H e has murdered the person that means the most to him and now while he lies among tulips and roses, he falls into an excruciating, deep sleep.

He finds himself falling, tumbling further down a black vacuum. Nothing to hold onto, nothing to break his fall, he only has the ashes of what used to be falling down with him.

Then he plunges into dark, murky waters, drowning among the heaps of ashes that drain into the ocean like sands of memories.

The lonely man cries for help, the first time he does so. His breath is clogged with powdered dreams that were never fulfilled and splintered memories that pierce his soul like knives, cleaving a scar into his subconscious, driving him to the edge of reason and hopeless insanity.

With one strong gesture the man heaves himself to the surface of the black ocean, gasping for sweet oxygen. The rancid air provides no comfort. It takes him a while to realise that he's drowning in his own sin, his own guilt and remorse.

A strong force pulls him back into the depth of the ocean. The waves erode the precipices of his soul. They wash away the ashes that had entered his body. The powdered dreams and splintered memories are swept away by the currents.

The man knows he has found the Point-Of-No-Return, he sinks deeper, wondering why he's still alive.

More waves and currents tear away the shards of sanity within him.

The lonely man hears a thumping sound. It sounds like his heart but he feels no heart beat. Then he realises the water pumping around him, blue bleeds to red.

The lonely man is drowning in the misery of his own heart.

A flash of blinding light obscures his vision temporarily. He reaches a hand towards the heavens, hoping, praying, that some divine force will carry him out from this madness.

No one reaches back.

The lonely man is still drowning and he continues to drown until his mind will realise the path to salvation is not loneliness.

But then he sees the top's still spinning.

What does it matter? It's just a dream in the end...