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Adorable as Hell Chapter Ten

Suzaku's 'D' Sized Problem...


Suzaku hated breasts. He came to this conclusion as Milly leaned over to talk to him, making them clearly visible. It was not that he found breasts unpleasant to look at, that was not it all. It was however, not very pleasing to see when his boyfriend sat right next to him and Milly was nagging at them to tell them details.

Suzaku was not exactly sure how she had gotten such a high interest in Lelouch and him, but he was not not necessarily surprised either. He was extremely used to the ecstatic girl with double D's constantly, and not very subtly, leaping into his personal life. Unfortunately, he knew how she could get once she got going. She was very...eccentric to say the least.

Not once, but multiple times Milly has somehow managed to squeeze Suzaku into an uncomfortably tight, frilly, dress. He was not sure how he ever let it happen, but there has not been one time where he had successfully fought her off. Even with all of his knowledge in fighting, it was of no use to even try to get her to stop. Besides, he would never hit a girl. Even if it did mean he would end up wearing a hideously frilly pink dress. He was a strong one, Suzaku.

So there he sat, boobs being flailed in his face, listening to Milly poke and prod him and Lelouch. It had only been a couple of minutes since they even got into the classroom, and Milly had managed to ask almost every possible question about the two. She went from the basics of 'So how did you meet?' to 'Tell me. How was the sex?!'. Suzaku could not help but be quiet, and just let her do her ranting till class started. He did not dare answer her questions.

Lelouch on the other hand, was not so silent. "A bookstore."

Milly's eyes gleamed as she gained some new found information to gossip about. "The one that Suzaku works at?"


Suzaku stared at Lelouch in disbelief that he had even spoken to her. He was already mentally preparing himself for the rumors to spread. Grinding his teeth a little bit to try and not mention anything, he gripped his pants tightly. He refused to deal with the boob blockage, and decided that his own legs were much more interesting, and much less awkward.

"So tell me more! Tell me more Lelouch!" Milly's voice echoed through Suzaku's head as if she were the devil himself.

Lelouch sat back in his chair, seemingly unaffected by her boobs-probably because he lived with C.C. who's boobs were anything but tiny-then proceeded in talking. "Tell you about what? There is nothing interesting to be told."

Suzaku sighed in relief, he should have known that Lelouch would be smart enough not to say anything unnecessary. Though, he knew that would not stop Milly from continuing the interrogation. Playing with her hair and staring intently at Lelouch, Milly leaned forward and said. "You have a very pretty face and eyes Lelouch, and your hair is gorgeous!"

Oh no. Was the only thought that Suzaku could muster. He knew what came after she gave someone a compliment like that, and it never ended well. Well, for the poor person that received the compliment.

Suzaku noticed someone walk into the classroom, who said. "Class is starting. Be quiet, and be seated." The professor. Never had Suzaku ever been so happy to have the professor walk in to the classroom. At that moment, his math professor seemed like a pure saint.

Disappointedly sighing, Milly began to walk away to take her seat, but left with saying something. "I'll just have to talk to you two after class."


Suzaku should have figured that the class starting would merely delay the torture that she was sure to embark on Lelouch and him. For once, he was not so excited for class to end.


"I don't get why we had to sneak out of the classroom, Suzaku." Lelouch whispered from behind Suzaku as they were leaning around a corner to make sure the path was clear.

Suzaku let out a small chuckle as he pushed Lelouch to start walking down the hall. "Believe me Lelouch, this is for both of our well being. It'd be best if we could just get off of campus for a little while."

Lelouch rose a slim brow up at the curly haired man beside him, still confused. "Well...whatever you say...but I still don't understand why-"

Suzaku shoved a quick hand over Lelouch's mouth to silence him, then yanked him down a different corridor. Slamming against the wall, Lelouch wound up underneath Suzaku, whom was shading him from...something. "Okay. Seriously Suzaku, what in the hell are we doing?!"

"Shhhh!" Suzaku buzzed urgently as he swiped a finger onto Lelouch's lips, signaling to stop talking.

Lelouch still mumbled little questions, but Suzaku would not let him get anything coherent out.

He was beginning to grow really irritated being left in the dark about what Suzaku was trying to do. Seriously, why was it necessary to sneak around a campus of a college they both were enrolled in?

Suzaku pressed Lelouch further against the wall as he seemed to be studying something to his side. Suzaku seemed strangely serious about whatever he was looking at, and it made Lelouch laugh at his crazy antics.

Casting a strange, slightly embarrassed look down, Suzaku spoke softly to Lelouch. "I'll explain when we get of campus, just play along. Okay?"

Holding in the urge to laugh harder, Lelouch answered with a simple nod of the head. Suzaku took Lelouch's forearm and tugged him back into the main hallway toward the doors opposite direction of where they were originally headed.

They had a few more moments where they had to hide from whoever it was they were hiding from, until they eventually reached Suzaku's motorcycle and took off from campus.

Lelouch seriously loved riding on the back of Suzaku's bike, Lancelot. He had never felt such a thrill and excitement from something so simple in his entire life. Perhaps it was the speed, and the air rushing passed him. Perhaps it was the need to hold on to a slim waste so he would not surely fly off to his possible death. All Lelouch knew is that gripping tightly onto Suzaku and flying through the streets was one of the greatest things he had ever experienced.

Eventually, the two arrived at Lelouch's apartment. They decided that they should stay there for the night and stay away from campus as long as possible, though Lelouch still wasn't sure as to why, he wan't about to tell Suzaku he needed to head back there and leave Lelouch at his apartment alone.

"I still don't understand why you were in such a hurry to get off of campus, Suzaku." Lelouch spoke as he sat on to his couch, staring at Suzaku.

Suzaku shrugged and walked around the living room. "You should be thanking me for saving you from it."

As if Lelouch weren't confused about it before, Suzaku decided to mention something about being saved, and that made no sense whatsoever. What could he have needed saved from at a college dorm? Was Suzaku saving him from too much homework or something, because that was just stupid. "Seriously Suzaku. Tell me what we were doing earlier. You spoke to Milly, whom I thought was your good friend, and then we were running around like people being chased by a serial killer. You've got to tell me something."

Suzaku sighed, finally giving in to telling Lelouch what was such a big deal. He was hoping that he could just run away from it and not have to tell Lelouch about anything. It was such an embarrassing thing, and he was hoping he wouldn't have to say it out loud to his...boyfriend.

"Okay. Fine." Suzaku slumped onto the couch with Lelouch. "Milly is my good friend, but she's also a little bit crazy. I freaked out because she was asking about...us. She claims to not tell anyone about secrets, but she always goes and babbles it to the next person she sees. In fact, I'll be surprised if I don't have someone come and ask me about it when I'm back in school. However, while that is an issue, I was also running away from her, because she has...well she has this hobby."

Lelouch rose a brow, turning to look at Suzaku. "A hobby? Please, do get into detail about this."

Suzaku scrunched his nose for a moment, stealing a look from Lelouch, then staring at his own knees. "She likes to dress people up."

"Well that can't be so bad..."

Suzaku chuckled with no sign of humor. "No. You don't understand. She likes to dress me up. I'm not talking about normal things either...no she goes to the extreme. She forces me into dresses, and even goes through the trouble of including a wig, heals and makeup."

Lelouch tried to hold in a laugh as he imagined it in his head, but then the giggles came spilling out uncontrollably. He covered his mouth with his hands to try and not laugh too much, but he couldn't help it.

Suzaku's face was turning red, and he couldn't get himself to look up at the giggling man beside him. "Lelouch! It's not funny." He poked his bottom lip out, getting slightly offended.

"I-I-" Lelouch couldn't get words out from laughing, but he took a few slow breathes and eventually got his cool back. "I'm sorry. I just imagined it, and it was too funny."

Still poking out his lip Suzaku responded. "Don't laugh! It's really embarrassing, she even makes me do weird shows and stuff, and in front of a lot of people. The point is..." He looked over at Lelouch. "Is that, had we of not ran away, she probably would have forced both of us into drag, and made it a big show. Especially since...she wants to make a big deal over us going out. Which, by the way, I was going to keep a secret for a little while, but she's too good at figuring it out."

Lelouch's face went stern all of a sudden. "A secret? Why would you want to keep it a secret?"

Suzaku's eyes went huge, and he looked away from sudden shame. He had not thought that part through very well, and wound up spitting it out badly. "I...I mean. Not really a secret or anything, but my friends would make a big deal and it would be a pain."

"A pain?" Lelouch spoke through grinding teeth.

Lump growing in his throat, Suzaku felt like the biggest idiot on the planet. He never was that great with words, and that fact was starting to really bite him in the ass at that moment. "No! Not a pain, but, people wouldn't understand. You know? I mean...It's not...we're both..." Suzaku planned on giving up even trying to explain anything. He knew Lelouch was already upset as it was, but he couldn't seem to stop talking. "We're both guys right? We're in college, sure, but that doesn't mean that people wouldn't give us a hard time about it. You don't want to have to do deal with people mocking us, now would you?"

Lelouch folded his arms and glared at Suzaku, suddenly furious. "Oh. Is that what this is about now? Not being mocked? If it's going to be that difficult for you, then why did you even agree to it."

"Lelouch, I didn't mean it that way. You were the one that said we could take it slow. You've said that multiple times. You're giving me mixed signals here, and I don't know what you want me to do." Suzaku's eyes were actually beginning to well with tears from both frustration and being hurt from Lelouch's sudden inability to understand.

Silence filled the room, only being interrupted by Suzaku walking out of the apartment, wiping tears from his face. He didn't plan on leaving, he simply needed fresh air. He wasn't even sure how they had gotten into a fight to begin with. The awkwardness was killing him in the quiet room, and he just had to get out to breath for a little bit before he broke down crying. It was a nice summery night, temperature practically perfect with just the slightest of a breeze. Suzaku didn't make it very far, and ended up sitting at the bottom of the stairs, staring at the parking lot in front of him.

He didn't mean anything bad by saying he wanted to keep it a secret. Suzaku just didn't really find it necessary that everyone knew about it. Relationships were supposed to matter between the two in the relationship, right? So why did a lot of other people need to know that two people were together because they liked each other?

He wasn't sure how his life had ended up where it was. It wasn't that he regretted the decisions that he'd made in the past few weeks, he just wasn't sure how to deal with them. It was complicated being with the same gender. So many obsticales would leap in your way just the moment things were easy to understand and felt under conrol. It was like the world was against every decision Suzaku had been making.

So what if Suzaku had decided to date a man. He liked Lelouch, and Lelouch liked him, so why did everything have to be so complicated? Suzaku was beginning to get angry at himself again from being stubborn and wanting to keep the relationship a secret. He wanted to flaunt Lelouch, he really did, he just wasn't sure if he was ready to do so yet. Only recently had he figured out that it was even possible for him to like another man, so telling that fact to more people than he already had? That just felt like an impossible task.

A long sigh escaped the young brunet as he laid his chin against his fist, quickly wiping away the last tear he managed to fight off. Honestly, the argument he had with Lelouch was relatively small, there wasn't even yelling. It was just that it made Suzaku think about what he was saying. Maybe keeping it a secret was unnecessary. Suzaku knew that not everyone would agree with his decision, and he thought he would be alright with that when he leapt in to the relationship with Lelouch,but maybe he didn't think it out enough. Maybe he simply wasn't ready for such a strong commitment.

The squeak of a door opening behind him shook Suzaku out of his train of thought. He didn't need to look behind him to know who it was.

"Suzaku, I'm sorry for getting mad." Lelouch's soft voice spoke to him from behind.

Suzaku continued to stare at the parking lot. "I'm sorry for being unreasonable."

Lelouch sat down on a stair behind Suzaku, running his hand through his hair before speaking. "I was the one that wouldn't reason. I did say we could go slow, and I'm sorry for being upset. I guess it just shocked me for a moment that you said you wanted to keep us a secret."

"I don't want to Lelouch." Suzaku's voice was full of emotion trying to spill out in just a few words.

Lelouch watched Suzaku from the back.

"It's just that...I don't know how to deal with these kinds of things. I know how to deal with broken motorcycles, and loud roommates, but I don't know how to deal with this kind of relationship. It's all new to me."

Letting out a small chuckle, Lelouch smiled and patted Suzaku on the shoulder, causing him to look back at him. "Don't worry about it. I overreacted." Lelouch stood up, turning around to head back inside. "Let's head back in and talk there."


Once they were back in the apartment, they settled on to the couch with some cold cups of iced tea and small sandwiches that Lelouch made to lighten the mood again.

Suzaku leaned against the arm of the couch, legs crossed facing Lelouch who was sitting on the other side of the couch in a similar position. "Anyway...I'm really sorry about what I said before. I didn't mean it as harsh as I said it."

Lelouch shook his head and held his hand out signaling Suzaku to stop apologizing. "It's fine. Really. I said I wasn't upset anymore, so let's talk about something else, okay?"

Suzaku nodded lightly mumbling a small 'okay' before he took a sip of his tea. "So...how's Nunnally been doing?"

"She's been doing alright. She's still in the hospital though, and will be for a few weeks." Lelouch held a strange happy expression on his face as spoke about Nunnally. Suzaku could tell just from that how much she meant to him. "She keeps mentioning how she wants to meet you."

Suzaku's cheeks went pink a little bit, and his heart stopped. "You talk to your little sister about me?" If he were a cat, his ears and tail would have perched up at that comment Lelouch had made.

Lelouch smiled widely. "Of course I do. She is my precious sister, I tell her a lot about my life." He stretched over to place his hand on the bottom of Suzauk's chin, Suzaku's eyes moving side to side, too nervous to stay in place. Slowly, Lelouch inched closer to Suzaku's face, then placed a kiss on his lips. When Lelouch pulled away, he sat next to Suzaku, slipping his hand into Suzaku's. "And I want to brag about you."

Suzaku bit his lip, still easily affected by Lelouch's presence and comments. His heart was dancing in his chest, and his breathing hitched as he squeezed Lelouch's hand, not sure if he was supposed to verbally respond to the comment or not. After a few seconds of silence and regaining his thoughts, Suzaku spoke. "So uh, um, did you tell Nunnally that we were a couple...or?"

"No. I haven't, I figured we could tell her together, but we really don't need to tell her if you don't want. Besides, she's a smart girl, and could probably figure it out." Lelouch rubbed the back of Suzaku's hand as he awaited Suzaku's response.

Suzaku smiled that big goofy smile he always wore. "I'd love to meet your little sister! We'll just do the rest whenever it happens."

Lelouch kissed Suzaku on the cheek real fast. "Great! We'll have to surprise her soon then." Lelouch always got really excitable when he spoke about Nunnally, making Suzaku get happy and excited in response.

"You don't have classes tomorrow do you?" Suzaku asked Lelouch, blushing a little bit on the cheek that Lelouch just kissed.

Lelouch turned to look at Suzaku's face, rubbing his arm against Suzaku's. "Nope. I don't, and I'm assuming you don't either from that question?"

Suzaku nodded eagerly. "I don't either. So we could go and visit Nunnally then?" Suzaku suddenly really wanted to visit this little sister of Lelouch, she sounded adorable.

"I...suppose we could. Visiting hours are longer on weekends as well, so we can visit her for quite a long time." Lelouch smiled widely.

Smiling along with Lelouch, Suzaku said. "Cool. I'm excited to meet her! She sounds so sweet, and you two must be close with as often as you go and visit her."

Nodding, Lelouch responded. "Yes. We are very close, she's pretty much the only sibling I even bother to speak to. Granted, everyone else doesn't live around here, but we never got along well anyway, and most of them were only steps to begin with."

Suzaku rose a brow at the last comment. "Sounds like you must have a pretty crazy family."

Lelouch rolled his eyes. "That's being kind. My entire family is full of crazy people that care about nothing other than themselves and money."

"That can't be any fun. My family isn't exactly full of the best people either. I haven't spoken to them in years." Suzaku's face went glum.

"Yeah, I recall you saying some pretty heated things before. So won't bother stepping into that right now." Lelouch smiled kindly, snuggling up to Suzaku after he spoke.

Suzaku stared at the ground for a few seconds. "Yeah. We can talk about it later if you want to know." He smiled a little bit. "I'm pretty tired actually, so do you think we could go to sleep now?"

Lelouch stood up off of the couch and pulled Suzaku off with him. "Sure. C.C.'s not home either, so we can do whatever we want."

Suzaku's heart got stuck in his throat, knowing where this was going to go. He smirked.


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