Guys, this is my first Kyou Kara Maou story so, don't be too strict.


The sound of papers being scribed down was the only thing that echoed throughout the room. Well, that was until an exasperating sigh filled the said room, the scribing ceasing to a stop as the person who was signing those papers let their head fall to the desk in front of them in a dramatic scene of exhaustion.

"Gunter, please. Isn't this enough already?" a double black teen questioned desperately, tilting his head to the side to stare at his tutor. "Heika, you've signed only one hundred documents. There's plenty more to come." Gunter replied with a smile before going back to reading the book in his hands and leaving Yuri dwell in his misery.

The Demon King of Shin Makoku groaned. God, how he hated this stupid paperwork. But he knew it was necessary and he definitely wouldn't let Gwendal and Gunter do the job that was his responsibility. They had already done enough. Especially since they dealt with all those papers when he was away to Earth. He was really grateful to them, but he still hated signing all those piles whole heartedly.

The loud 'thud' of the door being slammed open snapped Yuri out of his thoughts and both he and Gunter turned to see what all the commotion was about. "You wimp! What are you still doing here? You've made Greta waiting." Wolfram yelled as he strode inside the room and towards his dumfounded fiancé.

"I've made Greta waiting? What are you talking about, Wolfram?" The blond Mazoku rolled his eyes. How typical of Yuri to forget such important matters. "You promised Greta that you would show her how to play that baseball game, remember? And you're already late! What kind of father makes his daughter wait?" Yuri's eyes widened in realization and he shot up from his seat. "I completely forgot about that!" he exclaimed and bolted towards the door with Wolfram in toe.

"But Heika, what about the rest of your work?" Yuri paused with his hand on the door handle and turned his head so that he could look at Gunter. "I promise I will finish the rest of the papers later. I can't break my promise to Greta." Before Gunter had time to voice another protest, both boys were out of the room and already sprinting down the hallways. Gunter sighed and shook his head as if saying 'I guess it can't be helped.'

Outside, Yuri and Greta were having the fun of their life. The double black Maou was teaching the child how to use the bat. Wolfram, who wasn't so fond of baseball, had sat at the table a few meters away and was sipping his tea while glancing from time to time at the other two. Conrad was sitting next to him and was observing the girl's improvement with a smile. His godson was definitely a good coach. He had made baseball a national sport in Shin Makoku in only a year and he had to admit, the game had become quiet famous among their people. Everyone wanted to give it a try since it was their beloved Maou that had introduced it to them.

"That's wonderful, Greta. You're doing such a great job. Now, try swinging it a little harder." The little girl smiled widely at her father and nodded before doing as Yuri had instructed her. Not only she managed to do so, but she even sent the small, white ball at the roof of the castle. Both Conrad and Wolfram were staring at the spot the ball had landed with shocked expressions. Yuri, after recovering from his own state of shock, beamed at her. "That was a brilliant hit, Greta! I'm so proud of you." he said cheerfully while giving her a tight hug.

Greta smiled proudly as she returned the hug. "You really liked it, Yuri?" The Demon King could only nod rapidly at her. "Liked it? I loved it!" He ruffled her hair affectionately before breaking into a wild run towards the castle. "Heika, where are you going?" Conrad yelled after him while standing up from his sit. "I'm going to get back that ball! I want to keep it as a reminder for Greta's wonderful performance!" Yuri yelled back before disappearing into the castle.

Conrad couldn't help but smile at the teen's enthusiasm. He sat back down on his sit while Wolfram shook his head, but his own lips were pulled into a slight smile too. Greta ran up towards the two, her face full of excitement. "Wolfram, did you see me? Did you see me?" she asked expectedly her second father. "Of course I did. It was more than impressive." Greta's face seemed to brighten up by his comment. With a wide smile, the little princess jumped in his lap, her arms circling around his neck and her head burying itself in his blue uniform.

Wolfram smiled and wrapped his arms around his daughter's petit frame. "You know, even though you aren't Yuri's real child, it's quiet remarkable how many things you two have in common." Greta pulled away in order to stare into his eyes. "Really?" "Yes, and first of all your love for baseball as well as the skill that is required to play the game." Greta clapped her hands enthusiastically, earning a chuckle from her uncle. The sound of a window being opened made all three heads to turn towards the direction of the castle.

Soon enough, they spotted Yuri climbing out of it and upwards, towards a specific spot on the roof. "Heika, be careful up there!" Conrad yelled so that his godson could hear him. "It's Yuri… Conrad. Yuri." The Maou said between his pants as he struggled to keep a steady pace. Unfortunately though, one of his hands slipped causing him to lose his balance and his footing, which of course resulted with him falling from the roof with a yelp and towards the hard ground a good few feet below.

With adrenaline having replaced the blood in his veins, he managed to grab hold of the window's edge the last moment and he held onto it as if his life depended on it, which technically, it was. A horrified gasp escaped Conrad and Greta's lips and Wolfram nearly choked with his tea. "Heika! Hold on tight! I'm going to pull you up!" Conrad shouted before bolting towards the castle.

"Yuri, don't let go! Conrad will be there shortly!" Greta shouted, worry clinging to her voice and refusing to let go, as she climbed out of Wolfram's lap. Both parents took notice of that and Wolfram, in an effort to calm her down, stood from his seat, and clasped her hand reassuringly in his and in return she clang to it tightly. "Look at the bright side, Greta. If I fall, I will land on the tree below." Yuri said with a sheepish laugh.

Wolfram felt like smacking his forehead at the moment, but he managed to restrain the urge. He knew that Yuri only wanted to offer some comfort to Greta, but his fiancé was being completely unreasonable. "Yuri, that tree is about thirty meters below if not for more!"

The double black had lost contact with his hands by now due to the numbness. "So? It will still prevent me from hitting the ground." he tried to joke but his tone didn't even persuade himself. He knew he couldn't hold on that edge any longer and Wolfram was no fool. He could see how Yuri's hands were shaking in their attempt to withstand his weight. "Try to climb up! Use your legs to push yourself up higher on the wall!" Wolfram shouted but he already knew that Yuri's muscles weren't able to follow the command.

And that blasted window was on the top floor of the castle, which meant that Conrad wasn't even half the way there! "Wolfram…" Greta whispered dreadfully while tightening her grip on his hand and the blond tried to soothe her with words of 'Don't worry' and 'It's going to be alright.' but deep down he knew that his daughter would only get to calm down once Yuri was safe and secure on the ground with them.

That safe and secure part though, was far from becoming reality just yet.

It was very rare for Wolfram von Bielefeld to feel fear actually rush through his veins, but the moment he saw Yuri's hands giving away, panic was the only feeling in control. When Yuri felt his remaining strength abandon him he couldn't even bring himself to cry out, he had been paralyzed. To him, felt like an eternity had passed before the first branches came in contact with his back, when in reality it was only a few seconds since gravity had started taking its effect on his body. While breaking numerous of branches on his way down, Yuri crushed into a branch much bigger and much fatter than all the others that changed his course and sent him straight to the ground.

Something must have gone wrong though with the way he collided with the piece of wood because his world started spinning and soon enough he had lost consciousness. "Yuri!" Wolfram yelled and ran with all the strength he could master towards the tree and thankfully, managed to catch the teen the last moment before he hit the ground. He screamed his name again and again, but Yuri was already slipping further into the world of unconscious… into a world of infinite darkness.


Wolfram had being tapping his foot impatiently for the last fifteen minutes, Greta was swaying back and forth in her chair, Conrad was pacing around in the room, Gunter was tapping his fingers on the table before him, Gwendal was just sitting motionlessly with his back leaning against the wall and Lady Cheri was toying nervously with her long, golden strands of hair. The room had been filled with that awkward and annoying silence ever since Gisela came and had started treating Yuri's wounds, but it was beginning to get on a specific blond Mazoku nerves.

Fortunately enough, the green glow that had been emitting from the green haired woman's hand, finally faded away before Wolfram had time to throw one of his tantrums. Gisela stood up from her kneeling position next to the bed that Yuri was laying and turned to face the occupants of the room, who stopped whatever it is they were doing and waited for her diagnosis.

"I've finished attending his injuries. He had a couple of scratches from his downfall as well as a number of bruises due to the force of his encounter with the branches. But other than that, his vital functions are sure to work just fine." she informed them, but there was still one major question that remained. "Then why is he still unconscious?" Wolfram shouted irritated, voicing the question that had been bothering everyone.

Gisela gestured towards Yuri's form with her hand. "I spotted a rather large bump on the back of his Majesty's head. From the size of it, I can only assume that he collided rather roughly with one of those branches, and thus, lost consciousness." "But, he'll be okay, right?" Great asked while standing up from her seat. Gisela shot her a warm, comforting smile. "That's what I believe."

Conrad and Lady Cheri smiled in relief while Wolfram sighed. As for Gunter, he placed a hand on top of his heart and let his body visibly relax in his chair. "Since this is settled, I'm going in my office to finish up the paperwork our inconsiderate Maou let unfinished." Gwendal said and proceeded towards the door. "I'm coming too. I would like to discuss something you." Gwendal nodded at Conrad and the two of them exited the room together. "I should probably head back to my own work as well." Gisela said before bowing to everyone and then leaving. Greta however, didn't move from her position, sigh that she didn't plan on going anywhere.

Wolfram had been expecting that. His daughter was still worried about Yuri's well being and she wanted to see with her own eyes if was going to be ok the moment he would wake up. With slow, elegant moves, he kneeled on one knee next to her, causing Greta to turn and look at him with wonder. "There's no need to worry. You heard what Gisela said. I'm sure that once he's back to his feet again, he'll want to continue play baseball with you."

Greta couldn't help but smile slightly at his words. "You think so?" Wolfram gave her a firm nod with his head, this time earning a bigger smile from the girl. "You promise to take care of him, Wolfram?" The emerald eyed Mazoku was caught off guard by her question. He placed both his hands on her shoulders and gave them a small squeeze. "I promise." he said truthfully and he was instantly enveloped into a tight and grateful hug that voiced all of Greta's gratitude. A smile crept onto his face slowly and he returned that precious hug whole heartedly. If only that stupid fiancé of his could love him just like their daughter did…

His mother smiled softly at the picture. She knew that this child loved her son and Yuri as if they were her real parents and that she would be more than sad and desperate if anything were to happen to any of those two. And it was pretty obvious that the two boys loved her more than anything in the world. Even Gwendal had warmed up towards the little girl, and Greta in return, loved both her uncles very much. It might was far too early for Cheri to become grandmother, but she couldn't have wished for a better grandchild.

She had to shake her head lightly in order to clear it from all those thoughts. "Come, Greta. Anissina has invented a new magical device, so, how about we go see it ourselves?" Lady Cheri suggested, catching the attention of the other two. "Another one?" Wolfram said dreadfully, but it seems that his daughter had a different opinion. "Really? That's great!" Greta exclaimed and was instantly by Cheri's side. Gunter on the other hand was trying on the best of his abilities to sneak out of the room as quietly as possible. "And Gunter will accompany us as well."

Cheri's statement caused Gunter to stop dead on his tracks. "Um, I think I should help Gwendal get done with that paperwork." Gunter said sheepishly and attempted to move towards the door. Lady Cheri though, would have none of it. She grabbed him by the ear, making him stop with a yelp. "Well then Wolfram, we'll be going for now." she informed her son who rubbed the back of his head with a nervous laugh. His mother definitely had her ways when it came down to persuasion.

Greta giggled and took hold of Cheri's hand. The woman nodded at her with a smile and so, they went towards the door while dragging Gunter behind. "Wolfram…" Greta said but the blond cut her off. "I will keep my promise." The princess smiled and waved at him goodbye before the three of them disappeared out of the room, Gunter's pleas still echoing.

Wolfram grimaced, feeling deep understanding and pity for the man. 'Will he survive the explosion this time too?' he couldn't help but wonder. Sighing, he went over to Yuri's bed, no… to the bed they shared, and carefully, sat next to the form laying completely motionlessly on it. He took hold of Yuri's hand and stared at the teen's face. "Hurry and wake up, Yuri." he said, his grip tightening unconsciously.


An hour had gone by ever since Yuri had been out cold due to that hit and he hadn't shown any signs of waking up yet. Wolfram was becoming quiet restless by now and for the past ten minutes he had adopted the habit of pacing around the whole room in an attempt to keep himself occupied. He wasn't planning to stop any time soon if it wasn't for the groan that came from the bed, and in an instant Wolfram was by his side.

"Yuri?" The teen's eyelashes flattered open slowly, to reveal unfocused, black orbs. With another small groan, Yuri tried to sit up but a sudden wave of dizziness caused him to fall back down. Wolfram caught him in time and helped him to sit up on the bed properly this time. "About time you woke up. You had everyone worried, you wimp." Yuri blinked at him before gazing around the room, a lost expression on his face, making Wolfram blink questionably at him.

"Oi… Yuri? Are you ok?" The double black's gaze finally landed back on him and he smiled lightly. "I'm fine. It's just that…" "Just that?" Wolfram urged him on. Why was Yuri acting this way? "I have a question." Yuri said and earned a nod from Wolfram. "Where am I? And… who are you?" Wolfram's eyes didn't widen, he didn't even gasp because simply, he was one hundred percent sure that he hadn't heard right. He couldn't have heard right! It was only when the double black gulped that Wolfram realized with horror that he had indeed heard right. Yuri was nervous! The Demon King might was distant from him, but Yuri had never been nervous in his presence before. Never.

That was proof enough that something was definitely wrong. "Yuri, I swear if this is a joke…-" The look however that Yuri had in his eyes, made him stop in midsentence. It was the look of a lost person. Yuri wasn't kidding. Their Maou had lost his memories, every single one of them.

Wolfram backed away from the bed and made his way over to the window, staring out at the capital of their kingdom. What now? How were they supposed to deal with something like that? How was he going to tell everyone that their king wasn't able to remember how to use his powers anymore? How was he going to tell them that Yuri… that Yuri couldn't remember the people close to him? Irritation and anger taking the better of him, he slammed his fist into the nearest wall before allowing himself to slump onto the ground.

He wasn't angry with Yuri. No. He was angry with himself for not preventing that idiot from going up there in that roof to retrieve that ball when they could have simply tell one of the Kohi to get it for them. And now, thanks to that mistake, they were trapped in a dead end. A warm hand rested on his shoulder uncertainly, but the action itself caused Wolfram to look up. It was so Yuri-like to worry about others.

And just to prove his point, the double black slid down next to him, concern mixed with uncertainty and slight hesitation, were visible in his black eyes. Wolfram felt a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips despite the situation. The heck with the amnesia! Yuri's personality was still the same and it would remain the same. The memories will come back in due time. The important thing is that Yuri was still… Yuri. He was still himself.

"I'm sorry." Yuri said hesitantly, making Wolfram blink. "I didn't mean to cause you any distress with what I said." "You didn't do anything wrong." Wolfram said sternly before letting out a sigh. "As for your previous questions…" he said and looked up into Yuri's eyes. "This place is the Blood Pledge Castle. We're in a country called Shin Makoku. And also, you Yuri, are the king of this kingdom, the Maou."

Yuri just stared at him at first before bursting out laughing all of a sudden. "The king? Come on, you've got to be kidding." The glare that was directed towards him though made him gulp. "You aren't kidding, are you?" Wolfram shook his head. "Don't you remember it?" he asked hopefully but Yuri shook his head negatively to show his answer. "Do you remember anything? Anything at all?" This time, the teen lowered his head, shame taking over him.

"Hey, there's nothing to be ashamed of. You didn't choose this, it just happened." Yuri's head snapped up, his wide eyes staring into emerald ones. "Thanks." he said after a moment, a soft smile creeping onto his face that caused Wolfram to blush lightly. After all, it wasn't usual for Yuri to stare at him so lovely. "Um, you still haven't told me who you are."

That brought Wolfram back to reality. "Right. Well, my name is Wolfram. Wolfram von Bielefeld. And…" he said but hesitated for a moment. 'Here goes the shocking part.' "And, I'm your fiancé." Yuri didn't react. He just kept staring at him, taking in all the information he was given. 'Yeah, he's definitely sick.' Wolfram thought when Yuri remained calm. "I don't know if it's because we're engaged, but I have this feeling… like I know you." Yuri said while tilting his head to the side.

Wolfram managed to give Yuri a sad smile. "That's good. I'm sure that soon, you'll even begin remembering things." The king's face brightened at that. "I hope so. Being surrounded by people that you have no memory of, isn't that much fun."

Wolfram couldn't possibly say that he could understand Yuri's feelings, but he knew for sure that forgetting all those dear to you, must be something really unpleasant. Without that much of an effort, the fire wielder stood up. He turned around to face Yuri and he held out his hand. "We'll work things out somehow. I promise that the emptiness that has taken over your mind, won't remain there for long."

Yuri broke into a wide smile. With a nod, he took hold of Wolfram's hand and let the other male pull him up. "You better get yourself some rest. I have some things that need to be done first, and then I'll come check on you." Yuri went over to the bed and climbed on top of it. He could really use some sleep at the moment. After all, there were lots of things that had to sink in.


"So, Yozak… is this all you were able to find out?" Gwendal asked as he raised his head to stare at their spy. He was sitting in the desk at his office, signing the numerous documents that their king was supposed to, while Conrad and Yozak were sitting in the table before him, across from each other. "Yes, that's all there is. His Excellency has been pretty restless lately, but he hasn't made any suspicious moves yet."

"And what about Raven?" Conrad asked as he leaned in closer, but Yozak merely shook his head. "Raven has neither." was Yozak's reply. Gwendal put his pen down and crossed his arms over his chest. "If Stoffel has something in mind, then he'll send Raven to carry out his order." Conrad nodded at his brother. "I wonder what excuse our uncle will come up with this time, to start another war."

"I don't think that the Young Master will approve of this though. After all, he worked hard for this peace." Gwendal's eyebrows furrowed at Yozak's words. "Yeah, I have to admit that when Shinou himself wasn't able to deal with Janus, Heika was." Conrad smiled, Yuri had saved them more than once from some serious trouble, but as a reward, their Maou's powers had increased.

"Well then, I think I should be getting back to my work." Yozak said as he stood up, Conrad doing the same with him. "Yeah, and I'll go to check on his Majesty's condition." As if on cue, the door of Gwendal's office burst open and Wolfram bolted in. "Wolfram, our mother has taught us to knock before we enter a room." Gwendal said without even looking up from his work. "Is something the matter, Wolfram?" Conrad asked concerned, being fully aware that it wasn't like his brother to burst like that into the room.

"Yuri has awaken, but occurred something that we hadn't foreseen." Conrad was instantly alarmed, even Gwendal had looked up. "Why? Did something happen with his Majesty?" Wolfram stared at the occupants of the room, not knowing how to voice the next words. "Yuri can't remember a few things." he finally said, making his elder brother raise an eyebrow. "By a few things you mean…" Wolfram swallowed the lump in his throat. "You know… his family on earth, Greta, him being the Maou and generally everything that has to do with our world."

"WHAT?" Both Conrad and Yozak shouted in unison while Gwendal rose from his seat, papers flying all around the room. "You mean to tell us that his Majesty…" Gwendal started but Wolfram finished off for him, "Has amnesia and can't even remember how to use his own powers." A deadly silence enveloped the room all of a sudden before Yozak laughed lightly, turning his head to stare at Conrad. "Well Commander, seems like you got the excuse that his Excellency was looking for."


It had been nearly half an hour ever since Wolfram had left, and even though Yuri had said that he would get some sleep, he found out that it was easier said than done. With so many questions bugging at his mind, sleep seemed like a wild dream to him. Bored out of his mind, Yuri sighed deeply and got up from his bed. He went towards the door that Wolfram had used to leave earlier and took hold of the handle before turning it. He intended to go look for Wolfram. His blond fiancé might had answers to some of his questions.

The moment he set foot outside his room though, his jaw dropped. Stone walls and massive hallways was the only sight that met him. All this time he was inside a castle! And a huge one that is. "Wow. How am I going to find Wolfram in his place?" "Heika!" Turning around, not because he recognized his title but merely because he was startled by the voice, Yuri saw a woman with long, blond hair, running towards him. Tilting his head at the side, he was about to ask her if she knew where Wolfram was, but he settled with letting out a yelp instead as the woman trapped him in a tight, bear hug.

"Heika, it's so good to see you are well!" Cheri beamed while Yuri was trying desperately to get out of this weird's woman grasp. "Gah! Let me go! Wolfram!" Yuri yelled as he struggled to get away. Blinking up questionably, Lady Cheri let go of him. The instant he was released, Yuri sprinted towards the first hallway he caught sight of, not caring if he would get lost, he just wanted to get away as soon as possible. "Oh, my. His Majesty just woke up and he wants to play tag." Cheri said with a giggle before following after Yuri.

In Gwendal's office, the three brothers and the spy were trying to find a solution about their problem. They had to get Yuri to remember and they had to do it now. If any of their enemies were to learn about Yuri's condition, they would definitely grab the chance and attack now that the king was unable to defend his country. At the moment though, the enemies from other countries like Big Shimaron, wasn't their first priority.

"What if we delivered a blow to his head?" Yozak suggested, earning a wide eyed look from Wolfram. "For goodness sake! We want to get him to remember, not throw him unconscious for another couple of hours!" the blonde Mazoku yelled at him, earning a nod of the head from Conrad. "That I agree. If we shock him, really, really shock him, then we might be able to get his memories to return. But doing something that will make him faint again is out of the question. We don't know in what state his mind will be the next time he wakes up." Gwendal said.

"If we asked Gunter to teach the history all over again. Heika hated those lessons with all his heart." Wolfram smacked his forehead at Conrad's suggestion. "Yuri wasn't able to remember his own name, and you want to teach him the history of our ancestors from the very start? His head will explode from this much of information!" Wolfram shouted. "And Anissina's explosions are more than enough for this castle." Gwendal commended, wrinkles appearing at his forehead since this wasn't getting them anywhere.

"Wolfram! WOLFRAM!" The four occupants of the room blinked puzzled at the fuss going on outside. "What's the meaning of this?" Gwendal demanded with a frown as all of them made their way outside, only to freeze at the sight that met them. Cheri was chasing a hysteric Yuri around in circles. "Mother, what are you doing?" Wolfram questioned, half amused and half confused for the whole scene.

"Wolfram!" Yuri cried out in relief the moment he spotted the other. He ran over to him and wrapped his arms around the blond tightly, as well as coloring Wolfram's cheeks with a faint red with his action. "Wolf, you have no idea how glad I'm. I've been looking all over for you." Yuri said as he broke the embrace, causing Wolfram to blink. "Oi, what's with the name?" Yuri grinned at that. "I just came up with it." he said proudly.

The other three were looking at their king dumfounded. Gwendal let out an exasperating sigh. "As I thought. We've got a lot of work to do." Conrad nodded at his brother before his attention was snatched back at Yuri as the double black yelped and his behind Wolfram. It seems that upon seeing Cheri coming towards them, Yuri freaked out again.

"Wolf, who's that middle-aged woman? She nearly gave me a heart attack a while ago." The three brothers instantly paled while Yozak gasped at their Maou's words. They turned their heads slowly and gulped when they saw their mother's face turning red with anger. "Wolfram, take his Majesty back to Gwendal's office! We'll be there shortly!" Conrad shouted as he and Gwendal strode over towards Cheri to try and calm her down. Wolfram didn't waste any time. He grabbed Yuri's hand and sprinted towards his brother's office, dragging a confused Maou behind.

"Mother, please calm down." Gwendal tried to reason with her but to no avail. She kept struggling to get out of their hold in order to chase after the double black teen. "Mother, his Majesty didn't mean what he said. He's not on his right mind." That, fortunately, managed to cease Cheri's struggles and she looked up at Conrad puzzled. "Didn't you find it peculiar that he asked who are you?" Conrad continued, grasping the chance now that she relaxed lightly.

Lady Cheri's expression turned thoughtful. Yes, Yuri had indeed asked that. "The accident caused more damage than we thought. His Majesty has lost his memory." Gwendal explained. Cheri's eyes widened before she lowered her gaze to the floor. "Poor, Heika. It must be really hard for him, feeling lost inside his own castle, among his own friends." A gasp escaped her lips suddenly as she seemed to remember something. "What about Greta? I've left her with Anissina and Gunter but she will definitely want to see if her father has awakened sooner or later."

With that being said, she took off towards Anissina's laboratory to make sure that Greta would remain there for as long as possible. "Mother is right. How are we going to tell Greta about Yuri's condition?" Conrad said while staring at the direction Lady Cheri took off. Gwendal shook his head and took the way to his office. "We'll think about that later. Now we've got to concentrate on finding a way to bring Heika back." he said, pausing for a moment, and then kept walking.

"Do you want me to proceed with my task about his Excellency Stoffel, Commander?" Conrad shook his head at Yozak's inquire and signaled for him to follow. "You'll be needed here. If word reaches Stoffel's ears, we're going to need all the help we can get here at the castle." Yozak nodded at his old friend. "Roger that." he said and both of them followed after Gwendal at his office.


When they opened the door, they saw Yuri sitting in one of the chairs at the table with Wolfram seated across from him. The fire wielder spotted them at the door and was instantly by their side. "Is everything alright?" Wolfram questioned while sneaking a couple of quick glances behind them, obviously expecting his mother to burst in any time now. Gwendal nodded at him before moving over to sit at his own chair behind his desk. Yozak and Conrad mimicked Gwendal's example and claimed their previously seats, as did Wolfram.

Everyone was quiet for a while, not knowing how to start or what to do. Yuri glanced nervously at the three people that he wasn't familiar with before moving his gaze over to Wolfram. "Wolf, who are these people?" he whispered quietly while leaning closer to the blond so that they others wouldn't hear him. That seemed to snap Wolfram out of his thoughts. "Right. I guess that introductions are in order." A bitter laugh escaped Yozak's lips as this seemed slightly hilarious but the warning glare he received from Wolfram made him shut it.

When at last, the introductions were over, Yuri couldn't help but let out a helpless sigh. "Why do you have so difficult names? Wolfram's is easier since I was able to cut it in half. And since you're my godfather, couldn't you give me a better name than this?" Yuri said while looking at Conrad who rubbed his head sheepishly. "Yeah, I kind of have heard that before." The door opened up that moment and Gunter came running in with Lady Cheri following after him but in a calmer pace.

The moment Gunter spotted Yuri he let out a yell of, "Heika!" and was soon hugging the teen as tightly as possible. Yuri yelped and tried to get out of his grip but Wolfram saved him the trouble. "Gunter, can't you control yourself for a moment? Especially at a time like this." Wolfram said and pointed towards Yuri who had taken refuge behind the blond Mazoku. "Conrad, is what Cheri-sama said true? Heika has lost his memory?"

Before his old pupil had time to open his mouth and answer, Yuri raised his hand hesitantly from behind Wolfram's back. "Um, that I question I can answer too." Gunter moaned and let himself flop onto the nearest chair. "Wait a second. Mother, don't tell me that you talked about Yuri's state in front of Greta?" Greta. That name sounded familiar to Yuri, just like all the names of the people in the room but the problem was that he couldn't remember where he had heard them before.

Not that this was the only thing he couldn't remember.

Cheri shook her head. "Don't worry, Wolfram. I was careful to talk to Gunter when Greta was busy with something that Anissina told her to do." Wolfram couldn't help but sigh in relief. Repeating Wolfram's question in his mind, something seemed rather off to Yuri. His eyes doubled in size when realization finally dawned upon him. "That's your mother?" he exclaimed while moving his gaze back and forth between the two of them. He admitted that the woman held a highly remarkable resemblance to Wolfram but he had never expected something like that.

"That's right. She's also Gwendal and Conrad's mother." "Oh, yeah. Because the three of you are…brothers?" Yuri said kind of uncertainly, trying his best to recall the information they had given him a while ago, and earning a pleased nod from Wolfram. "Heika…" Cheri started as she took a few steps forward. "I'm sorry if I scared you earlier. I wasn't aware of your condition." Yuri laughed nervously at that. "You don't have to be sorry. On the contrary, I'm the one who should be apologizing for the way I talked to you."

Lady Cheri giggled and with a swift move, had him trapped in another hug. "You're always such a gentleman!" This time, Yuri didn't run, nor did he try to get away. He accepted the hug with a smile, just like a child who was being hugged by his mother.

When she finally let him go, Yuri nodded at her and then turned around to face Wolfram. "Say Wolf, you think it would be alright if we explored the castle a little? Perhaps, it will help with my…issue." he finished, not wanting to say the word amnesia since it made him uncomfortable. Wolfram smiled. Yuri was being the optimistic king they were used to. "Definitely. This is your castle after all."

Conrad stood from his seat and Yozak followed his example. "We'll accompany you as well, in case of an emergency." Wolfram's eyes narrowed at that. "Do you mean that I'm not capable enough to watch over Yuri on my own?" he yelled angrily and Conrad waved his hands defensively. He had no desire to get burnt up by his brother's fire magic at the moment, or any other moment.

"Now, now, Wolf. Don't be like that. I'm sure that he didn't mean to offend you or something. He's just worried about my safety as well as yours. You're his brother after all, I'm sure that he'll always feel the need to protect you. Even when you're old enough to do that on your own." Both Wolfram and Conrad were left staring at him speechless, just like the rest of the group. "Yuri…" Wolfram whispered disbelievingly. What their Maou just said sounded so awfully familiar that for a moment they thought that his memories had returned.

But as they stared at the Demon King's smiling face, they knew that this wasn't the case. Yuri was just being Yuri, the wimpy king who hated any kinds of conflicts and misunderstandings. "Just as expected from his Majesty. Always caring for his people!" Gunter exclaimed while placing a hand on top of his heart to show how moved he was. Conrad smiled softly, how typical of his godson. "I know, I know. Why don't we all go? It will be more fun this way and you can tell me about any important events that took place in this castle."

"Young Master, if we start telling you that, we won't be finished in over two weeks from now, if not more." Yozak said with a small laugh earning a confused blink from Yuri. "Did that much happen?" It was Conrad's turn to laugh this time. "You bet." Gwendal let out a deep sigh. "I guess it can't be helped then. After all, the more that guard our Maou at the moment, the better." he said and stood up from his chair. Gunter nodded enthusiastically and did the same.

"Mother, could you watch over Greta and make sure that she remains with Anissina for a while longer. We can't have her wandering around and come face to face with Yuri." Cheri nodded reassuringly at her son. "I will try my best to keep her occupied for as along as I can, Wolfram." she assured him and with a final nod at Conrad and Gwendal's direction, she left the room. "Shall we get going too?" Yuri asked the others. Once he received the answer he wanted, Yuri didn't wait any longer and bolted out of the room.

"Wait, Yuri!" Wolfram yelled and chased after him. "That Young Master. Always impatient." Yozak murmured as they took after the royal couple. It was such a sunny day. Yuri wanted to start exploring the outside of the castle first. The yard, the garden, the stables… 'Does the castle even has those?' Yuri thought and sighed. Stupid amnesia. For some odd reason, even though he didn't remember the way, his feet led him on their own to the destination he wanted. Only when he was finally outside did Yuri stop to catch his breath.

Soon enough, he heard Wolfram stopping next to him, or rather, he heard Wolfram's pants from somewhere next to him. "Yuri, did you remember the way here?" Wolfram asked once his breathing returned to normal. "No, I just thought that I wanted to go outside and… well, here I am." Yuri said sheepishly making Wolfram shake his head. "You wimp. It seems that your instinct took over."

The flapping of wings caught Yuri's attention and the moment he turned his head towards the direction of the sound, he let out a scream and out of nowhere, Wolfram found his arms full of Yuri. "What's gotten into you?" he asked, confusion and amusement dripping at his voice. Yuri lifted a shaking hand and pointed at something behind him. When Wolfram looked up, he couldn't help but sigh as he realized what the cause of Yuri's distress was.

He raised his hand and drew soothing circles at Yuri's back, something he was sure that he wouldn't be allowed before the accident. "You idiot. Since when you started fearing the Kotsuhizoku?" Yuri lifted his face from Wolfram's uniform to stare into emerald eyes questionably. "Who?" The blond rolled his eyes. "Kotsuhizoku. You call them Kohi for short. They help us carry heavy things from one place to another." Yuri gulped before gathering all his courage and turned around to look at the winged skeleton. "You mean they are harmless?"

"Completely. Not to mention that they have helped us numerous of times." Yuri blinked at him. He turned his attention back to the Kotsuhizoku and waved at it. "Oi, Kohi! Warn us if you see anything suspicious, ok?" The skeleton nodded at him, making Yuri smile brightly. "What's going on here?" Conrad asked as he, Gwendal and Yozak approached the two. "You know… the usual. Yuri is warming up his relationship with the Kohi."

Before any of the four men had time to wonder about the meaning of his words, Lady Cheri came running towards them. "Wolfram!" The blond Mazoku turned to look at her, a frown gracing his features at the urgency in her voice. "What's wrong?" "I'm sorry, Wolfram. I was talking to Anissina about Heika's condition and Greta must have heard me." Emerald eyes doubled in size with horror, something that was a very rare sight if not impossible at all.

"How did that happen? Didn't you see her standing in the room?" His mother shook her head. "That's exactly the point. I had made sure she wasn't in the room first, but it seems that she was standing behind the door and I didn't notice it." Wolfram's fists clenched to his sides. "That stupid wimp! I swear she learnt that eavesdropping habit from him!"

"It was only after I heard her gasp that I realized what had happened but it was already late. She had bolted outside before I was able to stop her. I believe that she intended to go to his Majesty's chambers first because it was the last place she saw him, which mean, it won't take her long to come here." Wolfram's teeth gritted together in his attempt to remain calm.

"We can't allow Greta to see Yuri. At least not for now. She will be devastated." Despite the anxiety of the situation, Wolfram found himself blinking as he felt a tap on his shoulder. "Who's this Greta? I heard you mentioning her before, Wolf." Wolfram stared into Yuri's black eyes and he felt a wave of sadness taking over him all of a sudden.

He took hold of Yuri's hand and held it carefully in his, as if it was made out of porcelain and he was afraid of breaking it. "She's our daughter, Yuri. Can't you remember her in the slightest?" From the tone in Wolfram's voice, Yuri could clearly say that this Greta person was important and for some weird reason he could sense it himself. That only made his heart sink more as he shook, his gaze lowered to the ground since he didn't want to see the disappointed look in Wolfram's eyes.

But then something else caught his attention, his gaze moving back up in curiosity but he still made sure not to stare directly in those emerald depths. "Our daughter? But, how can this be? We're both males, did one of us go with a woman in order to have an heir?"

Wolfram's left eye twitched dangerously at Yuri's words, which wasn't such a good sign when we talk about Lord von Bielefeld. Conrad was quick to jump in. After all, if their mighty Maou died by his own fiancé's fire magic, things would surely get out of hand with their people. "She's your adoptive daughter, Heika."

Yuri's mouth formed an 'o' as if he wanted to say 'oh'. Asking for details on the subject was his first intention if his attention hadn't been averted by his name been called. Wolfram instantly recognized the voice, as did everyone else except from a certain double black, and he whipped around sharply to the direction of it. Sooner than he wanted, he spotted Greta running down the stairs and into the courtyard where they were standing. "Wait, Greta." Conrad attempted to stop her but she purposely ignored him and ran past him, stopping only when she was right in front of her fathers.

"Yuri, is it true? Have you really lost your memory?" Yuri wasn't able to answer her question, not because he couldn't, but because he didn't want to. Staring down at the girl's face, he couldn't bring himself to confirm her words, not when tears started welling up in those innocent, brown eyes. That moment he felt terrified. Why wasn't he able to remember such important people to him? He knew, he knew that they were very precious to him, that's why he didn't want to forget.

But it was a little late for that now. He had already forgotten.

From somewhere next to him, he could hear Wolfram try to explain things to that child but he couldn't pay attention to it. It was as if he was listening from somewhere distant and he was able to catch only a glimpse of those words. He wasn't aware of the tears that had gathered in his own eyes until they spilled down on his cheeks. Hot tears, mixed together with fear and anger.

"Yuri?" Greta questioned once she saw those water trails that were flowing from her father's eyes. "I'm sorry. I can feel you're important, all of you actually… but that's all there is. When I try to connect a name with a face, I come up with nothing but blackness. I can't explain it with words, but deep down I feel you are familiar. No, I know it for sure. But that's only making it worst. I thought I would be able to deal with it, but I just can't."

With hot tears sill streaming down his face, Yuri whirled around and ran. He just ran, wanting to get away from everyone and everything, wanting to be alone. 'I'm sorry for failing you, everyone.' was his last thought as he ran towards the castle, and towards his room. He wasn't concern about getting lost anymore, since he already was.

"Yuri!" Wolfram yelled after him and was about to follow his fiancé when a hand clasped over his shoulder, signaling for him to stay put. "Leave him alone for a while. Give him some time to think." Wolfram was surprised to hear those words leaving Gwendal's mouth. "But, Brother…" he tried to reason with him but the other Mazoku simply shook his head as he released his hold on Wolfram.

"Heika must be really scared right now." Cheri said sympathetically, making Wolfram's head snap towards her. "He's afraid of us?" She smiled lightly at the alarm in his voice and she shook her head. "No, I believe he's more afraid of himself. Trying to remember those close to you and coming up with nothing… must be really tough for him."

Wolfram's shoulders slumped and he brought a hand to his forehead as he heaved a sigh. A tugging at the sleeve of his uniform caused him to look down questionably only to be met with brown eyes. "Yuri will be ok, right Wolfram?" The blond took Greta's hand in his and held it gently as he gave a firm nod with his head. The explode of a thunder caused everyone to move their gaze upwards towards the sky. Huge, black clouds had already gathered in the sky, making it look like it was nightfall.

A flash of lightning made its appearance high above their heads and was soon followed by another thunder. It didn't long for the rain to start pouring, soaking everyone that was standing outside. "Just as it had been expected." More wrinkles appeared on Gwendal's forehead as he said this, catching everyone's attention. "His Majesty no longer remembers how to keep control over his powers and now his emotions must be affecting them." he continued.

"I'm going to see him." Conrad said but Wolfram stopped him before he had time to take a single step. "I will go." was the only thing he said as he gave Conrad a stern look before running towards the castle. Conrad sighed and shook his head. "I don't think that now is the right time for Wolfram to get jealous." "It's not that he was jealous." Both Conrad and Gwendal and even Gunter turned to look at Lady Cheri with a puzzled expression.

"Your brother is worried for his Majesty, very worried." Greta turned her gaze to the direction Wolfram had just left and her expression saddened. "Take care of him, Wolfram, like you promised.


Wolfram ran with all his strength and stopped only when he had reached the door of their chamber and bent over his knees slightly to catch his breath. Once he calmed down, he prayed that Yuri was in there and pushed the door open. At first, the room seemed empty to him and he began to panic but then a sobbing sound reached his ears.

Looking around the room for a better examination, he spotted Yuri on the bed with his knees pulled up to his chest. Wolfram sighed in relief involuntary. He closed the door behind him and slowly, so as not to startle the other, moved closer to his sobbing fiancé. The sound of footsteps made Yuri look up, giving Wolfram a perfect view of his tear stained face. When he saw who it was, he didn't say anything and just buried his face in his arms.

Wolfram followed his example and sat on the bed next to him wordlessly. "You must think I'm really pathetic. Sitting here and crying like a baby." Yuri said as he lifted his head lightly. Wolfram gave him an indifferent shrug of the shoulders. "It's not that I haven't seen you cry before."

That caused Yuri to lift his head completely from his hands and look at him questionably. "You have?" Wolfram raised an eyebrow but then he was reminded of Yuri's condition, so, he settled with nodding his head. "I won't think you're pathetic just because of some tears. You've proved to every one of us your worth so many times in the past."

"Then why can't I remember it, Wolf?" Wolfram didn't know how to answer at that, he would only hurt Yuri more. The double black sighed and wiped his tears away with his thumb. "That's the problem. This whole situation is so frustrating, Wolf. Keep trying to remember but yet, being unable to. I hate it. I hate being surrounded by people who are close to me and not being able to remember them. I hate being so hollow!"

"But Yuri, this isn't something permanent. You just need to be patient and strong." Wolfram said in an attempt to make him feel better. "Yeah, but what if it's permanent? What if I stay like this forever? What if-" "What if, what if… Stop with all those questions. The Yuri I know never was so pessimistic, he would always try to look at the bright side of things."

"But that's the point, Wolf. I'm not the Yuri you know anymore." Wolfram smiled sadly at that. "You're right. The Yuri I know would never come to me of all people looking for support." The Maou blinked confusedly at him, his eyebrows furrowing slightly. "Why? Was I mad at you?" "No, it's not that you were mad. You were just… you were only…"

'Avoiding me?' Wolfram thought with a mental chuckle. "You were you." he finished in the end, making Yuri blink once more. "You were the wimpy, childish king that we came to respect." "But…-" "No buts Yuri. I told you that everything is going to be alright, didn't I?" Yuri nodded, his mind recalling what Wolfram had said the first time he met him after he woke up.

"You can have my memories. I will tell you everything, from the most important to the most insignificant things you've done ever since you came to Shin Makoku. If I give you my memories then you won't have to keep trying to remember yours." Yuri smiled, smiled and laughed, and he wrapped his arms around Wolfram, enveloping him in a tight, warm and thankful hug, none of them noticing that the rain ceased leaving only the black clouds as a reminder.

"Wolf, you're the best fiancé a person could ever wish for." Wolfram blinked and then blinked again. A chuckle rose from his throat as he wrapped his arms around Yuri as well. 'Yuri, if only you could hear yourself right now, you would probably want to smack your self.'


It was the first night since forever that Wolfram didn't turn or struggle in his sleep. His mind was so preoccupied with any possible ways of solving their situation that he didn't have time to dream or let his brain get some rest. The cracking sound of the door being opened was what woke Wolfram up.

He had decided to simply discard the upper half of his uniform for the night, and so, he was sleeping with his white shirt and blue pants for the time being. If he had wore his usual night gown, Yuri would flip for sure. So, it was quiet easy for him to jump off the bed and stand in front of the still sleeping Yuri, his fire magic ready to be used any moment now.

However, when the other person stepped in and closed the door, Wolfram's shoulders slumped, his body posture relaxing. "Greta?" The brown haired child moved closer to him and when she looked up, Wolfram could see the concern in her eyes. "I just wanted to see if Yuri was feeling any better."

A bitter sigh passed through Wolfram's lips. "Greta-" "I know what you're going to say. That I should be sleeping. I know… but I can't." "It seems that you aren't the only one unable to get some sleep because of me, Wolf." Both Greta and Wolfram spun around just in time to see Yuri sitting up. "You… you knew I wasn't sleeping?" A slight smile pulled at the corners of Yuri's lips. "It wasn't that difficult to figure. You would sigh a lot and not to mention that your breathing wasn't even."

'Attentive. Why is he so attentive of me all of a sudden? Why only now?' Wolfram's teeth gritted together and he shook his head to shoo away those bitter thoughts. "How about we read you a story? It might help you sleep." That caused Wolfram's attention to snap right back to Yuri, a surprised look on his face, but as the double black turned to look at him he could see that Yuri was serious.

"Oi, Wolf. Do we have any fairytale books here?" Blinking away his shock, Wolfram searched the room with his gaze. "Um, Anissina has written a lot of books just to have something to read to Greta, but we don't have any in the room." "That's ok, I have some in my room. I can go fetch them if you want." Yuri nodded at Greta's direction and the girl clapped her hands enthusiastically before running out of the room.

"Yuri, what are you doing?" Wolfram asked, worrying that the other wasn't feeling good. "I could feel that she was distressed and I just knew I had to do something to cheer her up." Wolfram cocked his head to the side, a small smile tugging at his lips as he observed Yuri. "You're doing a fine job." Soon, Greta came back with her hands full of books. Both Yuri and Wolfram took turns reading those stories and the three of them would discuss the ending of each story.

Somewhere between the third and forth story, Greta's eyelids began to drop. Yuri closed the book in his hands with a soft smile and covered her with the blanket as Greta snuggled close to him. "You had told me once that no matter how far apart they are, family is bound with a single thread… I still believe in that."

Both boys blinked but Greta was already asleep. "Even with that brain of yours, it seems that you can still think smartly, wimp." Yuri brushed a brown bang out of Greta's face affectionately before laying his head on the pillow and closed his eyes. Wolfram stared at the two for a moment, his mind recalling Greta's words.

'Family, uh? Yes, when we are together with Greta, we really are like a family. But only then.' A light pressure on his hand caused Wolfram to blink and look down. In his sleep, Yuri had reached out and had clasped Wolfram's hand gently but yet a little tightly.

Wolfram sighed quietly and gave Yuri's hand a light squeeze. 'I guess I can only enjoy this side of you for as long as it lasts before you hide it again from me once your memories return.'

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