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OH, and before I forget - this is after ISOBEL and before FOUNDERS DAY.


Sighing, he took another deep swallow out of his glass.

It's not as if he planned on this to happen. He would've been happy to get Katherine out of this damn make-shift prison of a tomb and burn the whole city down. Burn it down, and dance on its pyres, with her securely in his arms.

It could all be so simple… snatch one, or two humans a day, drink and dance the night away, and just love.

But nothing was ever that easy.

So, okay, she wasn't in there – decided to make a run for it. He's glad she did, really. Better than to spend a century and a half starving.

But not to say anything to him? A simple, little note; one 'I'm safe, don't worry' would've changed everything.

He knows that it's not going to help, dwelling on every little would-have-been and should-have-been.

It only made him act like a sick and twisted mix of every soulful, brooding, guilt ridden vampire in existence – he actually kind of reminded himself of Stefan at the moment.

And that, of all things, should be a dead giveaway to stop the hell thinking about that cunning little bitch.

But he never was one to follow a good advice. Not even his own, it seems.

So he keeps on sitting in front of the fire, and alternating between sipping from his glass, and staring into the amber depths of its contents.

He got over the fact that Katherine left him, them, just fine. He still was a bit freaked out about how fast he's gotten over it - And how long it took him to realize that it was all because of Elena.

He always despised humans for all their petty feelings. And to look into the eyes of Katherines pretty little carbon copy – and see the pity, the compassion… the understanding in them?

Disturbing as hell. Because, god (and the devil, and nearly everyone else) knows how hard he worked on pushing her away.

He tried to confuse her – acting friendly and nice (and that he's even capable of acting like he meant it… so strange) the one moment, and like the 'self serving psychopath with no redeeming qualities' the next.

When that didn't help, he tried to get to her over her friends. Hurting Caroline, frightening Bonnie half do death (draining her half to death, this one time), and messing with his dear, saintly brother.

And it never did him any good. She always came back, like a damn boomerang.

So, when you can't beat someone…. Yeah, so he gave in to those damn feelings.

And look were it took him.

Isobel, telling everyone who cared to listen that he's in love with Elena.

Stefan, with his cute, little lecture about 'history won't repeat itself'.

What is there to repeat, anyway? It's not as if Elena would do something like that – could do something like that.

She's far too nice, too human, to be anything but honest and faithful.

Sighing again (he's got to stop doing this… next he'll get one of those stupid, brooding expressions on his face, and start to drink animal blood….) he put his, now empty, glass on a side table and pushed himself off of the couch.

He had to go to bed, sleep, hide, or whatever.

Tomorrow he'll have to be on top of his game. Be Damon Salvatore, always charming, always playing games, and always be above and beyond of anything even resembling a deep feeling.

Tomorrow, on Founders day, he'll have to prove it to the world that there was nothing more than a friendship between him and Elena.

And after that, he'll pack his things and leave, never to look back again.

But when did things ever go as he planned them?



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