So, after watching Big Time Audition for the billionth time and actually analyzing some parts...and then having many discussions about it with XChemicalXFallXPanicX (go read her stuff, you'll fall in love, I swear) we came to the conclusion that what we all believed to be canon...could not possibly be. XD And after much deliberation, I decided to write my own little ficlet/drabble-ish thing that makes me feel better about my new canon. Heehee.

He hoisted his backpack onto one shoulder, the rest of the bag hanging casually at his side. The exact way he liked it...the way his mother said would ruin his posture.

But posture was the last thing on his mind at this point. He wanted to look cool, needed to actually. He had a rep to maintain now, considering his coach just informed the school that he was the new captain of the Freshman hockey team.

His cool, confident exterior came across as almost cocky as he swaggered into his next class. He winked at Jenny Tinkler in the front row as he walked past. She giggled, and he bit back a self-loathing cringe. Oh, if only he swung that way.

"There's the man of the hour!" Kendall smirked at his two best friends, bumping knuckles with both James and Carlos before taking his seat in the desk right in front of James.

"Yeah! Congrats, man!" Carlos threw him a grin, his arms folded over his helmet that rested on the desktop.

Kendall only managed a small "heh" in response before the late bell rang and their teacher closed the door. He was riding on his self-esteem high, the grin never leaving his face as he tried paying attention.

Mr. Morris was in the middle of a sentence when the door was opened as quietly as one could with the metal grinding together in an annoying squeak. Every head swiveled in the direction of the obnoxious noise as a boy walked in, his face obviously buried in a schedule where only the top of his dark head was visible.

And then he looked up to scan the room, meeting peers' eyes at random.

Kendall felt his breath catch as those chocolatey eyes met his. It was like he had been hit by a bolt of lightning that electrocuted his heart into beating double-time.

And one word flashed across his mind as he watched the new boy converse with the teacher briefly before making his way towards Kendall to sit in the desk directly next to him.

One word that explained the searing heat that engulfed his very being as Mr. Morris introduced him as Logan Mitchell.

One word that made Kendall's whole world just click into place and make perfect sense.


Aaaaand done. Wow, that was shorter than I thought it would be! Let me know what you think! LOVES!