Chapter 11.5: March (FPOV)

"Poor Davey," I muttered once I arrived at school the following Monday. The young boy's arms were folded tightly across his chest, and he was staring out the window, looking at nothing.

"Poor Davey?" Katelyn snuck up behind me, scowling. "What am I, chopped liver?"

I spun around. "How did you get there?"

"I'm a ninja, duh," Katelyn sighed, and then stared at Davey. "He'll get over it."

"How do you know?" I questioned.

She just stared simply at me. "He has to." Sighing, she continued, "You know, he sent Breanne a text Friday night."

Sam walked up then and joined the conversation, smiling. "Talking about the text, eh?"

"Yeah, well, texts," Katelyn laughed. "There was more than one."

"There was?" Sam almost dropped the coffee she was holding. "Move over, Freddork, Mama wants to hear about this."

"So, I'm guessing you heard about the one that said: Hey…why the sudden change of heart? If it wasn't sudden, why didn't you tell me before? I thought there was something there. Was it something I did?" Katelyn recited.

I guffawed. "He actually sent that?"

"Yes," replied Katelyn impatiently. "And then, Breanne replied with: No, it's not you, it's me, I'm sorry, all that cliché chiz. Then he answered: You know, you were the first girl that I've ever told "I like you" to. Can we still be friends? And then she didn't want to reply, she insisted on getting her beauty sleep, but we made her reply, so she said: Yes, we can still be friends. But she said she didn't want to even be friends."

Sam chuckled. "Poor Davey."

"That's what I said!" I agreed.

"What am I, chopped liver?" Katelyn growled.

"You?" Sam raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Aren't you happy about the breakup?"

Shrugging, Katelyn said, "I suppose," and then walked away.


Later that day, in the hall, Bob and April were chatting. Sam grabbed my hand. "Let's follow them."

"Must we always spy on our students?" I groaned.

Sam gave me a funny look. "Yes, dorkwad, we must. It's the only way to keep up-to-date on what they're up to, and what they're up to is pretty interesting. It's sort of like my own Korean drama- and it's very addictive."

"Fine," I growled. Quietly, the two of us tiptoed behind Bob and April as they walked.

Bob was the first we heard speak. "April, you know why Breanne broke up with Davey?"

"Yes," April beamed.

"How can you know?" Bob gasped, surprised. "She cannot even tell Davey."

April just shrugged. "You know, Breanne is girl. She tell things to other girl. This way, I can hear everything. Everyone gossip and it get back to me!"

"She is bored with him, yeah?" Bob replied, entertained.

"You can say that," April grinned. "But I cannot say any more or I will die."

"Who will kill you?" Bob asked. "I cannot tell."

Grinning, April shrugged again. "I cannot tell too. You can never know since you are boy and you will maybe tell Davey. Davey will be very sad if he finds out."

Giving her a funny look, Bob inquired, "When did you care about Davey?"

"This time I can care," April informed him. "I cannot hurt Davey. Sorry, Bob."

"Please?" Bob gave her puppy eyes. "I promise I cannot tell him."

"I promise I cannot tell you," April sighed apologetically. "Sorry, Bob." She walked off. After standing there for a second, looking sad, Bob kicked a pencil that was lying on the floor and went off the other way.

"Ooh," Sam hissed under her breath. "Dramatic, dramatic. I hope that April will get with Bob soon."


During Math class that day, Davey left the room to 'get some water and go to the bathroom', which in essence meant he would be gone a while. All of my students turned to each other.

"Who do you think Davey likes now?" Bob asked, especially to Katelyn and Jessy.

"Still Breanne, of course," Katelyn groaned. "There's no way someone can get over someone else that quickly."

"True," Jessy told him. "Why do you care, anyway? It doesn't matter who we think he likes. It only matters who he actually likes, and that's Jessy."

"He likes me!" April shot up. Everyone gave her weird stares. Hastily, she sat down. "Sorry."

Suddenly, someone burst into the room. The room went quiet.

"Calm down," Jay laughed, stepping in. "It's not my brother, whom you were so obviously talking about. He's still in the bathroom."

"And you know this how?" I inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"I saw him going in," Jay shrugged. "The senior class wishes to perform a skit for our younger students, if that's all right with you, Mr. Benson?"

"Fine with me," I replied, and all of my students cheered, especially the girls that thought Jay was 'super flaming hot'. Laughing internally, I asked Jay, "What skit are you going to put on? Is it for English class?"

Jay smirked, flashing rows of perfectly white teeth. "Well, in truth, it's more of a movie than a skit, because we filmed it. But the movie is of Hamlet by Shakespeare."

"All right," I said dubiously. Does this guy do everything? "Do you have all the equipment that you need?"

"Yeah, we do," Jay turned to all of them then. He grinned, and I could almost see all of the girls in the room swoon. Only Olivia still looked him directly in the eye. "Shall we start?"

"Yes, we shall," chorused the rest of the older high schoolers, shuffling to get everything ready. There was Haley, Raleigh, Soo Yun, Jay, Cale, Jake, Vance and a couple of others I didn't recognize. Finally, everything was ready and they were about to turn on the movie when Davey burst in.

"Jay?" Davey asked, obviously confused. "What are you doing here?"

"Hey, little bro," Jay grinned and patted Davey's back. "We're just here to show our movie. Sit down and don't worry about a thing, you'll definitely enjoy it."

Flaming red, Davey slumped down in his seat (which was still beside Katelyn, I hadn't bothered to change it). She shot him an apologetic look and he shrugged resentfully. From in front of him, Jay grinned and I heard him whisper, "You like Katelyn, don't ya, kid?"

"Do not," Davey whispered, looking a bit afraid.

The movie began, and everyone watched in interest as their production of Hamlet flashed across the screen. They'd begun it with King Hamlet dying, but not showing who did it. Jay had been cast as the young son of King Hamlet, and I have to admit he did a fantastic job. His emotions seemed pure. The only one who wasn't pleased with his performance was Davey.

Davey slumped back in his seat even more every time Jay came on the screen. One thing that almost everyone knew about Davey was that he couldn't act to save his life, which seemed to be the exact opposite of his brother.

I glanced over at Olivia, who was sitting beside Tom. Tom had come in to watch the movie…well, I don't know when. His arm was around her shoulder. Grinning, she placed her head on his shoulder.

By the end of the movie, Hamlet gives Horatio his dying wish and then dies after killing King Claudius. Almost the entire classroom was in tears but Davey, who was almost on the floor by this point. The room filled with applause.

The bell rang, interrupting the applause. "Class dismissed!" I called.

Almost everyone who left said "Amazing job" or something similar to Jay, everyone except Davey, who just offered Jay a half-hearted smile before leaving. I thanked them all for coming and then walked out, some distance behind Davey and Bob.

"Ah na man, you are playboy," Bob laughed. "First you like the Breanne, now Katelyn!"

"I am not," Davey scowled. "I don't like Katelyn."

"Then why you so mad that she like Jay's show?" Bob questioned.

"I don't know," Davey growled.

That made two of us.


Later, I talked to Davey. "How are you doing?"

"As well as a boy can do, I guess," Davey sighed dejectedly. "Why are girls so confusing?"

I shrugged. "One of the many mysteries of the world, I guess."

Up joined the conversation then. "AH, DAVEY! Why are you upset?"

"I'm not upset," Davey tried to smile. "I'm fine."

"Is it because Breanne break up with you?" Up asked. "Because you cannot like her. She is super annoying, man! Why you like her? Super selfish!"

"I don't know," Davey frowned.

Suddenly, Ana joined the conversation. "You should like Katelyn!"

Up frowned at her. "Ah na, Ana! You cannot make him playboy!"

"I will not!" Ana protested. "I am trying to help him out."

"Help who out?" Katelyn asked, jumping in.

I sighed, realizing how very impossible it was to have a private or even semi private conversation at this school. Whenever you were trying to have a one on one chat, it turned into a one on twenty or so chat. But it was still hilarious, the comments that people made about particular situations.

Grinning, I threw in, "Davey needs help."

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