Friday the 29th of January 2013.

Mary Beth Harvey Lacey were at Christine Cagney's flat.

Alex and H where chatting away on the sofa.

The time is 12.38pm


(Who was carrying a clear plastic box with some cakes in side it)

"How yaw both doing?"


(Who looked like he could do with some sleep.)

"I'm doing ok Mr Lacey."


(Who was standing up now.)

"I'm fine thanks pap."

"Would anyone like a drink?"


(Who had placed the box on the coffee table and sat where H was sitting.)

"I would love a cup of coffee please."

"We could those cakes with our drinks."

H when into the kitchen area to make the drinks.

Christine came into the kitchen to see if her adoptive niece need a hand.


(Who was near H and she could tell something was on H's mind.)

"Honey pie how yaw doing?"

"Ya look like ya seen a ghost?"


(Turning to face Chris and she looked pale.)

"I'm good thanks."

"I just haven't had a lot of sleep last night."

"There is so thing I wanted to talk to you about."


(Who was still standing next to H.)

"Honey what's that then?"


"It might not be anything."

"It don't matter any ways."

Chris who shouted to Alex to carry the tray into the living room.

Christine and H followed Alex .

The time is now 5.1pm

Doctor Coco's helpers prafcers Shipstone and Nicals where on there way to collate H and Alex from Cagney's flat. They already had picked up Lisa Penny and Joe Hope .

Mary Beth.

(Who was picking her words carefully.)

"Have you both got your bags ready."

"For your trip away?"


(Who really didn't want to go away but he knows its for the best.)

"Yes all packed."


(Who knows Mary Beth Harvey and Christine are doing the right thing.)

"Yap I have packed."

" I even packed my lap too so I can email you."


(Pulling a pager out of his jeans pocket and passing it to H.)

"H I got you this for ya."

"It's a pager it will let ya know when Mary Beth emails ya."


(Giving Harv a hug and a peak on the cheek.)

"Thank you."

There was a knock at the door it was prefcers Shipstone and Nichol.

Who was here to pick up H and Alex.

Hervey had oppend the door and let them in.

Prfecor Shipstone.

(Who was standing near the door.)

"Hi I'm prfecor Shipstone."

"But you can call me Tess."


(Picking up H's hand luggage.)

"H baby ya ready to go?"


(Who was as hold of the suitcase she turned to see where Chris and Mary Beth were.)

"Yes I'm ready."

"Harv do you might walking with Alex."

"I just need to talk to Mary Beth."


"Sue sweetie."

Alex Hall Harvey Prfacor Shipstone where walking out the door to the bright yellow min bus.

Mary Beth and Chris walked with H so they can talk.

When they reached the bus their where greeted bye perfacor Ella Nichol.

Mary Beth.
(Who had tears in her eyes and she was stud in front of the bus.)

"H sweetie pie Chris said ya wanted to talk to me."

"Before ya left?"


(Who let go off her suit case and she hugged Mary Beth.)

"There was but it's ok Mom."

"It was nothing really."

Lisa and Joe had gotten off the bus to say their good byes.

There was a lot of hugging and crying going on.

Parfacor Nichol.

(Who was smiling and she was cheerful.)

"You guys ready to hit the road."

Lisa Penny Joe Hope H Newt and Alex Hall had got a board the bus.

H was the last one to get on to the bus she was loading her bags into the boot.

Christine Cagney a upset Mary Beth Lacey and Harvey waved the kids off.

H was standing on the back seat waving to them.

When the bus pulled away.

The End.

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