"Whatever Happened to Captain Rex?"

Character Guide

Contains spoilers. If you seen any missing characters, jot me a PM. You win a free week's stay on lovely Ando hosted by a citizen of your choice.

Timeline: The story takes place during the second year of the war, after the events of the TCW episode, "The Deserter." Clones are still in their Phase I armor.

Ando is a planet somewhere in the backwaters of the Outer Rim, located between Coruscant and Kamino (which is how Rex crashed there.) I did mistakenly mix up "Ando" and "Ando Prime." So, now Ando gets snow. Hey, they did have a massive planetary war. Global warming and all that. So, if you go, be sure to pack a warm tunic and watch out for wampas.

Canon characters who appear in the story:
Captain Rex, Ahsoka, Cody, Barriss, Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Bly, Echo, Fives, Hardcase, Jesse, Denal, Kix, Trapper, Hawkeye, Gearshift, Wooley, Waxer and Boil.

Author's Note: Because I was annoyed at the (yawn) excessive focus on Jedi during the "Clone Wars" and the senseless carnage of clones, (when they did actually include any), I intentionally brought back all of the clones they kept killing off on the show. Let me know if I missed any of your favorites. I'll see if I can work them into the sequel. Long live the clones!

Clones of the Andoan Legion (original characters):


Catcher - ARC Captain. Originally 327th Star Corps. Decommissioned due to spinal cord injury (SCI). One of the five who was in a biobed on the original voyage to Kamino. Paralyzed by a blaster wound to the spine while on a solo mission to Darkknell. Given highly experimental technology in his spine and legs that allows him some use of his legs, but when he didn't progress fast enough, he was reconditioned. He considers himself an "experiment gone wrong." Hosted by Ashla.

Dart – ARC trooper. Decommissioned due to hip injury. Has a very belligerent attitude and is surprised when Captain Rex picks him for the elite commando team. Saves the the life of a young Andoan girl named Gemma and then falls in love with the widowed mother, Aen.


Travis- Long-time friend of Rex who has known him since his early days on Kamino. Full deafness. Brilliant with anything technical and loves ships. Very passionate, brilliant soldier, fiercely intelligent, but not always in control of his emotions.

Torch- Decommissioned due to partial blindness/eye injury, (has a fabulous facial scar worthy of a pirate.) For a brief time, Torch was Rex's second in command, but suffered a head injury during the initial crash landing on Ando.

Lance- See Medics.

Regular troopers:

Ax - 55th Mechanized Brigade. Decommissioned due to head injury and leg injury. Injured in the same explosion that sent Drax to Kamino.

Drax -
AT-AT Gunner. Sent to Kamino for severe hand injury. Wears the traditional burgundy striping of the 55th Mechanized Brigade.

Hodges- Cheerful, helpful good-natured clone who helps Rex out when they first crash-landed. 55th Mechanized Brigade. Came from same unit as Ax, Drax and Tek.

Tek- 55th Mechanized Brigade. Distinctive brown armor. Has a talent for fixing anything of a technical nature. Knew Hodges, Tek, Ax and Drax prior to Ando.

Clank - a clone that Mako tends to in the battle

Det – Decommissioned due to leg injury . Hosted by Kat.

Gavex - Helpful clone that likes to feed everyone.

Gears - 182nd Legion. A visually-impaired clone who is gifted with mechanical things; was ship's mechanic and mechanic on all trades on Ando. Mainly white armor with stripes of light blue down his arms.

Griff - One of the wounded clones with Lance, Kix, Tek, and Gears on the pirate raider when the Kazzies attack.

Price- He was "head of inventory" after the ship crashed on Ando. Good with organizing things.

Quinn – Decommissioned for head injury/seizures. Demolitions engineer. Hosted by Maya.

Red - Legion sniper with nerve damage. Drags one leg when he walks.

Shred- Decommissioned due to gas-seared lungs.

Storm- Rex has a run-in with this clone on the initial journey to Kamino. Remarks on this clone's unstable temperament.

Sparks- 203rd Division. Wears green armor. Escorts Kix to and from the pirate raider.

Till- a combat engineer from the 38th Armored Division

Heavy Gunners:

Shadow- Decommissioned due to hip injury. One of four heavy gunners in the legion (a rotary gunner) and considered the leader of the heavy gunner squad, although he holds no rank above the others. A highly-competent leader, but considers himself a 'shadow' of the man he used to be.

Hopper - A quad gunner in Shadow's squad. Initially decommissioned due to nerve damage in hands, he still manages well as a gunner.

Tuck - a quad gunner in Shadow's squad who isn't afraid to speak his mind

Edge - a rotary gunner in Shadow's squad. Known for his flirtatious nature. Ahsoka describes him as a "Fives in the making."

Tank- a one-legged trooper in the Andoan legion. Lost his leg from the hip on down. Assigned housing with a widow (Sia) and her two children (daughter Nikka, son, Tinkrik). Tank is a chain gunner, (but not a member of Shadow's Squad. He prefers to work alone.)


Lance - Chief medic of the Ando Legion. Sent to Kamino for burns/nerve damage. Beloved by all in the Legion. A Marine. Different division from Torch or Travis.

Mako - Lost a hand while working on a bomb squad. Now retraining as a medic. Originally hosted by Aen but moved into Karyn's house as apprentice. Started out spending his spare time volunteering around time, but ending up befriending an elderly couple, Olan and Ciri. Now, he prefers to spend most of his free time assisting the older couple who in return shower him with affection and attention.

Paralyzed clones:

Razor- Originally a pilot. One of the five who was in a biobed on the original voyage to Kamino. Lives with Killtric and Tiruna on Ando. Paralyzed from waist down, he has regained limited use of his hands. Has a brilliant, visionary mind and many ideas for the future of Ando.

Saber*- Originally from the 41st Elite under Commander Gree. In a biobed on the original journey to Kamino. Limited use of his legs. Poor coordination in his hands.

Sink- The most seriously injured of all the clones in the Legion. Originally a scout. One of the five who was in a biobed on the original voyage to Kamino. A quadriplegic. Assigned to live with Auset on Ando.

Tag- A member of the 41st Elite under Commander Gree. Dismissed from the GAR due to paralysis.


Chance- a combat pilot with a calm, reserved, even temperament. Sent to Kamino because of a leg injury. Flew for 91st Reconnaissance Corps. Best friend to Odds.

Odds- a combat pilot sent to Kamino because of the loss of his right arm at the shoulder. Known for his wise-cracking sense of humor. Quickly becomes a womanizer on Ando. Used to fly LAATs for the Lancer Battalion.

Republic Commandos:

Blaze- Instrumental in training fellow clones while on Ando. Best friend to Viper.

Viper- Instrumental in training fellow clones while on Ando. Best friend to Blaze.


Hok- Leader of the scout squad. Sent to Kamino for deafness. First member of the Legion to come into contact with anyone from Ando. He is also the first deaf clone to regain any portion of his hearing.

Jagger- Decommissioned due to deafness. a scout in Hok's squad. Second in command of the scouts after Hok. Originally fully deaf, but eventually regains partial hearing. Known for his preference for being outdoors. Named for the jagged scar down his left cheek. He is the geography and terrains expert on the team and has a deep, abiding respect for the land.

Sabre*- Decommissioned due to deafness. most cynical member of Hok's squad. Like the other three scouts, he was originally deafened in an explosion, but eventually regains partial hearing due to successful treatments on Ando. Resentful of Xyra and her relationship with Hok, feeling she "took away" their squad leader. He decides not to "waste any energy chasing down women" like his brothers.

Flex- Decommissioned due to deafness, a scout in Hok's squad. Originally fully deaf, but regained partial hearing. Still self-conscious about his disability, despite having regained some hearing. Reluctant to talk to women. Earned his name due to his love of dancing. Works down at the docks. Assigned housing with an elderly woman known as Henna.


Kinks-the lead sniper in the Andoan Legion

Huii- sniper

Trail- sniper

Box- sniper

Ven- sniper

Scythe- sniper

Tomm- 313th Legion. Vision-impaired in one eye from a snowspeeder accident on the planet Asuin. Carries a DLT-20A.

Hugh- 313th Legion. Missing a hand. Sent to Kamino from the same accident that injured Tomm. Carries identical weapondry and kit to his brother.

Kaz'harians mentioned in the story:

Chor'ux- a sleepy Kaz'harian who stumbles upon the scout team while out for a midnight snack. He is killed by the scouts.

Droto- works with Chor'ux in the dungeons. Tried to beat the prisoners but Chor'ux prevented him from doing so.

Maar'kux- cunning leader of all the Kaz'harians. (Appears toward end of story)


Killshot- a 501st shinie who is a prisoner in the dungeons on Kaz'haria.


Aen and Genna – originally hosting Mako, but as Mako moved more into Karyn's as her apprentice and making friends with Olan and Ciri, Dart began keeping Aen and the little girl company especially after saving Genna's life.

Ashla- Captain of the "Manifest Destiny," a research vessel that ends up holding the key to the nerve damage many of the clones have, including Captain Rex. Host to Catcher. Had a little brother who was a paraplegic.

Auset- Friend and neighbor to Rosetta. Considered a "fallen woman" by the people of Ando. Takes in Sink, the most critically injured quadriplegic of the clones.

El'la-Owns a caf and sandwich stand down at the docks. She has a love for music and dance, and plays music while she works. Flex watches her and describes her as having: "hips that never stop moving. She dances while she works. She seems to have a music inside that cannot be quenched." Flex is fascinated by her but too painfully shy to ever speak a word to her.

Ewan - Elderly gentlemen. One of the few male survivors of Ando. Neighbor to Ashla. Brings food and folksy wisdom to Catcher before he gets "back on his feet." Adopted father to Kor, a young boy still traumatized by the war.

Kor- Adopted son of Ewan. Fascinated by Catcher, his new neighbor, but painfully shy. Interested in anything having to do with the clones and their crashed ship. A child of the war. Has many psychological issues from losing both parents during the war.

Henna Hanaford - an older Andoan woman who acts as host to Flex. She has some skills with tools, and taught the clone these skills. Since she was too old to climbing atop the house, Flex fixed her roof. Henna jokingly refers to Flex as her 'stud.'

Mrs. Hibbins (deceased) - an elderly woman briefly mentioned in passing. "Mrs. Hibbins" apparently decided not to have her knee replaced, thereby making a prosthetic knee available for Rex.

Ian and Ka'te - An elderly couple that owns a guapa farm. Shy snowtrooper Tomm is fascinated by their herd of guapas, and his fascination with the animals eventually wins out over his terrible fear of actually having to be around civilians. When the clones are matched up with jobs around Ando, Tomm is hired to work at their ranch.

Jade - Sister to Xyra. Still somewhat immature compared to her sister (the accomplished scientist) and her cousin (the sea captain.) She works on the ship, but has a talent for art. Before the war, she was a normal, out of control teenager with dreams of going off-world to a university. Everything came to a crashing halt five years ago when the planet dissolved in civil war. Would like to be in a stable relationship but hasn't had much success on that front.

Jade "Rose" (a.k.a. Lance's "Rose") – Andoan woman who is in a relationship with Lance. He comments how she always smells like flowers. She is pregnant. First of the Andoan women to get pregnant by a clone. (introduced in Chapter 99)

Karyn - Strong-willed leader and warrior of the Andoan people. Trained as a doctor. Originally interested in Rex, but ended up in a passionate relationship with Travis. The three have something of a love triangle before everything finally settles out.

Killtric and Tiruna - Taciturn, older Andoan male. Acts as host family to Razor, the paralyzed ex-clone pilot. Strong father figure to Razor.

Olan and Ciri – retired elderly couple who take an immediate liking to Mako. Former tailors by trade, they end up making clothing for the new arrivals.

Rosetta - Wise, older rancher who shows Rex around town. Originally takes in four of the five paralyzed clones, (all except for Catcher.) (Sink and Razor end up getting different host families later on.)

Xyra - Chief Scientist of Ando. Dives into the ocean to save Hok from the grips of the Oppee, but regrets having to kill the deadly beast. Ends up in a very passionate relationship with Hok.


Leon- Leader of a squad of commandos. Reports into General Unduli. Assigned to seek out the location of the two missions legions. As they get closer to finding the Legions, they are captured by the Kaz'harians.

More Facts About Ando:

Ando experiences a thawing in late spring and summer, with milder temperatures. But, the melting snow turns everything turns to a muddy slush. Winters are long. Darkness comes early and severe storms are coming, often lasting for days.

The planet is undergoing change in weather patterns due to the Great Andoan War five years prior. Severe atmospheric damage is causing the winter storms to worsen each year, roughening the seas and dropping temperatures.

Ando Town, (also called Andoville and "Ando" since no other towns survived the war), lies in a naturally protected semicircular bay. The surrounding waters are somewhat heated due to underwater volcanos and thermal vents. These natural conditions attract all manner of ocean creatures who thrive in the waters off Ando Town. For centuries, fishing has been the mainstay of Ando Town and remnants of the town's once enormous fleet still survive.

The town has further natural protection thanks to mountain ranges on the north and south. The mountains also block the worst of the winter winds and storms, making it a comfortable place to live even on a planet with a rough climate.

Most everyone lives within the township itself and abides by a mutually agreed upon set of laws and rules. Times have been tough since the war and shortages are becoming more frequent. But, the people within Ando Town have shown a willingness to work together for their mutual survival.

However, there are some who live far up in the hills. They insist upon living by their own set of rules, and scratch out a substandard living without the benefit and support of those in the township. Due to their violent nature, these mountain people are known simply as "the outlaws."