one of the saddest stories i've ever written, probably

DISCLAIMER: i don't own the movie or the song, but the world owns this story.

"What's that girl's name?" I asked Jessica.

"Sam. She's a friend of one of the girls in my youth group."


I was ready for this one week isolated in Minnesota at a camp called Splash Camp. It was a week of water, food, competition, and most importantly; enriching our faith in our savior.

"Why'd she die her hair pink?" I asked Jessica. I wanted to know more about this "Sam" character.

"She didn't dye it. It's just spray-on hair color and she's wearing it for Chaos Night."

Chaos Night was the best night in the camp. It was taking place on Wednesday this year, the same day as Cry Night.

Chaos Night was when everyone dressed up in weird clothes and had a contest to see whose outfit was the most un-matching and creative. We also got homemade pizza.

Cry Night was the one night when everyone started feeling homesick, and when we all confessed everything and were saved. After everyone was feeling better again, the band played a couple songs and we went on with our nightly activities. This was the night when I felt especially close to Sam.

When I got back into the Hall, I saw Sam sitting in a chair and just crying her eyes out. Jessica and Susan were with her, trying to help her realize that it's okay that she was crying, and that everyone else was, too.

"Sam, what's wrong?" I asked, coming over to the three of them.

"It's just so… so… God-like in here…" Sam answered. She was holding her head in her hands, and I saw horizontal scars on her wrists.

"I know. That's the point of tonight. It's to get everyone together and feel like we're one body and all united."

"Wow. They do a good job of it. I've just… never seen the light before now and… it feels like a whole weight's been lifted off my back. I feel… free."

The band stepped onto the stage. "I once was fatherless, a stranger with no hope. Your kindness wakened me, awakened me, from my sleep. Your love, it beckons deeply, a call to come and die. By grace now I will come. Take this life, take your life."

Everyone started singing along with them "Sin has lost its power. Death has lost its sting. From the grave you've risen, VICTORIOUSLY.

"Into marvelous light I'm running. Out of darkness, out of shame.
By the cross you are the truth, you are the light, you are the way."

Sam lifted her hands up and I saw tears stream down her cheeks again. I knew that she'd been saved, and she felt like nothing could hurt her anymore. If you ever experience someone being changed… let me just say that it's the best feeling in the world.

A few months later, I was on Facebook, just reading through my newsfeed, when I saw a post from one of my friends that had been at Splash Camp.

Benjamin *****: just found out that that girl from Splash camp, Sam, just killed herself yesterday.

I called Ben a few minutes after that. "What? Sam killed herself?"

"Yeah, she did."


"She was alone at home, and she was cutting with her razor, and she couldn't stop the bleeding."

I just hung up on him. I didn't need this anymore.

THIS IS A TRUE STORY. This happened to a girl some friends and I knew. It's sad to see that no matter how much she had changed in that one week, she still went and killed herself. We'll never get her back, now.