E/O Challenge - Challenge Word - Dude:

Dean needs something ... like, real bad!

100 words - on the dot!

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my own addled mind ...


The spirit had been an evil sonofabitch; and both boys returned to their room, beaten, bloody and shell-shocked.

Unusually, Dean offered Sam first shower; Sam frowned in concern before he closed the bathroom door behind him.

Later, he opened the door to find Dean trashing the room; "w-where are they?" he cried, "I need 'em, where are they?"

He looked at Sam, eyes wide with panic, beads of sweat peppering his forehead, "can't find 'em" he choked; "I need 'em!"

Sam opened the cupboard beside him, and produced the missing bag of M&M's.

"Dude, seriously," sighed Sam, "you need help!"