Before we begin this final chapter let me thank all the reviewers and anyone who has left a comment and anyone who hasn't. I write for fun but knowing others are enjoying my insanity makes it so much better. There were many paths I could have gone down with this subject matter, but I decided to keep it relatively free of gore and apart from the language - pretty tame character interactions. I mean hey, its Glee with a hint of Vampire Diaries - not exactly True Blood (I was tempted, could you imagine Puck and Eric?). Anyway, enjoy and I hope no-one is too unhappy with how I end this and as for sequals... maybe, but time and the fact the real Glee starts soon makes it unlikely - but if anyone wanted they are free to use the Blood Duet world I created (just let me know so I can enjoy it too).and now, the final chapter...

Chapter Eight

Ice cold wild rage!

Kurt had never quite felt anything of this intensity.

He'd felt sadness and frustration and happiness and jealousy but never something so uncontrollable as this sub-zero bubbling volcano that started deep within his chest and flowed like liquid nitrogen through his veins.

They had what was his and he wanted it back!

The humanity that Puck brought to their relationship was turned to ash by his proximity to danger. Kurt had never felt more vampire than at this moment. He studied his prey, three men – all with weapons and currently out of his reach.

Beneath the rage he calmly considered how he would make each of them suffer before their inevitable death.

The one closest he would peel the flesh from his bones before snapping his neck.

The one to the left of Puck he would break every bone in his body, strangulation would finish him.

The final one would beg for death as he was buried alive with his entrails torn out – a slow, painful and hopefully insect ridden end to a useless life.

"Let him go and you may yet live," he ground out the words, unable to hold back the icy anger.

The one closest laughed and brandished the shotgun, alternatively pointing it at Puck and then back at Kurt.

"A generous offer, but one you cannot likely back-up – I know what you are." Somehow he did and knew enough not to look at Kurt's eyes.

Kurt bared his fangs, punching the doorframe which splintered under his strength. "You know nothing human!"

"I know enough fanger!" The drug dealer moved as close as he dared. "You cannot enter here – and I figure you at least care for your pretty friend... maybe we can't kill you but we can end him anytime."

Studying Puck it was all Kurt could do not to call out his name. He was conscious but they had beaten him; blood dripped from a cut over his eye, bruising covered his jaw-line and several long strips of red leaked through his thin singlet.

They hadn't just hit him but tortured him. Death was too quick for these fuckers.

"What do you want?" spat Kurt. With Puck gagged he couldn't invite him in and the other people who lived in this house were away – he had to delay until he could think of something else.

"You see," sneered the dealer, chuckling to himself. "I knew you'd see reason... we want our stuff back, with interest – my boss is a little upset and while you're scary believe me, he's worse." He walked over and gripped Puck by his chin, for his part Puck gave him his best 'fuck you' stare.

"The cops have it," said Kurt, shrugging as if there was nothing he could do.

"Shouldn't be a problem for a thing like you." He smiled viciously and while still holding Puck's chin he dropped the shot-gun, reached into his belt and pulled out a knife – plunging it into the teen's shoulder and twisted it slowly before tearing it out. "Get me my fucking gear blood fucker or I'll start cutting off body-parts."

Beneath the gag Kurt knew that Puck screamed but he refused to slump and through teary eyes he made eye-contact with Kurt.

There was familiarity in that gaze that went way beyond just Damon and Puck.

His hood was in place but Kurt nodded, letting Puck know he'd find a way. He should have had more faith that Puck would already have found one.

Puck's shoulders started shaking and his eyes crinkled upwards – he was laughing!

The drug dealer also seemed confused and looked to his cohorts, they shrugged.

Kurt's phone gave a lion's roar – a message tone put there by the Puckasaurus, Kurt had it out and viewed the message in the same instant a thump revealed Puck's phone fallen from his bound hands.

Kurt smiled and locked eyes with the dealer. "Its for you," he tossed the phone.

The world around Kurt slowed as he used all his preternatural power to move faster than he ever had before. Even as the phone flew through the air he entered the house, no resistance. He passed the phone half-way to its destination – the occupants had not registered he was heading their way so quick was his speed. As the phone almost reached the lead dealer's hands Kurt came up behind the left-hand goon and punched the back of his head, the man losing consciousness before knowing Kurt was there.

The right hand goon just started processing that something was happening and began turning towards Kurt. To Kurt the movement was slow, dragged out – giving him plenty of time to grab the gun and slam it back on the other's forehead. The first blow stunned him, the second knocked him over backwards and into temporary oblivion. Kurt had wanted to tear their throats out but considered that murder in his boyfriend's house was a poor choice.

Kurt's entry finally caught the leader's attention just as he read the message.

Of course, Kurt already knew what it said.

From: Puckzilla

Get in here now princess!

Bless his sexting by touch ability thought Kurt as he sped to the leader and lifted him off the ground one handed.

"An invite," he snarled, baring his fangs and letting his eyes go black as pitch. "If ever there was."


The pain was excruciating but the danger was over. He took no notice of how or what Kurt did to get rid of the drug dealers either side of him – he knew it was wrong but he couldn't care if they were alive or dead. Whatever it was all he saw of Kurt was a blur of black, there was a thump to his left quickly followed by a muffled slap and then another right over his head.

Kurt was then suddenly lifting the only thug left off the ground, going fully vampiric on the guy's arse.

Puck had to admire how incredibly scary Kurt looked, you still couldn't see his face properly but those eyes and the fangs – his face a deathly shade of white. Part of Puck also recognised it was incredibly hot – which should not be a healthy thought. Kurt disappeared with the goon and a brush against Puck's side revealed he had disposed of the other two as well.

Soon enough his hands and feet were freed and the gag gently peeled away. Concerned dark eyes looked into his own and Puck wanted to laugh – Kurt still had the hood up hiding his features. The 'Lima Leopard' rolled eyes that faded to a sky blue and pulled back the clothing – for the first time Puck seeing Kurt properly in the Leopard's clothes.

"Normally I would berate you for calling me princess but this time I'll let it go."

"You love it," said Puck then winced – any movement caused pain. As gently as possible Kurt lifted him, showing no strain at the effort, and in no time Puck felt the softness of a mattress beneath him. He heard a growl followed by a tearing sound then a wrist was put against his mouth, luke-warm liquid wetting his parched lips.

"Drink," whispered Kurt and Puck obeyed, not wanting to think about what was happening. The effect was almost instant as Puck felt the strange cool warmth spread from his stomach and across his chest and through his limbs. Flesh knitted together and bones mended.

"Enough," said Kurt forcefully and pulled his wrist away as Puck tried to draw more blood. "You're all mended I think."

Patting down his body and sitting up to twist his healed shoulder Puck wiped his mouth and sucked the last of Kurt's blood off his fingers. "Am I going to be a vampire now?"

Kurt laughed and straddled him, pushing him back onto the bed. "No – you need to die first and we're not there yet."


Kurt shushed him with a finger. "I have a question first Noah... how long have you known?"

Puck smiled and went to bite the finger but Kurt was too quick. "Somewhere between you calling me Bella and feeling no pulse in your wrist before our 'Kids' performance."

"I have a pulse," argued Kurt. "Its just very slow... and weak."

"Not as cold as I expected," muttered Puck, running a hand up Kurt's shirt.

"Depends when I last fed," answered Kurt, slipping off the garment to allow Puck's hand to roam freely over the pale sculpted flesh, his dancer's physique augmented by his vampirism. "And I never actually called you Bella – just an off-hand reference was all."

Puck snorted. "Hummel, two things – I will never ever pine for you like a silly whiny bitch..."

"And two," said Kurt huskily as he toyed with Puck's belt.

"I'm smarter than your average Finn," grinned Puck, grinding his pelvis upwards as Kurt whipped the belt off in one smooth motion. "There's always meaning in your little snarks and if you try to be coy I will catch you out every single time."

"How?" muttered Kurt, plunging a cool hand down into Puck's underwear.

"I'm Puck." He managed to not let his pitch slip as Kurt's thumb rubbed on just the right spot.

Kurt leaned down while doing that and nuzzled on his ear. "Noah."

Puck shuddered involuntarily as Kurt whispered his name – he groaned loudly and decided talk was cheap.

For tonight Kurt could call him anything he liked.

McKinley High

The entire corridor almost came to a standstill as the two boys entered the corridor and strode along. If it had been a movie they would be in slow motion, their clothing billowing out behind them by a wind that could not exist in an enclosed space... but this wasn't a movie. They weren't touching except for the odd hip clip or brush of fingers but they didn't need to – their physical connection was palpable; they didn't call each other babe or sweetheart but anyone who heard them say the other's name knew it was obvious that Noah 'Puck' Puckerman was with Kurt Hummel.

Not one person dared question it either, there was just something about the pair that dissuaded any negativity.

Puck wore clothes above his normal style, without being flamboyant and Kurt dressed down – and still retained a level of flair. Together they melded into a power couple that outshone the glory days of Finn and Quinn. Sure, they weren't the exact stock standard that the social ranks of McKinley demanded but Kurt had never been one to back down from a challenge and the student body knew it... and Puck was –

He was Puck and they understood that too.

"I knew from the beginning you know," Rachel lied to Finn as he nodded, not really listening but watching the passing couple carefully.

"That's hot," sighed Brittany and tugged on Santana's arm.

"Yeah," she had to agree, Puck was wearing aviators that Santana just knew belonged to Kurt – in her book that was love. "Let's have a threesome tonight Brit – but without the plus one."

Mercedes smiled at the couple and blew Kurt a kiss – yet something troubled her. Lately every time Kurt was near she felt her great-nanna's necklace go dead cold – she didn't really believe she'd inherited the family 'gift' but something was going on there.

Tina leaned against her locker as the couple stopped by Kurt's and Puck took the opportunity to whisper into his boyfriend's ear. She thought it was sweet but looked away –it wasn't the man-on-man action that bothered her, it was Kurt. Recently he'd been looking her way with a weird kind of hungry expression and even stranger she'd been having dreams about him... neck sucking type dreams.

"Excellent work Puckerhead," said Ms Silvester snidely and slapped him on the back as she walked next to them on their way to Spanish class. "I respect someone who learns from their errors, however stupendous." She glared at a student who dared to look her in the eye and the poor freshman just started crying. "I have lingering suspicions that this may be some kind of sneaky gay plot but at least you won't visit any deplorable off-spring on this cheerio."

"Easy tiger," muttered Kurt as Puck went to attack Ms Silvester as she power-walked off. "Don't worry," he said, slipping a hand into Puck's back pocket to grope his ass. "I have plans for that one."

"Eww," Puck made a face.

"Not that," sneered Kurt. "I'd rather drink snake blood... but she has a certain quality I think we can use."

Puck eyed Kurt warily and shrugged, wriggling his backside to get Kurt's hand working again. "If you're planning on world domination – I'm in."

Kurt, using his preternatural strength, grabbed Puck's waist with his other hand and spun him around, slamming him into the wall. "You're already in Noah – you don't think kicking criminal butt is my end-game do you?" He smiled to show he may or may not be joking and nuzzled on Puck's neck, licking the exact spot where he liked to feed.

Puck shuddered under his touch and hummed happily. "Don't care – just remember to throw me 'round some more when we get home," he leered at some girls as they walked past, just for old times sake. "Its makes me so hot when you do that."

Kurt kissed his lips. "Kinky."

"I'm dating the undead," said Puck softly. "That makes me totally badass."

Showing a hint of fang Kurt used one splayed hand to easily keep Puck against the wall, letting him know who was stronger. "As bad as me?"

Puck grinned wickedly, lifting the sunglasses to look straight in Kurt's eyes. "Shades, blood and bad baby – we're the worst fuckers ever."

Kilcoy Psychiatric Care Facility (20 Miles outside Lima)

"I'm sorry," the nurse shook her head at the obscenely handsome doctor leaning over the desk. "There's nothing here about your visit Dr Salvatore."

"Try again honey," suggested the doctor, looking her straight in the eye. "Doctor Damon Salvatore – I'm sure you'll find my authorisation."

"Oh of course," she said blankly. "Go right in – but no-one's had any luck with the young patient I'm afraid."

He grinned and gave her a wink. "Don't worry that sweet little head, I'll have Mr Karofsky eating out of the palm of my hand." The doctor walked to the ward door before turning and catching her eyes again. "And pumpkin, you're just going to ignore anything you hear in there, okay."

She nodded dumbly and went back to her paperwork.

The doctor went into the private room and the nurse heard him speak to the patient.

"Hello David."

The door closed.

The screams that followed she heard... but ignored, as instructed.

Hummel Residence, late afternoon

Burt clamped his hand down on Finn's shoulder, making the teen jump a little from where he was sitting.

"What' ya up to there son?"

"Um," Finn shrugged and showed Burt the piece of wood and knife. "Going camping next week, just brushing up on my whittling skills."

"Okay," said Burt a little bemused, but let it go. Sometimes it was easier to just accept the things Finn said and did than ask for clarification.

As Burt walked away Finn dropped the finished piece to the pile, where half-a-dozen thick sharpened stakes lay.

"Gonna be a great trip," muttered Finn to himself and patted his hidden crucifix before picking up another block to sharpen, whistling a little tune to himself before softly singing some of the words.

"Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste

The End?