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I stirred and felt an arm slung around my waist. I turned my head to see he was lying face down beside me with his arm resting across my stomach in a possessive hug; his even breathing and his light snoring were tell tale signs that he was still asleep. I slowly and carefully removed his arm so as not to disturb him, making sure he got the rest he needed. He had a day full of meetings yesterday and was already tired at the end of it. But being the stubborn ass that he was, he still insisted on having that dinner date with me he had kept on postponing.

I remembered last night and I couldn't keep the smile from appearing. He brought me to that fancy Italian restaurant, Bella Italia, where they served us their delicious tortellini and risotto dishes. Edward was so handsome that he attracted so much female attention it was embarrassing. But I couldn't find it in me to get jealous because he was so attentive the whole time we had our meal. The way he looked at me made my stomach flutter just remembering it.

I scanned the room and saw his discarded white tee on the couch nearby. I went to get the shirt and slowly put it over my naked body. When I was covered, I made my way to the bathroom to wash my face and tie my hair back before proceeding to the kitchen to make breakfast. It was only 6 in the morning but Edward was an early riser, so I knew he would be up anytime soon.

I was halfway done with the eggs and the toast when I felt his arms slide around me and wrap around my waist. He nuzzled my neck as he murmured, "Good morning babe."

"Hmmm," I replied as I finished the eggs and plated them. His chin was resting on my shoulders and the rubbing motion he was doing felt so good. I raised my hand to touch his cheek and he shifted his face to my hand so he could give my palm a kiss. I sighed content.

"You didn't have to do that," he protested as he released his arms around me, allowing me to move and get the orange juice from the fridge. "Leah's gonna be here any minute."

I looked at him with an incredulous expression on my face. "You know Mr. Cullen, you are one spoiled CEO," I said jokingly, as I gave him a wide smile. He was grinning back mischievously, because he really was a spoiled rich Cullen kid. He was in his boxers with no shirt on, looking every bit like a male underwear model. He was already sitting at the dining table at the far corner of the kitchen when I placed one plate in front of him. Perched across him, I ate my breakfast slowly

"I am not the CEO yet," he joked back, while he ate his toast, "Just the CEO trainee." I rolled my eyes and he laughed. It was the same and he knew it. In a couple of months, his father would be formally announcing his step down to allow his son to take over his current position as CEO of Cullen International - the biggest business under the Cullen Group Corporation. We stayed silent for a couple of minutes, just enjoying staring at each other while finishing our food.

"What time is your class?" he asked softly, nibbling on the last of his toast.

"I have my Lit. at 9," I informed. I was in my senior year in Columbia University under the Creative Writing program; I had transferred from LA this past summer before the school year started, following Rosalie to New York City. "And I have to go directly to the studio after that."

"Will you be able to have dinner with me tonight?" he asked hopeful. He was leaving for a 2 week business trip to Europe tomorrow with his older brother, Emmett; and I had a runway show in California the week he was due to arrive back making it almost a month before we saw each other again.

"I have the shoot scheduled for the whole day," I reminded him. "I'll just call if I get out early." I made myself useful and started to clean up.

"Leave it. Maria will do all that," he pushed himself from his seat and went to close the gap between us. He wrapped his arms around my waist. "You want me to bring you home?"

I touched his bare chest, running my hand up and down. His skin was warm and I liked the feel of his muscles twitching when I ran my hand over it. "Nah," I shook my head. "I called Angela to get me here." Angela, my personal assistant/secretary was always ready and able in most things. "She needs to get some of my stuff for the shoot, so I'm catching a ride with her." I gave him a smile, and pecked his cheek, before wrestling out of his arms to go have a shower.

Angela was due to pass by in less than half an hour and I needed to rush if I wanted to be ready by then. I had my shower in half the time I usually took it, and proceeded to find a suitable wardrobe for the day. It was early January, and this was my first day of class after the holidays. I was rummaging through the pieces of clothing Alice sent for me; extra clothes that Edward insisted I should have at his penthouse suite for when I spent the night. The distressed skinny jeans and red sweater I chose, covered with a Burberry quilted jacket were suitable enough not to gain unwarranted attention.

I was almost finished when Edward wandered into his walk-in closet, with only a towel wrapped around his hips, clearly just stepping out of the shower. I couldn't help but ogle him, his chest and his abs were muscled and toned, a clear indication that he worked out. The chain of thorns tattooed on his left bicep was clear even at this distance. I wanted to reach out and touch it, but I refrained since touching him would lead to something else that needed time, which was a luxury I didn't have right now. He gave me a small smirk, and I cocked a brow.

"Like what you see, Bella?" he asked smugly.

I didn't move so he took a couple of steps forward and pulled me to him. The black ankle boots I wore put me to level to his 6 feet 2 inches. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he dipped his head for a kiss, wrapping his hand around my hip. The kiss was starting to heat, his arousal poking me in the stomach, but the buzz coming from my phone unfortunately prevented things from escalating further. I groaned and reluctantly pulled away from him, giving him an apologetic smile before rummaging through my bag for my phone. It was Angela, informing me that she was downstairs waiting for me; I quickly gave Edward a kiss goodbye.

I was scheduled to shoot ads for Pixie Creations, a small designer company that I had signed on with to be their face. The pictures were for PC's Fall 2011 Collection, which were already late in its release. Alice, the owner, was already freaking out about it, thus the urgency of this shoot.

The hours passed in a blur of wardrobe changes and make-up retouches. Benjie the photographer was very efficient. He had a clear vision for the ads so it was easy for me to do the posing. Not to mention he was very precise on the different angles while he whizzed his camera at me. His skills made it possible to end the shoot early, which gave me ample time to call Jasper and have a quick coffee date with him before heading back to Edward's place.

Jasper was a childhood friend and like a brother to Rose and I. Now he was a famed author of a series of suspense novels under J.W Hale, it gave him many liberties like choosing his home. That was a perk he used when he transferred with us here.

Ignoring a bitching editor, Jasper still had time for a coffee with me. Knowing that he had gone out of his way just to meet made me melancholic. I missed the days when we weren't so busy with work that we hung out almost everyday. I sighed as I remembered those moments.

After the date with Jasper, I called Edward but it went directly to voice mail. Not bothering to leave a message, I decided to check whether I could catch Maria, his house help at home so I could gather the stuff I left in his suite this morning.

Edward and I had been dating for around 3 months now, less if you counted the days we spent our time together and we hadn't reached that point where he gave me the key to his apartment yet. It didn't bother me even though Rosalie thought otherwise. Mundane things, such as this, weren't worth getting pissy over. There were more things for me to worry about; like that internship Rosalie got me for Vanity. Sigh

Angela drove me to his place, informing me that she would be waiting in the car. I rode the private elevator to the penthouse suites situated at the 34th floor of the building; the building that Edward owned. My boyfriend's one freaking rich bastard! Luckily, I spotted Maria, as she was about to close the front door, allowing me to make this trip shorter by not having to look for her.

As I stepped inside I heard loud male voices coming from Edward's office. I was about to push the door of his office to let him know I was here, when I recognized his father's booming voice.

"What were you thinking, Edward?" he asked angrily. My heart started beating faster, and I felt chills shoot up my spine like a premonition of some sort. I pressed my ear against the door clearly picking up their conversation.

"It's not as bad as you think, Father," Edward said in a calm voice, but the tension was evident.

"What do you mean by not bad?" Carlisle hissed, as he seemed to get angrier. "I've only seen the captions on the television, but your name was plastered all over them! All of this is because of that girl that you are seeing." He was talking about me. Shit. "I can't imagine what kind of bullshit was written about you in those filthy entertainment magazines!"

My heart was racing as this heated conversation between them was clearly because of me. I closed my eyes to calm my nerves.

"You are carrying the Cullen name, and you are tainting it by being with her! My god Edward, she is a model for Christ sake! Of course she will be breakfast, lunch and dinner for reporters." Carlisle's voice was clear and insulting. "And you, you added fuel to the fire!"

"What do you want me to do?" he asked tight lipped. "Father, it's not even Bella's fault."

"So you mean all that bullshit about her with this Rosalie Hale isn't true?" he asked incredulously. "Or that whatever attention she is receiving now is not appreciated? You are naïve if you think that. Of course she loves it! They are like bloodsucking leeches when it comes to press attention."

How fucking dare he!

"Father, stop," Edward raged. I was still pressed against the door, unable to move away and stop eavesdropping. I was getting angrier by the second; my fists balled and my nails dug into my skin.

"I won't stop until I get it through that head of yours the humiliation you bring to our name by being associated with that Swan girl. It's not worth it!"

He didn't know me, yet he had the gal to blatantly insult me in front of his son, even if I was not supposed to hear what he was saying. What was really riling me up though was the fact that I couldn't hear one vehement protest coming from Edward. He was supposed to be my boyfriend. He was supposed to protect and defend me. But no, he didn't do anything remotely close to that. Fucking shit!

"And don't you think she's with you because you're a Cullen?" he asked, and I gasped at the worst of his insults.

He thought I was after their money. That shit was fucking funny. I would even have laughed with him on that one, if only those words he uttered didn't cut through me like shattered glass. I didn't even know who he was when I had that one-night stand with Edward a couple of months ago. That he was a Cullen or that the Cullen's were scions of a multi-billion dollar empire was lost on me, and frankly speaking I didn't really care.

"Isabella earns her own money." I heard Edward say, but his voice had a different edge to it, one that I couldn't quite figure out. But what was clear to me was the doubt he was clearly having already. My heart broke because it felt like he was betraying me with his father.

"What, 10 million a year? Less?" Carlisle mocked in a voice that I was really starting to hate. "Edward, that amount is just the cost that we spend on our combined birthdays. Don't you see, she could most likely be just after your money."

I wanted to barge in and confront him or slap his face for insinuating I was a gold digger; but I stayed put, trying to rein in my anger. I waited for Edward to say something but he didn't, there was only silence.

Oh my god, he truly believes him!

"Didn't I always warn you about these gold digging bitches?" Edward's father said. I lifted my ear from the door, deciding I heard enough. I turned and ran to his bedroom. I wanted to cry, to shout, to do something that would ease the pain that was tearing my heart apart, but I did nothing. I just sat on the chair, waiting for something to happen, something I had no control of.

The breathtaking view through his window did nothing for me now. Some other day, I would have gaped at its beauty, but not today. The uneasy feeling just wouldn't go away and I knew something bad would happen. I could feel it.

I heard him step into the bedroom. His father had already left since he was here in front of me.

"Bella, I didn't know you're here," he said cautiously. I slowly turned to him, my eyes conveying all the feelings I was having. He saw it, the sadness clearly reflected through my eyes, and he released a deep sigh.

"So you agree with your father?" I asked, looking directly into his eyes. I held my trembling hands locked together so he couldn't see how affected I was. What his father's harsh words had done to me.

His eyes widened slightly in surprise, but he quickly hid it. The moment he saw me sitting in his room was a confirmation I had overheard his conversation with his father. Maybe he expected more drama than what I was giving him or he thought I would just leave it alone.

He stayed quiet and moved to the nightstand where he fished out a cigarette and lit it. He didn't utter a word.

"So is your silence a yes?" I mumbled and tried to stay calm, but the hitching of my breath betrayed me.

"Bella, can we not talk about this?" he asked exasperatedly. He took a long drag from his cigarette before sitting down on his bed. "I'm leaving tomorrow, and I can't deal with all this shit right now."

"Shit! You don't want to talk about it because, you damn well know you believe what he just said," I growled, my voice conveying the anger roaring inside me. I took a deep breath before asking what I was afraid to know the answer to. "What will happen between us after this?"

He stared at me, his eyes full of emotions I couldn't decipher; then he ran his hand through his hair, a gesture he unconsciously did when he was tense. I was unwilling to just let this go, so I raised my brow in question. I got what I wanted, the answer I was waiting for. He just shrugged. My breathing hitched with that one little gesture. The shrug said all I needed to hear. I closed my eyes brokenly and prevented the tears from spilling. I counted to 10 before opening them again, willing the tears to stay inside my eyes.

I moved to him so he could see and hear me clearly so there wouldn't be a chance of me repeating myself. After I said what I needed to say - I wanted to get away from him as far away as possible.

"I'll tell you what Edward," I said in the calmest voice I could muster. I held his gaze so there wouldn't be any misunderstanding to what I was about to tell him. "You know I am not all fun of drama so I'll make it easier for you. This…" I gestured between us, "is over."

He frowned and his eyes turned black, his jaw twitching. I continued. "I thought that we had something special, but I guess I was wrong." He didn't even bother to defend me to his father when he started accusing me of just being in this relationship for the money. He should know better. I thought he did know better.

"Bella, you're just a girl… " I didn't let him finish as I raised my hand to stop him. Asshole!

"Well, you just proved to me that you really are the asshole they keep on insisting that you are!" I spat at him.

"Yeah, I guess I am," he hissed and I scowled at him. He stood from the bed and started moving towards me. I stepped backwards.

"I guess this is goodbye," I said firmly as I stared at him a moment longer than I intended to. I was reigning in the sobs threatening to erupt from my chest, desperate to hold it in until I was out of his sight. But I needed to do one more thing; I told him the information I thought would be very important to him. "Don't worry; I'll make sure nobody will bother you and your precious name again!"

With that, I turned and left. I was trembling with anger. The whole fucking Cullen clan could go to hell!

And then I burst into tears.

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