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Chapter 39 – The End


"What? A new broom?" Ron asked.

"No, a quad bike."

"One of those motorcycles with four wheels? That's cool. I need to tell Dad. He'll be so jealous. We saw one at the shop where we bought the motorcycle."

"Yeah, it's cool! You need to come over so you can try it out."


Harry shrugged, but then remembered Ron could not see it via the Floo network. "I'll ask my Mum. Wait!" A few seconds later, Harry pushed his head back into the green flames. "You can come over for two hours if you want."

"Cool! Step aside," Ron said and a second later, he stood in the living room of Dumbledore's mansion. "Hello, Mrs. Snape."

"Hello, Ron. Please be careful and only drive on the yard."

"Yes, we will," Harry said as he pulled Ron by his sleeve outside. He could not wait to show his friend his awesome Easter present.

Not only his time with Ron but also his Easter holiday were over all too soon, and they were all back at Hogwarts. Now that school was starting again, Harry had to try hard to get all that he missed into his head to pass the year.


Severus sighed and placed the last parchment covered in red scribbling on the pile that towered on his right. That was the last essay he had to correct for this school year. At least that was what he hoped. If those little monsters gave him even one reason during the last three weeks of the school year, he would not hesitate to assign another one, even if it meant extra work for him.

"Oh, please beware," Tiberius, the Potions Master in the portrait that guarded the secret entrance from Severus' office to his private quarters, muttered.

Severus looked sideways to the black haired, grim-looking man. "What's the matter?"

Tiberius scowled. "Oh, nothing. I just realized my life will become even worse."

Severus was annoyed. "I'm too tired for your bickering. What's happening in my quarters? Is Mary bothering you?" Mary was the woman in the portrait that guarded Ivy's secret passageway into their quarters. She was a cheerful woman and loved to entertain the kids even though Tiberius, whose portrait hung right beside hers, always felt very annoyed by her.

"That, too."

Severus groaned. "All right. I'm finished anyway. So let me through."


"Oh, Brenda," Ivy said happily and lifted the flower along with her pot. The flower looked like a sunflower, but only had a short steam with big leaves. The blossom was as big as a sunflower but the petals were longer and of a brighter yellow color. The middle the blossom was brown and had a face. She moved her petals in greeting and smiled at her owner's happy face.

Ivy smiled even brighter when she saw the wonderful big eyes with the long lashes bat at her. "Oh, Brenda, you won't guess what Poppy just said to me."

The flower tilted her head sideways and looked questioningly at her. She didn't understand anything, but she could tell by the tone of Ivy's voice what mood she was in.

Ivy swung around and laughed. Brenda closed her leaves and petals over her face in surprise. "Sorry, sweetie, but I'm so happy." Ivy stopped spinning and waited for the flower to look at her again. "I'm pregnant."

Seeing Ivy smile from ear to ear, Brenda imitated her even though she had no ears.

"Oh, you are happy as well, aren't you?" Ivy asked, excited.

"What did I tell you? Pregnant woman are crazy. Does she really think that stupid plant understands her?" Ivy heard Tiberius mutter to Mary.

"Oh, it's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!" Mary exclaimed, excited, and clapped her hands.

Ivy threw a warm smile over to her, while Tiberius vanished muttering, "Why the hell did I have to end up here?"

Ivy had no eyes for Tiberius and did not see him leave. Her eyes were on her flower again. Severus had given it to her as a gift even though he had called her crazy for speaking to her so much. He just had no idea. Brenda was an impressive-looking flower for her kind. Only Ivy's and Minerva's constant talking with her made this possible.

"Do you know what the best part is?"

Brenda cocked her head again.

"It's a girl, Brenda." Again, Ivy started to dance around with the flower, whirling her through the air. This time, the flower smiled and let her petals flutter.

"A girl, a girl, a sweet little girl," Ivy sang loud and whirled around. When she stopped, she was out of breath. After a short intensive look at the happy face of the flower, Ivy hugged the pot. "I'm so happy, Brenda."


Severus stopped in his tracks when he saw Ivy whirl around in the living-room. Her words made his heart beat fast, not knowing what to feel. His first thought was Merlin, no! He was still afraid of losing Ivy during another dangerous pregnancy. James had convinced him that now that the war was over, Severus would have enough time and peace to take care of Ivy. It would not be such a problem.

Severus' mood quickly changed seeing his happy wife. A girl. How would it be to have a cute little girl? Severus already imagined his daughter as a small version of Ivy.

Severus was pulled out of his musing when Ivy turned around after hugging her flower pot. She screamed his name and almost dropped it. If the plant was able to make noise, it would have screeched. As it could not, it curled into a ball and covered its head with its leaves.

"Severus, do you want to kill me? Why didn't you tell me you were here?"

Severus grinned, amused. "And miss the chance to see you dance around with your imaginary friend?" He pushed himself off the door-frame and went over to his blushing wife.

"Brenda isn't imaginary!"

"She is a brainless thing that reacts to your facial expression and vibrations. By the way, I want to brew a Silencing Potion next week and could use—"

Ivy pulled Brenda out of the reach of her husband's hands. "Don't even think about it, Severus!" She had thought hard on her way to set Brenda down about what and how to tell Severus. What had he already heard?

Severus watched his wife. He knew all the signs of her nervousness. She had a stiff walk and he would bet she was biting her bottom lip right now.

Ivy was glad Severus could not see her face. He was way too good at reading her face and she knew she could not resist biting her lower lip now that she was nervous. She paused shortly after placing Brenda on the table and breathed in deeply. When she turned, she squeaked and hit Severus, who had sneaked up behind her, against his chest. "Severus!"

He smiled down at her and captured her fists. "I was standing there for a while." He wanted to relieve her of her nervousness. It was time to talk about the conditions now.

"Severus, I…." She looked up at him with fearful eyes, and he could not resist leaning down to kiss her.

"I'm happy."

Ivy felt hot tears run down over her cheeks. Tears of relief. She had feared that Severus would be mad or too worried. They had agreed to have a baby, but Ivy knew Severus had just agreed for her sake. She knew him, and so she knew that those words were spoken truthfully. He was happy to have another baby.

"Shh," Severus said and brushed her tears away with his thumbs and kissed her again. "I'm very happy."

A sob escaped her, and she flung her arms around his neck. "I love you. I love you so much."

"I love you even more."

They stood like this for what seemed like an eternity until Severus broke the silence. "Remember our conditions. You will stop working now."

"Severus," Ivy said and pushed herself a bit away to look up at him. "There are only three more weeks left of school, and I'm only in my ninth week."

"We agreed, Ivy. You will obey."

Ivy rolled her eyes. "I'm not the boys, Severus. I won't just obey."

"You agreed," Severus said. He wanted her safe. He would not let her run into a class full of clumsy students who could accidentally kick her or ram their elbows into her stomach. He could not stand to think of it.

Seeing the truly shocked expression on her husband's face, Ivy's heart melted. "Severus, I'm not made of glass."

Severus stepped away from her. The feeling of angst was back, the fear that something would happen to his love. There were some things he could not control. He wanted her safe, but he could not keep her safe if she worked against him.

"Severus," Ivy said softly and grabbed for Severus' arm to stop him from backing away from her. "Give me one week to organize everything. We still have to tell the boys. One week, okay? Can you live with that?"

"I would prefer if you stopped going to class immediately. I won't be able to concentrate at all. I'll be worrying that something could happen."

Ivy sighed. She knew he would be like this, but she had also hoped that he would calm down after a few weeks. It was just bad timing. Only three more weeks and the holidays would start, and she was not keen on telling Harry before school was over. If Severus insisted on her quitting now, they would have to tell Harry or he would wonder why she had stopped teaching.

"Albus can take over for you."

Again, Ivy sighed. "It's Tuesday, so give me the rest of the week. Only three days, Severus."

"Three days and you will let James check you through, not just Poppy."

"Poppy is a good Mediwitch."

"James is a healer."

Ivy rolled her eyes. "Severus, if you won't let me do anything, I'll go crazy!"

"I just don't want you teaching. That's all. And you have to take it easy. No more carrying heavy things, and no flying with Hooch, and—"

She placed her finger over his lips. "Everything will be all right this time. No war, no worrying over you, no stress. It will be all right."

Severus did not look convinced. He had to watch out for her very carefully.

"What about the boys? When will we tell them?" Ivy asked to lead the conversation in another direction. She knew Severus would only calm down after a few weeks had passed and nothing bad had happened. There was no chance of making him see reason now. She would quit and her Dad would surely be happy to take over for the next two weeks. All the important exams were already written.

"Today." Severus looked questioningly at her. "You don't want to tell them?"

Ivy sighed and turned away. "How do you think Harry will take it?"

Severus had no idea what Ivy was worrying about. "He is a good brother to Eathan and Lysander. Why wouldn't he be for our daughter?"

Ivy turned abruptly. "You already heard? Oh, Severus, I wanted to surprise you!" Ivy bumped him on the chest.

Severus raised an eyebrow. "Surprise me? If Poppy examined you, half the staff will know already. I'm glad I heard it from you so I don't look like a moron when one of our colleagues says something to me in the staffroom."

"Poppy would never do something like that," Ivy scolded. Her face softened as she looked deeply into his dark brown eyes. "A baby girl, Severus." Ivy smiled at him.

One of those rare, true, happy smiles slowly spread over Severus' face. "Yes, a little princess."

Ivy smiled even brighter hearing those words spoken with such softness. "Oh, I love you so much, Severus."

He hugged her and again they stood like this for several minutes. "You're worried about Harry?" Severus asked and Ivy sighed into his shoulder before straightening up.

"I fear he will see her as a concurrence. Maybe he will think he won't be important to us anymore. We won't have as much time as we had before, and he still needs—" This time, it was Severus who placed a finger on her lips to stop her bubbling.

"I will have enough time for all of our children. You will, of course, be busy with the baby in the beginning, but I promise I will compensate for that. I will brew less than—What? Are you hurt? Is something wrong with the baby?" Severus watched her, slightly panicked, when she looked at him as if something inside her had snapped.

"You...you want to cut your time in the lab for our children?"

Severus groaned. "Merlin, you almost gave me a heart attack."

"I almost had one. 'Brew less.' The moment we arrive at Dumbledore's mansion, you vanish into the lab and aren't seen for ages."

"That's not true. When Harry came there the first time, I was with him the entire time. It's no big deal. I will take care of our children while you are busy with the baby."

Ivy laughed. "You make it sound as if I will only have eyes for our little princess."

Severus grinned. "Who knows?"

Again, Ivy bumped Severus' chest. "We will see. I still think we should tell Mum and Dad and your parents first before we talk to the boys."

"Of course." Severus nodded. "It can wait until the end of the week."


"Phew." Harry threw himself onto his bed. Today he had taken his last test. The next two weeks would not be as hard, and he knew he had managed to pass this year. He would be allowed to stay in the same year as his friends. Next week ,Victor would finally move into the castle. Harry was still busy making a big welcome sign for Victor with his brothers.

It would be so great for Victor to finally live in the castle. They had already found some unknown corners in the castle, and Harry was sure they would find even more. And they would be able to do so many more things at Dumbledore's mansion and in the forest. Harry had never had looked forward to a school break this much.

Jenny, Alastor's niece, would come over to the Orkney Islands as soon as they went over. He was looking forward to getting to know her. He thought that she must be a cool girl, not a bit like the girls at Hogwarts. Okay, Hermione was all right, but she was still girly and so studious. Alastor and Poppy had told Victor and Harry many stories about Jenny. She must be a wild girl, not afraid of getting dirty or pushed too hard.

Harry was sure that they would have a lot of fun with her. Last week, Victor had shown Harry a letter Jenny had written to him. She was also looking forward to meeting them. She had mentioned a lot of places and creatures she wanted to show them in the summer.

Ron's family had invited Harry over for a week as well, and Harry hoped they could drive with the motorcycle again. Hermione was also invited and Harry had suggested they do it two weeks before the new school year started so Hermione would not bother them with learning in the first weeks of their holiday.

Draco had been a bit jealous, but when Harry told him he was allowed to come over to Dumbledore's mansion for a few days and that they were invited to Harry's grandparents' place together, Draco's mood had lifted. Harry knew he was not looking forward to a boring holiday with a screaming baby. Merlin, Harry could understand him. What was so interesting about babies that made all the adults coo over them? Harry was happy that Eathan and Lysander were already five.

Harry's health was okay. Now that all the school stress was diminishing and he was getting better and better with his relaxing sessions, Harry could stop taking medications. He only had to carry his emergency potion with him all the time. Victor was a big help as he had to do the relaxing trainings as well. It was less awkward when they did it together.

The boys in Bostertown were already waiting for them, and Harry was looking forward to playing football with them. The summer would be amazing. Only two more weeks. Harry could hardly wait.

Ivy and Severus were like they had been before their crisis. They had stopped going to their couple session. Harry only had to see Healer Wright once a month. James was coming over every Friday for short check-ups. Only Henry came three times a week to help Harry with his homework and learning techniques. He had become like a big brother to Harry and sometimes they just joked around or Harry told Henry about what had happened in school or with his friends.

The only sad thing was that Harry was not allowed to brew with Fred and George anymore unless they were over at Martin's laboratory. They had become more mature since they worked for Martin, but they still caused trouble sometimes. Harry avoided them when they got too mischievous. His work with Martin was great and he often wrote with Thadeus about what he had worked on and discussed it in long letters with his grandfather. Often, the Potions Master sent him more information about his current projects and new ideas to experiment with. Unfortunately, Harry only had time to go over to Martin's once or twice a month.

All in all, Harry felt like the happiest boy in the world and was looking forward to a summer full of adventures and fun.


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