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That was the first sensation that stirred Yuri from his peaceful slumber.

Black eyelashes flattered open slowly as their owner tried to focus on his surroundings. Turning his head to the side, Yuri couldn't help but blink at the sight of Wolfram's sleeping figure next to him. Well, what surprised him wasn't the fact that the blond ex-prince was sleeping in the same bed as him, he was already used to that by now. What caused a frown to grace his features was that Wolfram's whole form was shivering, which was pretty weird since himself felt warm enough.

After a better observation though, he realized what the problem was.

Wolfram's arm was on top of the Maou's chest, a blissful warmth emitting from his palm. With a quiet chuckle, Yuri took hold of the covers which had been thrown as usual on the floor and wrapped it around Wolfram's form carefully before bringing up his arms and pulling the other boy close to him.

Almost immediately, the shivering ceased to a stop and Wolfram's whole body seemed to relax. "You've been keeping me warm all night, haven't you? By using your magic on me you weren't able to use it on yourself, though. I think it's about time I take it from here." Yuri said quietly, his gaze moving out of the window to stare at the night sky.

"Yes… it's about time I take matters into my own hands." the double black mumbled in a low tone, his fingers unwittingly entangling themselves in those silk, golden locks and stroking it.

"Yuri?" The sleepy murmur of his name seemed to bring the double black out of his daze. Turning his attention back to Wolfram, Yuri realized what he was doing and withdrew his hand slowly. "Just go back to sleep. You need it."

Wolfram just gave him a drowsy moan as a reply and his head flopped back down on Yuri's chest. A few seconds passed by before his eyes shot open, the fire wielder sitting up with a gasp.

"You're awake! But how? Gisela said that you wouldn't regain consciousness until late at noon." Yuri blinked at the outburst before scratching the side of his head sheepishly. "Is that so?" he asked no one in particular. Wolfram however didn't seem to calm down by that.

His expression turned downright serious as he took hold of Yuri's shoulders, making confused black meet with anxious emerald. "Do you remember me? Can you remember anything regarding this place?"

"What's the matter with you, Wolf? Of course I remember." The blond Mazoku couldn't help the sigh of relief that escaped his lips. He released Yuri from his hold before rubbing any last traces of sleep out of his eyes. "We weren't sure in what state your mind would be in. I had to check."

"Well, you sure have your ways to do so." Yuri mumbled quietly while rubbing gently the place that Wolfram grabbed him. Moving his gaze back to the blond sitting in front of him, a sad little smile tugged at the corers of Yuri's lips. "Let me guess. You didn't get any sleep until only a while ago." Wolfram's golden eyebrows furrowed at the other's statement.

"Someone had to watch over you." he stated in a matter of fact tone before crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly. "Thank you." At the mumbled, almost inaudible words, Wolfram heaved a sigh.

"Not that I don't appreciate your gratefulness to me, but what's with the sudden gratitude?" he asked, his mind going back to a few hours ago, when Yuri had said the exact same words. The Demon King hesitated for a moment and then, not knowing how to move on, his fingers entangled themselves into the matters. "Ne, Wolf… Can you, um, forgive me?"

Blinking in puzzlement, Wolfram's first thought was that Yuri had flirted with one of the maids and now was feeling guilty. His palm clenched into fists and just as he was about to start firing fireballs towards that cheater of a fiancé, he remembered that Yuri had been with him these past few days of his amnesia. "Forgive you about what?" he couldn't help but ask, curiosity taking the better of him now that the anger was gone.

"During the time of my amnesia, you were always there by my side. Supporting me, making sure I didn't stray from the right path… I guess you were right all this time. I must really be a wimp for realizing only now how much of a necessity you're in my life. Will you forgive about that, Wolf?"

Wolfram's arms fell limp in his lap, his mind trying to comprehend Yuri's words, but as much as he tried, he couldn't make any sense out of them. He didn't realize that his head moved on its own free will into a curt nod, nor did he register the pair of arms that wrapped around him.

"I know that you probably don't believe me, but you've got to trust me on this one. I'll never hurt you again." Those whispered words, directed to him and him alone, seemed to do the trick. Wolfram's arms slowly wrapped themselves around Yuri's form, causing the latter to smile.

"I know it might be too selfish, but if I ask you to, will you stay by my side, Wolf? I'll understand if you don't want to, since I'm the cause of your suffering these past three years."

Just like last night, tears gathered in those emerald depths and this time, when they streamed down his face, he didn't bother to stop them from flowing. Unable to utter a single word, Wolfram simply tightened his hold, hoping that the double black would get the hint.

And when he felt Yuri's soft smile against his neck, he knew that the other boy had heard him… even though he hadn't said it in words.

'Always, Yuri… Always.'


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