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Title On the wild side.

Monday the 10th of January 2012 the time is 6.1pm early evening.


(Who was shouting throw H Newt's letter box and banging on the door)

"H Dude you in there."

Alice Christine Lacey was walking by and she heard Alex Hall shouting and she had stopped.


"Alex what wrong?"


(Who had stopped banging on H's door.)

"H she not awering her door."


"Don't worry she might be a Christine's?"


"No she not there I asked Chris if she had seen her."


(Who was trying to not look worried.)

"May be she pop round to see mom and pap?"


No no she not been there ever."

"H she should be back of her min break today."


(Putting her hand on Alex's shoulder.)

"Ok com'on lets go see my mom."

"She might have hear from H."

Now outside Alice Christine's mom and pap's place.

Christine Cagney was already there.

Now inside the Lacey's home.

Christine Cagney was on her cell phone Mary Beth also was on her cell phone too.


(Looking at Alice now.)

"I give Lisa and the others a ring too."

"To see they have heard from H."


(Who had came off the phone from Zig Zag.)

"Babe Zig Zag said that he has seen H."

"She had say at his sister Kaz's place for a couple of days."

Mary Beth.

(Who was about to deal Lisa Penny's number.)

"Oh thank god for that."

"Did he say anything else Harv?"


"No I've meet Mr Zig Zag's sister before."

"Just say she the type of person that could lead you a stray."


(Who now was in the kitchen making every one a drink.)

"just hope that H dose go of rails."

"You know what I mean?"

There was a voice coming over the radio that was attached to her police coat.


(Speaking on the other end of the radio to Alice.)

"Officer Lacey we need you at the West boot camp."

"Right a way."


"Jim I'm on my way now."

"Over and Out."


"Alice I've texted you."

"You need to have a look at it."

"Over and out."


"I Copy that Jim."

"I'm on my way."

Alice had replaced her radio back on to her police coat.

Alice then taken her cell phone out of her pocket and she read the text that officer Jim Kettle sent her.

Mary Beth.

(Who knows when some things up.)

"Alice Christine what's wrong ?"


(Who had a look of astmainsh a cross her face t because it is H that is in truble.)

"No nothing wrong mom."

"I have to go I'll tauch you later."


Before Alice's mom could say good bye or the others Alice had left.

We was going to meet officer Jim Kettle at the West side boot camp where Miss H Newt was sent to. To see what as happened and why H been arrested for.