Re-Telling Tales

Chapter One: Index

Chapter Two: What Happens After Dark (K+)

Forks is a quiet town, its citizenry peace-loving and law-abiding. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens, and that's the way they like it. That is, until the rats come. Something has to be done - so the mayor sends for the ratkillers.

Chapter Three: A Minute Past Midnight (M)

There's a Christmas party at little Isabella's house, and Great-uncle Carlisle has brought her a splendid gift - it's a model castle, and there is even a toy prince. Late in the night though, Carlisle does something to the clock, and Isabella finds that she is no longer a child, and the prince is no longer a toy.

Chapter Four: The Lake Song (T)

My name is Beautiful and my father is the chief. A suitable match will have to be found for me amongst the wellborn youths of our society. But I espy a prince from another clan, and I make my own choice.

Chapter Five: Click and Send (T)

My mother has been embarrassing me pretty much since I was old enough to be aware of it, but her latest antic really takes the cake. She's set me up with her husband's brother! The only way out of my predicament is to manufacture a boyfriend who rates higher than Uncle on the prestige chart, like, say - a doctor. Can anybody find me a doctor boyfriend by this afternoon?

Chapter Six: Gossip Gurl (K+)

I'm not one to spread rumors, but you know those three Cullen girls? Seriously, you're not going to believe this, but I heard...

Chapter Seven: A Darkness of Red (K+)

It's difficult for me to get out on my own as my father ensures I am never unaccompanied, but one day I manage to elude my companions, and surely the Gods are smiling on me, because the one person I have ever wanted to be alone with suddenly comes past.

Chapter Eight: Love's Blue Flowers pt 1 (M)

I have two best friends - Angela and Tanya, and I have a huge crush on a boy - Edward. Normally best friends support you and give you helpful advice on guy-related matters, but mine are useless. Muddling through the quagmire is something I'm just going to have to do on my own.

Chapter Nine: Love's Blue Flowers pt 11

Chapter Ten: Love's Blue Flowers pt 111

Chapter Eleven: Witch They Called Me (K+)

When Isabelle was visited by an angel in the night, there was nobody she could turn to. If she spoke of what had happened, she would have been pronounced lunatic and imprisoned. The angel continued to visit, and he told her an army was on its way and she would have to defend her people. Isabelle didn't want to believe him, but one dreadful day, his dire predictions came true.

Chapter Twelve: Belle (K+)

A knight is found wandering in a region ravaged by some curse of nature, where the trees are bare of leaves, and the grass underfoot is parched and browned. He appears fevered, and delirious, and his tale is something that can scarce be believed.

Chapter Thirteen: Not Your Average Wolf (M)

Once upon a time a wolf was tripping merrily along in the forest when a pretty girl happened to come by and tempt him, by being luscious. What's a poor wolf to do?

Chapter Fourteen: These Shoes Are Made For Dancing (T)

Bella hasn't seen her Dad for three years, so when she goes to visit him for summer vacation, it's to be expected that things will be a little awkward. What she doesn't expect is to find a ready-made step-family. The other thing she doesn't expect is to meet a handsome prince!

Chapter Fifteen: What's In A Name? (K+)

What's in a name? Depends what that name is...

Chapter Sixteen: Buccaneers Part 1 (M)

It's all rum and rust and ropes, and your fears and dreams and hopes may or may not come true on the ocean blue...

Chapter Seventeen: Buccaneers Part 2

Chapter Eighteen: Buccaneers Part 3

Chapter Nineteen: Buccaneers Part 4

Chapter Twenty: Buccaneers Part 5

Chapter Twenty-One: Buccaneers Part 6