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Chapter Ten: Blaise and the Aftermath

There was a click, and then light and sound flooded the darkened dormitory.

"I can't believe Potter actually wore girl's clothes like Draco said he would," Theo snorted.

"I can't believe Draco actually snogged Potter. After he'd been such a bitch at me for liking Ginny-"

"Blaise, get the fuck out of the room!"

"Draco-!"he squeaked as a very ruffled and very naked Draco poked his head out of the covers, "What are you doing-?"

"Yeah, Zabini, get out!"There was another squeak as an equally ruffled and naked Harry Potter looked up at him.

"Oh, and Blaise, I was a git about the Weasley shrew because she's a cunt, not because she's a Gryffindor or a blood traitor or whatever. And she has a new boyfriend, like, every week."

Harry gave him a very canny look, "Draco, you were a bitch to him because Ginny likes me."

Draco scowled, "Okay, that may have had something to do with it. But not any significant portion or anything. Anyway, you may go snog the Weaselette now. I'm busy."

"If you could only see the shit-eating grin you've got on..."

"It's my I-just-got-laid-and-you-didn't grin." Draco said, with a satisfied smirk

"You-you what?"

"Why, no, Zabini," Harry said, trying not to laugh, "we're just lying here naked for no reason whatsoever."

"Oh my fucking God..."

"Seriously, Blaise, please fuck off so we can continue. Make out with the Weaselette or suck up to Slughorn or something."

"Happily." With that, Blaise Zabini ran from the room as fast as he could.

Draco turned back to Harry and murmured, "Now, where were we?"


He pounded towards the Great Hall. After much searching, he managed to find Weasley curled up with Granger in a corner. "Weasley."

Ron looked up, disconcerted, "Zabini?"

"Yes, Zabini. Can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Uh, sure, I guess."

"Right. Two things."

"Cool. Shoot."

"Firstly, very shortly I will be making out with your sister on a regular basis. Take some time to adjust to this, so you don't have an apoplectic fit."

"You'll be doing what?"

"Snogging. Your. Sister. Often. Ginny?"

"Yes. O-kay. Why?"

"Cos I like her, that's why. Anyway, on to the more pressing issue."

"Which is?"

"When Harry and Draco get married, I don't care how girly Draco is. I am not being the Maid of Honor."


But he was already gone, moving towards Gryffindor Tower.


"Draco..." It was a murmur, but it held so much worry and doubt that it froze Draco in the middle of his path of kisses down Harry's neck.


"What did Theo mean, "like Draco said he would"?"

"Ah. About that," Draco squirmed a little bit.



"Did you know about my costume?"

"I may have..."Draco evaded.

"And how I liked you?"

"I might have heard something..."

"From who?" Now Harry was panicking. What if someone had told and Draco hadn't liked him?

"Relax, Potter, I heard you and Hermione in the library the other day."

"You did? So Hermione was wrong about one thing..." Harry mused.



"Now, can I get back to doing what I was doing?"

"Yeah. You know, for a second there, I thought I was going to have to kill you. Or hit you with a pillow."

"Very funny," Draco commented dryly, though the effect was somewhat undercut by the fact that he was currently placing soft kisses along Harry's chest.

Harry gave a soft little happy sigh. It was weird and wrong and infinitely amazing.


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