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Harry and his New Family II – New Life

Chapter 1 - Trouble

"I will never understand that," Harry thought, frustrated, when he read the part about transfiguring a living object into a dish for the fourth time. Why did Minerva always make them learn such complicated things by reading a chapter first and not practicing? Henry, Harry's learning disorder healer, had banned him from doing his homework in his room, and Harry hated the library. He always had the feeling he needed to find another book to look for an answer while working in there, and so he wasn't able to concentrate. The kitchen table was his only choice because Minerva, who at the moment was reading her witch magazine on the couch with her feet up on Albus' lap, had forbidden him to use the coffee table.

'That will ruin your back. Go to the kitchen table. The light is better there as well.' Sometimes it was annoying to live together with so many people.

Why weren't they allowed to use pens? At least you could gnaw at them. The damned feather only tickles you when you have it in your face. Harry sighed. He hated Transfiguration. If there was still one subject, besides History, that could make him fail this year, it would be Transfiguration. There was still much time until his third year would end, but Harry felt miserable thinking about possibly failing. Especially in two subjects his new family members were teaching.

"Do you need help, my boy?" Albus asked from the couch after Harry sighed for around the fifteenth time.

"No," Harry replied, frustrated. He better go to the library before Minerva realizes that he was not able to do his Transfiguration homework.

"You are aware that I once taught Transfiguration, Harry?"

Harry groaned. Thank you, Albus, for making Minerva aware of what Harry was brooding over.

"Harry, why don't you tell me if you are having trouble with my homework?" Minerva asked.

"Because it is my homework and not yours, Minerva. The others also don't have someone adult to help them. They are teasing me enough already." Harry let his quill fall on the table. "If I wouldn't have that stupid grounding, I could learn with Hermione and Ron."

"You should have thought about that before you went flying on the weekend even though your homework wasn't finished." Minerva came over to him and looked over his shoulder. "So what's the problem?"

Harry was frustrated, and when he was frustrated, he often didn't think before he spoke. "The problem is that I'm damn stupid." He wanted to stand up, but Minerva pressed him down in the chair again.

"Watch you tone, young man, or we both will have a stern talk. Now stop trying to run away and tell me what you don't understand."

Harry sighed. "I'm sorry." He really was. He knew Minerva wasn't responsible for all this, but he was so angry at himself for not being able to do this homework alone.

"I know. Apology accepted. Now tell me what is troubling you."

"I just can't find the answer to your questions in the text. I know that is stupid and that the answer is there somewhere, but I can't find it. I have the feeling I need to copy the whole chapter to get the right answer. It seems to all be important."

"When I give you homework on things we haven't spoken about before, I always divide the questions like the paragraphs of the text I give you to read. So for the first question your only need to read the first paragraph to find the information. So find the conditions which have to be present for a transfiguration like that in the text and write them on your extra parchment for notes." Minerva waited until Harry had found the information and had written it down.

"Now form a simple sentence to answer the question and use the words you have noted down." When Harry did what she had told him, she praised him. "Very good, Harry. Now go on like that with the other paragraphs and questions. Call me if you need my help." Before she went away, she added, "Oh, and if someone teases you about belonging to our family, just don't listen to them. They can hardly accuse you to be favored."

Harry rolled his eyes. No, he wasn't teased about being favored, he was teased about never being able to reach the standards of his family. He knew they were wrong. Severus and Minerva had spoken a lot with him about the pressure he had put on himself the first semester of his third year. Harry knew that they would still love him, even if he would fail. So the pity comments of his fellow classmates stung the most. He was sick of hearing their comments and seeing their pitiful glances at him when Severus scolded him for his clumsiness, or Minerva looked disapprovingly at him in class. Even in history he got pity looks when Ivy scolded him for not paying enough attention.

Harry was in the middle of the second paragraph when Ivy stormed out of the fireplace, closely followed by Severus. She didn't look into the room. The moment the dust cleared, she turned around snarling at a nonplussed Severus. "Go out of my way!" She pushed him aside. "I'm off to Narcissa. Don't dare to follow me. Go to your little hussy. She certainly is ensnared by you. I'm sure you two will find a better way to waste your time than going shopping with me, as you did all the time when you told me your were at the apothecary or making research."

Furiously she threw the floo powder into the fireplace and screamed, "Malfoy-Lupin Manson!"

When his wife was gone in an angry green flash, Severus realized that they had been having an audience. "It's not what you think!" he said in Albus and Minerva's direction. For Harry, Severus only had a short glare before he turned on his heels to leave the quarters.

"I'm off to see Lupin."

Harry stared at the now closed door. He was surprised that it still was in one piece after the forceful shove it had gotten from Severus when he had left. What had that been about? He had never seen Ivy like that. She even had tears in her eyes if Harry had seen it right, not that he had much time to study her face. He was worried, and the stunned silence from the coffee table didn't help his discomfort. Was his newfound family already breaking apart?

It was Albus who found his voice again first. "Whose turn is it to fetch the twins today?"

"I think Poppy and Alastor will get them from daycare today, but I better make sure I'm right. I will go to the infirmary." Minerva's voice was shaky. When her daughter was behaving like this, something bad must have happened.

Harry knew that the fact that Minerva left through the door and not the fireplace meant that she was worried and needed time to think before she would arrive at the infirmary. Harry was very worried now and couldn't concentrate on his homework. He was still staring at the door when he felt Albus' hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, Harry. You know adults sometimes overreact. They will clear things up again."

"Ivy... she... she was crying, wasn't she?" He didn't know why he still had problems to call her mom while speaking with others beside Severus, his little brothers, and Ivy herself.

"Maybe she has, but we don't know what happened and it is definitely nothing that should worry you. They will solve their problem alone."

Harry knew that Albus was wrong. Something told him that things wouldn't be solved so easily and his worries were confirmed when Remus left with a big bag full of Severus' clothes shortly before supper and the twins were told a stupid story about Daddy having a sleep over with Uncle Remus. Harry hadn't felt that miserable and out of place for a long time. He wished he could be as naive as the twins. It would be so much easier to be able to just think Severus was visiting a friend.

Remus also had no time to talk with Harry, and for Harry it was like being rejected. He couldn't know that Remus was still shaken from the screaming he had gotten from his wife as she realized that he was speaking with Severus. When she came over to tell Severus that Ivy wanted him to move out, Remus dared to offer to take Severus in. Narcissa was screaming at him even more and now Remus didn't knew if he was in a crisis as well.

Ivy came back shortly after Remus had left, and Harry had to praise her inwardly for her acting skills. The twins didn't have any idea that something was wrong. Harry instead hardly ate anything and was glad that this time nobody was forcing him to eat. "Could you please help Eathan and Lysander to get ready for bed, Harry?" Ivy asked, smiling forcibly at Harry.

Harry wanted to smack her for that false smile. Why was she doing that? For the sake of the twins he nodded and quickly left with his little brothers. It was hard to pretend that nothing had happened and to smile when Eathan and Lysander splashed him with water. Harry had the feeling his world was falling apart, and he had to pretend to be strong again. Why can't anything in his life remain good and balanced for a while.

The tension was almost visible in the air, so Harry hid in his room as soon as the twins were in their bed and Ivy had taken over. Harry couldn't stand her acting. It was reminding him so much about the time were she had tried to pretend to be strong even so she was still grieving about Joshua, her little baby son who had been born dead one and a half years ago. His Transfiguration homework was still unfinished, but Harry didn't care.

"Thanks for helping me with Eathan and Lysander, Harry," Ivy said after she had sneaked into his room and had sat down on the bed beside him.

Harry was lying on his stomach, his face hidden in his cushion. "Don't lie to me. It is better to say nothing than lying to me that everything is all right!"

Ivy sighed. "Harry, I can't..." Her voice broke, and she needed to compose herself. Harry heard that she wiped the tears out of her eyes. "No, nothing is all right, but you don't have to worry about it. They are not your problems."

Harry shook his head. Why have adults always have to say things like that. Of course it was his problem. The only real family he ever had was falling apart. "Please leave me alone!" He couldn't look at her. It was all too painful.

"I'm sorry, Harry." She laid her hand on his shoulder, but then she stood up and left. Quickly Harry stood up and warded his door. It wouldn't hold Albus or any other adult out, but at least it was showing them that he wanted to be left alone. He didn't want to hear their lies about the whole affair. Harry knew that this wasn't just a small problem. Severus had moved out with Remus' help. Remus! The men had been more civil after their New Year's party at Malfoy's Mansion, but that Severus went to Remus now was only emphasizing how bad it really was.

Harry heard the door handle move around ten minutes after Ivy had left. To his relief whoever was at the other end didn't break his wards, and he was left alone.

In the morning Harry stole out of the quarters before anyone else was awake. He didn't care that he broke his grounding. He needed to speak with his friends.

"I'm sure things will clear up, Harry. You don't even know what happened," Hermione said to calm Harry down, but she didn't sound convinced herself.

"Yeah, mate, maybe he just looked at another woman too closely. Charlie once had a girlfriend who cried herself out to my mom. Absolutely hysterical. I swear mom was close to hexing Charlie when he came home. Then things cleared up, and it came out that Charlie just had been at a Quidditch match with a good, but female friend."

"Ron, that isn't helping!" Hermine glared at him. "The Professors are no teenagers. If they behave like that, there will have been something. But they are adult enough to solve that problem."

Harry had preferred Ron's way of seeing things. Hermione made him worry even more. "But what if not, Hermione? They were perfect, and now I will be alone again."

"Harry, just because they have a problem doesn't mean that you will lose your family. Give them time to solve their misunderstandings or problems or whatever."

"Wise words, Ms. Granger," Alastor said from his position close to the portrait hole of the Gryffindor common room. "Harry, I think we need to talk."

"I don't want to go back. Classes will start in forty minutes," Harry said stubbornly.

"Your mother and your grandparents are worried about you. You shouldn't have left like that. And I'm not even speaking about your grounding, Harry."

"Who cares." Harry was frustrated and angry, and his godfather was the one who stood within reach to get that tension out. The problem was that he never was able to control himself in situations like that. Ron and Hermione looked shocked and even moved away from Harry as if bringing themselves out of the hexing range of their feared DADA teacher.

"Up! NOW!" Alastor bellowed.

That pulled Harry out of his pouting, and he quickly obeyed in order to not make things worse. He knew that Alastor from time to time used that tone, but it hardly ever was directed at him. Only when he had caught him flying with just a jumper because his jacket had gotten wet from snow, he had bellowed at him like that.

The whole way up to his godparents' quarters Alastor held Harry's neck with a not very gentle grip. Harry knew he had pissed Alastor off with that comment. "I'm sorry."

"You should be, Harry. I don't like being spoken to like that, not even being confused and scared is an excuse for that."

Harry let his head hang. Great now he hadn't only most likely lost his family, but pissed off his godfather as well.

Entering the quarters of his godparents, Harry was relieved that Poppy wasn't there. He couldn't stand her scolding right now.

"Sit down, I need to calm your mother down by telling her that I found you."

Harry sat down on the small couch. He couldn't understand what Alastor told Ivy or whoever was at the fireplace at home. Was it even still his home?

When Alastor canceled the floo call, he waved his wand and a plate of sandwiches and a glass of milk appeared on the coffee table. "Your grandparents have arrived. If you want to speak with them before classes start you should hurry home. Otherwise, eat something!"

Thadeus and Elli had come over, so this was a full crisis. What the hell had Severus done? "Ehm.. maybe I could go over to Remus and speak with Severus." Harry wasn't hungry. He needed answers. Being in the dark about the whole affair was making Harry even feel worse. If he knew what happened, he would be able to brace himself for what would come.

"I don't think that is a good idea, Harry. I think you should wait until the adults have spoken. It's their problem, not yours."

"NOT MY PROBLEM? Why are you all saying this. Of course it is my problem! They are my family, and I'll lose them now. I will be alone again!"

"Harry, you will never be alone again." Alastor stepped closer, but didn't dare to touch the distressed boy. "Whatever problem Severus and Ivy have, they will solve it!"

"Or they will break up, and then there is no place for me. You don't have to lie to me, Alastor. I know it."

Alastor shook his head. Where was Poppy when he needed her? He would prefer to speak some sense into Severus than in Harry. "There will always be a place for you, Harry. The problem they have right now doesn't change that you are their son, Harry. That will remain no matter what happens now."

"No it will not and you all are lying to me," Harry cried and ran for the door. It wouldn't be beyond his godfather to lock the door, but Harry noticed relieved that he wasn't stopped from leaving the quarters. Unfortunately that didn't help him much because just outside the door he ran into Albus who caught him in a tight hug.

"Stop, Harry, we need to talk."

"You all are just lying to me. I don't want to talk to you!" Harry screamed against the lump in his throat. He hated himself for being weak and starting to cry. He just hoped nobody would see him.

Albus guided Harry back into Alastor and Poppy's quarters and sat him down on the couch. Harry wasn't fighting him any longer and was only busy with fighting his sobs and trying to wipe the tears off his face.

"Listen now, Harry," Albus said seriously and held Harry by his shoulders, so the boy had to face him. "I need you to behave mature now. Ivy and Severus have a problem they both have to solve in whatever way they think right. You need to calm down and not interfere. That is a problem between Ivy and Severus not you! I will ignore your running away this morning, but this won't happen again. Give them time to solve their problem and don't give them even more to worry about. Things will clear up and for the time being you will need to rely on Minerva and me and your other grandparents. You are still part of our family and that will never change, no matter what will happen between Ivy and Severus."

Harry shook his head. Albus' words made it even more real that it would be possible that Severus and Ivy would break up and his perfect little life in his new family was destroyed forever. Only one day ago he had thought his greatest problem would be his transfiguration homework and now his whole life was shattered.

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