I finally got to writing a Suzaku and Lelouch fanfiction! It took me a while to figure out what it should be about, but after some contemplation I finally got an idea! This is an AU, which I'm sure you would have noticed as you read. Since this is my first time writing a Code Geass fanfiction if I make a mistake on the way some of the characters would act, just let me know. Anyway, enjoy!

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Adorable as Hell Chapter One

Suzaku's fascination


Suzaku sighed and removed his headphones as he entered the lecture hall for mathematics. He really hated how the college that he got into forced everyone to take a math class, regardless of what they were going into. Suzaku himself was going into engineering, since he loved motorcycles,and it was a nice thought to be able to fix them himself. Not to mention, he had to go to college for something so it might as well be something even the airhead could handle, even if he did have to do math.

Tapping his pen impatiently, he waited for class to start, and attempted to fight off sleep. His stupid roommate, Gino, had kept him up late into the night from playing video games very loudly. Gino had always been fairly inconsiderate about Suzaku's sleep needs, but wasn't a bad roommate otherwise. Suzaku couldn't really say anything bad about him other than not letting him sleep on a normal basis.

Suzaku being the busy body he is, also worked full time at a nearby bookstore to help pay his school fees,and random needs, yet somehow managed to keep up with his studies. In Suzaku standards anyway, school work was most definitely not his strong point in life.

"Hey Suzaku." A mellow, but somehow irritating voice spoke to the sleepy brunette.

Hiding annoyance by a goofy grin Suzaku happily replied. "Good afternoon ,Milly." A yawn escaped him as soon as he finished the greeting, tired tears welling up in his droopy eyes.

Milly leaned over to examine her friend's expression, boobs almost revealed to the dense boy. "Well you look like the walking dead. Gino keep you up again?" She prodded, as always.

Irked at the mention of his roommate Suzaku answered with a simple nod of the head, then held his head up with both hands. Spacing out to the front of the classroom.

Knowing how Suzaku is about his aggravating roommate, Milly couldn't help but mention him again. "You know...That Gino really seems to like you Suzaku." A bright blue eye of hers winked in Suzaku's direction, hoping to get a reaction from the curly haired zombie.

"He can swing that way as much as he wants, I'm not moving." An unusually sharp sentence from the normally sweet Suzaku Kururugi, must be from the lack of sleep over the last few weeks.

"You know Suzaku, he is a full grown male, he could attack you at any time." Milly was beginning to have too much fun with this conversation.

Suzaku brought his gaze over to Milly and spoke, drained. "I'd like to see him try. We both know I'm stronger than him. Ten fold."

"I'd give you a 6 fold. He's not that weak Suzaku-kun."

"Then why don't you fight him?"

Milly was taken aback by this comment. "What does that have to do with anything?" Her amused face was changing to confusion.

Bright jade eyes rolled, and Suzaku found himself beginning to enjoy this a little bit as well. "You talk about him so much, sounds like you like him."

The blond girl stood straight up and began to briskly walk away from the brunette. "Y-You read into things a lot for being such an airhead."

Airhead, I hear that too much. Suzaku thought as he watched Milly walk off, not bothering to reply to her, 'Milly' response.

The teacher was taking an unusual amount of time to get to class that afternoon, and the class was rather chatty. Enough to make even Suzaku become annoyed with it.


"What book was it that you were on the list for?" Suzaku spoke kindly to a very beautiful, but rather blandly expressioned woman. Her hair probably could have reached her knees if it wasn't in two braids over her shoulders, and it was an odd teal color. Her eyes were rather dazzling, but didn't seem to have any sort of emotion in them whatsoever.

"Air by Geoff Ryman." Her voice also held no emotion to it, she was indeed a very strange woman.

"Oh, that's a pretty interesting novel. Good choice. It should be held on the shelves behind me, give me a moment please." He gave her his lady killer smile and turned to pick out the book that she had requested, and found it with very little trouble. When he handed her the book, his eyes wandered over her shoulder, viewing a very skinny, raven haired male sitting on an arm chair, leisurely reading a very large, probably complicated from the looks of it, book.

His vision was so implanted on the boy that he barely noticed the woman take the book from his hands and walk away, he wasn't sure if she thanked him,or even paid him for that matter, but he didn't really care. His wide eyes were locked on the unfamiliar dark haired boy reading a book, until the boy had turned his head to greet the woman Suzaku had just helped. The raven haired boy had seemed to take a slight notice of Suzaku's gaze, and smirked before going back to his book.

Suzaku's eyes quickly moved to stare at the counter, his face redenning lightly at his unusual behavior a few seconds before. Hands gripping tightly onto his trousers, trying to pretend that he didn't just stare at someone of the same sex.

His self battle was interrupted by his red headed coworker, Kallen. "What's got you staring like an idiot at the counter?" Her voice brought him back to reality quite quickly.

A large hand rushed through soft brown locks, as Suzaku tried to become unflustered, but his voice was shaking shattering his attempt. "I-I'm just ti-tired Kallen." Which wasn't a lie, but that wasn't the reason he had been staring at the counter, and Kallen was well aware of that fact somehow.

"Then stop staring at the customers if you're so tired." Kallen nudged him in the side as she walked passed him to the next register.

"What? I wasn't staring at anyone!" Suzaku straightened up his appearance, which was unneeded but helped calm his nerves a little bit.

Kallen just shrugged then helped an arriving customer.


You doing anything right now? Suzaku texted to his closest friend Rivalz after he finished his day of work.

A few moments later he got a rather short text. ? Typical for Rivalz to be right to the point.

Because I just got off of work, and I need something to do.

Suzaku was walking over to his beloved motorcycle that he lovingly called Lancelot. It was a very flashy looking bike, bright white and genuine black leather seats. He took care of it as if it was his child, which to him, it practically was. His pocket buzzed and he flipped open his phone after putting his helmet over his curly locks of hair. It was Rivalz' reply, finally. Actually, sorry dude, I forgot that I have a date with my girlfriend tonight. Maybe see if Milly is free?

He heaved a giant sigh as he started to text his reply to his somewhat unreliable friend. It's fine. Have fun. :)And I might just go back to my dorm. He shoved his phone into his pocket and set his bike to life then started his way back to his college dorm to have another night of nothing. Well, maybe Gino would ask him to play video games again, it's better than nothing Suzaku supposed.


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