''Two Hearts in One''

Written by DangerNicky

One fine spring morining, Crash was scouting around the area where he spotted an old oak tree, somewhere in the forest near snow valley. it was tall,strong looking and very wise as it was watching the little possiem just now.

'Humm...'' Amused Crash as he walked around the tree and gave it a funny look on it's face as he browsed around the tree. ''I wonder how long it has been around here for?'' he asked stopping right in front of it.

Just then his pal Eddie came round and saw his brother looking very strangely at the old oak tree. ''what are ya doing crash?'' he asked his twin brother, cheerfully.

''Nothing much bro, just looking around.'' Crash said truthfully as he greeted his brother back again.

''Dude why are you standing there looking like a dope?'' asked eddie, puzzled by his brother's wired reaction, normally to him

'I was acting like normal when all of a sudden, I Saw this incredibly werid looking tree near my usual scouting spot.'' Crash said truthfully.

''What is so special about a hundred year old oak tree? asked Eddie giving him a strange earrie look on his brother.

''Nothing much really,'' admitted crash, equlently, looking at his feet.

''say do you want to look for food then, bro?'' asked eddie, putting on his excitiable expression as he scouted off to look for food.

''Hey wait for me!'' shouted crash following his brother back. ''Last on's there's a rotten furball!'' called eddie as he was running ahead of crash in the race.

Crash however didn't mind, for he knew and cared about his brother very much even if they were polar oppersites, they still love and take care of each other.

To be continued...