Not Like Us

By: Sailorjj07

1. Chapter 1

A/n: Yo! Taking over in the Boondocks world. And yes, I'll probably use every curse word and racial slur in the book, so sorry, yall. It's a Boondocks fic, it wouldn't be Boondocks if I didn't, right?

My point is...if you don't like it, don't read it!

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He wanted to push her against a wall. No, more than that, he wanted to take her to a dark corner and then push her against a wall.

As he watched 16-year-old Cindy McPhearson dribble up and down the basketball court, shooting a three pointer from the half court line, he tried his hardest to focus his gaze on something else.

But it was utterly impossible.

The soon to be 16-year-old Riley Freeman watched the blonde with a look bordering on obession, as if his eyes couldn't see past the one girl that continued to evade him.

"Yo, Riley. Are our girls winning yet?" 17-year-old Huey Freeman sat down next to his younger brother, holding a plastic container filled with nacho chips and cheese. He dipped the chip three times in the cheese, coating it to about three-fourths of an inch from the center before popping the treat into his mouth.

His huge afro made it impossible to see from behind him, and he ignored the huff of irritation from the people who had made the mistake of sitting there.

"Yeah. Cindy's killin 'em." What Riley didn't say was how much Cindy was killing him. And it wasn't just a slow death either; it was murder she was carving into his heart. She was destroying his ironclad will with each passing day.

"Jasmine too." Huey commented, looking towards the cheerleaders for his overly excited girlfriend. He saw her there, talking to one of her teammates, flipping her shoulder length brown hair over her shoulder. The young mulatto girl felt eyes on her and immediately turned to look in his direction, waving happily in response to Huey's glance.

Huey's cheeks colored a little as he waved back, until Jasmine DuBois turned back around to get off of the bench. The cheerleaders lined up and began to yell out another cheer that filled the gym. Huey went back to eating his nachos.

"Damn, that girl almost hit her! You see dat?"

"Nope," Huey replied, opening up the book he had been reading. He only came to these things because Jasmine was cheering at the girl's basketball game today. Otherwise, he'd be at home, studying or reading for fun. Sports was definitely not his thing.

Riley rolled his eyes and went back to ignoring his brother. Cindy ran across the court almost gracefully, deftly moving away from the elbows and hands that were blocking her path. Riley could tell by the way her plump lips were parted that she was at the edge of her rope. She made a desperate attempt to score points before the game ended and at the last second...


And the buzzer went off.

Cheers rang out all around the Freeman brothers as the scoreboard showed the fruits of Cindy's labors. The Woodcrest High School Girl's Basketball team had just won their third game of the season, 65 to 20.

It was at that moment that Huey shut his book and stood up, polishing off the last of his nachos. He picked up his backpack and slung it over his shoulder, glancing down at his younger sibling, "I'll be in the car."

Riley nodded, watching his brother pick his way down the bleachers and out of the gym doors. Slowly, his brown eyes slid back to Cindy who was smiling widely and wiping the sweat off her forehead. Jasmine ran over and squeezed her best friend tight before rushing back over to the other cheerleaders to dance to their school's fight song.

He ran a hand through his straight hair and stood up. Time to go greet the champion.


It took Cindy about twenty minutes to shower and change. She was the first person to run off when Coach had dismissed them and the girls around her giggled. They all knew what it was for. After every game, he was there, waiting for her.

She had washed herself as quickly and efficently as she could. She applied the bare minimum of her makeup and instead of drying her hair, she whipped it up into a bun and left it alone. It was just Septemeber, so it wouldn't get that cold; not yet.

Cindy put her basketball warm up jacket on over her jeans and top. The blue flats she wore stood out and accented her bright blue eyes, which had only gone from a soft sky blue to a deeper almost cruelean color. Her silver hoop earrings dangled daintly in her ears as she made her way out the front door of the gym.

She looked to her left first - he wasn't standing there today. But as a gust of wind blew, she saw a few locks of dark brown hair and realized he was standing to her right. Riley had taken to getting his hair relaxed now, wearing it straight back on the few occassions between getting his usual braids.

"Hey Riley."

"What's good, Cid? I seen you out there, whoopin niggas asses like you own 'em."

Cindy giggled. Some things would never change about Riley.

"I had to make you proud, ya digg? I ain't want you up there thinkin you could actually beat me in this year's tournament." He took her gym bag from her and started walking, knowing she would keep up.

"Hol up, don't go gettin ya hopes up now. That'll be a big ass whoopin jus waitin ta happen." Riley snickered, his words earning another beautiful laugh out of Cindy. Her voice was just so cute to him, so...Riley couldn't think of a word to describe it, but it was simply wonderful.

"Psh. As if. You need ta get on your boys if you eva want that to happen."

"Eww, nigga, that's gay. I ain't gettin them stupid dudes on shit. They need to step they game up."

As the two approached the car, Riley could clearly see that his brother was currently occupied with his perky cheerleader girlfriend. As was the rule, Riley kept his eyes averted on the rest of the way to the car, then knocked on the back window of his brother '87 Chevy Cavalier, to let the two know that he and Cindy had arrived.

The doors clicked unlocked and Cindy slid into the back followed by Riley, who put her gym bag between them.

"Good game, Cindy." Huey commented, clearing his throat before he spoke. Riley nodded; damn right he better check himself. Didn't nobody wanna hear Huey's bedroom voice but Jasmine. Ugh.

"Thanks, Huey. Jazzy, I thought that chick was gone run yo ass smooth ova! How'd she even get ova there?"

As Cindy and Jasmine began to discuss the events of the basketball game animatedly, Riley just sighed and stared out the window. He was still trying not to stare at Cindy in the dim lighting of the car, but as per usual it was hard.

Why the hell were 15-year-old hormones so impossible?

It didn't take long for them to reach Cindy's house first. Since she lived the furthest away, Huey always took her home first. It was crazy how nice Huey was to the girl, all things considered. Riley knew part of it was because she was Jazzy's best friend, thus making her matter a little bit more than she used to, but maybe Huey had another reason?

"Oh shit. They're here." Cindy sighed loudly as they rounded a corner near her house, leaning her head against the window in irritation. Riley could feel himself getting mad all over again and Huey slowly pulled over to the nearest curb. Like he always did when they came to Cindy's house. "Huey, you can just-"

"Cid, he already knows. We all do."

Cindy made a face. It was a mixture of remorse and embarrassment, and her rosy cheeks got even redder in her shame, "I'm sorry, ya'll. It's not because of..."

Even Huey was a bit frustrated as he held his hand up to stop her words, "You're right. It's not because of who we are it's what we are. It's because of the color of our skin."

"Cee-cee, I'll call you later," Jasmine told her soothingly, hoping to ease some of her discomfort in this touchy situation.

"Alright. Thanks for the ride as usual, Huey. See you, Riley. Text me later."

Riley nodded and handed Cindy her gym bag as she got out of the car at the end of her street instead of in front of her house. The three watched and waited until they saw Cindy go into her front door before Huey made a U-turn and headed towards their houses.

Riley slammed his fist into the seat cushion beside him, "Man, that shit pisses me off. Damn white people. We've lived here for seven years now!"

"Riley-" Jasmine started to say, but Huey touched her arm gently and shook his head. Riley would always take Cindy's parents' opinions harder than he or Jasmine ever would.

After all, his little brother was head over heels in love with the blonde haired white girl, even if Riley himself didn't know it. The only problem was her parents held an avid dislike and distrust for black people.

End Chapter 1