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'Demon thought'

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A certain silver haired ninja watched with barely hidden rage as he stared at the demon brat responsible for the death of his sensei. "Pakun I do not need your service anymore." Pakun looked at Kakashi in surprise "Kakashi I need to go tell Lady Tsunade that Naruto is alive." He said before Kakashi delivered a sharp kick to the summons side sending him into a tree before he was dispelled "Alive he is very much dead." he said in a cold tone as he started towards Naruto's body.

Pain totally unending pain racked Naruto's body as the Kyuubi's energy tried to fix the two gaping holes in his chest as he slowly dragged himself towards the village. He clenched his teeth as he dragged himself closer before his body collapsed as a pair of feet drew closer to him. Naruto forced himself to look up before seeing his sensei Kakashi standing over him. "Ka..Kakashi sensei." he said with a slight smile as blood ran down the corner of his mouth. Kakashi's face was blank as he stared down at the blond before a look of pure and utter hate crossed his face. He kicked Naruto in the chest sending him skidding to the edge of the cliff "You demon I fucking knew you would screw this up you worthless piece of shit." Kakashi said his words laced with venom as he drew closer "Its all your fault you killed my sensei and insult his image by looking like him, finally I will be able to finish what he started." Naruto stared up at him in shock as Kakashi lifted him off the ground with his left hand, his right hand crackling with the power of the chidori "DIE demon." he said before shoving his hand into Naruto's chest splattering the ground with blood before he threw him off of the cliff throwing him off the cliff.

Naruto hit the water hard and as he struggled for the surface only in vain he felt his head start to swim and his vision blur before slowly fading to black "I am going to die like this?" was the last thought that crossed his mind before oblivion.

Kakashi stood on the cliff and smiled slightly finally rid of the demon. He reached down and picked up the necklace he had torn from Naruto before tossing him off the cliff. "This will help convince the others that he is dead." he said to himself before he shushined away to clean up before going to the Hokage.

Word spread quickly through the village that the demon was dead and celebration spread quickly except for a select group. 12 genin and 2 jonin people stood around the Hokages desk as she waited to break the news to them. "Now that you are all here-" she was about to continue speaking when she was interrupted by Kiba "We are not all here Naruto and Sakura aren't here." Tsunade looked down as she sighed "Thats why I called you here... its about Naruto." The others gre silent as Skiamaru looked down knowing what she was about to say. "During the Sasuke retrieval mission Naruto..." she bit her lip to keep the tears from forming in her eyes this didn't go unnoticed by the others "Naruto's body was unable to be recovered..." Lee's eyes went wide "Body? Then you means he's-" he said seeing Tsunade's red eyes and tear streaked face she had so carefully hidden. The first to react was Hinata who collapsed onto the ground crying, she was caught by Neji and Shino who and hugged her trying to comfort her. The Jonin senseis looked down knowing the pain of losing a comrade as was in shock she had barely known the knucklehead but he had done so much for all of them. Garra left he just vanished but his sister Temari still saw the tears that had been slipping down his cheek before he vanished. Ino was leaning on Choji for support as Shikamaru gently patted her shoulder. Lee was in shock the person who he had grown to consider his rival and friend was gone. Kiba just held Akamaru who whimpered sadly. The Ichiruka's heard the news and shut down there stand, Tenchi held his daughter Ayame tightly as she sobbed into his shoulder. Kohonahamaru was emotionally dead he had lost almost everyone his Grandpa and Naruto he just sat in his room staring at pictures of the two not even reacting to the world around him. Even Anko felt some sadness at the lose of the gaki, she had admired his do or die attitude and never say no attitude, even her prisoner the sole survivor of the sound four almost felt regret of the little 'shit head' as she called him. While many partied the few who were close to him mourned because there would never be a ninja like Kohona's Number one Knucklehead ever again.

Deep within the reaches of the darkness under Kohona a wet form dragged itself from the underground river. Naruto had managed to somehow survive the drowning waters but just barely hos body was horridly mangled as managed to get to his feet. Blood dripping from the many gaping wounds covering his body his body was almost moging on its own as he moved toward the only visible thing in the stretching darkness, a single light faint that shone through the darkness. His body was running purely on determination and will to survive to get back to the people he cared for. He ground his teeth as he was finally able to see what was giving off the strange light. It was a strange stone ruby red and glowing, he felt a strange desire to run but shook it off 'I can use it for a light at least.' he thought as he reached out and grabbed it before a massive flood of pain shot through his body his hand burned and he couldn't drop the stone. As he fell back he heard a strange voice ringing through his mind as he felt as if something was pushing into his mind sharply "The one who is fooled is the idiot" Naruto fought back mentally at this intrusion before something happened the invasion slowed and soon he felt as if things were startign to blend within his mind memories flashed across his vision that didn't belong to him as well as names he never heard before passed through his mind. he then heared that voise again "Nice to meet you Naruto. You're quite a guy to have come here, my name is Envy."

Naruto opened his eyes slowly to find himself in a large sewer like area and sighed knowing where he was "Damn fox." he said clenching his fists in anger as he started for the cage that held the fuzzball. "Hey Fox!" he said he wanted to kill the damn fox but instead of the large red glaring eyes looking at him he saw something different. One eye was all black except for a large purple pupil and the other was white but with multiple small red pupils staring at him. "You remind me of the runt." it said in a strange almost echoing voice.

Naruto tilted his head confused "Your not the Fox-Teme." he said with a strange look The creature laughed before it seemed to shrink and a young man or a masculine girl walked up to the bars and grinned "Nope I must say though with his power I am going to be around along time, as I said before I am Envy the manifestation of Jealousy." he said with a wide smile "I was sealed into that stone you grabbed which forced my soul and yours to merge. I have to say your mind is kinda cozy reminds me of home almost. Naruto glared at him "So now I have a second person in my mind that is just great." he almost growled which caused Envy to laugh loudly "Wrong I ate the foxes power when I fused with you so its just you and me runt." Naruto had to resist the urge to throw himself at the black haired figure for the runt comment.

Naruto sighed "So why am I here?' he asked as he sank to the ground to sit crossing his legs and folding his arms while Envy did the same "it's simple since I am pretty much part of you, you have all my abilities and strengths so I am going to teach them to you and more. "Since your the new Envy." he added

Naruto felt confused "Wait your Envy." Envy shook his head "No I am a persona of your own mind that is here to teach you, when you have learned all I can teach you we will fuse completely and you will wake up." he explained "Anyone who takes the stone can become the new Envy at the cost of being human, your now what can be called a homunculus." he explained they talked for what seemed like hours as Envy explained everything about himself even the horrid things he had done but Naruto shrugged "Ninja do the same things." was all he said, the fusion with Envy had changed him and still was gone was his child like innocence which was replaced by the mind of a master manipulator. "Okay runt I am going to train your mind for the next three years while our powers change your body to suit it, so lets get to work." Envy said with a wild grin as Naruto returned the grin "When we are done your village is going to get a great surprise." he an Naruto laughed there laughs echoing through Naruto's mind each sounding the exact same.

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