So I was watching the Family Guy Episode: Model Misbehavior and I got this idea. NO, not because of Lois parading herself around the invisible catwalk but the business Stewie made with Brian to help pay for Brian's worm medicine. Weird, I know but the movie The Proposal helped me out with it. THIS STORY IS NOTHING LIKE THE MOVIE AND BARELY LIKE THE SHOW!

I own nothing.

Aang stood in the elevator, nodding off. He didn't want to be late to his first day of work so he stupidly stayed up all night long. His friend and roommate, Toph, stood next to him. She worked on the floor below him.

"Aang, wake up," Toph said, grinning.

Aang blinked at her sleepily.

"C'mon, you don't want your boss to see you like this," Toph said handing Aang a Five- Hour Energy.

He looked at it blankly. "You buy these?"

"Hey, you know I have late nights so I take them," Toph said getting off the elevator. "Good luck."

The doors shut and he drank the liquid. He grimaced at the taste but realized this is something he might get used to.

"At least it helped," he said aloud.

The door opened and he saw desks and short cubicles scattered around. There weren't a lot of the tiny offices but the occasional cubicle group was around. He tapped a female employee on the shoulder. She turned around with a smile. Her soft hazel eyes welcomed him warmly.

"Hello? Can I help you?" she asked.

"I'm Aang Juang. I'm new," he said.

"Oh, I'm On Ji. The boss's office is right over there," On Ji said, pointing to the end office by the windows. "She must be waiting."

"Thanks," Aang said.

He strode over towards the office and knocked.

"Come in," a voice called.

He entered to see his boss. She had copper skin and dark blue eyes. Chocolate brown hair in a long braid with hair loops attached to a bun on the back. She looked up at him.

"Ah, yes, you must be Aang Juang," she said

"Uh- huh," he said.

"I'm your boss, Katara Aqua. No need to call me Ms. Aqua. But, it doesn't matter. You have 50 minutes for lunch, you pick up the phone and you sell, you file orders on the computer, and you run errands. As my new secretary you'll have to take calls, send messages, and warn me about dead lines. So, welcome aboard," Katara said with a nod and jotted down a few things on a pad of paper.

She then signed the paper and placed it in a vanilla envelope. She handed to Aang.

"First job for today, place an address on there to New Jersey and send in the post box by the elevator," she instructed.

"Yes, ma'am," he obeyed and took it to the destined place.

"'Sup, Aang," a familiar voice said.

Aang turned to see his old friend Jet making copies by the post box. His messy brown hair and brown eyes went perfectly with the smirk on his face. He wore a long sleeved, button down, white shirt with a black tie. Aang dropped the letter in and smiled at Jet.

"Hello," he replied.

"So, you working for Aqua, huh?" he said.

"Yeah. I need to help pay the rent. Toph can't do it all on her own."

"Sure, whatever."

With a shrug, Aang walked back to his desk, right in front of Katara's office. After about two hours of getting work done, she called him.

"Aang, can you come in here for a second?" she said over the phone.

He walked in an grinned at her.

"Yeah?" he said.

"There's going to be a shipment due by today that goes to-," she began.

"- Washington D.C.? I got that shipped thirty minutes ago," he replied.

She blinked with surprise and then smiled.

"Well, thank you, Aang. How about the one to L.A.?" she said.

"Just sent it! It should take off in about ten minutes," he said.

She smiled again and shook her head in approval.

"Well, aren't you on the ball. Thank you. I was stressing out about it," she admitted.

"I got it covered, no prob," he assured.

She nodded and began to say something but Aang stole the words right out her mouth.

"You want me to send the package to Rhode Island immediately," he said.

She closed her mouth and nodded. He grinned and walked to his desk.

Toph and Aang stood over the dinning room table, eyes narrowed, and a plate of nachos on the side. They were both spending their evening together by doing a 2000 piece puzzle. It was a mosaic like puzzle that will end up to be a man playing the violin.

"How was work?" Toph asked, taking a nacho from the plate.

"Good. Ms. Aqua was surprised when-," Aang began but Toph stopped him.

"Ms. Aqua? As in, Katara Aqua?" she repeated.

"Uh- huh."

"Dude! She's my best friend! I had no idea she was just above me!"

"How am I not aware of this?"

"She's Sokka's sister!"


"Dude, open your eyes to the family resemblance. Copper skin? Blue eyes? Must be tough not seeing her smile."

"Ever since her mom died she's never truly smiled."

"I made her smile today."

Toph had begun drinking some water and then spit it out over Aang. He calmly wiped the water off his face.

"You made her smile? How is that fucking possible?" Toph gasped.

"I guess I was just lucky," Aang shrugged.

Toph zoomed over to him and gave him a huge kiss on the lips. Aang was wildly taken aback, since she was dating Sokka. She placed her hands on his shoulders after she let go.

"You. Are. The. Best. Person. To. Ever. Encounter. Katara. Ever," she said.

"Um… thanks?" he said.

"And that kiss was a thank you. Not an I love you," she said and continued on with the puzzle.

Aang blinked at her and then shrugged and grabbed a nacho.

Typing furiously at the computer in front of him a week later, Aang was hard at work.

"Aang, can you come in here please?" Katara asked.

Aang walked into her office and smiled.

"What's up?" he said.

"Weekly performance review. I'm going to give you what's called the compliment sandwich. It's when I tell you something good, tell you what you need to improve on, and then end with something good. Got it?" she said.

"Sure," he said.

"Okay, first off, you've been really on it with your work. Where you need improvement, please clean up your desk," she said.

He began to laugh. "The last one?"

"You make me smile," she said.