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Chapter One: The Beginning

It was a cold and stormy night, and as the clock ticked through the hours of the night, one lonely car zoomed through town after little town,

looking for a safe place to hide its precious cargo. There were seven people in the car that night, all marked for death. Two of these people

were already assumed dead and they were famous racers and best friends, named Sterling Track and Speed Racer. The last adult

in the car that night, known as the LuckyStar which belonged to my Uncle Sterling (as I called him), was Spritle Racer, who was Speed's younger

brother and chief mechanic. Also, there were my Uncle Sterlin's twin sons Slater and Spencer, and their younger sister Sara.

Spritle was a die-hard surfer and had taught Sterling and Speed how to surf when they were all little. Sterling and Speed were well accomplished in everything

they did, especially in racecar driving. Both men had claimed the top two rankings in the WRL by age eighteen, and made racing history by age twenty.

By at age twenty-four Speed and Sterling had gotten married and had kids. Sterling, now twenty-nine, had two twin boys both age four and a little girl

age two. Speed, twenty-nine as well, had a boy age five, a girl that had just turned three (which is me), and a little boy barely a month old.

These kids, including me, were all sitting in the back seats of the car. This would be Slater Track and his twin brother Spencer, his little sister Sara,

Hunter Racer (my older brother), Holston (my baby brother), and of course me, Hallie Racer. I am the daughter of world famous racecar driver Speed

Racer the 13 time WRL (World Racing League) First Place Hall-of-Famer, and renowned mechanical chemist, Trixie Racer. I'm totally not bragging here

but my parents are really smart, plus they're just plain awesome.

We were supposed to be on vacation in Huntington Beach, California while my mom and "Aunt Scarlett" (my "Uncle Sterling's wife) were cleaning the

house in preparation for my mom to give birth to Holston. Except that was a big fat lie. My parents were trying to hide Holston from the world, because

he held our family's secret and there were bad people out there that wanted our secret, bad enough to kill for it. They were called the Dark Riders or

Riders for short, and they wanted what my father and uncles' had invented. Their plan was to kidnap my baby brother tonight and hold him for ransom

until my dad and Uncle Sterling gave them what they wanted, the blueprints to their gas-less engine.

The Dark Riders were a secret league of the world's top gas industry business leaders. If racers could use gas-less

engines, then the gas companies would surely go out of business and the top Riders would lose their fortunes.

So to keep all of this a secret, my parents were doing the unthinkable to keep Holston safe, putting him up for adoption so maybe he wouldn't be found.

Six hours to the north of Huntington Beach my dad found an orphanage in Pacific Grove, California, where he placed the youngest member of the Racer

family. Slater, Spencer, Hunter, Sara, and I were already known and under public watch by thousands, but Holston wasn't even supposed to be born yet,

and the Riders had already threatened to kidnap and kill him if my dad or uncles didn't give them the blueprints for the gasless engine.

We pulled up to the orphanage and my Uncle Spritle picked up Holston from Hunter's arms and cradled him as he walked into the orphanage. So Holston,

barely a month old, was left in Pacific Grove with his father's racing jacket and a blue and gold key with the letter R on it.

Leaving Holston behind, we slowly drove away with heavy hearts. Sara and I were softly crying on Uncle Spritle's lap, unaware of where we were going,

or what the distant future was going to bring. The only thing that was on my mind, as I'm sure it was on Sara's, Slater's, Spencer's, and Hunter's as well,

was sleep and food. I can remember that Uncle Spritle gave us some cookies (by this time it had to be early in the morning), and with my dad at the wheel

and Uncle Sterling asleep in the passenger seat we drove on. At last, after Sara was asleep next to me and Slater asleep on top of Hunter and Spencer, I

slowly started to drift to sleep. The last thing I remember hearing was my dad saying, "I don't know if leaving California was the right idea Spritle. Sterling

and I now know that we have to disappear for awhile to keep them safe, and his car will need to be destroyed… I want Hallie to have my car…"

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