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Fear is common, everyone feels it at least once in their life.

There are many different things people fear. People can fear death, bugs, weapons, animals, loneliness, and sometimes they even fear other people. If your wondering why I'm talking about fears, it's because I am about to introduce you to a man that has a particularly unusual fear.

"Hurry the fuck up!" an albino man yelled through the line of people to the poor boy at the register.

Meet Hidan.

A profane and seemingly dense man. He hates the cold, humidity, Tobi, coffee, and he hates having to wait in line while the punk at the register takes his sweet precious time scanning the items.

"Shut up, un! You'll get us kicked out of the store!"

This is Hidan's best friend- Deidara.

A man with a feminine face and long blonde hair. He has a strange habit of saying 'un' in almost every sentence and he is always talking about art. He loves explosives, winter, Summer, Sasori, Hot Chocolate, and he loves standing in line...er, actually he likes why he is standing in line...Holding gift wrap, tape, bows, and a very cute toy puppet.

You see, it's Christmas time and he is buying his boyfriend, Sasori, who just-so-happens to be obsessed with puppets, a present...And Hidan came along because Deidara didn't want to go Christmas shopping by himself.

"Fucking fine then! I'm gonna wait in the car!" the albino huffed, leaving his friend in line to go get in the car.

The blonde gave a sad smile as he watched Hidan storm off, he knew Christmas bothered his friend. Every year he thought 'This year will be different, un' but it never was. For 12 years his friend has been this way, hating Christmas...or rather, the decorations...

"Stupid fucking holidays" Hidan growled as he saw happy families and couples bustling in the streets, carrying gift-bags, laughing, holding hands...enjoying the holiday season.

He pushed through the crowds trying to find his blue Mini Cooper. He had parked along the street and was having trouble even seeing anything past all the jovial shoppers bumping into him. One couple that collided with him almost knocked him over. During his search he stopped in front of a shop window.

Around the window was decorated with festive tinsel and lights. Glass snowflakes hung from the top of the display and glittering fake snow lay on the bottom. Beads, ornaments, fake icicles, and angels hung around the toy pine tree in the corner, a small train circling around it making little 'chu chu' noises. The other corner had traditional nutcrackers, bears, and dolls in old fashion dresses, bonnets, and mittens, holding hymns and baskets of apples and yarn. The whole display seemed to sparkle- it was breathtaking...but not to Hidan.

He didn't see the lights and sparkles or the beautiful dolls and bears that every child hopes of getting in the festive packages placed under the tree in the living room on Christmas morning. His heart was pounding against his chest and his mind went blank, he only saw two things:

Red and green.

This brings me back to the unusual fear I mentioned earlier. Now, you could say he is scared. But that isn't exactly accurate, fears can make you feel more than just scared. Unease and anxious are also feelings caused by fear. Hidan doesn't know exactly what he feels when he sees those colors, but maybe it is close to anxious...uneasy...worried? He never knows what to do.

"Hidan, un! I finally found you! you weren't in the ca-" Deidara's blue eyes grew wide when he saw his friend standing in front of the shop window, snow starting to create a small mound on his silver head.

He was just staring, tears threatening to spill.

The blonde quickly reached into the pocket of his blue hooded sweater, pulling out a pair of sunglasses and promptly shoving them onto his friends face in order to block out the colors. He figured the sunglasses Hidan was wearing earlier got knocked off while he was wandering in the crowds.

"Hidan! Snap out of it, un!" after a minute said man finally started to turn his head towards the blonde "I'm done shopping..." the artist reached out his gloved hand and grabbed the albinos "...So let's both go home, un?" the two friends lived right next to each other in the Amegakure apartment complex. They had strange neighbors, but overall it was a nice place.

When Deidara had parked the car and dragged his friend into his room he sat the albino down on the couch "You ok, un?" Hidan took off the sunglasses, angrily tossing them on the floor.

"No, I'm fucking not!" the silver-haired buried his face in his black mittens "What the hell is wrong with me?" he whispered, Deidara sat down next to his friend and started rubbing his back in small circles.

"I just don't know, un." but that was in fact a lie.

Deidara did know what was wrong...but never had the heart to tell his friend. You see, Hidan had willed himself to forget about the horrible day that caused his fear, but Deidara vividly remembered the call he received from a hysterical albino and has yet to forget even one detail of that day.

One could say that the blonde feared the reaction Hidan would have if he told him what had happened. Deidara thought that if Hidan was traumatized enough to force himself to forget that day then he should just leave well enough alone.

The problem is...he's not well enough at all.

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