Author's Notes:

So... Today (August 12th), I reread this story and decided that there needed to be a few changes. Basically the same as before, but what I think is a little improved. So! If you have read the first 4 chapters before this, you might want to skim through them again. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

Also, this story begins right before Season 5's The Performer, with mentionings of Season One, Episode 18. So... if you haven't seen them and you want to watch them before reading this. Stop now. If you haven't seen them, I will try to explain in the story to give you enough understanding that you get what's going on.


JJ poked Reid, who immediately jumped at the contact. He looked around to see JJ and Garcia looking at him amused.

"What happened?"

"You fell asleep. You're supposed to be watching TV with us. We're trying to help you blend in more. Normalizing."

It had became a routine. Every Tuesday night for the last few months, if they weren't on a case, they would go to one of three's residence and watch a movie or a tv show. JJ had bought him a small television for his birthday, in attempt to help him get more in touch with popular culture. So far, it didn't seem to be working. Spencer would fall asleep or Henry would be fussy. Something would get in the way of the actual movie going, but the time spent together was playful and nice. Their friendship had grown at the very least.

"Right, right. Sorry." He licked his lips, looking at the screen. Commercials were playing. How were commercials going to make him more social? He looked at JJ, who watch concentrating on the screen. She grinned a little and hit him in the shoulder.

"Hey, isn't that that girl? Lily?"

He turned to see what she was talking about and leaned in a little. "Lila. Yeah, that's... that's her."

JJ turned to look at him, seeing how his eyes scanned over her, paying complete attention to the ad. She smiled a little.

"You still like her."

Garcia looked at him, with a raised eyebrow. "You know Derek did that they kissed in the pool."

"And he did take forever to say goodbye.." JJ said, casually to Garcia, their eyes both on Reid, who was blushing profusely.

"We.. That was a long time ago. She's obviously doing well and probably doesn't even remember who I am anymore."

Garcia rolled her eyes. "Let's Google her. See what she's been up to."

Spencer watched as the woman opened her computer and browser. He tried not to look interested, but when pictures of the woman popped up, his eyes were on her screen.

JJ whistled. "Two years have been good to her."

Spencer's eyes were stuck on a specific picture and Garcia noticing it, clicked it. JJ watched as the man's jaw clenched as his eyes moved down the picture before looking at it herself. She grinned seeing Lila in a bathing suit, posed.

"He is a man." She mused.

Spencer turned to her confused. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Means you look like you want to do dirty things to the superstar Lila has seemingly become." Garcia informed him with a wink.

Spencer leaned back in his chair, his face bright red. "I... don't know what you're talking about."

He folded his arms over his chest and crossed his legs.

"Trying to hide something there, Reid?" Garcia teased some more and Spencer only seemed to turn redder.

JJ grinned, looking over the woman's shoulder. "Seems after her stalker case, she quit that show and started to do movies. She was in a horror flick two years and has been in a few romantic comedies this year. She's the new 'It' girl."

"She's a hottie, Reid. You should call her."

"Oh yes. After almost 3 and a half years, I will randomly call her and say what, exactly?"

"Hi? Hi would work."

Spencer looked at Garcia, who grinned at him.

JJ smiled. "You know... there is a case in LA we could take. She's in LA for the launch of her new movie. You guys could meet up... talk about old times."

Spencer's eyes moved back to Garcia's screen before biting on his bottom lip. "You think she'd want to see me?" He said, softly and JJ and Garcia shared a glance.

"It's worth a shot." Garcia said. She typed some more before looking up at him,

"Do you still remember her number?"

He started rambling off the numbers like it had been yesterday and JJ rolled her eyes.

"That's it. We're going to LA."

Criminal Minds || Still Watching

Spencer licked his lips before exhaling. It was just a phone call. A simple phone call. He could do this. He dialed the number and held his breath, waiting for an answer.

"Parker Dunley speaking."

"Parker... hi. It's,... Spencer.. Reid."

"Spencer! Hey. How are you doing? Still catching the bad guys, huh?"

Spencer cleared his throat. "Right. Yeah, I'm fine. I... I'm in L.A..."

"No shit? Working?"

"Yeah. There's been a...Actually, I was calling to see if..."

"You should come out with us tonight. Lila's in town. She's a big movie star now, man. You should see it. You thought it was bad before with the cameras, now she's on TMZ and shit. We're going out tonight to celebrate her movie, but she'd flip if she saw you."

Spencer's eyebrows raised. "Flip?"

"Yeah, man. You saved her life. No girl forgets that."

He blushed a little. "I was just... doing my job."

"Yeah, right. You think you can make it? 10 o'clock. Boulevard 3."

"Yeah... sure. I'll.. Are you sure?"

"Yeah man. Come on. It'll be a surprise. She'll love it."

"Reid. There's a lead." Morgan said, looking at the man.

Spencer nodded before turning back to this conversation. "I'll be there. I have to go though."

"Alright, man, see you tonight."

Criminal Minds || Still Watching

"You want me to wear the pink shirt? I got shot wearing that shirt! That's... That's bad luck!"

JJ gave him a look. "You don't believe in luck. Hence the reason it's in your go bag."

"Still! I shouldn't wear it!"

"Then why did you pack it?" She asked and he frowned.

"I... need to do laundry."

JJ chuckled before calling Garcia. She'd agree with her, she knew it.

"Hey sweetie, how's my genius doing?" Garcia said as JJ put her on speaker phone.

"Tell him to wear the pink shirt."

"Wear the pink. It'll accent your newly acquired curves." Garcia said.

"Curves?" Spencer said, looking down at himself confused.

JJ sighed. The man was clueless. There was no use to trying to explain. "Just put on the pink shirt with the black pants and vests. No tie."

"But I like my ties. She...likes my ties."

"Oh, do tell us more, sweet prince." Garcia said, a smile obviously on her face.

JJ grinned. "He's blushing."

"Wear the tie. Where'd you say you were going again. I'm going to have to hack this."

"And record it so I can watch later!"

Spencer frowned. "...What I supposed to do when I get there?"

JJ ruffled his hair. "You just be you, Spence."

"But she's completely famous now. She's on...TMZ."

Garcia laughed. "You have been paying attention!"

"What? No. Parker mentioned it, so I assume it's something new with the media and popular culture."

JJ chuckled a little, grabbing the remote and turning the tv on to the channel, where the media shows were playing.

"Get dressed. watch some tv. Calm down. Everything'll be fine."

"Easy for you to say." Spencer muttered to himself before looking up to see JJ walking out of his room.

"What if I fall? Clubs aren't known for the handicapped compatability!"