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Tee-hee. Let's set up our characters. We have this set around Gaz, the first person view of this story. She is a few months over 18, and headed towards college. Zim is still around, still trying to conquer earth of course, and that is generally our plot. I'm sure you can imagine, but it will be a great fun read. Enjoy!


"Here" I said placidly, handing the rather large woman my personal information form.

She looked up from her computer screen, grabbing the form absent mindedly, "Thank you Ms...uh- Gaz. Just follow the hall to the left for student orientation, dorm room placement, and general hubbub for the new starting semester. We welcome you to Trinka Falls College."

I said nothing more, picking up my suit case and moving down the hall. I decided to stop in the bathroom, moving to the mirror to fix my wild purple hair into submission. The heat was causing my hair to afro out into a puff ball that absorbed quite a large section of my head now. Why did I decide to grow my hair out again? It was just past my shoulders now, and I told myself that I would like long hair, but never would I have imagined that I would be living in a place like this. My hair was becoming almost impossible to manage.

With a loud sigh, I tied my hair behind my head, grabbing my luggage again and continuing back out to the hall.

Trinka Falls, my new place of residence, was about a good five hours from Phoenix Arizona and any other form of civilization for that matter. It was like this college was a survival camp. There was nothing out here. The nearest grocery store was over two hours away if you kept a consistent speed of ninety miles per hour, and what was worse, an entire plane ride away from a 'local' Bloaty's pizza. Ridiculous.

I was never thrilled with college to begin with, but when my over achiever brother wouldn't shut up about college, Dad decided to ask me about my college plans. Not going hadn't been an option at that point, and so Dad pulled some strings to get me into a good college.

'The fast tracks to success are paved through prestegious universities' , he had stated, explaining that I would only be attending an advanced school that was worthy of my time. The place of my demise? Arizona in the summer. I had never even heard of this place! It was like there was some god angry at me, sentencing me to live with annoying college students with nothing better than to learn, by choice, and still actually pay for it.

Dib was off to some Ivy League Science/Space College, so I was left to fend for myself here in this insane heat wave.


I entered the main court yard, littered with various college students; the sun frying them all. I was certain we would all have our own tanks of chemo by our senior year, for the chronic attacks of skin cancer that was sure to come. Almost instantly, a perky middle aged woman with a smile that took up most of her face pranced over to me, speaking way too fast with a nervous twitch every few seconds.

This would be interesting.

"Hi there! I'm Kelly- student coordinator of Trinka- and let me tell you that you will simply love-"

"Dorm room. Now." I cut her off, popping out a hip as I set my suit case down. I didn't have time to get 'connected' with the student body. I just wanted to get to my dorm, lock the door, and scream.

Her smile didn't falter, though her eyes twitched repetitively for a few moments before she was able to speak again, "Right, and your name?"

"Gaz. Gaz Membrane."

"OK then Gaz, welcome to Trinka! If you would like me to show you around or tell you about-"

"Just the dorm room. I want to unpack as soon as possible."

She grabbed out her clipboard, looking down the papers in it until she finally looked back up, almost giving me a heart attack with her incredibly creepy, large grin, "Well Gaz, my paper says your dorm is in sector C, room seven- but that can't be right because that are the apartments the college loans out to the incredibly rich children. That would mean you are one of three children that purchased them- and that simply isn't-"

I rolled my eyes, walking off towards the dorms.

As if I would share a room with some preppy cheerleader girl?


Plus, Dad was far too worried that I would have to share a room with some creeper girl, or girl that had her boyfriend over...or just any boy in general. Thereby, my own apartment via Trinka Falls. Not like it would do much good. So far out of civilization, what would I put in the room? I had my clothes, a few trinkets, necessities and such, but as for decorations...food...nothing. I would have to make Dad come up with some system that would deliver stuff to my apartment for me, because there was no way I was driving two hours each week for food.

Did I like my car? Yes. It was black and brand new. I don't even know what it was, but it was fast, and that was good enough for me. Thinking about it now though, with where I was, my car might as well have been a tricycle. There was nothing around here, and therefore, no where to drive to.

I found my way towards the apartments, noting with dread that my apartment, apartment number seven, was on the very top floor, towering down over the apartments and most of the campus for that matter. Not like it would kill me to walk up the SEVEN flights of stairs- but really? Only three were rented out and I HAD to be the one to get the one on top?

You'd think they would have an elevator or something but of course not. At least I would be getting a good view though.

I groaned in frustration, pulling the suddenly heavier bag up the first flight of stairs. If I ever fell down these stairs and lived to tell about it, I promised myself that I would see this entire establishment destroyed. After what felt like an agonizing trip through the Sahara, I finally got to my apartment door, cursing like a sailor at the heat, the mountain climbing, and general agony of the situation. College was just going to be great.

I walked in the door, pleased to see that the key was sitting on the kitchen table with a note to me. I skim read it, noting that it was the lame rules that no one would ever follow, crushing it to a small wad of nothingness and tossed it in the trash. I closed the door, walking inside of my apartment, my new prison for the next four years.

College was a frustrating thing for me. Aside from the fact I hadn't wanted to go in the first place, I had no clue what I intended my major to be. I generally had no plan for the rest of my existence, and college was a daily reminder of that exact problem. Screw it.

Forcefully clearing my mind of the dilemma, I decided to put my mind to work over analyzing the apartment.

It was nice all in all, the floor plan was well organized. To my immediate left was the living room, my immediate right the kitchen, down the hall about twenty feet was a bedroom on the right, the other side of the hall a bathroom- full sized tub and shower and then at the end of the hall was either a small bedroom, or a HUGE walk-in closet. I couldn't decide. However for my intents and purposes, it would become both my closet and gaming room.

If I couldn't drive away from here to get any where special, I could at least send my mind far away into virtual reality. Not a perfect solution, but it would buy me some time to get a hobby or something. It wasn't like Dib would be around for me to get quick laugh at, so I would have to get creative as to finding a new source of entertainment.

Ah well, no matter. I was here like it or not, and I had class first thing in the morning.







"Gaz" I stated with little emotion, turning the page in my book with a displeased frown across my face. First day of college. Just when you think you are free from the grips of education when you finally graduate, cold reality knocks some sense into you are introduces you to college.

I planned on getting through it like I had gotten through everything else before it ; do what was required, speak as little as necessary, and keep away from the other students to the best of my ability. It had worked well throughout high school and I was certain it would keep true here.

The names continued sounding off, both a mix of role call and get to know your classmates- I couldn't really care less- at least until one name sounded off.

"I am ZIM!"

My eyes shot open, and I reminded myself to calmly place the book down as I turned towards the voice only a few rows beside me.



Zim- that crazy alien that Dib was always ranting about, keeping him up (meaning me up as well in the process) various late hours in the night. The same Zim that was always trying to take over earth- He was here.

...How did this happen? Of all the chances- all the colleges- heck for him- planets, galaxies, he was HERE in MY class, at the same exact time.

At first I was stressed out by the idea, but then almost instantly found myself smirking slightly. Not that I would have wanted this to happen, but with Zim's strange mannerisms, at least he would provide some entertainment while I was out here serving my time sentence.

Zim looked towards me, sharing that same smirk on his face as I did. He found it humorous that we shared a class as well so it seemed. I rolled my eyes with a scoff, picking my book right back up as class began.

That stupid alien.

Though, he was not nearly as imbecilic as he was when he first came. He had grown up so to say, and was no longer the small green kid that would be shouting the strangest things from the playground. He was still green mind you, however, high school had rendered us all different people. He was now much taller like any other eartherner would grow, he personally was around 5'9 I'd say. To me, aside from his green skin, he looked like any other average young man would- quite the change from the young Zim that always appeared to be twiggy and generally odd compared to the other children.

In high school, he learned to wise up so to say. Though he had never managed to take out earth of course, his stupid plans occurred less and less, replaced by fairly clever and well thought out ones. He managed to shut off all electricity in the entire United States for a full week, as well as changed the magnetic system causing tides and volcanoes to make them at his control. All throughout high school, Zim's plans got better and more thought out, and if it hadn't been for Dib's meddling, the earth would have been doomed before any of us hit our senior year.

Then came graduation.

We all graduated, including Zim (his 'parents' must have been so proud I'm sure) and went separate ways. I didn't think I'd run into him again, which was fine with me. Zim was nothing more than a strange playmate for my brother, and when the two were around each other they provided hours of comic relief for me- I was fine with that.

It hadn't been all that bad looking back, but I had been looking forward to putting the past to rest.

Oh well. So what if Zim was in my class? As long as he didn't bug me, or try to talk to me, or look at me- ever - than I was fine with his presence. As long as it felt as if his presence weren't present, if that was possible.

The teacher began speaking, and I immediately drowned the voice out. I wasn't even sure what class this was. Business? Math? Science? I suppose listening to the teacher for even a second would tell me about what class I was in at the moment, but the black troll had just captured his third victim that week- not something I could pass up for something as dumb as class.

I only closed the book when the bell rang and students began filing into the hallways. I had only gotten a few feet from the door when I was grabbed on the shoulder

"Sister of Dib-thing-"

I bit back a groan as I turned around, staring up into Zim- now much taller than I was, even with my own growth spurt to 5'3.

"You are surprised at the presence of Zim- are you not?" He smirked arrogantly, crossing his arms proudly as if awaiting me to bestow a medal on him.

"Surprised you got into college at all? Definitely." I turned around to walk to my next class, looking down at my schedule. Oh- so that was math class? Hm. Maybe I'd pay attention tomorrow. That was unlikely, but I'd lie to myself till then. Next class on my schedule was business. That should be easy enough.

As I took my next step, I was stopped again.

"Foolish human woman! You cannot stop Zim's plans for coming out here! Not even that Dib-stink can!"

I crossed my arms as well, glaring at him impatiently as I turned back around, glaring impatiently at the alien, "Zim, does it look like I care? Go back to your home planet or something- I'm busy."

Zim's eyes widened in shock, he leaned down closer towards me, "You know of my true identity?"

I couldn't help but give him a look that screams 'Are you serious?' and rolled my eyes again. Did he seriously think that I didn't know, that the entire time I had no idea that he was in fact an alien? Perhaps he wasn't as smart as I gave him credit for before. Deciding to attempt to engage in light conversation- Dad said it would be good for me- I resisted the urge to throttle the green alien.

"So what are you doing here Zim? This isn't exactly the best spot for world domination you know."

He grinned evilly, his 'white' eyes glowing with mischief, "Silly earthworm. I have reasons. Zim will seek council and learn wisdom from other aliens that reside here."

I gave him a skeptical look, only goading him to continue his usual monologues

"Though we Irkens have a name for it, I believe you humans call the land 'Area fifty one'. I will seek the knowledge of those come before me, and build a great plan while under the disguise of an earthen college student."

I took a deep inhale, shaking my head as Zim laughed loudly. He came here to get to Area fifty one, a place more restrained and militia protected than the white house itself? Yeah, this would be interesting for certain.

"Well have fun with that Zim. I'm off to my next class..." I stated awkwardly, walking off.

"Oh I will." Zim called, "I will be having plenty of this 'fun' Gaz. Plenty."

He was so weird.


I watched her walk away, feeling very odd about my talking with the human. I was indeed surprised to see her there; I hadn't expected to see any trace of my former residential area out here, however I was instantly suspicious that somehow that Dib was sending her out here to spy on me.

She was wise enough to see past my clever disguise than? No doubt Dib-thing had ratted me out to her- luckily however, she didn't seem to mind my presence as much as her STUPID brother, and didn't seem to care about my doings at all.

That struck a nerve with me in one way or another.

Not caring about the great doings and plans of the almighty Zim? Foolishness! She was a human and I an Irken. As annoying as her brother had been, at least he had been able to appreciate the advanced being that I was, Gaz however had yet to pay her respects to me. Ever.

I would see to it that the foolish mortal was aware of my every plan and doing- seeing each moment of prosperity and triumph that an Irken Invader was known for! If she couldn't see where we were superior, I would show her through example.

That in mind, I gave myself a firm nod, turning towards the direction of my next class with growing dread. These stupid earthen teaching houses- I would see them all burned. As I moved, a strong looking earth male approached me, staring at me as I moved down the hall.

"Hey man-" he spoke to me calmly, obviously having no idea of the great power he was toying with.

"What do you want with ZIM?" I hissed, glaring at him in suspicion. No one would fool this invader.

"Chill man- I just want to talk..."

"LIES!" I hissed, waiting the moment off before shrugging, "Sure, what do you want to 'talk' about?"

"Just that girl- Gaz right? Man she is HOTT. Are you two a thing?"

I stared at the earth human in confusion. Was he referring to the strange rituals that was often displayed by members of the opposite sex in their school hallways? He must have been. I smirked, amazed at how quickly I could deduct the meaning of his words even though I still didn't understand all these human terms, even after all the years I had been there observing human behavior.

"No strange earth boy- Zim has no 'Thing' with the earth girl Gaz."

The child seemed to be excited by my words, a look that I would make if I just came up with a genius plan spreading across his face, "Sweet man, can you give me her number? She seems pretty wild- bet I can break her, if ya know what I mean." The boy winked at me, which only confused me.

No I did not know what he meant, however I wasn't going to tell him that. Her number? He must have wanted the address to her apartment.

"Sure sure, C7. Now be gone cursed HUMAN, Zim has many important duties to attend to!" And with that, I walked off, feeling grateful I could help the man in his struggles with Gaz.

I couldn't help but wonder what he wanted with her. He said she was hot, though he was clearly mistaken. I was just by her, and she was clearly in good health. He must have thought I would be responsible for her health, but Gaz does not share that bond with me like the disgusting humans in the hallways do. Poor child must have wanted to give her medical supplies to heal her fragile body, thus needing her 'number', after finding out that I would be delivering no medicinal devices for her.

Sad sad human indeed.

I headed towards the base, which I placed a few blocks off campus in a quiet sub division. It wasn't as great for various tools that the city had to offer; however, at least this new place was quiet. I walked into the yard, opening the door to the house.

"Did you bring home tacos?" Gir squeaked the instant I closed the door, jumping on top of my shoulder as I made my way to the kitchen.

"No Gir- no tacos."

"Aww...I miss tacos"


I made my way down into the lab, pulling up a giant map of Area fifty one, "Computer, set a course to infiltrate the base of that area. I need to get as much information as possible if I will ever hold victory against the earth. Find a date, time, and best path to take to get into and past the security system."

"Wouldn't you rather just take a megadoomer and smash a couple housing areas?"

"No computer- enough games. This Irken Invader wishes to fulfill his quota and be done with it. No more games. Computer, start searching."

"Yes Master."


I brushed out my hair in front of the mirror, developing a washing/drying method that made my hair easier to work with in this dreaded heat. In a odd way, a way that felt sinful to me, I liked my hair. I loved it actually. I loved it silkiness and softness. I didn't portray myself as the typical girl because I didn't want people to see me as just a thing to have...but there was a small part of me that was still feminine, so small areas of my life would still be impacted by the inevitable reality.

I had finally adjusted to dorm life, mainly because Dad did finish that invention that I told him he should. I now had groceries delivered- AND put away- once a week whether I was in my apartment or not. Though I wasn't used to cooking, I was slowly learning a few tricks of the trade by watching a few cooking shows when I wasn't studying or playing video games.

College wasn't actually that bad- in fact I sort of liked it. The freedom of having my own place high about everyone else made me feel great, and Zim was as funny as ever, randomly deciding to brag about some new update for his pet dog, or some form of information he found out. I suspected he really needed someone to brag to, and considering the fact that Zim was one of the only people who talked to me, it was nice when he did.

Not that I got ignored; I got plenty of attention. Just not the type I was looking for.

Zim wasn't the only one who had grown up during high school. I soon grew taller, and gained a figure guys seemed to chase after.

My dark hair contrasted my pale skin, and ever since high school, I had always had issues with guys chasing after me. Unfortunate because I, for one didn't want boys watching me like that, and the girls who did, usually had a few more extra curves than they were supposed to. I didn't dress like a piece of candy though- boys would be boys. The only thing I did keep up with on the 'cosmetics' side, was mascara and my hair. How people saw me was not my problem.

Aside from the random guys hitting on me randomly, I found college to be fun none the less. The first quarter had already gone by, and this morning Zim was rather excited apparently, having been waiting on my desk just to inform me of his latest plan 'not even Dib-thing can stop him from accomplishing'.

Tonight he was finally breaking into Area fifty one to ask his 'brothers' for hints and advice he may not know about the planet. It was almost cute to watch him struggle to fit and try new ways to take over earth, but if he kept going about it like this, he very likely might one day.

I doubted it however, not with Dib at large.

I brushed my teeth, moving Zim out from my thoughts as I rinsed my toothbrush, turning off the bathroom light and heading to my bedroom.

It was almost midnight and I had to get some sleep for my math test tomorrow. Thank god I actually started paying attention and doing the homework for that class; I would have failed for sure. I changed into my small night shorts and black silk cammie, burrowing into bed and clapping the lights off. Incredibly, I fell asleep almost instantly.

I'm not sure for how long I had been asleep, but I jolted out of bed when a noise so loud woke me up, and rattled the walls for that matter. "What the f-" I had to stop myself from cursing and stepped out of my bedroom to investigate whatever the racquet was.

At first I couldn't see much. Because we were far from city, night out here was pitch back, so my apartment might as well have been a cave at the moment. Feeling around the walls, I finally found the light switch and turned it on. What I saw literally made me scream, but before the sound could even come out, there was a metal like claw around my mouth.

"Shut your noise tube foolish girl!"

Zim was crumpled on the ground, a strange darker colored substance staining his white t, the door kicked in.

I moved the metal down from my face, finding myself running over to Zim. I couldn't describe it, but I knew something was wrong. His breathing was erratic, he looked whiter than he did green, and he had yet to give himself some formal announcement about how awesome he was. Something was horribly wrong.

"Zim what's wrong?" I asked, amazed at how panicked I felt. It was as if I cared about him.

Well of course I did right? I had grown up with the guy. That was only logical, even if the idea was a bit on the foreign side for me.

I knelled down beside him, looking at the strange stain, a nauseating feeling churning in my stomach, "Zim is that blo-" I paused, unable to bring the word out of my mouth. I was hemophobic as it was, and this was not only blood, but alien blood, and now that I was closer and the light was on, I could see he was covered in it.

"Yes Gaz …" he whispered weakly, "I came here for your medical supplies that boy delivered to you. I assume you didn't use them, so I thought I would come here to get them. I'll just grab them and be on my way ..."

I had no idea what he was talking about, but it did seem clear he wanted a first aid kit. I gave a short nod, getting onto my feet and grabbing the box underneath the sink with all the supplies in it. When I headed back out from the bathroom, Zim was trying to stand up. After a failed attempt and falling back down almost instantly due to his shaking limbs, metal spider legs shot out from his PAK and attempted to lift him off the ground.

I was instantly angry at Zim- he was trying to stand up again! He was clearly in no condition to be moving around like that. At first it appeared as if it might work and he would be on his way, however he quickly collapsed to the ground.

"Dammit Zim! Stop it!" I hissed, finding tears at my eyes. "Let me help you."

"Zim is in no need of your help pathetic, gah-" he winced suddenly, a new spurt of the dark maroon substance making the stained circle even larger across his chest.

"Oh god- Zim!" I was instantly at his side, helping him up and walking him towards the kitchen table. It was awkward because of our height differences, and plus he was fairly heavy, not being able to support much of his body weight. He sat on top of the table, eyes focusing in and out as he panted harshly.

"Zim what happened?" I demanded, finding my tone angered once again. Zim was clearly not himself, because he answered me flat out with no rebellion.

"Area fifty one. As I was leaving, I was shot at. I thought I missed all their bullets..."

I couldn't help but wonder the inevitable question, and forced myself to ask it, "Are you going to...you know..."

He gave a weak laugh, some of his old personality creeping in even at this stage, "Ha! It takes much more than a puny human metal scrap to take out this Invader." He paused, wincing slightly as he shifted his weight uncomfortable, "Though I am amazed at how painful they rigged the metal to be. Zim is finding this to be most unpleasant Gaz-human."

Not even sure where the determination came from, I found my hands on his waist, instantly death gripped by Zim's, "What are you doing earthling?" His eyes were narrowed in mistrust, but I was determined and would not be backing down. I didn't trust Zim to take care of himself like he should; for all I knew he'd make it down one flight of stairs if that, and bleed to death.

I was not going to allow that.

"Helping you." I responded firmly, slowly grabbing the hem of his T-shirt and raising it carefully off of him, certain to not upset the wound further as I laid the ruined shirt beside him. "Now be careful, I don't want you hurting yourself," I mumbled, trying not to think about the blood.

Zim stayed silent, giving a hiss of pain as I began inspecting the punctured skin, though other than that seemed to remain quiet and resolved. I continued looking at the wound, pressing against his chest as I tried to gather more information about the abrasion. It was difficult to see anything at all with so much blood darkening the opened skin.

Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I grabbed a paper towel, dampening it with water and carefully returning to the pained alien. "Zim, you're really not going to like this, but please hold still."

Zim nodded in submission, focusing off into some space on the wall. I carefully began washing off the surrounding blood by the wound, feeling bad once the smoke began to rise into the air. Zim's entire body seemed to tense from the pain I imagined he was feeling from the water, however said nothing and continued to sit perfectly still.

I was amazed at how warm Zim was. His race must have had a higher body temperature than humans did; it felt as though his entire body had a fever. Though I knew that wasn't the case, it was such an odd sensation. His skin was tougher than a human's, firm and solid like leather, yet soft to the touch regardless of it's armor like qualities. Come to think of it, Zim had gained quite the amount of muscle under that tough skin. Not a scary amount per say, but he had defined abs, firm chest and-

Focus Gaz. Focus

I forcibly cleared my head of my girlish analysis of Zim's body. I should be ashamed of myself- and I was. I had no right to think of Zim like that. He was an alien for Christ's sake! Not only that, but he was bleeding on my table- not doing some perverted dance. I needed to concentrate on the task at hand.

I continued cleaning off the blood from him, finally being able to get a better picture of what I needed to do. There was no exit wound, meaning the bullet was still inside him. I had no way of telling if it hit any vital organs, but based off the fact he had stopped bleeding so much, and the fact he was still alive, I deemed it safe to assume that his internal organs were ok. I could feel my stomach churn uneasily, still not able to get over being around, and working with so much blood. I had to help him though.

"Zim, the bullet is still inside your body. I'm going to take it out alright?"

Zim looked up at me questioningly, however after a moment nodded slowly. His face flushed slightly which alarmed me on a small level. He really wasn't doing well. I would make him stay over here in the spare bedroom/closet. Not that I liked the idea of Zim being over in my personal apartment, but there was no way I was letting him out of my sight in such bad condition, especially after all the effort I had put into helping him.

A small part of me was wondering why I was even going through such efforts to begin with, however, I dismissed those thoughts as quickly as they had appeared. I wasn't ready to answer myself yet. For now I would just live in the moment and make sure Zim was ok.


I allowed the earth girl to tend my wounds, something I shouldn't have done.

When I first got hit by the metal, I didn't think much of it, until it felt as though my body was on fire and falling apart at once. I was bleeding quickly, and I needed to fix that problem in an equally prompt manner. My first thought was human medical supplies. I had no clue where to get any in this place, however I remember that boy asking about Gaz.

She was never sick, so she would still have her medicine kit. I would go to her house, grab it, and take care of the wound. I did get to ask what I needed while I was there, so my mission was a success; I would just have to heal up before putting my new knowledge to use.

That had been the plan at least, until Gaz broke out of her bedroom cell. Unlike a human, darkness was no hindrance to me, and what I saw, I couldn't quit staring. Never before had I seen a human so...exposed as her. Never had I been so...intrigued before.

She had on very short- very short pants, and a shirt that merely had strings for the shoulders. Her skin- the pale almost light pink color of humans- seemed to glow in the moonlight, and I was captured by how alluring she was. It was like she was hypnotizing me...I couldn't seem to get enough.

Humans seemed to have a similar anatomy to Irkens and I found myself wanting to explore just how far those similarities went. In a moment, I saw her beneath me, panting, calling my name, sliding down those strange pants and-

The light turned on, and the lack of color in Gaz's face went even paler when she saw me. She started to scream but I willed my PAK to repress her alarm. There was no need to wake up more of the humans. I quickly regretted my decision to waste energy on that, my PAK showing signs that I had little energy left to use for myself, let alone accessory movement the technology provided.

I explained as quickly as I could why I was there, and after receiving the box decided to get out. I don't know what had made me so intrigued in the girl's anatomy, however, I didn't want to stick around to find out the whys behind my sudden interest.

Next thing I knew, I was on the table, and she was close...so blessedly close, hands on my chest, skin so soft and vulnerable it was like she were glass and not a human at all. I knew she was using water- it burned like the fiery bullet in my body, yet as her hands continued massaging their way across my Irken skin, I could feel my body tense in response to her soft rhythmic movements. I never wanted her to stop, and I found that I was starting to loose control of my mind's thoughts.

I said nothing, fearing of what I might say if I did speak. It was so common for Irken males to receive battle wounds, many of them joining the movement for ultimate domination in some form or another. Generally they would take care of themselves; however, the act of a female dressing an Irken's wounds was a sign of submission. A sign that she was his servant, he her master. It was often a very...pleasurable experience...to say the least. An Irken mating tradition if you will.

I knew that this tradition did not hold true for the human race though was still fighting the emotions of it regardless. My mind kept producing more imagines of her under my control, my very own Gaz servant, her strange, yet stunning earthly body mine for the exploring.

I wanted her. I wanted her so badly. To hold her...

Touch her.

Gaz held up the silver object, stained with my blood, "Zim, I did it. Let me bandage your wound ok?"

I nodded slowly, loosing myself to the illusion as Gaz's words sent a spark of anticipation across my body. I knew better. I did. Somehow though, it didn't register as it should have.

She came back a moment later, wrapping a white cloth all the way around my chest. It was so hard to tell myself this meant nothing. Gaz had no clue what she was saying by tending to my wounds. She didn't know that what it meant to a human, was far from what it meant to an Irken, but I wouldn't hold it against her. She knew no better.

She left her hand resting on my shoulder, leaning down to tie the bandage, the tips of her hair cascading down across my skin. I let out a slow exhale.

She would be done soon.

"Done." She gave a weak grin, suggesting she was very weary from the event. I could already feel power restoring into my PAK- she had done a good job to say the least.

"Thank you human.." I mumbled, unable to make eye contact with her. How I wanted so much more. It was shocking how badly I wanted her. I had never had such desires or temptations before, and now that I was, it felt like I had to kill myself just to walk away from her and leave her as she was.

"Zim, if you want, you can stay over here tonight; I don't want you getting hurt anymore."

I could feel my stomach twist.

Was she trying to make this difficult on me? Keeping me over should be the last thing the human should want! It was hard enough to keep myself from…

Damn her innocence and lack of knowledge towards Irken ways!

"No, I have to get back to the base. Gir will need some tacos I am certain. Thank you again Gaz. I owe you, pathetic human."

And with that, I walked down the first flight of stairs, not having enough strength to use my PAK to get me home. I sighed, calling Gir.

"Gir, I need you to come get me. I need a bunch of sleep and rest."


A/N: Chapter done! So it's like 2 AM here, but whatever, this was worth writing up. I feel bad for Zim to be honest- for him it's like he is seriously getting jipped on the deal here. Not only that, but now that he is older an more mature (sort of at least) he is more in tune to the opposite sex, and poor guy gets a thing for Gaz- to him, she is the alien of course, and her strange, yet familiar human body, fascinates him in ways that he has never had before. Poor guy has good manners though, and leaves her untouched.

Gaz is also struggling a bit too of course...

But how will things progress back in college?

Next chapter up fairly soon, I intend to finish this story quickly..