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So this is a repost of an old story I had. Here is the story again, hopefully better than before.

Summary: AU. Carlisle grew up with Esme and watched her change from an awkward child to a beautiful woman. Before he knows it, she's in love with him and he is in love with her. But things aren't as perfect as they seem. A chance encounter leaves Carlisle as a vampire and Esme as a single mother, lost and confused. To provide a stable life for her daughter, Bella, Esme stays with Charles, much to her displeasure, never losing her hope that somewhere her Carlisle was still alive and that they will find each other.

CarlislexEsme eventual BellaxEdward

Chapter 1,

If there was one thing Carlisle was sure of after knowing Esme Platt for years was that she could sometimes be a bit spastic. Sure everybody had their moments but it seemed she excelled at it ever since they started college. Maybe it was something in the water or maybe all the stress was getting to her and she was finally cracking. All the same he enjoyed watching her scurry about her dorm trying to find her keys, cell phone, wallet and any other item she may need.

"You know the caff will probably be closed by the time you find your card right?"

"Hush you," she snapped as she shuffled through the papers on her desk for the fourth time. "I know I had it a few hours ago! Where did it go."

Carlisle shrugged and she gave him a look. He could see it outlined in her back pocket but he was going to let her figure that out. Besides, it would give away that he had been sneaking looks at her backside for the better part of the past ten minutes.

"Seriously, where is it?" Esme demanded stomping her foot and tossing the textbook she was holding onto her bed. "Carlisle!"

"What do you want me to say?" Carlisle asked with an innocent shrug. "Did you check your pockets?"

"Of course I checked my pockets! Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

He raised his eyebrows and she rolled her eyes. "Fine, if it'll make you happy I'll check my pockets."

He put on his best smug smirk as she pulled it out of her back pocket.

"Oh shut up. I'm going to go pee."

"Whatever you need to do," Carlisle shrugged. Esme left and he just smiled a bit. He sighed and sat at her desk. Sitting in her room always felt cozy. His room was more...well cold. Everything was in it's place and there wasn't a speck of dust anywhere on his side of the room. He loved order which was probably why Esme was a nice breath of fresh air. She was chaotic. She was studying to be an architect so graph paper was everywhere, wadded into balls near the trash can, posted by her desk, even just scraps laying on the floor. Her desk was cluttered with rulers, protractors, compasses and other math equipment that Carlisle didn't care for. But what really made her room cozy was the amount of pictures and trinkets from their childhood she had. Mostly around her desk and bed. He saw a picture poking out of an envelope and curiosity got the better of him. He plucked it out and looked at it.

It was a snapshot of them the day they met. Carlisle was wearing a tye-dye shirt his mother thought was absolutely precious and Esme was wearing a pink shirt with a pony on it. Neither of the children looked thrilled. Carlisle remembered that he wasn't feeling very well, and Esme was sour about moving. In fact if someone had told him back then that the girl he was standing next to would be his best friend, he probably would have laughed and declared that girls were gross.

"Lord you couldn't help yourself could you," Esme teased as she came in.

"And who may I ask sent you this one?" Carlisle asked.

"Your mom of course," Esme answered with a grin. Carlisle groaned. "Seems she likes to keep a record of her only son's life."

"Ready to go yet? Or would you like to shuffle around your mess pile more?"

"Yes, I'm ready. Heaven forbid we don't get there in time for the good lettuce."

"Mock me if you must," Carlisle chuckled, "we'll see who lives longer."

"Whatever who wants to die of old age anyway?" She asked.

"Me," Carlisle answered as they walked down the hall, "I want to be doing brain surgery when I'm a hundred."

Esme cringed at the idea of living to be that old and wrinkled while Carlisle summoned the elevator.

"You'll probably be one of those really tiny bald old guys," Esme said as they rode down to the lobby.

"Probably. With giant glasses. You'll be the crazy old lady tearing up the nursing home."

"I told you before," Esme said with a smile as they got off of the elevator. "I'm going to die before I'm so sick I have to be put in a nursing home. Who wants to live forever anyway?"

"People who are afraid of death or haven't accomplished everything they wanted to."

"Well I certainly don't want to hang around forever. Being immortal would be a nightmare."

"Who said anything about being immortal?" Carlisle asked, opening the door for her.

"Aw thanks Carly."

"No problem my dear," Carlisle said with a suave bow. Esme giggled and they continued on. Campus in the spring was stunning. The trees were beginning to bloom again and Carlisle thought the air smelled so sweet. He wore a light jacket while Esme just wore a sweater. Some snow still clung to the ground where there had once been massive mounds made by plows.

"I hate the cold," Esme said as she put her hands in her pockets. "I can't wait until summer."

"Too hot," Carlisle shrugged. "This is perfect. Although I do miss the bikinis."

"You're such a pervert," Esme sighed, elbowing him.

"I'm a guy," he reminded her.

"If I hadn't seen you naked when we were eight I wouldn't believe you."


Esme smiled over at him and he put his arm around her. "Aw Carly you know I love you."

"Yes," Carlisle said with a smile. "I do know. And I love you Esme."

He lifted her up and Esme squeaked. "Carlisle! Carlisle what are you doing?"

"Hm, there is still some snow left," he said with a sly grin.

"Don't you dare!" Esme cried, kicking her legs. Carlisle laughed and set her back down. She jumped away quickly. "Let's just get there before it closes."

Carlisle smiled and followed her. They went up to the dining hall and scanned their cards. Carlisle went for the salad bar (his favorite after all) while Esme went to go see what was cooking in the deep fryer. He could pick up the aroma of fried chicken and he felt his stomach urge him to ignore his healthy vegetables in favor of something a bit greasier. He didn't give in. He wouldn't give in! There was a nice bowl of baked chicken strips for him on the salad bar. He grabbed some tomatoes and green olive slices before drizzling some Italian dressing over it. For his entree he chose a ham sandwich on whole wheat bred and grabbed a ripe red apple. Add a glass of milk and he had a perfectly balanced dinner, well organized on his tray and looking like something out of a health magazine.

He took his usual seat in the back by a window that overlooked the student center atrium and wass soon joined by Esme. When she plopped down he looked at the contents of her tray. A big plate of fried chicken with corn (and a pad of melting butter already on it) and garlic mashed potatoes. In a bowl she had strawberries in syrup usually used for ice cream. Her vegetable wasn't present and she had a banana for fruit. For her drink she opted for a tall glass of mountain dew that was fizzing happily in the plastic tumbler glass.

"Here," she said, dropping a drum stick on his tray. "I could hear you drooling across the room."

Carlisle hated how close they were sometimes. It was bad for his diet.

"Esme I can't eat stuff like this."

Esme rolled her eyes as she tore into a wing, tearing the skin with her teeth and reaching for the basket of napkins in the middle of the table. Her fingertips were glistening with the supposedly fat free oil they use to fry the chicken.

"I see the good doctor in training has his usual boring meal."

Esme snorted against her chicken and Carlisle gave the two new arrivals a dry look. Edward, Carlisle's friend and first roommate, set his girlfriend's tray down in the seat next to the one his took.

"Forgive me for wanting to be healthy," Carlisle huffed.

"At least you get a choice," Lizzy, Edward's girlfriend, grumbled as she nearly fell into the hard plastic chair. "I hate rabbit food."

"But it's good for the baby," Edward reminded her.

"Yeah, yeah. Y'know I'm not even fat yet but still I feel like a blimp!"

"Ah the wonders of pregnancy," Esme sighed with a smile, "you'll have to let me know how that all pans out."

"You know I can't wait until you get one of these inside of you and then I get to watch you suffer!" Lizzy grumbled, poking at her granola. "Eddie this is stupid."

"I'm not taking any chances! I want my son or daughter to be as perfect as he or she can possibly be."

Carlisle raised his eyebrows and Esme rolled hers eyes. Lizzy was only two months pregnant and Edward was convinced that the slightest toxin could destroy the baby. Which is why he insisted she eat a perfectly diet with no empty calories. They had gotten the happy news two weeks ago and being supportive friends, Carlisle and Esme bet on how long Lizzy was going to put up with the extremely strict diet and general life routines Edward was suggesting.

"Carlisle back me up here! You're gonna be a doctor!"

Carlisle chose to chew his salad a bit more.

"That's it!" Lizzy cried, snatching a piece of chicken from Esme's tray and biting into it.

"Aw come on Liz! Don't you want our baby to be healthy?"

"Of course I do! But you are being a tad silly!"

Edward looked at her with sweet sad eyes. Everybody at the table knew Lizzy was unable to resist him like that. In fact Carlisle had a sneaking suspicion she wouldn't be pregnant if she had.

"Eddie, we went to the doctor and it's okay for me to have some unhealthy foods from time to time. I'm taking my vitamins and drinking more milk than Dr. Boy here!"

"Hey!" Carlisle squawked, his glass of milk in hand.

"I love you," Eddie insisted, holding her hand, "I just want our baby to be okay."

"Have a bit more faith in the little fetus okay. Christ Carlisle's mom did pot once when she was pregnant with him and he's fine!"

"Okay seriously you guys!" Carlisle whined.

"It's okay drug baby," Esme said, patting his shoulder, "I still love you."

"I know you're just being cautious," Lizzy said, ignoring her friends, "and I know you are just gearing up to be the amazing dad I know you'll be. I won't be drinking caffeine, I'm staying away from alcohol and watching what I eat. But this," she held up the chicken, "won't hurt the baby at all. My mom ate it all the time because she craved it like mad."

"Have you had any cravings yet?" Edward asked.

"I had bacon this morning."

"I can't stop you can I?" Edward sighed in defeat.

Lizzy shook her head and kissed him lightly. "Nope."

"Fine. But can you at least try a little to be healthy?"

Lizzy nodded and stole a fork full of his potatoes. Edward rolled his eyes and smiled.


"Do you think they'll be okay?" Esme asked as she and Carlisle settled on his bed for a movie.

"Oh yeah. They're probably having gross preggo sex right now," Carlisle said, using the remote to turn the DVD player on.

"You think it's grosser than regular sex? What are you nine?"

"No, I just think it would be a bit odd to have certain bits poking so near to a baby."

"Certain bits?" Esme repeated, giggling. "Come now doctor I'm sure there is a more technical term."

"There probably is but we haven't learned it in class," Carlisle responded with the innocent tone Esme knew to be false.

"So guess what," she said, as the opening credits to the movie began, "Charles and I went out the other night."

"Evanson?" Carlisle asked, tilting his head up to look at her properly. Esme nodded. "You didn't like it did you?"

"Yes. In fact we're going for sushi tomorrow night."

"Sushi? But you hate fish."

"No, I hate shellfish," Esme clarified.

"How come you never want to get sushi when I ask you?"

"What are you jealous or something?" Esme asked quickly.

"No, just a bit curious is all," Carlisle answered just as quickly. "I kinda want to know why you ditch me."

"It's not my favorite but he likes it a lot and has his heart set on it."

"You sure about him? He's kinda...dull."

"Just because you don't like him doesn't mean he's dull. He's in a few of my design classes and we get along just fine. Why are you being so weird?"

"I'm not being weird," Carlisle grumbled, settling a little. "Just confused is all. I didn't know you liked him."

"He's cute and nice enough. Worthy of a first date at least."

"Sweetie we need to talk about your standards."

Esme snorted. "Oh he can't be worse than that train wreck you dated last year. What was her name? Carol? The one that nearly gave you herpes."

"Thanks for reminding me," Carlisle grumbled. "More reason for me to never have sex."

"Don't be so paranoid Carly," Esme said with a smirk, "it's oh so much fun."

Carlisle sat up so quickly he gave himself a head rush. "How do you know?"

"I'm twenty one, Carlisle, I've been around the block before."

"With who?" Carlisle cried, his voice high pitched.

"Cameron and Gary."

"Sweet lord woman!"

Esme giggled, enjoying the look of shock on her best friend's face. "Just because you want to save yourself for the perfect pale lover doesn't mean we all do. Gary wasn't half bad either. Good foreplay. Besides, I'm sure if you hadn't been brought up as a pastor's son you would have gotten laid years ago."

"I came close," Carlisle grumbled, folding his arms, "I just didn't feel like getting an STD."

"Just be glad you noticed before sticking it in. Which reminds me, do you have any of those condoms I gave you as a gag gift after that ordeal? I ran out."


"Kidding, kidding don't be so touchy," Esme giggled. Carlisle huffed and turned his attention to the screen, deciding to ignore her. She did the same and Carlisle gave her a sideways glance. The light from the television screen bathed her face in a pale bluish glow. She grabbed some popcorn from the bowl between them and ate it. Carlisle tried to stop watching her. The soft lips against the puffy kernels. The way her long hair was draped over her shoulder. The way she smelled and smiled and...he shook his head and turned back to the movie.

Kate Hudson was losing a guy in ten days. Carlisle looked over at Esme again. She giggled at what she saw on screen and then checked her phone. She gave a wistful sigh.

"Go ahead and say it."

"You've checked your phone like three times already."

"Just checking the time. It's getting late."

"You want to go see him?" Carlisle asked.

"No, Carly, I don't want to miss movie night."

"Yeah but you are thinking about him and clearly don't want to be here."

Esme looked guilty and Carlisle was surprised when he felt a little glad that she did.

"Don't hate me?" Esme asked.

"Ah get out of here and have fun."

Esme leaned over and hugged him before leaving. Carlisle was alone. He turned the movie off and pulled the covers over his head. This was the kind of thing he needed a best friend for. He felt sick and angry when he thought of Esme running across campus to Charles. A man that, in his opinion, was grossly undeserving of her. He was boring, plain and wouldn't know what to do with someone like Esme. Esme who was kind and loving and spunky. She was the kind of girl that went to antique shops and spent hours fawning over the old beauty of it all. She was the kind of girl that had an antique coffee tin on her desk that held her many drafting supplies.

"Hey man I need to talk to you," Edward said as he came into the room that, until the beginning of the semester, had been his as well.

"What's up?" Carlisle asked, sitting up.

"I was with Lizzy right and I was rubbing her feet. Then it hit me. Y'know I'm gonna be a dad! I'm twenty two! I'm not close to being ready! Shit I haven't even gone to law school yet! I owe a mountain of gold in student loans and will have to pay as much in diapers!"

"Hey, hey, it's gonna be okay," Carlisle assured him. Edward sat heavily and Carlisle put a gentle hand on his back. "You and Liz love each other. Yeah this is unexpected but you two are meant to be together. It'll work out. Somehow."

"That's all you've got?" Edward cried. "Dude!"

"Sorry I'm distracted," Carlisle sighed. "I can't get her out of my head."

"Esme? You still on her? Dude man up and tell her how you feel."

Carlisle shook his head. "No use. She's dating that dick cheese Charles Evenson now."

"Dick cheese?" Edward repeated.

"The guy is such a tool. He's not good enough for her. Besides, she says I'm like her brother. Who wants to screw their brother?"


Carlisle smiled a bit. He shook his head and sighed. "No man, she won't go for me. Then things'll be awkward."

"Has it ever occurred to you that maybe she likes you too?"

Carlisle snorted in disbelief. Esme like him that way? In his dreams maybe.

"Hey I gotta get back. Lizzy's wondering where I went. We'll go for drinks tomorrow and talk about it. Kay?"

Carlisle nodded and Edward pat him on the back before heading out.

"Hey, so did you guys pick a name?"

"She wants to name him after me. Edward the third. Family tradition I guess. If it's a girl then she'll name it Bella."

"Esme'll be pissed if she does. That's her favorite name."

"Seriously bro, get a hobby," Edward advised with a smile. He ran a hand through his dark hair before leaving. "Oh by the way," he added popping his head back in, "I'm gonna need a best man after the baby comes."

Carlisle smiled a bright happy smile, his mood successfully uplifted. "You got it."

Edward left him alone and Carlisle went up to lock the door for the night. Another visitor would probably shatter his nerves right now. He looked at his reflection in the mirror above his dresser on the way back to his bed. He tilted his head to the side and examined himself. Surely he was attractive to Esme. Maybe. He put on his best cool player face. A wide cocky smirk and a sad attempt at sexy eyes.

Hm. Blonde hair and blue eyes didn't help much. His mom often told him he looked angelic. Esme said he looked like a nerd. Sure it was lovingly, but she seemed to be attracted to more manly men. A slight frame that was not quite as masculine as he would have liked didn't exactly help. The familiar sense of self doubt began to fill him again and his ex girlfriend's taunt about how he looked like a prepubescent boy when naked came roaring back. But who had time for the gym when there were papers, midterms and applications to med school to worry about?

"Well," he sighed, "at least you'll make a killing when the stupid jocks shatter their stupid skulls and you have to fix them."

He could see his future now. Twenty years down the road when the manly men were balding he would be a master surgeon. Nurses would be in awe over his talent.

"Dr. Carlisle Cullen," he said to himself with a cocky grin, "brain surgery? No problem I'll knock it out before lunch."

He turned slightly and continued to smile. "What's that nurse? You need me to examine you?"

Oh yeah, they would all want to get with the big bad attending. Interns as far as the eye could see. Carlisle fell back onto his bed and smiled. Yeah, his time would come. He just had to wait. But until then he could always dream.

Esme's image swam into his mind. She wore a tight nurses dress and smiled at him. In a soft sensual voice she asked him to come closer. He imagined kissing her, her soft hands roaming down his body until reaching his nethers. She smiled at him, a sweet but seductive smile.

"Oh, Carly, you're so much bigger than I ever dreamed!" She whispered. She lowered her head and then...

His phone rang. He grabbed it and saw it was his mother. Awkward.



Does anyone else think Carlisle would have been an adorable nerd if he had been born around this time?