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The next week flew by, dropping the photo shoot off as it passed over head.

"Deeeiidaraaa, I'm fucking thiiirsty!" an albino whined in the most childish voice he could manage.

Yes, it was one of those days.

One of those days that Deidara questioned how long his sanity would withstand Hidan's bitching, the CEO's disapproving glances, the designer's constant 'Bow to me, peasant.' looks, and the scary photographer.

God, this was going to be, and already has been, a looong day...and it's only 8:30 a.m.

"Hidan, I brought you water 5 minutes ago, un." the blonde pointed out calmly, trying to minimize the the attention directed towards them.

"But water tastes sooo fucking plain! I want a blue raspberry slushie, dammit!" Deidara rolled his eyes, what had possessed him to agree to the torture that is being Hidan's manager?

"No. You don't need a blue tongue for the rest of the shoot, un."


Deidara couldn't help but feel that the entire point of how unprofessional a blue tongue would be, not because it would ruin the photos, was missed completely.

"There doesn't happen to be a slushie machine in this building so I couldn't get you a damn slushie even if I wanted to, un!" the blonde stated agitatedly.

As expected, this fact did nothing to deter the model.

"Then go find a fucking store and buy me one!" Hidan demanded.

"I worry when I have to leave you alone to go to the bathroom, let alone actually leaving the building. How do I know you won't pull some stupid shit while I'm gone, un?" a valid concern, if the meeting incident was anything to go by...not to mention the multiple other, quite scarring, experiences the albino has put him through.

"What if I promise?" Deidara squinted his eyes into narrow slits, he was not going to fall for this shit.

"Com'n Dei, fucking pleeeeaaasssseee?" he persisted.

"Absolutely not." and the albino fell oddly quiet, knowing better than to pursue a topic in which Deidara has stopped using his speech impediment.

Damn...this was that stubborn 'professional' thing again.

His manager quirked an eyebrow at his best friend's shocked-into-silence-but-still-pouting face.

"Look, this is our job. You know that any other time I-" Deidara was interrupted by a young girl tapping on his shoulder.

"Mr. Hoku has something he wishes to discuss with you." she stated, clipboard clutched to her chest. The manager heaved a sigh and reluctantly agreed to follow her. As he walked away he turned back to Hidan with a warm smile:

"How about a slushie with Kisame after the shoot, un?" A grin spread across the models face.

"How about beer instead?" Hidan called. The blonde laughed and shook his head, turning his attention to where the female employee was leading him.

"We're hoping that he will agree." The young manager looked skeptically at the papers in his hands.

"Wait...You want Hidan to be a regular model with your company, un? Even a spokesperson?" the blonde gawked.

"He would also be signing on to model for Konoha, our business partners. The contract contains any extra information you need." this statement was promptly ignored.

"But, Hidan isn't a celebrity or anything...why the sudden interest, un?" a paper slid across the oak desk. Deidara eyeballed it for a moment before slowly grabbing it.


"That shows the individuals who are rapidly becoming household names in Japan." realization donned on the young manager.

"This is...Japan's Hot New Rising Stars? That list doesn't come out for another 2 months, un!"

"No, but, due to certain connections, we were able to obtain this graph. Hidan is projected to be on the cover as Japan's #1 rising star."

Deidara understood what this meant. Of course Mr. Hoku wanted Hidan to sign a contract tying Hidan to his company. If Hidan does, indeed, win this title he'll have plenty of job offers and whichever company claims him will get a considerable amount of attention from the general public...

Though he was baffled as to how this popularity sprouted. He guessed the, very few, very minor, appearances on TV shows and a couple commercials gained him favor...because models rarely gain stardom from pictures alone.

Hidan rolled his eyes as he came back from changing into yet another outfit -tight black skinny jeans paired with an untucked, partially unbuttoned, white top, and a skinny black and red tie loosely hanging around his neck- to see the schizophrenic photographer eyeballing him in the most disturbing way, like he wanted to devour him, while he set up the new props.

"Hidan, if you would?" the photographer motioned towards the carved wooden chair with red velvet padding on the seat, back, and armrests. "Sit your ass down and look attractive." after some confusing, and contradictory, instructions they decided on a position.

He sat with his right leg slung over the intricate wooden armrest; his left leg lazily hanging off the front, foot barely brushing the floor.

His right hand was held at his temple tangled in a silver chain, a red and silver cloud dangling just in front of his slightly parted lips, his left hand rest on his thigh with a chunky, diamond encrusted, watch adorning his wrist. Eyes half-lidded, fuschia iris's peeking out.

He looked like a sex God.

Not that he didn't always look as such.

Hidan enjoyed the lusty glances he was receiving from the women and, dare he say it, men on the tech crew that gathered around to see the shoot come together. He loved being the center of attention, loved seeing how attractive people thought he was without the words ever coming out of their mouths, he loved being wanted.

Even if it was a shallow want.

"Alright everyone take ten!" and then everyone dispersed, the spotlight dimmed and he was no longer the center.

"Hidan." a neutral voice called from across the room, the addressed looked for the source and found Uchiha Itachi approaching him.

"Itachi." He replied somewhat immaturely, as if 'Itachi' was an awesome comeback he just made up.

"I was instructed to inform you that the company would like to gift you a piece of jewelry from 'Akatsuki' of your choosing." The designer received nothing but a blank stare for a good moment.

"Shit, well...I...Don't really wear jewelry." for some reason he felt almost embarrassed to admit such a thing...and he certainly should not feel embarrassed because men do not wear jewelry.

Itachi continued on, unfazed.

"If jewelry is not satisfactory then perhaps a keychain, or charm for your cellphone?" Hidan, starting to feel very uncomfortable around the Uchiha's I-am-intellectually-superior speech pattern, decided to answer quickly in order to free himself of this conversation.

"A char-uh, fob for my phonewould be good." Itachi gave a curt nod before disappearing from sight.

'Strange fucker, that one...'

"Hidan! Guess what, un?" the Model's eyes went straight to that familiar stack of papers in his Manager's hands and knew he was not going to be pleased with the following 'exciting news'.

" got me my slushie?"

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