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Summary: Haruhi's life changes, good thing there are people to pick her up when she falls...

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Chapter One

Haruhii stretched as she climbed out of her futon, and into the dining area where her father had been sitting with a cup of cofee. She walked over, and kissed her dads cheek, before going into the kitchen to start on breakfast. "Morning dad."

"Good morning dear," Her father answered in a voice that didn't sound like his usual self.

"Dad?" She forgot her plans to make breakfast, and went and sat beside her dad, wrapping an arm around his shoulder, "What's the matter, did something happen at work-" she started to panic for a moment, "wait- did you get fired?" She could feel her hands start to clam, and her bones start to shake, 'I will have to get a job after school, quit the host club, we might have to-'

Before her anxiety grew any further, her dad wrapped his arm around her, calming all thoughts that swam threw her head, "I can't get fired Haruhi, I'm the boss remember, promotion last week?" he kissed the side of his daughters head, and then went to take his cup to the kitchen, "I need to talk to you."

"What is it about, dad?" His daughter asked, watching slightly confused as her father was taking care of her own dish. She watched as diffrent emotions ran cross his face, 'I never seen dad like this before.'

He finally finished what he was doing, and went and sat next too where his daughter was seated, "Haruhi. you know I love you right sweety?"

She nodded, "Yes. I love you too."

He smiled at hearing her say that, even though he knew it, it still sounded good to hear, "I know you would be okay, if something ever happened to me."

"Dad are you alright?" Haruhis studied her fathers face, "Your acting strange, even for you."

He just laughed softly, and kissed her cheek, before walking into his room, "Have a good day at school, dear."

The young girl just shrugged her shoulder, as she went into her room, and got ready for school, 'I will push whatever seems to be bothering dad out of him later during his dinner break.' After she was finished getting ready, she grabbed her bag, and ran out of the apartment, to head to school.

Ryoji came out of his room, and watched where his daughter had just left, 'I'll be with you soon Kotoko, my love ,' he went back into his room, and never came out...


"So what are you doing this weekend, Haruhi?" Asked the soft spoken twin, as the teacher gave a lecture in front of the class, he looked at the girl beside him, "Wanna go to the beach?"

"Yeah, Tamaki has been wanting to go, it might be fun," Hikaru added, neither of them usually paid attention in class, but always managed to keep there grades at an outstanding 'A' average, "Mother designed some swimsuites for her new summer line."

"Sure, I'll go," Haruhi answered the twins, knowing that she would end up being forced to go anyways, "Where is the bea-"

"Miss Fujioka, there are a couple of oficers here to see you," The teacher looked nervously at the officers, who had entered her classrooom, looking for a student.

"What you do?" Both twins asked, as there friend gathered her bags.

"Nothing," Was all she said before walking towards the officers, and following them out the room.

Kyoya, had been walking pass when he noticed the young Host, and the two officers standing in the hall. He stopped a couple feet away, actiing as he wasn't paying attention to the three, as he started looking down at his notebook.

Haruhi looked up at the two officers, a little confused, snf nervous at the same time, "Did I so something?" She noticed Kyoya standing a little bit away, but ignored him.

The first officer removed his hat, and looked down towards her, "We had a call this morning, your landlord called saying she heard a gun shot from your apartment, and went to see if everything was-"

Haruhi pressed her back against the wall, trying to cliing onto something, trying to keep her head from spinning. "Is my father alright?"

The second officern exchanged looks with his partner, and then turned his attention to the young lady iin front of him, "When we got to the apartment, we found-"

"IS MY FATHER ALRIGHT?" The giirl screamed, trying to fight back the tears, that were waiting to fall.

"You're father is dead," The first officer answered, as he went to rest his hand on the now crying girls shoulder, "I'm sor-"

"Don't touch me," She glared at the officers as tears rolled down her cheeks, "Just-"

Kyoya, after hearing everything approached his friend, and the officers, "Haru-chan," he got ready to touch her shoulder, when one of the officers hands stopped him, he turned and looked up at the officer, "I suggest you let go of my arm, you said what you came to say, so unless you have more to say you can call this number," he handed the officers his card, "I am her friend, and knew her father, so whatever you have to say to her, you can say to me at a later time."

The officers watched as the girl suddenly wrapped her arms around the other student, then they looked at the card in each there hands, eyes widening, "We'll call you Mr. Ootori, sorry again miss," the officers quickly lest the two students alone.

"You want to go to the music room?" Kyoya looked down at the upset girl, trying to keep his own emotions under control, "Come on."

She allowed him to lead her into the room, where they normally held clubs.

-Music Room #3-

The two sat on the sofa, in complete silence for about two hour. Kyoya had been sitting on one side of the couch, while she laid on the other side, just taking in the mornings events. He was about to get up, when he heard her soft voice.

"I thought he was doing better," She didn't look at him, as she rubbed the soft velvet of the couch.

"What do you mean?" Kyoya asked, taken back by the comment.

"I thought he was doing better," She had tears running down her cheeks, as repeated herself, "I didn't know he was still broken. I should had been able to notice he was still depressed, I thought the medicines were helping." She looked up at her senpai for a brief moment, before turning back to rubbing the fabric of the couch.

"Ranka, he had always seemed really happy, and easy going whenever we seen him," Kyoya looked as if though he was replayiing all the moments he had seen Ranka, trying to see if he had missed something.

"I know it''s hard to believe, but he was really lost without my mom," She sat up, and walked over to the now confused senpai, and placed a hand on his shoulder, "People masks are all diffrent, father was sad, but he put on his best face for me and friends." She was still crying, as she explained.

He watched as the girl went back to the couch she had been sitting in, as he thought about what she had just said,

"I found him in the bathroom a couple of years, with slits across his wrist, and then another couple times he had overdosed and I watched as the doctors pumped him," She started to cry harder, burrying her face in her hands, "That was all before I was twelve years old, I could have helped him, I thought I was helping him cause he was allways acting happy and relaxed a little more after I the slit wrist episode," she suddenly picked thhe tea cup she had been drinking from, and threw it to the floor, "I mean I missed my mom too, you don't see me killing myself."

Kyoya just walked over to her, before she could break the other empty cup he had been using, and pulled her tightly against his chest to let her cry, "Haruhi, I know you are hurting, but you have your friends here who will be lost without you," he didn't like the thought of him talking about her not being there anymore. "Rather they admit it or not,: he whispered the last part, talking more about himself.

She caught what he said at the end, and could help by smile a little, before crying again, "I don't know what I am going to do now?"

"You are a very independent young lady, Haruhi, and I know anyone of the host has there home's open to you," He squeezed her tighter, as he felt her tears soak through his coat.

"Haruhi!" Both twins entered into the room, and rushed over towards the go, then reallized she was crying. They had wandered what had happened with there friend, and the cops, when she had left during there third hour class. Neither one of them had questioned why Kyoya, was with Haruhi.

Kaoru looked at there senpai, "Does this have anything to do with the officers earlier?"

"We thought she might had left with the offiicers," Hikaru watched the two for a moment.

Kyoya looked at the the twins, with his usual calm face, "The-"

"HARUHI, I MIS-" Tamaki came running into the room towards the small group, getting reading to embrace the girl, when Kyoya sent the King, his warning glare,

Takashi, and Hani came into the room, and went to where the group was gathered, when they noticed there wasn't any cake or tea out on the tables yet.

Hani noaticed his young friend, being held by the Shadow King, he looked up towards the embracing pair, "Kyo-cun, is Haru-chan okay?"

Kyoya turned his attention to the other Host, "Ryoji Fujioka killed himself sometime this morning."

The young girl pulled away, and walked to where the shattered tea glass was still on the floor, then started to pick up the pieces, "Sorry about the tea cup," she said in a soft sad voice.

"Haru-chan, you don't need to pick that up," Hani came up to where the fgirl was knelt down, picking the pieces up from the ground, he noticed her body shaking a little, and tears falling ffrom her boog brown eyes, "It's alright, the cleaners will take care of this, Haruhi."

She didn't look up at any of the Hosts, and began to cry again, "So what happens now?"

Tamaki was the first to act, he gracefully walked over to the griving girl, and pulled her into his arms dramatically, "I-"

"I had already called my family Haruhi, while you were laying on the couch, they have prepare an extra bed in my room on the first floor," Kyoya noticed the others staring at him, all looking a little annoyed towards him.

The Shadow King didn't pay attention to the others annoyance, and started gathering the school bags from him, and the youngest Host, "It's not like she's going to be sleeping in my bed with me, as you all know, there is a guest room in each of the Otori's rooms, and you all know that. We'll meet at my house tommorrow, so that way we can help make the arrangements, that need to be made."

With that said, he pulled a still crying Haruhis gently from the King's arms. and lead her out of the room. He glanced over his shoulder towards the remaining six, and said:

"Club will be cancled for the next two weeks, and be at my house by five tommorrow evening, I'll have dinner serveed."

To be continued...

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