Ohkay so following the rules of listen to my itunes playlist on shuffle, and making up a story with a song. This is what I got, it's really weird, and not a one shot lemon story, there will be more. And it's not just all about sex but I'm not saying that there isn't going to be any ;) Hoping you like it.

Harry and I had been going out for about a year now, we had no idea where anymore of the horcruxes were. Voldemort had taken over the ministry of magic. The wizarding world was lost. We were all on the run. Camping in remote locations, but Ron wasn't with us, after Harry and I started going out, things got a little too intimate at night in the tent, so Ron went off on his own. He went looking for his family.

Many of the nights were cold and Harry and I had found many different ways of warming ourselves up.

Harry and I were hugging each other in a sleeping bag one night, we couldn't have a fire outside because when Voldemort took over, more and more people became death eaters in fear of being killed, but still did the dark lords work. They were searching all over the world for Harry Potter. So here we were together trying to keep each other warm. I was shivering and started rubbing up and down on Harry. This friction that I was causing on Harrys body was electric, in one particular area. I kept rubbing, and the more I did it the more I noticed what was happening to Harry. I'm not unfamiliar with what would happen next, so I kept doing it. Not really trying to get warm anymore. And I started to feel a heat deep within myself.

"mmm, Harry, I want to be closer to you" I purred in his ear.

He chuckled at me, and kissed my forehead. He wanted this too.

Harry reached around my Hermiones body and slowly unzipped my long jumper. His hands reached inside it and up my shirt revealing the cold air to my naked skin. The feel of his warm hands on my skin made me moan.

I reached inside Harrys jacket and pulled his body even closer to mine. I could feel his full erection now. Harrys hands were inside of my shirt and he was fumbling with the bra strap, and I didn't want to wait, I wanted Harry now. So I got my hands back from under his jacket and grabbed his hands and pushed them down to the buttons on my pants. Those are really easy to get off.

I grabbed Harrys face and pulled it to mine smothering his lips with my own. Our tongues danced together as Harry finished getting my pants off, and started undoing his.

Our naked thighs rubbed against each other, and his hard erection rubbed against my wet lips. I moaned with his touch. Harry slowly slide inside of me.

"Oh god! Harry!"I breathed.

Harry kissed down my neck and sucked on my collarbone as he slide in and out of me.

"Harry! Yes faster!" My voice was slowly getting louder.

Harry loved it when he could really make me fly. He went faster inside me, and I breathed even louder, and was now almost screaming his name.

Harry slid his hand down my lean body and tapped my clit once and I exploded. I screamed out in ecstasy. "Harry! Yes harry! Holy FUCK!"

Harry was still going strong, and dedicated to pleasure me even more. He kept going, faster now. He was pounding harder than ever before inside me. My body shook violently in pure pleasure. I was about to come again. I grabbed Harrys face and smashed my lips with his, moaning in his mouth as we both came together. He exploded with so much force I came again. I was shaking even more violently than the last.

We were both breathing heavily and Harry fell onto my body, and fell out of me, and we just lay there. Feeling hotter than ever.

Harry smiled at me, and we kissed.

"Hermione do you know how much I love you?" Harry asked.

"No," I said playfully, "Why don't you tell me."

"I love you more than anything in this world; nothing will ever change my feelings for you. I would do anything for you." Harry nuzzled my nose with his, and we both fell into a deep sleep. But if only we stayed awake a little longer it might have prepared us for what is to come.