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Uhura struggled all her life to live beyond expectations. She aimed high, and slaved to not only reach her goal but also exceed it. Her ambitions were the stuff of legend; and she worked hard for her well-earned reputation at being better than the best. And if her reputation at being at the top accompanied a reputation of a snobbish and cold bitch, she could deal. She was the best damn xeno-linguist starfleet had ever seen. She could and did live with the jealous quips of the less dedicated.

She never let on that she was a bit lonely, and she would kill before she told anyone she still smarted from her breakup with Spock, even though she was the one that ended it. Nor would anyone ever know that she missed her best friend Galla fiercely and wept regularly for her. She wanted control; over her life and her career, and she prided herself in achieving that elusive goal.

It was, in retrospect, the main reason she was drawn to Spock, and it was the realization of it that promoted her to end their relationship. She was in love with his control, and it was wrong to base a romantic relationship around that fact. Nyota Uhura was, deep down, a romantic at heart; an aspect she struggled to hide.

So when she woke up to laughter, in an unknown place, body aching from the hard, unfamiliar surface she lay on, she was more than a little disoriented. More than a little distressed. She felt something she rarely admitted to experiencing, panic. Without thinking, Uhura screamed, sharply moved and promptly fell to the ground.

The jarring impact snapped her to her senses and she stopped screaming. She never really was the screaming type anyway. She also noticed the laughter abruptly stopped as well. She blinked, reigning in her emotions and began to notice other things. Like the fact she actually knew where she was. Not that knowing she was in Bones' office made her any less knowledgeable as to why she was here. That is until Uhura noticed her current state of undress and felt the telltale aches in her body. She wasn't dumb and if two plus two equaled four, then this was the answer she had to deal with.

Uhura ran her fingers through to hair, drudging up vague memories of last night. Although hazy, she remembered that she had been more than willing. A moment of astonishment blanked her mind again- her and Bones? What the hell was in the liquor last night?

A patient robe fluttered over from the other side of Bones's desk. Ahh, yes-the laughing person, an unknown variable in what should be a clean equation. Uhura quickly grabbed the robe, mind dragging up every fuzzy memory of every voice she knew to try and figure out who it was on the other side of the desk. She needed had bothered as the voice spoke.

"Uhura? Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?" Sulu called out sheepishly, "I'm sorry I laughed, Chekov said we found the bandages and I got silly with the nerves. Its just us two."

Uhura looked down at her self, noting the bandages covering various parts of her body. She ripped one off but the skin appeared fine. She poked and prodded the area—felt ok. She saw the crumbled nurses uniform in the corner and fingered the nurses' hat that she had landed on. Two and two equals four. Alright. She could handle this. She moved into a sitting position and then she felt pain flare up from her hip to her shoulder.

"No. Really. I am not ok," Uhura responded, tossing on the robe. She rose from the ground, wincing a bit before smoothing her face into a semblance of her normal composed self. "But I will be."

She rubbed her thigh and looked at Sulu, standing nervously near the door, gazing politely at the ground. Chekov on the other hand, had settled in a chair and was staring at her, handkerchief still pressed against his mouth. Uhura leveled a cool glance at him. "But then, it looks like I am not the only one who isn't ok."

She walked around the desk to face them, cocking her eyebrow in an eerie likeness of Spock. It was a habit she had worked on in the mirror for months, not that anyone but Galla ever knew that. Be cool, Uhura told herself, be calm. She analyzed the two men before her.

Chekov tried to grin at her, the result was a macabre smile, swollen and twisted with pain. It didn't last long. "I need more no-pain spray. Sulu, you spray me, da?" Chekov said, waving Sulu over. Uhura watched as Sulu misted a layer on the worst of the injury. The blood flow had stopped and the swelling was decreasing slightly. Chekov looked pointedly at Uhura's bandages.

"If you are not really injured, might I be having some of those, please?"

"If you tell me what is going on. You were with me last night and I want answers. What the hell happened, how did I get here and where is Bones" So I can kill him she silently added. She glanced at Chekov's face, "I get why you are here, and I am not even going to ask. Just give me the details about last night…" She trailed off expectantly looking at Chekov.

Sulu answered instead, "Well if it has to do with last night, I don't remember anything." Uhura sighed; Sulu's intolerance for alcohol was famous. "Sorry, I wasn't exactly talking to you," she looked pointedly at Chekov. "Bandage first," he quipped. Shrugging, Uhura tore off a length and tossed it him. As the worst of his injury was being wrapped, she turned to her aches. She really didn't want an injured body interfering if she needed to hunt, perhaps literally, Bones down.

She prodded her hip, bruised but nothing serious. Uhura turned to her arm and peeled the strip covering the worse of the pain. The pain increased as she ripped the tape off. She tossed the wrapping aside and Sulu walked over to scavenge it. Uhura looked down at her arm and gasped, the panic she had been holding at bay swarmed her again. She felt faint as she gazed at the tattoo sprawled over her skin.

Sulu's jaw dropped, "No fucking way, he got you too!"


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'He walked around the shaking woman and muttered to Sulu, "Dis, dis is why I do not date women. They are so….so...scary, da?"'