Author's Notes: this is mostly told through Naruto's point of view but at time I will switch to a third party point of view. Since my first Naruto story turned out so well liked and got many reviews, I decided to make another one. According to my oldest daughter when I was telling her about this story, she said that I am evil but, I will let you be the judge of that. Feel free to leave your comments and reviews as I look forward to reading them. I don't own or claim to own any of the characters featured on the Naruto series as this story is completely my own idea.

Special Notes: key is a special key guide for the different symbols that I will be using in the series. 'thinking', (authors notes), "regular speech", *telepathic/mental speech*, -demon speech-, +scene change+, BOLD CAPS - points of view, CAPS- attacks

One - Naruto meets Sakura

N.P.O.V. (Naruto's Point of View)

I awoke finding myself in a cold and dark place. I have been this way ever since I can remember. (Naruto is about five years old at this time) I know that the people fear me because I am a demon. The villagers keep me locked up away from everyone else as they are afraid. They look at me with fear in their eyes knowing what lies with inside of me. The demon fox, the nine tail, Kyuubi. When I was born, I had this demon within me. I never got to know my real family. I could briefly hear the villagers speak my name in whispers as it has become forbidden to even speak my name. My name is Naruto. I have learned to speak by listening to the villagers as not very often does anyone come to my caged area except to feed me once a day. It isn't enough to feed my growing hunger. I often hate seeing the hatred and fear that is in their eyes. I glanced down at my human hands wondering if I shall ever be free or if I shall ever have a friend. I could hear a sound coming close to my caged area as the smell of cherry blossoms filled the air.

'That's strange cherry blossoms don't bloom this early.' I thought to myself as I could see someone climbing underneath the tarp area of where my cage was kept. I could hear someone breathing rapidly afraid of getting caught.

"She must have went this way." shouted out an older kids voice. I could see her shuttering hoping and praying not to be caught.

"You don't think that she would dare to enter the demon's tent?" asked another.

"If she did she's probably demon food by now." stated another. I growled sharply as I could hear them clearly scampering off. Once they were far enough away, I turned my attention to the one whom had entered.

"Please don't be afraid. They are gone now." I stated in a soft spoken voice. Slowly the girl came out of hiding as she had pink hair and green eyes.

"Who are you?" she asked. Clearly the scent of cherry blossoms were coming from her.

"Naruto." I replied as I could see the look of shock stretch across her face as she gasped out loud.

"You're the demon?"

"I am not!" I growled sharply banging my hands down to the ground. With my erupted anger, I managed to cause a small earthquake.

"I am sorry. But when I first heard stories about you, I thought that you would be some kind of terrible monster. But you're only just a boy." stated the girl. I could tell that she was somewhat afraid of me but not truly afraid like the others. Could it be possible that I was finally making a friend? I could feel this girl starting to easy my loneliness as for the first time someone wasn't afraid of me.

"You never told me your name yet." I stated once I had calmed down.

"Sakura. I know that I shouldn't be here but I had to escape from the bullies. Why don't you escape Naruto if you aren't a demon?"

"I can't." I replied showing her my chains. Special seals laid over the chains and cage (the word repress was written in kanji on the seals). "They keep me here because of what I have inside of me. They don't see me only him." I replied. I could hear laughter in the back of my head as I knew that it was coming from only one being or rather a demon.

-Are you talking about me kit?- I grabbed my head suddenly.

*Stop it Kyuubi!* I yelled at the demon mentally along the mental path that he and I shared. I could hear the fox laughing.

-This shall prove amusing. I will leave her be for now. There is something about this human that interreges me.- stated Kyuubi. I could feel the foxes presence vanish returning my normal senses back to normal. Sakura looked at me with concern in her eyes.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

"Sorry….I can get like that You should go before somebody catches you." I stated knowing that she couldn't hear Kyuubi like I could. Sakura quietly crept back out the way that she came in from.

"Don't worry Naruto, I will come back again. I don't care if you are a demon. Even somebody needs someone to talk to a friend. I will be yours. But we will keep this a secret." she stated before running off. I could feel a brief smile stretch across my face. Finally somebody had help penetrate my loneliness, finally I had a friend.


The past and tortures