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Chapter Twelve – The Receptionist

Haruhi was sitting down in the Otori garden, after the funeral services had finished, looking at her boyfriends siblings interact. They didn't seem like they had lost an important member of the family, but if the air above could speak, it would had confirmed death. It was not like when she had lost her father, because she had been upset to a point, mostly mad, but upset none the less. They, who were of what remained as the Otori family, it seemed as if they were just having a gathering of family friends. The air was filled with losses, but no one seemed to let themselves become upset for there one anothers sake. There was Nik, who was trying to be strong for his siblings, with the woman, Mandy, he was seeing 'At least he has someone to keep him strong,' Then there were Akito, and Fuyumi, who had been laughing, and talking animatedly about there father, as they remembered there younger days, which Haruhi had enjoyed listening. Then finally, bur certainly not least, there was the man, who she loved with everything she was, sitting beside her silent.

Kyoya had not let her out of his sight, at first making the young mom to be think it was him being over protective of her, but later found out he didn't want to be alone because he was afraid of crying in front of the others. He had cried though, more then he would ever admit to anyone of his family or friend, except the woman who he held to his side, she was the only one who understood his emotions, and would lead him somewhere excluded from the crowd.

The young woman rested her hands on her stomach, as tears escaped her own eyes, she had cried enough for the whole families behalf today (and she hardly knew the man as much as the other guest). She looked at her lover, as they sat under a cherry blossom tree, somewhere away from the other, and reached a hand to wipe his tears away. "Do you want something to drink, love?"

"No," The youngest Otori son answered simply, he had been slightly annoyed at how calm his older siblings had remained during the whole funeral. He squeezed his girlfriends hand gently, as he brought her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles softly, "Father would had said that I was showing weakness right now, if he had seen me crying. That was what father told me, when I cried at our mothers funeral, 'Kyoya, you do not cry, we don't need the guest assume that we Otori's have a weak spot, do we son?' I cried anyways though, when I was alone, especially every time I seen my own sister crying for our mothers passing," He grab a handkerchief from his pocket, and wiped at his lovers tear streaked face, "I do suppose we should be heading back to the rest of the family, and guest though."

Haruhi smiled as her boyfriend stood up, and then effortlessly helped her to her own feet, "I still cry whenever I think of my mother, and what we all use to do when we were a happy family," she tried to pass the new sobs, with a small feathery laugh, "Let's go find your siblings, and our friends."

The host club members had attended the funeral, and were at the reception as well, doing what they did best by cheering others up with the hosting techniques. Tamaki was holding his handkerchief out for Fuyumi, with an arm wrapped around the woman's shoulder, as Akito went to talk to fathers receptionist. Kaoru, and Hikaru were playing with Kevin age nine, and Devon age seven, in a game of rock paper scissors. While Hani, and Mori walked around asking if they could talk any of the guest into having a slice of cake. Frowning slightly whenever one of the guest turned his offer down, because they were simply to upset to eat.

Haruhi walked over to where Nik, and Mandy were standing, while Kyoya walked to where his other siblings were. She looked at the oldest Otori, and wrapped an arm around his waist, in a sister like way, "I would had thought more people would have attended the services."

"We wanted to keep it to friends, who father knew most his life, and family. The reason why I had to talk the reporter into not submitting the obituary until next week, letting the whole Japan know of fathers death." Nik wrapped his free arm, around the young woman shoulders, as he looked down at her, "How are you feeling, Haruhi?"

Mandy stared down at the young woman as well, as she took a hold of the girls arm gently, when she wrapped her arms around the older Otori's waist. She looked at the young mom-to-be's stomach, "Have you eaten anything yet?"

"Shows me to ever check on a couple of doctors," Haruhi laughed rolling her eyes at the two, "Yes, actually, I am doing alright, had like six bowls of that mango rice cake, and four small slices of cake," she smiled brightly at the two, "I was just checking to see how you were holding up is all, but now I will join your brother." She bowed to her two elders, as she made her way to where her boyfriend, and the rest of the host club members were now standing.

Kyoya held his arm open to her, as she approached the group of friends, "How is Nik doing?"

"I don't know, he made me lose track of my concern for him, when he asked about how I was," Haruhi smiled as her boyfriend stood behind her now, with both arms wrapped around her waist, "He seems to be doing alright though, he has Mandy, and the rest of the family." she smiled, as her lover rested his chin on the top of her head, as she leaned back against his chest as they watched there friends socialize with one another.

Kaoru smiled at the couple, "So any girl names picked out?"

"I am not sure yet," Haruhi answered, as she rubbed her stomach.

"We will come up with one, when we see our daughter for the first time," Kyoya covered her lovers hands, over her stomach with his.

"She is going to be so cute, like Haru-chan, right Takashi?" Hani asked as he stared up at his older cousin.

Mori looked at his only female friends stomach, as both her hand, and Kyoya's hand rested gently. "Yes." He looked at his smaller cousin, "Mitsukuni, we have to go now."

Hani wrapped his arms around the young mother to be, before climbing onto his cousins shoulder with a warm smile. "See you later, Kyo-kun, and Haru-chan!"

"We came in the same Limo, so we should get going to, sorry about you father K yo-senpai," Hikaru hugged his female friend, and followed the two older host, as Kaoru followed, "See you later Haruhi."

"Are you guys going back to the apartment, or staying another night?" Tamaki asked, as he looked at his best friend, and his female friend with a smiled. "I can have my driver take you back to your apartment, if you wanted a ride home."

Haruhi shook her head, as she looked over at where Akito, and Fuyumi were laughing back and forth. "No, we're going to stay for another week."

"Yes, but thanks for the offer," Kyoya shook his best friends hand, before the blonde left.

Otori Mansion – The Next Morning

"Haruhi, you're up early." Mandy came down the stairs, with her two sons in hand, wearing a large blue robe (which she had guessed to be Nik's) smiling at the young mother to be, "Are you feeling alright?"

Haruhi smiled as she made room on the sofa she was sitting in, for the older woman, "She kicks around this time, and it is hard to stay asleep when there is someone trying to play the drums in your stomach." The young woman looked at the two boys, as they perched themselves in front of the television, and watched morning cartoons.

"Yeah, Kevin was a kicker, I always thought he would grow up to be a champion soccer player," Mandy smiled as she stared at her sons, "Devon was calm, I would feel him move inside me, but it was never hard enough to wake me up."

"She just started kicking more, and more in the last couple of days," The young woman stood to her feet, and smiled down at the older woman once again, "Well I think I should go back to the bedroom before -"

"HARUHI!" Kyoya's voice was heard from just down the hall, "HARUHI!"

The two boys jumped up, and ran to take cover behind there mother, when they heard the frantic calls of the youngest Otori. Mandy smiled at the young mother to be, who just sat right back down beside her, "He worries often?"

Haruhi just sighed, as she leaned against the couch, "Yes, I don't really know why he is worried, I mean just barely six months." She looked in the entry way, where her boyfriend was now leaning against the wall, as he tried to catch his breath, "Have a good morning workout, dear?"

He was just in his pajama bottoms, as he leaned against the wall, now staring in her direction, "I woke up to find my girlfriend gone, I thought something might had happened to you. So pick fun all you want, over me worrying about the well being of the mother of my child."

Haruhi swallowed as stared at he him, she bit her bottom lip, as she looked at his bare chest. She didn't even remember Mandy, or the boys sitting beside her anymore, since all her attention was on the lack of clothing on her boyfriend at the moment.

"Mommy, is Miss Haruhi alright?" Kevin asked as he stared at the woman beside him.

"I think we should go into another room for a little bit, they have a bigger television in Nik's room," The older woman smiled at the younger woman knowingly, sending a little wink to the young man in her way up the stairs, "Don't get to carried away now, Kids."

Kyoya grinned as he made his way to where his girlfriend was watching him. He recognize that look, he had seen it a lot in the last couple months, most of the time it was the same look she had on when she woke him up in the middle of the night. He sat beside her, and pulled her into his arms, "Please don't scare me like that anymore, wake me up next time before you wander off," he rolled his eyes, as she started kissing his neck, obviously not hearing a word he said.

"I want you," The young mother to be whispered, as she straddled his lap, capturing his lips with hers. "Kyoya, I want you."

"Honey, this isn't easy to say, but someone might walk in on us in this opened space room." Kyoya gently removed his girlfriend from his lap, and stood up reaching an arm towards the slightly frustrated expecting woman. "Let's go back to bed, alright dear?"

She blushed, as she took her boyfriends hand, "Yeah, by the way, where is Mandy?"

"She took the boys out of the room, once you started undressing me with your eyes," The youngest Otori answered, with a light smirk upon his face, as he lead his blushing girlfriend up the stairs to his old room.

Chapter Thirteen – One Month Later

"Breath in, breath out," Haruhi was massaging her husband shoulder gently, as he bent over the now dead pineapple on the floor. "Ash didn't mean to knock the laptop over."

Kyoya glared at the dog, who now was hiding under the coffee table, knowing he was in trouble. "That's it, I want that dog gone!"

Haruhi tried not to laugh, as she remembered the scene from moments before, "No you don't. He hadn't seen you for three days, since you had gone on your business meeting. He was just excited to see you home, you should have had a better hold of your pineapple laptop." She went over to where Ash was still hiding, and stroked his thick hair between her fingers, "You wouldn't want to get rid of our child, if she accidentally broke your computer, would you?"

"Haruhi, I would hope our child would have enough patients, to be able to wait for me to empty my hands," The youngest Otori answered, as he shoved the broken laptop in the bag, he looked over at his girlfriend, as she rested her sleeping head against the dog. He sighed as he remembered, how happy his siblings were, when Haruhi had suggested for them to keep Coco, since the lab had fell in love with the space. He crawled over to where the two were seated, and laid on his stomach, as he looked Ash in the eyes, "Were you really happy to see me?"

As if to answer his question, the chow raised his head, and licked the young mans nose without moving the sleeping female master.

He looked up at the woman he loved, and reached a hand to where his child waited for her time, "Haruhi?"

She mumbled something, as she rubbed her stomach, still keeping her eyes shut, "Yes? What is it?"

"Will you marry me?" The man asked, as he covered her hand with his, over her stomach.

She slowly opened her eyes, without removing he head from resting on Ash, "Kyoya, love? Are you sure you want to marry me?"

"Of course I'm sure, I told you I loved you, and would like very much for you to marry me," He crawled up onto his knees, and sat in front of her with his hands on her hips, "Haruhi Fujioka, will you marry me?"

She smiled as she got onto her knees, and wrapped her arms around his neck, "You know the answer already," she kissed him quickly on the lips, before getting up, and walking to there bedroom, "So when do you plan the wedding to take place?"

Kyoya grinned as he raised to his own feet, and followed the young woman into the room, he watched as she buttoned up her nightgown then crawled into bed, "We could get married before, or after the baby, whatever you want."

"I think after the baby," She rested against the headboard, and watched as her boyfriend changed into some of his pajamas and crawl into bed next to her, "Goodnight." She kissed his cheek, before rolling on her side, and falling asleep.

He leaned over her, and listened to her light snores, one of the many things she started doing more since her pregnancy. He placed his head on her stomach, and whispered where he assumed his daughter was listening from, "So how you feel about, being mommy's flower girl?"

Haruhi's hand automatically went to her stomach, when there daughter kicked to Kyoya's question, she turned her face towards her boyfriend a little annoyed as she slept.

"Sorry, love."He just kissed her stomach, before laying back onto his pillow, and wrapping his arm around the woman next to him before he fell asleep himself.

This was his future...

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