As it sank in that they were a part of the best dorm for the average duelist, but for returning Ra's and Mokuba and Noah, they were seeing a new Ra Yellow building. It was at least three stories, looking at it from the outside, it looked like a combination of a modern college dorm and a Beverly Hills mansion.

"Whoa!" Noah exclaimed. "This is way different than the brochure showed."

"I checked the files back home before we left," Mokuba explained. "Seto finalized renovations to the Ra dorm at the beginning of the summer, and he made sure those guys in construction did their work. This whole thing was built in a month and a half."

"Ha," Noah chuckled, "he should have called Ty Pennington over in the U.S. Chances are he and his team could have done it in a week."

They both started laughing until they heard the voice over all the excitement that, even as a yell, was still cold enough to bring frost on a summer day.


"Don't tell me," Mokuba said, his voice full of dread.

"Sounds like it," Noah told him, sounding defeated.

As they came closer to the dorm, they saw three figures at the front door. One was a this middle-aged man or older with salt and pepper hair and a thin moustache; another was a teen, may be a few years older than Mokuba and Noah, who had a deep tan, well-defined muscles, dreadlocks sticking out of a bandana, and the sleeves of his blazer ripped off; but the last figure was what upset them, as they saw the pointed style of Len's hair.

"I am of a higher caliber that these pathetic excuses for duelists!" Len went on, yelling at the other two. "I deserve to be in Obelisk Blue!"

"I am tellin' you for the last time!" Hassleberry yelled, equally as loud, "This is your barracks! Now you fall in or I'll make sure you're dropped down to Slifer Red for the rest of the year!"

Len picked up his bags and huffed off.

"There always has to be one," Hassleberry whispered to the man next to him.

"Sí," the man whispered back. "We can only hope that he can, as they say, lighten up."

They soon noticed Mokuba and Noah approaching the dorm.

"¡Hola, Señores!" the man greeted them. "I am Professor Sartyr, the head of the Ra Yellow dorm, and this is Tyranno Hassleberry, your student dorm leader. Welcome to the Ra Yellow Dorm!"

"State your names, privates." Hassleberry commanded, holding up a clipboard.

"Mokie Biaka."

"Noah Abaki."

Hassleberry browsed the names on the clipboard for a bit before he found theirs. He then took a pen from the top of the board and checked off their names.

"You both are in room 214," he told them. "Grab your gear and settle in. This will be your home away from home for the year."

Mokuba and Noah grabbed their luggage, which was delivered from the helicopter or boat straight to each student's dorm. Wandering through the dorm (more like a four-star hotel), they found their dorm room. Opening the door, the opinion of the dorm being a four-star hotel seemed to solidify. Two double-sized beds sitting side by side, a small dresser with a table lamp sits between them. Along the opposite wall sat two wooden desks, one of which had a computer, and a small closet near the door.

"Man, this is nice," Noah commented. "I thought Seto only cared about the Blue dorm. He's either losing his touch or he's lightening up."

"Seto's trying to make the place more appealing to attract people," Mokuba explained. "After everything that's happened, he doesn't want to lose students to any of the other academies."

After unpacking their stuff, and deciding who sleeps where, (Noah took the bed farthest from the door, because there was an open plug near it so he can recharge his internal batteries and look like he's asleep in bed), they mostly just killed time in their room.

"Well, now what do we do?" Noah asked, lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. "We still have, what, an hour or so before we meet with the guys?"

Mokuba took off his side deck and placed it into one of his deck drawers.

"Well," he said as he closed the drawer. "I guess we could check out some more of the dorm building, or we could just meet them at their dorm."

Noah then jumped to his feet.

"May as well check out the rest of our living arrangements," he told Mokuba. "Who knows, we might even met a few more people we might let into the inner circle. But that's just a might."

"I got it," Mokuba groaned. "No one else needs to know our identities unless we know we can trust them."

Noah nodded, and with that the two of them took off out of their room and down the hall. Unfortunately, while Mokuba did close the door, he didn't close it tightly enough, and it slowly swung open until it was slightly ajar. A few doors down and across the hall, the door to room 217 opened just enough to let a single, yellow eye peer out, and also let a soft, cold chuckle be somewhat audible.


Meanwhile, as all that was going on in the Ra dorm, Junker, Vinnie, and Jethro (in that order) came into a clearing on the far end of the island. What they saw was not what they expected to find as their dorm. The Slifer Red dormitory looked more like a seedy motel, two floors, each with one row of rooms. The place didn't really look like it belonged at the Academy.

"This is where we're gonna spend our year?" Vinnie asked. "You gotta be kiddin!"

"Well, it doesn't look too bad," Jethro said, trying to lighten Vinnie's mood. "It could use just a few homey touches."

"A few? It looks like one of the no-tell motels back in my neighborhood." Vinnie ranted. "They should just scrap it and start over."

"I wonder where everyone is," Junker quickly said, changing the subject.

"After putting all the stuff in their rooms," said an unknown voice, "they went off to explore the island."

The threesome looked to the top level of the dorm and saw three people about their age standing out on the balcony. One was a guy of African-American decent whose hair was in tight cornrows, wearing tattered, faded blue jeans. The boy to his right was the shortest of the three with light brown hair cut short and in the regular Academy uniform. On the other side stood a guy with blonde hair, some of which covered his right eye. He was also wearing the standard uniform of a Slifer Red.

"You can call me Timber," said the one in the center of the trio. "That's Randall to my left and Zeke on my other side."

"I'm Vinnie, and this is Junker, and Jethro is the tall guy with the hat."

The three Slifer's walked down a set of wooden steps that led to the level they were on and the boys in front of the building.

"So," Timber went on, "What room are you guys in?"

"We don't know," Junker said. "No one's told us yet."

"It's in your Pilot," Randall told them, "in your welcome e-mail."

The three of them pulled out their Duel Pilots and pressed a few buttons before arriving at their Academy e-mail inbox. Within the only message in that inbox, they found what they were looking for, and at almost the exact same time, they said:


They looked at each other with the same thought in their minds.

"How can we all be in the same room?"

"Hey, you guys are our new neighbors," Timber said. "Come on, we'll show you around our home away from home."

Timber went on to describe the dorm building as the six of them climbed the steps.

"Girls stay in the dorms on the ground floor, dudes stay up here. When we gather for breakfast and dinner we met in that little building on the side that looks like a tool shed. You eat lunch when you have the time whenever you like. Fair warning, you shouldn't really expect to get much respect from the other dorms here, you're the low man on the totem pole."

"You sure know a lot about dis place, Timber," Vinnie commented.

"I should," Timber told him. "This is my sophomore year. This is your room."

Timber opened the door and let the trio enter. What they saw was, again, not what they expected. The room was rather small with one desk, one small closet, and a three-tier bunkbed. It looked like the cross between the average college dorm and a cheap motel room. Their bags were lying on the floor.

"What a dump," Vinnie complained.

"Welcome to Slifer Red," Randall told them.

"I don't know," Junker stated. "It kinda reminds me of the orphanage."

"If you guys need anything," Timber said, "we're just next door."

With that, he, Randall, and Zeke left Jethro, Vinnie, and Junker to try and get comfortable.

"Well, who sleeps where?" Vinnie asked, after closing the door.

"You two can fight over it," Jethro stated as he pulled a rolled-up sleeping bag out of his laundry sack, which he also used as his suitcase. "I'm fine with just stretching out on the floor."

"You don't have to do that," Junker started.

"Believe me, it's fine," the cowboy told them. "I'd rather sleep on the ground anyway. I don't think I' really fit in one of those beds."

Vinnie and Junker looked at each other.

"I'll take the bottom," Junker said.

"Then, I guess I'll take the top." Vinnie sighed.

They placed their bags on the middle bunk, grabbed their individual keys to the dorm, and left to check out the area.


Back at the Yellow Dorm . . .

Mokuba and Noah had practically checked out every inch of the building and, at the moment, were in the dining area, taking in the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. (Before you ask, Noah has sensors that replicate the sense of smell and taste. He can also fake it when he has to.)

"This place is amazing!" Mokuba exclaimed. "A guy could probably live here, set for the rest of his life!"

"I don't think that even your mansion can compare to this," Noah commented.

"Yeah," Mokuba agreed. "No offense to the staff back home, but I think the food here might be better; at least based on the smell."

Noah looked at his watch.

"Oh, Geez!" he shouted, "Mokie, we better hurry. We gotta met the guys back at the main entrance in a few minutes."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Mokuba said as he started to run out of the room. "Let's get g. . OOF!"

Mokuba fell on his back after running into what felt like a brick wall. He looked up to see he wasn't that far off. Standing in front of him was a very obese male standing at about six foot even, with greasy hair tied in a small pony tail. Beside him was an incredibly tall male of about the same height, wearing wire-frame glasses and a greasy mullet. The two of them both wore tattered blue jeans, combat boots, and their Ra Yellow blazers open.

"Watch where you're going, twerp!" the heavier one snapped as he walked right over Mokuba.

"Yeah," the thinner one laughed, with a rather annoying voice, "watch it, twerp!" as he did the same.

Noah stared at the two of them as they came towards him.

"What are you looking at, weirdo?" the fat one sharply asked, pushing Noah. The thin one again echoed and mirrored his partner as they walked out the other way.

"Are you okay?" a female voice asked, Mokuba looked up to see a pretty girl wearing a girl's version of the standard Ra blazer and a navy blue skirt that reached down to midcalf. Her hair was a deep, dark red and came down to her chin.

The girl reached down and helped Mokuba back to his feet.

"Yeah, I'm fine," the young Kaiba told her as his "brother" walked up to the two of them. "Who were those guys?"

"Archibald Bullkire and Sydney Skoolivick," said Hassleberry as he walked into the dining area. "For all intents and purposes, they should be Obelisk juniors, but they were held back and flunked out. Their only way back into the Academy was as Ra Freshman this time."

"Why doesn't the Academy just label them lost causes and expel them?" Noah asked.

"They probably would if it weren't for the fact that their families supply a lot for the Academy and have Seto Kaiba on speed dial."

Mokuba knew what Hassleberry meant and knew it wasn't true. Seto wanted to have the Academy expel them, but knew that if that happened the Bullkire and Skoolivick families would bring out a lawsuit against Kaiba Corp. that Seto didn't want to deal with.

"Maybe I can help them with their classes," the red head said. "No one should be left behind, not even those creeps."

"Ill-advised, private," Hassleberry told her. "No offense, but I think they'd rather try and get ya in their bunks then learn from ya."

"Still, I think I should try," the female Ra said.

"Honestly," Hassleberry continued, "you'd be better off not bothering yourself with them. Now if y'all want to see the opening duel, ya better hussle."

"He's right," Noah yelped, as he checked his watch again. "C'mon, we gotta hurry."

Noah then took off out of the dining hall, but Mokuba lingered for just a little longer, talking to the girl who helped him.

"Uh, thanks for helping me up earlier," he stammered.

"Trust me," she told him, "it's no problem. I'm Astrid Jorgenson."

"I'm . . . " he started.


Mokuba cringed, hearing his brother yell for him was kind of embarrassing.

"Brother?" Astrid asked.

"You could say that," the young Kaiba told her.

"Go on," she told him. "It's not like we won't see each other again."

"Ha, yeah," Mokuba chuckled. "Guess I'll see you later."

They exchanged one last gaze and a wave before Mokuba disappeared down the hall.


While that was going on . . .

Junker, Vinnie, and Jethro were currently wandering around the forest that occupied part of the island.

"Man," Vinnie commented, "dis place has everything."

"I know," Junker added, "it even has its own ecosystem."

"Yep," Jethro agreed, "I think we're gonna like it here." He then looked up to the sky. "I think it's about time we head to the main building. Looks like it might almost be time for the duel."

"OK, den," Vinnie said excitedly. Then he realized something. "Does anyone know where the Academy is?"

That was when they realized that they were lost.

"Heh, good thing we decided to follow you guys."

The boys looked to see Randall, Timber, and Zeke behind them.

"I know my way around this island," Timber told them. "Follow us. The Academy building is this way."

The group followed Timber and his friends along one of the trails and after about a minute or two, started to see the domed roofs of the main building rising out of the trees. Another two minutes later, and they found themselves at the front walk just as Mokuba and Noah ran up the walk to them.

"Hey, guys," Mokuba called as they came up to them.

"Hey," Junker said back. "You guys ready for this?"

"Oh, yeah!" Noah exclaimed. "Let's go!"

The eight students ran into the building and through the halls until they arrived at the arena. Wandering around the stands, which were already packed full of excited duelists to-be, they finally found some seats, which happened to be a complete row of seats right in front.

"By the way, I don't think we've been introduced yet. I'm Mokie, and this is Noah."

"I'm Timber. This is Zeke."

"And I'm Randall."

"Pleased to meet all of you," Mokuba said as Dr. Crowler walked out to the middle of the duel field that sat in the center of the arena.

"Attention students," he said into a microphone he was holding, "before we begin the duel and introduce the competitors, I would like to present the head of this Academy, Chancellor Sheppard, who will now say a few words."

All eyes turned to a section in the stands that looked to be were the members of the faculty sat. Among them, one man stood up. He wore a maroon overcoat that was of the same style as the Academy's uniform blazers, under which was a light yellow dress shirt and a plain brown tie. The man himself appeared to be middle-aged and bald, except for salt-and-pepper eyebrows and a Van Dyke beard of the same coloring.

"On behalf of all the staff," the chancellor said in a microphone, "I would like to welcome all of this year's Freshman Class to Duel Academy and welcome back all of returning students."

Cheer erupted from the audience. The chancellor held up his hand, and everyone quieted down.

"Despite all the craziness that has happened here in the past four years, we hope that every single one of your will enjoy your time here. Duel Academy was build to breed the duelist of tomorrow by bettering their skills in the fundamentals and teaching how to utilize new strategies in the game of Duel Monsters as it grows. I have received word from the head of Industrial Illusions, Mr. Maximillion Pegasus, that his card designers are hard at work developing a new Monster Type, and a new type of Monster Card. Based upon early information he has given us, your classes will include lessons on these new cards to prepare you. And speaking of preparation, we also strive to better prepare you for life in general."

The chancellor then went on to tell all the students the mission statement of the school, and many of the students began to tune him out. Mokuba turned to one of three people he saw run out of the forest with Jethro, Vinnie, and Junker. He saw Zeke looking at him. Mokuba gave Zeke a friendly wave, but Zeke quickly ducked behind Timber, who was sitting neat to him.

Mokuba leaned towards Randall.

"Is he ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, he's just really shy," Randall told him. "Timber and I are trying to get him to open up and trust us, but it's going slow. At least the year is just starting, so we have time to bond with him."

"Oh. Well I willing to help," Mokuba told him. He then looked at Timber, who was sitting next to Randall. "By the way, Timber, how did you get your name?"

"Well, my real name is Timothy Bergmen, but the reason for Timber is really a funny story," said Timber. "See, when I was in grade school, I was bullied by this older kid who I swear was really in high school. He was practically six foot with a goatee. Anyway, I was in the fifth grade and I saw him picking on this little girl in the grade under me. Now if he was picking on me, I'd have let it go; but to pick on a young girl, that warranted a response. So I marched right up to him, looked in the eye, and hit him straight on the jaw. I kid you not, that one hit cause him to fall flat on his back. Seeing that happen, I just couldn't resist shouting out 'Timber.' From then on, the name sort of stuck."

"Wait," Jethro, who was sitting between Randall and Mokuba, "How old was this kid?"

"I don't know," Timber answered him, "maybe a couple of years older than me."

"And he was six-foot-tall with a goatee?"

"When you were that age and about my height back then, almost anything was six feet taller than you."

"Will you guys keep it down?" Noah asked them sharply. "Some of us are actually listening to the Chancellor speak."

"Sorry, Noah," Mokuba apologized. He and the others returned their attention to Sheppard.

"But you all didn't come here to hear me go on and on did you?" the Chancellor asked. "No, you came to see a duel, right?"

The crowd roared in answer, on pins and needles to see the action start.

"Dr. Crowler, take it away."

"Alright, young scholars," Crowler started, "Are you ready for a duel?"

Once again the crowd roared in excitement.

"Then let's meet today's duelists," the professor went on. "First, an Obelisk Blue Senior, a top-notch scholar, the great deck examiner, Cody Winchester"

The watched as the duelist walked into the arena from one of the ground level hallways. He was a boy with short brown hair and glasses, wearing the typical Obelisk blue blazer with black pants and canvas shoes.

"And his opponent, also from Obelisk Blue! One of the top ranked duelists in his class. The Card Commando, Leon Taylor."

Entering the arena from the other end was a boy with spiky, read hair, wearing a sleeveless Oblelisk blue blazer opened to reveal a black and blood red stripped shirt underneath it, a silver bullet on a silver chain around h is neck, black army boots, black cut-off gloves, and dark blue jeans held up by a black leather belt.

"Alright, gentlemen, come center and shuffle each other's deck."

The two duelists approached the center of the field. Once they were face to face, they handed each other their deck and proceeded to shuffle the deck they now held.

"What do you say we give them a good show, Leon?" Cody suggested.

Leon nodded and handed Cody back his deck while taking his own from Cody. Both duelists returned to their respective ends of the field.

"No tricks this time," Leon joked.

"Hey," Cody laughed, "I swore off the Weevil Gambit sophomore year. This is legit."

"Duelists, are you ready?" Crowler asked.

Both Leon and Cody activated their Duel Disks and placed their decks in the holder as a response.

"Then begin," the professor shouted as he ran off the field, not wanting to get caught in any crossfire.

"Let's Duel!" Leon and Cody yelled together, drawing their first five cards.

(Leon: 8000) – (Cody: 8000)

"I'll take the first turn," Cody stated as he drew card number six. Cody looked over his hand and slightly smirked.

"Here we go," Cody continued. "Time to start the analysis. I set one monster facedown along with one other card."

Two cards appeared on the glasses-wearing duelist's field, backs up, one with the long sides facing each duelist, one with the short sides.

"Next, I'll play my Stumbling Spell Card."

A spell card appeared on his field, showing the art work of a creature on its hands and knees trying to walk across a field covered in bones and skulls.

"And finally, welcome to my parlor, the Spider Web Field Spell."

A giant spider web then appeared under the duelists' feet, over the field. Several other large webs descended from the ceiling, attaching to the one on the floor, trapping the two inside.

"That's all for now, Leon. Let's see what you've got."

"I'll gladly show you," Leon said as he drew. He looked over his hand.

'Ok,' he thought, 'Cody's already started on his stall tactics, ready to try and read my deck. I think I'll let him try, but maybe I can use it to my advantage.'

"I summon Brave Warrior Immortal in Attack Mode," he declared.

The monster that appeared on his field was a warrior wearing purple stripped pants and an arrange shirt. For armor, he wore leather arm guards and a leather corset with over lapping bronze scales. The warrior wielded a small type of battle-axe and a wicker shield. (ATK: 1400)

"Guess you weren't paying attention," Cody joked. "My Stumbling Spell Card now activates, forcing your monster to Defense Mode."

With that, the warrior went down on one knee, raising his shield to be ready for on coming attacks. (DEF: 1700)

"Now, I'll set this and end by turn," Leon added as a facedown card appeared behind the defensive warrior.

"My move!" Cody shouted, drawing his card. "I'll start by flipping my Petit Moth face-up."

The card flipped to show its artwork and from it appeared a large caterpillar. The Stumbling Spell Card glowed again, causing the caterpillar to curl up. (DEF: 200)

"Now, I'll equip Petit Moth with the Cocoon of Evolution."

The caterpillar lifted its head and started to spray a fountain of some kind of stringy substance that blanketed it and a bit of the field station. The covered insect then started to glow, instantly becoming a large cocoon that was anchored to the ground by dozens of thick strands of the strings it sprayed. (DEF: 2000)

"Cocoon of Evolution?" questioned Noah. "You don't see that card much any more."

"For a good reason," Vinnie said. "It's hard to do anything with it without the right cards in your hand."

"Now I activate my face down Jar of Greed," Cody continued, as his Trap lifted. He drew a card from his deck. When he saw it, he smiled.

"Alright, now we can get things moving. I now sacrifice my Petit Moth equipped with the Cocoon of Evolution to Special Summon Larva of Moth in Defense Mode."

The cocoon started to glow, but when it subsided, nothing changed. (DEF: 2000)

A few cries came from the audience.

"What was that?!" "That was anticlimactic!" "Nothing happened!"

"I gotta admit," Leon said, "I'm confused, too."

"All I'll say is that all well be revealed in a few turns. For now, I'll summon my Prickle Fairy and end my turn," Cody told him, as he also set a card facedown.

Soon after placing the card on his disk, a female monster with green skin and blonde hair appeared on his field. She wore a dress that looked to be made out of green leaves and flower petals. Instead of arms, she had long, thorn-covered vines coming out of the sleeves of her dress, which she crossed in front of her as she took a knee. (DEF: 2000)

Leon said nothing as he drew, he was deep in thought.

'I'm guessing that Larva of Moth Card is one of those new cards he said he got over the summer. Better build up my forces.'

"I summon Brave Warrior Resistance in Attack Mode," he then said, placing a card on his disk. Appearing on his field soon after was a man in a camo jacket, green pants, and black boots. He had black gloves over his hands and a black ski mask over his face with a black beret on top of his head. He was holding a semi-automatic as he went down to one knee. (DEF: 1500)

"Now I'll activate Resistance's Special ability," Leon went on. "By playing 500 Life Points, I can draw one card, and if it's a 'Brave Warrior' Monster, I can Special Summon it to my field."

As his Life Points dropped a little, Leon reached for his deck and pulled the top card off of it. (Leon: 7500)

Looking at the card, Leon smirked a little. It wasn't what he was looking for, but it'll help.

"Through Resistance's effect, I Special Summon Brave Warrior Rajput."

A new warrior appeared on his field. This one was wearing silk robes and leather boots. On his head was an iron helmet with a nose guard, under which lay a veil of chainmail that concealed his face. He was armed with a round, steel shield with a rounded red cross design in one hand and katar in the other. The warrior then went to one knee, holding his shield at the ready. (DEF: 700)

"I end my turn."

Cody drew his next card.

"I end my turn," he then said, not even looking at the card.

"Dis looks like it's gonna take awhile," Vinnie said as he tried to get comfortable. "Hey Timber, you're a sophomore, right? What can you tell us about dose two?"

"Well," Timber started, "Cody is the smartest of the seniors. Some would say he's too smart. He uses a lot of stall tactics to make his opponent show him their weakness and then works to exploit that weakness. But if you ask me, Leon has no weakness. He always fights on towards victory no matter what, and his Warrior-Types mimic that. They swarm the field to overwhelm the opponent. This will be a long duel and a clash of styles."

"I wonder why they pitted those two against each other," Noah said.

"Probably to show us that strong duelists are not just powerful with their cards, but patient with their strategy," Jethro suggested. "One thing I learned is the one who waits for the opening and takes it, can win it."

"Guess we'll just have to see what happens," Mokuba said as Leon drew his next card.

'Not much he could have done I suppose,' Leon thought as he looked over his hand. 'Not much I can do either. Odds are if I try to use Resistance's effect again, I'll just waste the payment. I'd better wait him out.'

"I set one card facedown," he then declared, as the facedown appeared, "and end my turn."

Once again, Cody drew and immediately ended his turn, which brought out some boos from the audience.

In the section where the Academy's faculty was seated, Crowler flinched at the sound.

"My word," he commented. "If this duel keeps going as it is, I fear we may have a riot on our hands."

"Not to worry, Crowler," Chancellor Sheppard reassured the frantic teacher. "Based on what has happened so far, I'm willing to bet one of them is about to make their move."

Leon drew his next card, but paused when he saw the card that was under it. He noticed that it was slightly more worn than his other cards.

'Are you really going to appear this early?' he asked himself, as if talking to the card.

After looking at the card he drew and the cards in his hand, he made a decision.

"I summon Brave Warrior Musketeer."

Appearing on Leon's field when he played the card was a man dressed in an outfit similar to what one would see on a French musketeer in the movies. In his hands was a flintlock musket and holstered on his belt was a rapier. He took a knee, laying his musket close to his side. (DEF: 900)

"Now, I'll use Resistance's effect again."

His Life Points dipped as he took the faded card from the top of his deck. Seeing the new card, Leon couldn't help but smirk. (Leon: 7000)

'Well, I suppose you would appear now,' he thought.

"I now Special Summon the rival to my best monster, Brave Warrior Samurai."

Soon after playing the card, a warrior in full, traditional samurai armor speared in Leon's last open monster zone, his sword sheathed at his side. He knelt down on both knees, biding his time. (DEF: 2500)

Noah stared at the monster that was just summoned, scanning it and running it through the card data base. Once he found the card, he skimmed through its stats.

"Wow," he stated, impressed. "That warrior has 2800 ATK. If he can get his monsters into attack mode, he can lead the charge to deal some serious damage."

"Now I activate my facedown, Zero Gravity," Leon then stated.

His facedown rose up and started to glow, making all of his monsters and Cody's Prickle Fairy stand up and prepare for battle. (Larva of Moth: 0) (Prickle Fairy: 300)

(Samurai: 2800) (Resistance:1800) (Musketeer: 800) (Immortal: 1400) (Rajput: 1000)

"This might be the move we were waiting," Norman stated, earning a nod from the Chancellor

"Now, I'll have my Samurai lead the charge and attack your Prickle Fairy," Leon went on.

The samurai drew his Katana and charged at the plant.

"Why Prickle Fairy?" Mokuba asked. "Wouldn't he cause more damage by attacking that Larva of Moth?"

"Not really," Noah told him. "Mathematically no matter who attacks who when, Cody's gonna lose at least 7500 points unless that Trap stops it."

"As for why he's attacking Prickle Fairy," Timber added, "that's all he can attack. While Prickle Fairy is face-up on the field, any Insects that are with her are protected. Meaning she needs to go before Leon can take out that cocoon before it hatches."

Back on the field, the Samurai was about in striking distance of the plant lady, who was preparing to retaliate with her thorn-covered vines.

"Nice plan, Leon, but I was ready for that," Cody quipped as his facedown lifted. "Go, Defender's Mind."

His trap glowed and Prickle Fairy went back to her defensive stance she and Larva of Moth were enveloped in a golden glow. (LOM DEF: 4000) (PF DEF: 4000)

"Not only does my Trap put my monsters back into Defense mode, but it also doubles their Defense Points."

As Samurai drew closer, he swung his Katana, raking it across the now stronger tentacles of Prickle Fairy, causing a shower of sparks before she wrapped him in them and threw him back to Leon's field. The Samurai landed on his front with a thud, but managed to pull himself to a kneeling position, using his sword for support as he caught his breath. (DEF: 2500) (Leon: 5800)

"And due to your Prickle Fairy's effect, Samurai goes on the defensive." Leon added. "Clever, you knew I'd be prepared for your style of play."

"I suspected it, anyway," Cody told him. "This is, after all, our 41st duel. I had assumed that you would have tried to counter my defensive strategy starting with Duel 10."

"I actually didn't start preparing to counter your Defense Reader strategy until Duel 25, because I wanted to try and beat you with my own power. But when you had the lead 17-7, I knew I had to be ready. Lucky for you I never managed to draw them in time. You still lead 25-15, but now I'm going to catch up."

"We'll see about that," Cody said with a grin. "You done?"

"Not yet," Leon told him. "I still have Musketeer's attack, and thanks to his ability, he can attack you directly."

The musketeer brought his firearm to his shoulder, took aim, and fired. Cody grabbed his left shoulder, wincing in pain as if a bullet had grazed it. (Cody: 7200)

Shortly after firing, strands of webbing shot up from the field and wrapped around Musketeer, forcing him to his knees. (DEF: 900)

"I end my turn there."

'So he's using that old move,' Cody mentally told himself. 'Since Musketeer can attack directly, even in Defense Mode, it's a good way to slip through my defenses. Unfortunately for him, I have something that can shut that down.'

He drew his card, seeing it was Ultimate Insect LV1, he looked at his hand and saw it had Javelin Beetle and Ultimate Insect LV7.

'Unfortunately for me, I don't have it yet. So I'm just gonna have to take it for now.'

"I end my turn." He said. "And I should warn you, it's been three turns since I brought out Larva of Moth. In a few more turns, you're gonna get a big surprise."

'I don't like the sound of that,' Leon thought as he drew. 'I better find a way to take it out before that happens. Until then …'

"I'll have Musketeer take another shot at you," he said, "which he can still do in Defense Mode."

Musketeer broke free of the webbing holding him, to aim with his gun, and once more hit Cody in the shoulder. (Cody: 6400)

Leon then, silently moved Rajput Resistance and Immortal to Defense Mode and signaled the end of his turn.

Cody drew his card. When he saw what it was, he just rolled his eyes.

'Convinent,' he thought as he played the Pot of Greed he had drawn and drew two new cards.

Seeing his new cards, he smiled a little bit. 'And effective.'

He slid the card facedown into his disk and it appeared on his field as he signaled the end of his turn.

"Still going to wait it out, huh?" Leon asked. "Fine by me. I'll just keep chipping away at your Life Points. Musketeer, take aim."

The warrior once more raised his gun.

"Not this time," Cody told him as his facedown lifted. "I activate my Lair Wire."

Leon's eyes widened slightly.

'Should have seen that coming,' he thought as a card slipped out of Cody's Graveyard.

"By removing an Insect-Type in my Graveyard, like my Cocoon of Evolution, from play; I can destroy your Musketeer."

Once again, the webbing began to move and wrap around Musketeer. This time, however, the webbing started to tighten and squeeze the life out of the warrior until it shattered to pixels.

"Heh, guess I walked into that one," Leon said. "Not much else I can do, so I'll end my turn."

'Geez, Leon,' Cody said to himself, 'I know we agreed to make this interesting for the froshies, but you don't need to ham it up so much.'

He drew his next card and the cocoon then started to glow.

"Time for the next stage of this evolution," Cody announced, as the audience watched in awe. "After being on the field for five turns, Larva of Moth now becomes Pupa of Moth."

The glowing died down to show the cocoon had become a pseudo-clear chrysalis with something inside. The chrysalis shook, showing what was inside to be alive.

(DEF: 2000)

"That's not a whole lot different!" someone in the audience shouted out.

"Oh, but it is," Cody explained. "You see, in its prior stage, Larva of Moth, I would have only gotten the second stage Larvae Moth if it was destroyed. Now as Pupa of Moth, I am one step away from obtaining the Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth; but if the pupa is broken prematurely, I gain the immature Great Moth. Either way, now I'll have a strong monster on my field by my next turn. For now, I'll end this one."

Leon silently drew his next card and started to play his move.

'So that's his new plan,' he thought. 'Unfortunately for him, I have what I need to possibly stop it now.'

"I play Mystical Space Typhoon," he then said as he placed the card on the Duel Disk. "With this, I'll destroy your Defender's Mind."

Instantly, a small whirlwind erupted around Cody's face-up trap and blew it away, sending skyward and out of sight.

"Next, I tribute Brave Warrior Rajput to Summon Brave Warrior Yakuza."

The armored warrior dissolved into particles of light and a new warrior took its place. This one was Asian, maybe Japanese, and dressed in a suit and armed with a pair of nunchuks. He swung his weapons around a few times before taking a defensive stance. (DEF: 1800)

"Next, I'll use my Double Summon Spell Card to bring out Brave Warrior Shaolin."

The spell card he named appeared on his field and from it calmly walked a Shaolin monk who assumed a prayerful position. (DEF: 1500)

"Now I'll use Order to Charge, tributing my Immortal to destroy your Prickle Fairy."

As he slid the card into a slot, the first monster Leon had summoned became covered in a red aura as he charged shield-first at Cody's Plant Fairy. As the warrior drew closer, Prickle Fairy whipped at him with her tentacles, but it was of no effect as the warrior slammed into her and both monsters exploded into pixels.

"Now Samurai, prepare for battle," Leon commanded as his designated warrior stood up and re-drew his sword.

"Don't forget, Leon," Cody warned, "you attack and destroy my Pupa, the Great Moth will be freed."

"True," Leon noted, "but that card'll be weaker than its full form. So it's a risk worth taking."

With that, the Samurai charged at the "sealed" monster and with one slash broke open the shell that surrounded the monster. As the warrior returned to Leon a new monster rose from the shards and fragments of its former home. It was a giant green-yellow moth with beautifully colored wings. (DEF: 2500)

"Now I'll set one card facedown," Leon continued as the back of another card appeared on his field, "and then use Resistance's effect once more."

His Life Points dipped once more as he drew the top card of his deck and looked at it. (Leon: 5300)

"I now call Brave Warrior Knight to fill the vacant spot."

As he placed the card on his disk, what truly was a knight appeared on his field wearing plate armor and a visored helmet. Over his armor was a white tunic with a red cross on it. In one hand he held an elaborately decorated shield, and in the other was a broadsword. He kneeled down with his shield held high and ready. (DEF: 1500)

"With this, I end my turn."

"Guess it's time I start making mine," Cody told his friend as he drew.

'Ok,' he then thought, 'I guess now would be as good a time as any to go the offensive, and I think I have just the cards to do it.'

"I now remove Larva of Moth and Pupa of Moth from play."

The cards slide out of the Graveyard Slot on his Duel Disk and their holographic forms appeared behind him.

"By doing this," he continued as the holograms dissolved to particles of light, I can now bring my Doom Dozer."

With a rumble, a creature crashed out of the ground in front of Cody, revealing itself to be a centipede-like creature with a black shell on its back and a red underbelly. It snapped its mandibles as it looked as Leon monsters hungrily, lowering its body to show only its shell. (DEF: 2600)

"Next," Cody he went on, placing another card in a Spell & Trap Zone, "I play my Javelin Beetle Pact."

He took 2 cards from his hand and inserted them into his Graveyard.

"By using the Level 1 and Level 7 forms of my Ultimate Insect as offerings, I can now Ritual Summon my Javelin Beetle."

A pillar of light burst out of the ground in front of him, and from it emerged a bipedal insectiod with a blue exoskeleton serving as armor with only small amount of green-colored soft tissue showing. In one of its hand, if you could call it that, was a brown staff tipped with a four-pronged, possibly golden blade. Each prong looked like insect mandibles. The monster lowered itself to one knee, holding its staff in both hands in front of it to protect it. (DEF: 2550)

'Guess Cody's tired of waiting around,' Leon thought as he pressed a button on his disk while his Opponent's Great Moth took flight. (ATK: 2600)

"Now Great Moth," Cody began, "take out his…"

"Hold on, Cody," Leon called out, "I'm afraid you can't attack me yet."

Cody calmed down a little and smirked.

"Outnumbered Forces?" he asked.

"Outnumbered Forces," Leon told him, as his Trap Card, which had lifted during they talking started to glow, causing Cody's Monster to lose interest in battling.

"I don't get it," Mokuba said as he witnessed this. "What Outnumbered Forces do, and why is Cody so calm about it?"

"Outnumbered Forces is a Trap that skipped the Opponent's Battle Phase when you have more monsters than they do," Noah explained, having searched for the card already. "What's more, I'm guessing, is Cody is so calm because they've dueled so much; and they know each others game play pretty well, so he must have known it was coming."

"Oh," Mokuba said, as he watched Cody set his last card facedown on his field. He leaned a little closer to his "step-brother". "These two just might give Yugi and Seto a run for their money, don't you think?"

"It's possible," Noah whispered back, "but unlikely."

"Your move, Leon," Cody told his opponent.

"Here we go!" Leon exclaimed as he drew.

"First, I'll switch my Samurai to Attack Mode once more and attack."

Leon's katana-wielding stood, and charged down the field, only to hit an invisible barrier with his weapon.

"Sorry, Leon," Cody quipped, as his facedown revealed itself to be Negate Attack. "You'll have to do better than that."

"Oh, I will, next time," Leon told his friend. "For now, I'm done."

Cody drew his card without a word.

"I think we both need a little refresh," Cody said, as he slid a card into a Spell and Trap Card Zone on his Disk, which appeared as Card of Sanctity. "So, I think I'll lend you a little hand in order to help myself."

Both drew cards until they each held 6.

Up in the stands, Mokuba begin to remember many of the duels his watch his brother and Yugi have.

'Card of Sanctity may be a double-edged sword, giving your opponent new options,' he thought; "but sometimes it's proven to be just what's needed to get the win. I remember one time, Seto got the last two Blue-Eyes and a Polymerization thank to Card of Sanctity. Maybe I should think about adding a couple more draw engines. Was that what Noah called? Sounds about right.'

"Hey, Mokie," Noah said, bringing the young Kaiba back to Earth. "Pay attention, you might have to duel these guys at some point."

"Right," Mokuba said, turning back to the duel as Javelin Beetle and Doom Dozer took offensive stances (JB: 2450) (DD: 2800), "Sorry."

"Now, I play Stop Defense. Switching your Knight into Attack Mode," Cody called out, as the medieval warrior stood with his sword at the ready. (ATK: 1500)

"Next, I play Blind Spot Strike, adding the defensive power of your Yakuza to my Great Moth."

With that a red aura enveloped the well-dressed man on Leon field, causing him to cringe in pain, it then flew off of him and was absorbed by the giant moth on Cody's field. (ATK: 4100)

"Now it's time you face the swarm!" the Insect duelist exclaimed. "Javelin Beetle, destroy his knight!"

The bipedal insect positioned its spear as its wings unfolded from its back. Within seconds, the monster hovered about an inch or two above the ground and flew at high-speed to the knight. The sharp points of the spear combined with the speed pieced right through the knight's armor, destroying him as the insect whipped past Leon to return its spot, kneeling when it landed. (Leon: 4350) (DEF: 2550)

"Doom Dozer, attack his Resistance!"

The giant centipede lunged from its spot ready to bite down on its prey, when a shot rang out through the arena and Doom Dozer recoil, screeching in pain.

"What da heck just happened?" Vinnie asked in shock.

Hearing the question, Leon smiled and pointed in the tunnel he first entered from. The video screens flashed to show another Brave Warrior Resistance, this one armed with a sniper rifle, was hiding in there.

"Resistance never travels alone," Leon explained. "So once per turn, he partner saves him from destruction."

"Heh, forgot that part," Cody laughed, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"You still did damage," Leon explained, "so it was a good idea." (Leon: 3350)

The giant centipede coiled defensively once again, growling angrily at Leon. (DEF: 2600)

"No matter," Cody said, brushing it off, "I still have Great Moth. And he's about to blow your samurai away."

Using that as its cue, Great Moth started to flap its wings faster; causing a harsh wind to blow across the field. Flakes of pollen could be seen flying in the wind. When the samurai was able to stand with the strong winds, he started to choke after inhaling some of the pollen. In a matter of seconds, it was enough to cause him to burst into pixels. The wind was enough, though, to knock Leon off his feet. (Leon: 2150)

"I end my turn," Cody declared as his moth landed. (DEF: 2500)

Leon stood back up and dusted himself off as he returned to his spot on the field.

"Nice move there, Cody," Leon said as he drew. "But now it's time for me to go on the offensive."

He then slid a card into a Spell and Trap Zone on his Disk.

"And to start, I'm using Back to Square One to take care of your Great Moth. Just one card from my hand, and it goes to your Deck"

After Leon slid a card into his Graveyard, the giant moth began to glow with a golden light and transformed into a beam that flew into Cody's deck.

"Next, I'm gonna clear the air with Heavy Storm."

With second, a high-speed wind began to swirl through the arena, blowing away many of Cody's cards in the process as well as the strands of the spider web. Then, as quickly as it started, it stopped.

"So, you looking to end this?" Cody asked with a sly smile.

"Better believe I am," Leon told him. "But first, I need to set things up on my side."

He grabbed a couple cards in his hand and held them up.

"I should thank you," he went on. "Just like you thought, your Card of Sanctity set me up. I now play my Banner of Courage and the Battlefield Field Spell."

Suddenly, the arena transformed into an area that was half grassy plain and half desert. As the digital effect spread Leon could see a large medieval castle appear behind Cody, while Cody saw an ancient city in the distance behind Leon. Off to one side, both could see a jungle or forest of some kind and a more modern city and to the other was a coastline with clear blue water splashing onto the shore. Then pole rose out of the ground behind Leon and a banner unfurled from its tip, showing its unique design.

"Banner of Courage will give my monsters 200 more Attack Points during the Battle Phase," Leon explained, "and that's on top of the 200 Point boost coming from my Battlefield."

Now standing in familiar surrounding, Leon three monsters seemed more at ease, and yet they seemed more ready for battle. (BWRe: 2000) (BWSh: 2200) (BWY: 2300)

"Now, I tribute Shaolin for my Brave Warrior Officer, and move Yakuza and Resistance to Attack Mode."

As the two gun-wielding warriors stood, the monk dissolved into particles of light and in his place appeared a warrior dressed in full SWAT gears armed with a high-powered machine gun. (ATK: 2500-2700)

"Now, final piece of this turn, the Card Rotator Spell."

As Leon played the Spell and slid a card into his Graveyard, strings shot out of nowhere and pulled Javelin Beetle and Doom Dozer into battle stances before disappearing.

"Now that the time is right, it is time for battle. Officer, attack Doom Dozer!"

The SWAT member raised his gun, and took aim and a blue aura surrounded him. (ATK: 2900) HE then unloaded his magazine into the giant centipede. Doom Dozer screeched loudly in pain before collapsing to the ground, exploding into pixels. (Cody: 6300)

"Now, Yakuza, take out the Javelin Beetle."

The Asian man ran down the field to the bipedal insect, a look of determination in his eyes. (ATK: 2500) The Insect tried to attack him with its weapon, but Yakuza dodged with ease. He then wrapped his nunchuks around it and pulled it from Javelin Beetle's grip. He then got behind the bipedal insect and stabbed it with his sai. As the monster yowled in pain; Yakuza kicked out its knees, forcing him to the ground, and flipped over it before delivering the final kick to the top of its head, causing it to burst into pixels. (Cody: 6250)

"Now, Resistance, attack Cody directly."

Resistance took aim and fired a barrage of bullets from his gun, making Cody dance around trying to dodge them, until the magazine was empty. Cody tried to catch his breath as he watched his Life Points drop. (Cody: 4050)

"That ends my turn, Cody. Let's see if you can overcome my army."

"I just warmed up, Leon," Cody retorted as he drew his next card, and looked to see Insect Costume, Pinch Hopper, Remote Revenge, Insect Armor with Laser Cannon, and Great Moth in his hand. "And now I'm gonna turn up the heat. I summon Pinch Hopper."

A large green grasshopper appeared on Cody's now empty field, chirping loudly (ATK: 1000)

"Then, I use my Insect Costume Spell Card."

The card appeared on his field showing three insects in an ascending line.

"This card gets a little confusing, so listen close. First, I send 1 Insect-type monster in my hand to the Graveyard."

He took the Great Moth from his hand and slid it into his Graveyard.

"Then, I add 1 Insect-Type from my Deck to my hand."

A card popped out of his deck and he took it.

"Then finally, I have to destroy 1 Insect on my field. So Pinch Hopper will have to go before we can see him in action."

With that, the grasshopper shattered.

"But now, I can use Hopper's effect, Special Summoning 1 Insect in my hand to the field. So here comes my Millennium Scorpion."

Taking Pinch Hopper's place was a large, almost cartoony, scorpion with an Egyptian-style eye on its back and a red mouth with large teeth. (ATK: 2000)

"Then, I equip my Scorpion with the Insect Armor with Laser Cannon, giving 700 more Attack Points."

Pieces of armor began to appear on the scorpion's body with a large cannon turret attached to its back as the insect roared loudly. (ATK: 2700)

"Millennium Scorpion, give his Yakuza a taste of your new power."

The scorpion lowered itself as the cannon to aim at the suited warrior. Suddenly, a blast of energy fired out of the cannon and blew Yakuza to atoms. The force of the blast knocked Leon onto his back once again. (Leon: 1750)

"Now that it has taken out one of your troops, my scorpion gains 500 ATK, making even harder for you to destroy."

Leon pushed himself back to his feet once more to see his opponent's monster grow in size as it roared. (ATK: 3200)

"But now's you chance to try. I end my turn."

"You know what they say," Leon quipped as he drew. "The bigger they are the harder they fall. And thank to this, he will fall."

"What do you…" Cody started, but stopped as he looked at the field again. "Oops."

"'Oops' is right, Cody," Leon told him. "You forgot about my Officer's effect."

Leon the lone card in his hand and slid it into his Graveyard.

"By discarding one card from my hand, Officer gives up his attack to destroy 1 monster on the field."

A strange device appeared in front of the SWAT team member, who pulled a small device from a pocket on his vest.

"Go, Taser Shockwave!"

Officer pushed a button on his handheld device and dozens of wires shot out of the device in front of him. These wires attached themselves to the giant insect, and it started to convulse as if it was being electrocuted before finally exploding into pixels.

"Now, hit him directly Resistance!"

The masked warrior took a device from his belt and tossed it over to Cody side, where it bounced around before stopping at his feet.

"Oh, I hate it when this happens," Cody moaned. "Why does he have to use the Nail Bomb?"

Resistance then took a controller from a pocket on his jacket and pushed a button, caused the bomb to explode right at Cody's feet. The smoke cleared to show him being quite disheveled and very annoyed. (Cody: 1850)

"I'm done," Leon said. "It's your turn."

Cody drew his next card. It was Hercules Beetle.

'Neither of these will do me any good,' he thought.

With that thought, he put the two cards he had on top of his deck and place his hand over his Deck.

"Like you said back on duel 32," Cody said as Leon watched him confused, "a good soldier knows when to fight, and when to surrender. That time is now for me."

The holograms began to fade away as the duel ended.

"Guess that makes to record 25-16. Good game, Leon."

"You too, Cody," Leon said to his friend as they met in the middle of the field and shook hands to the applause of the students watching. The Chancellor stood up as the quieted down.

"I would like to thank Cody and Leon for not only giving us a very suspenseful duel, but for showing us the finer points of sportsmanship. A duelist should never be ashamed to admit when they have lost. Whether it is with taking the next attack, or surrendering, a duelist should never let their pride get the better of them and blind them into doing something foolish. This concludes our welcoming ceremony. You are free to roam the island that will be considered your home for this academic year. At about 7:30 PM, your dorm-heads will be have a welcoming dinner so you can introduce yourself to your fellow classmates and dormmates. We hope you have a wonderful experience here at Duel Academy. Enjoy your day, and be ready because classes start at 8 AM tomorrow."

Students began to file out of the arena. Mokuba and the gang hang back for a bit to talk.

"So, while we got the time," Timber said, as he and the gang stood up and started to walk out, "Why don't you tell us about yourself Mokie."

"Not much to tell, really," Mokuba told him, sweating a little. "I'm just your average guy coming to Duel Academy to better his skills."

"Same for me," Noah added. "We just met on the way into the arena for the test duels and sorta became fast friends."

"I see," Timber said, raising his left eyebrow slightly. "Well, boys, what do you say we head back to the dorm for a little R and R before dinner?"

"Fine with me," Randall said while Zeke just nodded slightly.

The three boys began to separate from the group before the stopped and looked back.

"You Reds coming?" Timber asked.

"We'll meet you guys back at the dorm," Junker told him.

Without another word, Timber and his friends walked away. Meanwhile, the five friends kept walking together.

"Boy, if dat's just da senior class, I wonder what our class is like," Vinnie said to his friends.

"That's the first big question," said Jethro. "The next one is 'how will we stack up?'"

"I'm sure you guys will do fine," Mokuba told them. "It's me I'm really worried about. My deck is not the best."

"But that one of the reasons you brought Noah along, right?" Jethro asked. "So he could help you with that and hard classes."

"Heck," Junker threw in, "I bet we could help each other out on all that and more."

"That's true," Noah said. "Though, I still feel like I'm little more than a cheat sheet for you Mokie."

"Come on," Mokuba told him. "You heard the Chancellor. Pegasus is coming out with a new Monster type and new Monster card, so you could benefit from a little update to your memory banks."

"Maybe so," Noah agreed halfhearted, "but still, I can't help but worry we're gonna get caught. What'll happen to us then?"

"We'll worry about it when the time comes Noah."

"Mokie, I don't think your brother would approve of you taking on the attitude of Joey Wheeler."

Mokuba just nervously laughed.

"Maybe Noah's got the right idea here," Jethro suggested. "After all, you did technically falsify your information on your applications. You could get kicked out of here like that one guy on the reality show some time ago."

"Hey, yeah," said Vinnie, "I remember dat guy. What was his name? Jemimah?"

"Guys, calm down," Junker told them. "I think Mokie's got the right idea. Look at you guys. You're all so nervous; you could attract the wrong attention and blow the whole thing. Let's just take this a day at a time."

Jethro, Noah, and Vinnie all sighed, knowing Junker had some sense to what he said.

"You're right," Noah told him. "Guess I'm just stuck looking at all the factors and possibilities like any supercomputer should."

"What about me and Jethro?" Vinnie asked. "We shoulda known better."

"Come on," Mokuba said, bringing his friends out of their funk. "Let's go back to our dorms and get ready for dinner."

With that, the friends ran off, but above them, on a staircase leading to the upper floors, Len stared down at them.

"Oh, you have quite a lot to be worried about Mokuba Kaiba," he said to himself." Thanks to you, I have a biggest scoop at Duel Academy that will end up being the end of the Kaiba Corporation. And these little beauties will make sure of it."


At the Ra Yellow Dorm's dinning hall, all the students were gathers and seated at long tables. Many of them were talking to each other, introducing themselves to each other. Noah and Mokuba sat at the edge of one of the tables, keeping to themselves.

"So, here you guys are," said a female voice. The two "brothers" looked up to Astrid walk up to them. "Mind if I join you two?"

"Uh…sure," Mokuba replied.

"Shouldn't you be with the other upperclassmen?" Noah asked, giving a kind of look that said he'd rather be alone with Mokuba.

"I would if I was one," Astrid explained. "I'm a freshmen just like you guys."

"Really?" Mokuba asked.

"Yeah," she continued. "Do I look older than that?"

"No, not at all," Mokuba said, "I guess my friend Noah just got the wrong signal from seeing you with that Hassleberry guy."

"Oh, him," Astrid laughed. "I only just met him when I met you guys."

"Attention students!" said a male voice over a speaker system, breaking up the little conversations that previously filled the dinning hall. The students turned to see three people standing on a small, makeshift stage that was set up at the far wall. Many people recognized two of them as the two who first welcomed them to the Ra Dorm, Professor Sartyr and Tyranno Hassleberry; but they did not know the third person. That person was a female with dark skin and mahogany hair. She stood next to Hassleberry wearing a black belly shirt, white jeans, and brown boots along with similar female version of the jacket Sartyr was wearing. She stood there, looking over the students quite seriously.

"For those of you who have not had the pleasure, I am Professor Sartyr, the head professor of the Ra Yellow. Behind me is the new associate professor, Mackenzie Epperson; and the student dorm leader, Ra Yellow senior Tyranno Hassleberry."

He motioned to the two behind him as a light applause filled the room.

"I hope you all are looking forward to a year full of good times. Know that we only want the best that you can do, and we are willing to help you reach your full potential. I'll turn it to my associate, Professor Epperson."

The female walked up to the older professor and took the microphone from him.

"Thank you, Professor," she said. "I'm interested in seeing what each and every one of you is capable of, especially all of you first-years. This'll be my first time at Duel Academy, just like it is with you, so what do you say we work together and make this year the best we can."

The crowd of students began to applaud again. Some even threw in a few cheers.

"Mr. Hassleberry," Professor Epperson said to the student dorm leader, "Do you have any words for them?"

Tyranno nodded and walked up to the professor, who handed him the microphone. He walked to the edge of the stage and spoke loudly and firmly into the mic.

"Listen up," he told the other Ras. "If you even have the slightest idea of stepping out of line, you'll have to deal with me before you have to worry about the professors. I'll make sure y'all follow in formation. You stay on my good side and maybe you just might make it through this year. Do I make myself clear?"

Everyone was silent, not knowing what to do or say to that speech.

"I said, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!" the senior Ra shouted, causing some feedback to come through the speakers.

"Yes, sir!" Several students loudly answered.

The male professor ran up to Hassleberry and took the microphone from him.

"Uh, thank you, Señor Hassleberry," he said. "And now if you'll raise your glasses, por favor."

All the students did, along with the professors.

"Here's to a new year, and a good year!" the older professor proclaimed.

All the students agreed, many of them clinking glasses with each other. Meanwhile, on the stage, with the microphone now off, Professor Sartyr approached the Ra Senior.

"Was all that really necessary, Señor Hassleberry?" he asked.

"They got to know who's in charge," Hassleberry told the professor, "or else they'll walk all over ya."

"He has a point," Professor Epperson told her co-chair. "Even so, that might have been a little too forceful. Your tone with them reminds me of Viper."

"Professor Epperson," Hassleberry said with a slight cringe, "Could you not mention that vile sidewinder again? That low down snake almost lost me my best friend with what he done."

"I understand your anger, Sergeant," Professor Epperson told him. "No one of West Academy knew what he was up too, yet we've found evidence he's been doing the same thing he did here at West Academy since he was first hired. Not quite at the same levels, mind you; but still it's significant. If he hadn't have come here and raised his machines levels to extract the massive amounts of energy he had, I don't think anyone would have realized what he had done until his retirement."

"Let's not think about then," Professor Sartyr told them. "Like I said, it's a new year. Time to forget the past and look to the future."

'Yea, and what ever darkness is looming over that horizon,' Hassleberry thought.

Meanwhile, towards the back of the hall, Astrid, Mokuba, and Noah were having their own conversation.

"So," Astrid said, "Tell me about yourselves."

"Not much really to tell," Mokuba told her, blushing. "We both just grew up in Domino City. Got inspired by Yugi and Seto, and decided to become duelist ourselves."

"So what's your story?" Noah asked, trying to sound interested.

"I'm the eldest child in a family of seven with a single mom," Astrid explained, really catching Mokuba's attention. "For a long time, I had to help mom take care of everyone. I even learned first-aid at age twelve to be ready for anything. Mom pulled a lot of double shifts and Graveyard shifts in order to help us get by, and eventually set enough aside to put me into Duel Academy."

"Why didn't your father help out around the house, or bring in the paycheck?" Noah asked.

Astrid's face fell a little.

"Because my dad passed away when I was eight, leaving mom with four kids, and my deadbeat step-dad walked out five years ago leaving three additional kids, including one from his 'previous marriage,'" she explained.

"Wow," was all Mokuba could mutter.

"Yeah," Astrid continued. "While mom worked, I basically took care of everyone. She pulled together as much as she could, put it together with willing donations of allowance from my sibs, and decided I should go chase my dreams."

"Intriguing story," Noah said, still uninterested.

"You'll have to forgive my friend," Mokuba said, after shooting his "brother" a dirty look. "He has a tendency to act coldly to new people."

"It's fine, really," Astrid said. "I'm honestly a little sick of the sympathy I got from the previous times I told that story."

"Uh, how can you be sick of sympathy?" Mokuba asked.

"When that all you seem to get out of people," she explained. "Only from a couple of people have I not seen the 'I'm so sorry' look in their eyes and hear a similar tone in their voice. That all I seem to get from most people. Yes, it's a sad story, but it doesn't absolute define me."

'I think I know where she's coming from,' Mokuba thought.


Meanwhile, at the Slifer Dorm, the student there were settling in to their own welcome party; but this one was different from the Ra Dorm's, or the kinds held in previous years for that matter. Rather than cheap, tv-dinner-ish meals that were either overcooked or undercooked, this time the students were enjoying a cook-out with a build your own hot dog and hamburger buffet.

"Got to say, this is nice," Jethro said, as he squeezed a little barbeque sauce onto his hot dogs and then reached for the chili sauce.

"Yeah, real step up from the living conditions," Vinnie said, as he put what looked like pickles on his cheeseburger.

"Things might just turn out alright here," Junker added, placing a handful of chips on his plate.

"Alright, everyone," said a male voice, "Settle down and please take your seats."

All the Slifer students sat down around small picnic tables into the little dining area set up at the dorm. They all looked towards a small kitchenette in the back of room where Leon and another man were standing, nibbling on their food as the man spoke.

"For those who don't know me," he said, "I'm Norman Plains. I'll be teaching Basic Deck Construction and Strategy, and I'm the new head of your dorm, Slifer Red."

"Yeah, go bottom of the barrel reds," said a voice sarcastically, bringing out a few laughs from the students.

"Alright, who's the wise guy," Norman said calmly. A young student stood up at a table in the far back. His hair was almost neon-yellow and covered the shoulders of his red blazer. His green eyes stared across the room to the professor, as if looking down on him. "What's your name, son."

"I'm Oswald Cooperman, I'm not your son, and I'm not supposed to be here," the boy said gruffly.

"What do you mean?" Norman asked. "You're wearing the colors for this dorm."

"But I don't deserve to be in this dorm," Oswald said, more gruffly and even sounding a little frustrated. "I won my duel. I did well on the test. I deserve to be an Obelisk or at least a Ra."

"You'll have to take that up with Admissions tomorrow," Norman told him. "For now just sit down and enjoy yourself. Get to know some people."

Oswald just huffed and sat down silently.

"Nice guy," Vinnie whispered. Jethro and Junker both agreed with him.

"In any case," Norman went on, "I know things don't the best around here, but rest assured I'm gonna with Chancellor Sheppard and possibly the school's owner, Seto Kaiba, in giving this dorm a much needed facelift. I think this place has been the same since I was here."

"You sayin' you was a Slifer?" Vinnie asked aloud.

"Indeed I was," Norman said. "I started in the same place you guys are now and worked my way up the ladder. Became a top-notch pro duelist, and now I'm spreading what I know to in-training rookies like you guys."

This brought out a few murmurs from the Slifers.

"Geez," Vinnie whispered to this friends, "dis guy could just be good for us, boys. An actual pro that started bottom of the barrel like us. Now I'll be able to tell dis guy knows what his talkin' about."

"As opposed to some of your other teachers, I presume?" Junker asked.

"Hey, in the real world, books and manuals slow ya down," Vinnie explained. "You've got to have gone through the motions, life the life, played the game if you want my attention. Only one guy's ever been able to teach me."

He put his hand on his deck holster, remembering.

"Maybe this guy can help Mokuba with his deck," Jethro said. "Lord knows he might need it."

"Yeah, for sure," Vinnie said, coming back to reality.

"Now more on me later," Norman went on. "For now, let's meet your Student Dorm Advisor, Leon Taylor."

Leon took a couple of steps forward.

"Don't be intimidated by me being an Obelisk," Leon told the Slifers. "I'm just here serving in this position because there were no Slifers qualified for the position at the time; mainly because the majority of last year's Slifers were freshmen, and the only one who was qualified graduated last year. But who knows, next maybe one of you will be the Student Dorm Advisor for Slifer. I'm here if any of you need to talk for whatever reason, and you can't talk to Professor Plains. I understand that there are times when a student needs to confide in another student rather than a teacher."

"As do I," Norman added. "Now introduce yourselves to each other, enjoy the burgers and hot dogs, and let's have ourselves a great year."

With that the Slifers went back to their personal conversations.

"We oughta talk to Professor Plains and see if he can give Mokuba some help with his deck," Jethro said to Vinnie and Junker.

"It's worth a shot," Junker said, with Vinnie agreeing.

"Mind if we join you guys?" asked a voice.

Looking up, the three friends saw Timber, Randall, and Zeke standing by there table.

"Plenty of room," Jethro told them as they sat down.

"So you guys thinking you'll be able to fit in," Randall asked them.

"Seems like we'll be right at home," Junker told him.

"Long as that punk Oswald doesn't try something stupid," Vinnie, shooting a slight glare in the direction of the student he meant.

"What do you know about him, Timber?" Jethro asked.

"Nothing really," he answered.

"He a freshman," Leon said as he approached their table. "He tested into Ra, but it's overcrowded as it is, so he was bumped to Slifer."

"Ooh, got the shaft," Vinnie said with a wince. "No wonda he's a bit pissed."

"Yeah," Leon went on. "I might have to keep an eye on him."


After eating dinner, and meeting a few others in their dorm, the boys headed back up to their room.

"Ya know," Vinnie said as they entered, "dis place just might grow on me. At least I got a couple a guys to hang with here so I don't lose my mind."

"Oh, I'm sure you would have been ok without us," Junker said as he started to change into the night clothes that were left for them.

"I kinda doubt dat," Vinnie told him. "I may have spent time on the city streets, but even the places dere were slightly classier dan dis."

"Sometimes you can't pick and choose, Vinnie," Jethro said as he unrolled his sleeping bag. "Sometimes you got to go where life takes you."

"Maybe so, cowboy," Vinnie said, "but I'd give anything to hear the sounds of city traffic lull me to sleep."

"I've been told I snore like a freight train rumbling by," Junker told his friend. "It's not the same, but it might be close enough for you."

"Heh, thanks for the warning," Vinnie said with a slight laugh.


Back at the Ra dorm, Mokuba and Noah were back in their room, settling in for the night.

"I don't know, Mokie," Noah said to his 'brother' as he watched him dig through the desk in their room, "I don't entirely trust her yet. I may have been forced to trust guys, but at least they seem decent."

"Just give her a little time, Noah," Mokuba said. "A place as big as Duel Academy with some of the people here, it might better if we had more allies and friends than enemies. I definitely think Astrid's someone we can…"

Mokuba stopped short when he realized something terrible. He jaw dropped and his ends filled with fear as he started to tear the drawers out of the desk and flinging their contents to the ground.

"No. No. No! NO!" he screamed.

"Mokie, calm down," Noah said as he jumped to his feet. "What's wrong?"

"They're gone!" Mokuba yelled. "The Blue-Eyes! Kaibaman! Paladin! Ultimate Dragon! They're all missing! I put them in this desk before we left for the duel and now they're gone!"

"Calm down, Mokuba," Noah told him, getting almost as frantic as he was. "Just calm down. Let's think about this. We haven't been approached for having counterfeit cards yet, so whoever has them might not have turned them in. Which means they may be wanted to hold them and our identities over our heads for some reason or another. Which we should be getting a call…"

Noah was interrupted as Mokuba's Duel Pilot started to beep, signaling a new message was in his inbox. The young Kaiba pulled out his device and accessed the message, which was a video recording from someone they did not want to see.

"I trust by now you've found out that these are missing," said the recorded voice of Len Daotao as he held up the cards. "You certainly are the scoop of the century, Mokuba Kaiba. I wonder if your dear older brother knows you are here. Well, he soon will if he reads the headlines in the next edition of father's paper. Or course, there is another option. If you want your cards back and this story silenced, then come to the docks at midnight exactly. I'll have a boat waiting to take you and your robotic brother back to Domino City. You get to keep your little secret, but I then will get one favor from you. Should you be even a half a minute late, I'll send this story to every paper in existence and defame the name of Kaiba for your little attempt to go around our brother's back. I'll be waiting for your response. Ta."

Noah and Mokuba just looked at each other with fear in both of their eyes.

To Be Continued…

Custom Cards

Insect Armor with Laser Cannon

Equip Spell

Image: a set of armor with a cannon attached to it

An Insect-Type monster equipped with this card gains 700 ATK.

This is an OCG only Promo card

Defender's Mind

Cont. Trap

Image: Big Shield Gardna, Mid Shield Gardna, and Total Defense Shogun staning close together, their shields glowing

Change all face-up monsters you control to Defense Position. Double the DEF of all face-up Defense Position monsters you control. You cannot change these monsters to Attack Position. You can only control 1 face-up "Defender's Mind".

Used by a Sector Security officer in episode 31 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. Effect changed to be similar to video game counterpart.

Insect Costume

Normal Spell

Image: Great Moth, Girochin Kuwagata, and Queen Butterfly Danaus hovering over one another, in that order.

Send 1 Insect-Type monster from your hand to the Graveyard. Add 1 Insect-Type monster from your Deck to your hand. Then, destroy 1 Insect-Type monster you control.

Used by Lenny in episode 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Larva of Moth

Level: 2



This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Tributing 1 "Petit Moth" equipped with "Cocoon of Evolution". This card cannot declare an attack. During your 5th Standby Phase after this card was Summoned in face-up Defense Position, send it to the Graveyard to Special Summon 1 "Pupa of Moth" from your hand or Deck. When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 "Larvae Moth" from your hand or Deck, ignoring the Summoning conditions.

ATK: 0 DEF: 2000

Pupa of Moth

Level: 2



This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except with "Larva of Moth". This card cannot declare an attack. If this face-up card is in Defense Position during your Standby Phase, you can send it to the Graveyard to Special Summon 1 "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth" from your hand or Deck, ignoring the Summoning conditions. When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 "Great Moth" from your hand or Deck, ignoring the Summoning conditions.

ATK: 0 DEF: 2000

The above two cards can be found in the Playstation2 game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of the Roses. Creative Credit goes to the game designers.

Brave Warrior Immortal
Level: 4



Text: A member of the ancient world's special forces, trained from the age of five to do nothing but kill and destroy other soldiers.

ATK: 1400 DEF: 1700

(based on the Persian Immortal, as shown on Deadliest Warrior)

Brave Warrior Resistance

Level: 4


EFFECT: Once per turn, if this card would be destroyed in battle, it is not. Once per turn, you can pay 500 Life Points, you can draw 1 card from your deck. If the card you drew was a Brave Warrior, you can Special Summon it to the field.

ATK: 1800 DEF: 1500

(based on the I.R.A., as shown on Deadliest Warrior)

Brave Warrior Rajput
Level: 3



Text: A menacing martial artsmaster, who defeated enemies with a diabolical arsenal designed to kill.

ATK: 1000 DEF: 700

(based on the Rajput Warrior, as shown on Deadliest Warrior)

Brave Warrior Musketeer
Level: 3



This card can attack your Opponent's Life Points directly. This card can attack while in Defense Position (apply this cards ATK if you attack while in Defense Position)

ATK: 800 DEF: 900

(based on the Musketeer, as shown on Deadliest Warrior)

Brave Warrior Samurai
Level: 7



Text: Among the pantheon of warriors, Brave Warrior Samurai is surely the greatest. ATK: 2800 DEF: 2500

(based on the Samurai, as shown on Deadliest Warrior)

Brave Warrior Yakuza
Level: 5



Text: Yakuza is no ordinary criminal; he and his brethren apply the code of "jingi" (justice and duty) where loyalty and respect are a way of life.

ATK: 2100 DEF: 1800

(based on the Yakuza, as shown on Deadliest Warrior)

Brave Warrior Shaolin
Level: 4



The controller of this card cannot declare an attack with this card. Reduce all Battle Damage to your Opponent's Life Points from battles involving this card to 0.

ATK: 2000 DEF: 1500

(based on the Shaolin Monk, as shown on Deadliest Warrior)

Brave Warrior Knight
Level: 4


If the opponent attacks a facedown monster, it is automatically destroyed without applying battle damage.

ATK: 1500 DEF: 1500

(based on the Knight, as shown on Deadliest Warrior)

Brave Warrior Officer
Level: 6



Once per turn, by discarding 1 card from your hand, you can destroy 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field. (You cannot attack with this card the turn you use this effect.)

ATK: 2500 DEF: 1900
(based on the S.W.A.T team, as shown on Deadliest Warrior)


Field Spell
Image: An open plain with a desert to one side, a forest to the other, and a city of some sort in the distance.

Increase the ATK and DEF of all Brave Warrior monsters by 200 points.

The above cards were created by black-cat-9288, used with his permission

Outnumbered Forces

Trap Card

Image: A small band of rebels shaking in fear at the sight of a large, approaching army of knights.

Activate during your Opponent's Main Phase 1 when you control more monsters than they do, skip your Opponent's Battle Phase this turn.

Next Time on YuGiOh! GX: The Next Legacy

Mokuba: What are we going to do, Noah? Len knows.

Noah: Yeah. Of all the people who could just stumble onto our secret, why him? Don't worry, Mokuba, I'll try to figure something out.

Len: Your time is running out, Kaiba. What will you do?

Noah: Next Time: The Blackmailed Duel. The Daotao Heir vs. The True Kaiba. Len, I'm not letting you control my brother.

Well, that took a while, but if I had stuck with plan A (two duels in 1 chapter), it would have been even longer. Thanks to black-cat-9288 for the use of his OC, Leon. Also making cameo appearances are Mackenzie Epperson from Faith Princeton and Randall Summers from The Duelist of Dawn. Before anyone asks, unfortunately auditions for OCs are currently closed. It leaked out that I would be looking for some before I had the chance to even talk about it. In any case, if you do have characters, keep them on hand, I might be looking for some one-shot characters for different sections in the story, as I get closer to those sections, I'll talk more about them. Please let your reviews, it helps a writer know if he's doing a good job. Till next time. (Hopefully not a long time)