"…And so he says, "That's not a carrot; that's my wife! Haha! Get it?" A certain green being nudged his silent audience. The teen, noticeably annoyed snapped her book shut in frustration and shot a murderous glance at the boy.

"That was not funny, Beast Boy. I don't know why you try."

The mentioned grinned, knowing his teammate's patience was wearing thin. He'd been trying to get the stoic girl to laugh for an hour and a half- the sun had long set and it was nearing six.

"You didn't even listen!" He whined at her, pouting childishly.

"And still you try…"

"Aw, Raven, give it a chance." He usually would have left the girl alone long ago, but everyone was fed up after surviving a week of Beast Boy's endless antics. Raven was the only one spared- until today.

He was feeling particularly rambunctious since it was that time of the year. While his human could keep it at bay, there was no denying that heat made the green teen a little more adventurous. He was more energetic than usual (some might say more suicidal) and he had to find a positive outlet. Annoying his teammates just so happened to be a side effect.

"I've been trying to get you to laugh for hours!" He continued, but stopped as a look of panic flickered over her face. "What's wrong, I-"

"Has it really been that long?" She asked in her careful monotone.

"Well, time flies when you're have fun with a handsome- hey! Where are you going?"

During his self-adoration fest, his company had stood and briskly walked out of the main room. He rushed to trail her. "Hey, wait up-!"

He thanked his reflexes as he almost ran right into her, but managed to skid to a swift halt.

"Beast Boy." Her tone was a cool warning tone that made me shiver. "I have things to do. Leave me alone." She disappeared into her room, cape fluttering behind her. All he could do was call after her: "Later then!"

With a half-hearted wave at the closed door, he sulked back to the main room. He sat wondering what to do. His skin prickled as it always did when Raven glared at him- her warning not to say anything as she made her way out of the tower. For a while he flipped through channels, but that got boring and the hero began to fidget. Then, he played some Gamestation, but that made him restless too. His mind kept wandering to his dark haired teammate.

Where did she go? What was she doing? Come to think of it, where did she always go when she disappeared for hours after nightfall? The first time it happened years ago, they'd accepted her refusal to explain and left it at that. It had never really affected her or the team either way, so they had no reason to pry other than curiosity. Robin had chalked it up to Raven finding a hobby- even since defeating The Brotherhood of Evil, crime was in a loll. Beast Boy had nearly forgotten about it.

He tried for a little longer to wrestle the thoughts way, but to avail. That was when he decided- he was going to find out. It seemed perfect- he'd satisfy his curiosity and pacify his restlessness in one go.

He started by following her scent (in hound-dog form) to the east of the island, towards the city. Unfortunately, she would have had to fly to get from the island to the city, so he'd loose the trail. His dog-tongue panted out, in thrill of the hunt. His beasts' lust stirred as he thought of it. He shook it away and switched to bird form- wincing when he realized he chose a raven. While he felt the lust for pretty much every girl (a side effect of his polygamous forms), his monogamous counterparts had a strong inclination towards the dark female. He didn't understand it anymore than any other spontaneous urges he sometimes felt. They were just there. Luckily, with a whole lifetime worth of control, he could deny his animalistic whims with minimal efforts.

He dropped back to the ground and switched back to a blood hound. He caught a very faint whiff of his target- an enchanting mix of green tea and lavender and magic. After an hour of tracing it, the smell got really strong, carrying with it a hint of excitement. If Raven's scent hadn't been so unique, he would have doubled back to check himself. Though the girl would emit her emotions through her smell- something she could never block and, frankly, Beast Boy would never tell her about- excitement was one he had never smelt on her before.

He looked up at the building in front of him, his jaw dropping. It was a dance theater- the marquee stunned him- in proud letters, it announced: "A night of Exploration in Salsa, Samba and Tango! Featuring: Heilo, Incendio, and Máscara."

The green teen laughed to himself- who would have thought Raven liked to watch dancing? And such cheesy names! It was downright hilarious! He looked at the sign again, his side-splitting laughter ebbed. No way he was gonna let her live this down once he found her! With a naughty chuckle, he shifted to a mouse and scurried in through a crack in the door. He was an hour late after all- the entrance was already barred.

The place was packed with people dressed fancily. Glasses of wine and champagne rested throughout the place- waiters scurried to tables with couples chatting quietly. Raven's scent was lost in this place- replaced by scents of perfumes, excitement, joy and sweat. He grumbled- or rather squeaked in his mouse form- and scurried unnoticed to a table close to the polished dance floor. Currently, no one was dancing. He shifted into a fly under the table and flew to the wall, scanning quickly for his teammate. She was no where to be seen. He realized with an inner frown than he had never seen her in fancy clothes before anyways, so he was unlikely to notice her.

Besides, the thought of seeing Raven dressed up was alluring indeed. The heat swelled inside him again, but he pushed it away roughly. 'Focus, focus, focus, foc-' His musings were interrupted by a bodiless voice.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" The buzz of chatter died at the sound. "Introducing, the worthy Incendio and his partner- Chispas, bringing to you the Brazilian Samba!"

A polite round of claps greeted the couple as they took their positions on the floor- rather the female one did. The lights above the table dimmed as the stage lights shone brighter. The woman wore a tight silver top that ended under her breasts and a mid-thigh matching silver skirt. Around her belly button was a bejeweled swirl of red stones that matched the shade of her short, curly hair. Even though he didn't know this woman, Beast Boy couldn't help but enjoy the sight- she was hot.

A seduction tune began to play and she launched herself into the sexiest dance the teen had ever witnessed. The swirl on her belly contorted as her hips swayed to the fast beat. A guy clad in a tuxedo appeared beside her and she through out an arm to him. He grabbed her hand and spun her into him. Halfway to him, he lifted her up, throwing one of her legs over his shoulder. She arched off him and into a split onto the floor. She seemed to float up. The man, Incendio no doubt, reached for her, but she shimmed backwards with only a hand on his chest keeping him backwards. He grabbed her hand, pulling her towards him; she stiffened and fell backwards, only to be caught by him. He tossed her from that position to her feet. She immediately launched into the same dance as before, with him echoing from behind. She did her dance in a circle, once, twice, then grabbed his outreached hand and danced around him. They switched hands and he pulled her into another spin before wrapping his hand under her breast and the other on her thigh and pulled her up. She wrapped the leg he was holding around his and arched her back in a sensual way. She was released and he dropped down just in time to avoid a high kick. She twirled and fell backwards, all the way down to his crouching form. He grabbed her and she arched her back once more- with that momentum she sprang back up. He grabbed her hand, now standing and they did the little dance while grasping each other. He spun her into him and dipped her back into a sensual arch as the music swelled to an abrupt end.

Polite applause sounded as the two heaving individuals leapt into another intimate dance. Beast Boy's head was spinning. He couldn't believe dancing could be this interesting. That sexy number did little to calm his animalistic lust; it was… hot. 'No wonder Raven came.' He chuckled inside. The dance fascinated him- how could anyone be that flexible? And how could she dance with those heels? They were high, the highest he'd seen in real life. If she fell, it would be the end of her career, no doubt.

The music stopped for a second time and the two exited offstage. The chatter returned as the lights relight on the crowd. The fly on the wall tried to picture why Raven would go here- certainly not for the sexiness of it. Just imagining her considering something so seductive sent his lust into frenzy; but his logic refused to see it. The dark haired girl was emotionless and detached from every feeling he struggled with. He shrugged the thoughts away with an inward sigh and recalled his favorite parts of the previous dances.

"Ladies and Gentleman!" Just like before, the chatter ceased and Beast Boy was yanked into reality. Of course, if this dance was anything like before, he wouldn't mind. He could just find Raven after the show. "We give you what you've been waiting for! The famous, world-renowned tango dancer that whirls men into temptation- Máscara!" The crowd erupted in an applause that would put wrestling enthusiasts to shame. The animals in the hero stirred at the description and he had no idea if it was a good or a bad thing. "And her guest dancer, the magnificent Oculto!

All the lights switched off- even the stage remained dark. Then, a single spotlight illuminated a female.

She was medium height with a body that would put Chispas' to shame. She stood on high red heels with black lace patterns and a black ribbon that twirled around her calves to hold them there. The black and red perfectly matched the dress she wore. The dress ended mid-thigh in the front, but sloped to knee length in the back. Black lace created off-the-shoulder straps. Like the shoes, a lace overlaid the whole dress, which was skin tight. The cut danced over the top of her breasts, but not in a slutty way. Her hair was pulled into a short black ponytail. Most noticeably, however, a black mask covered half her face, hiding all her features save dark red lips that matched her pale skin perfectly. Beast Boy's stomach dropped at the sight- the animal nature inside him was raising with a vengeance.

The music started a hauntingly slow tune. Click, click- the music rang- the dancer rolled her shoulders in time. The second time, another spotlight illuminated a man in an entirely black suit. Heavy drums beat out a rhythmic beat; the two stepped closer as it boomed. Then, an arm reach away, the music paused- the couple followed its example. Swiftly, Oculto ripped off his coat, leaving him in a half buttoned red shirt- the coat flew discarded into the crowd. The turned their back to the audience with a loud stomp in time with the rhythmic piano noise, then whirled into the basic form. Two steps towards him and he let her twirl in place as he shifted sides. She jumped into an effortless lift as he twirled her around and dropped her in low position, one knee kneeling with the other leg stretched out in a unending line. She wasted no time and to the beat of the piano pluckings, kicked her leg in a series of snappy moves around him. Then she fell forward unto him with grace and he dragged her down the stage. She then regained herself and stepped backwards- he followed her with every step. Her hand shot forward, pushing him into a kneel on the ground. He offered a hand and she rested a flexible leg on his shoulder before kicking him away as she let go of his hand. As he crawled backwards, she stalked after in several moves that looked distinctly like kicking. At the edge of the stage, she lunged at him, only to stop expertly extremely close to his legs. He jumped up, outraged, and they circled, stomping on beat. She grabbed his head and they spun, pausing so she could dip him down, back up and pushed him away. He grabbed one of the hands and twirled her in, lifting her and gracefully setting her down so she was closer to the edge of the stage. Resting a hand on his chest, she moved him backwards to the center of the stage and he stumbled backwards on beat. The drums grew heavier, faster as the two rounded each other; every time the drums grew erratic, she would shimmy, her feet shifting in fancy footwork in perfect time. Finally, he rushed forward, twisting her into him so he stood behind her. She shifted to the side, hooking a foot in between his legs and rubbing upwards before twirling herself back in front of him. His hand shot up, and hers followed slowing rubbing upwards. His other hand snaked around her midsection. She spun in her cage twice before facing him. Her leg shot up (supported by his hand) and she leaned into him, their lips surprisingly close to touching. The music ended the moment they halted; the lights blinked off as soon as the music did. Everyone broke into wild applause. Only five minutes later, different music began and the pair launched into a series of impressive and sensual moves.

Beast Boy watched with growing arousal as the couple did three more dances, each becoming more provocative and complicated. His was the opposite of where he figured Raven would be and what he considered dance recitals to be. He thought his teammate would be in a creepy bookstore, or a darkened café. He also imagined dance recitals as a snob's pastime with lots of tu-tus. The costumes here were surprisingly sexier than his creation's. But he couldn't observe from a wall all day- he needed to find Raven.

A quick scan revealed no one he knew. His mind spun, in a whirl of lust and concern. Had the dark-haired girl known he would follow and led him astray? If so, did she know about his heat as well? Had she been here, but sensed him and fled in order to avoid taunting? Had she been kidnapped? Worry threw itself into the emotional cocktail slowly affecting the green hero.

The show was over and people filed out while others lingered to talk longer or finish their drinks. He didn't see Raven's violet hair on anyone, but she could be disguised to avoid attention? She hadn't been when she left the tower. He sighed at the hopelessness of it all and flew out the open doors, into the night.

He needed to get back to the tower.

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