E/O Challenge: Dude

Happy Birthday Katydid43 - some happy, smiling Winchesters for ya. Hope you like it!

It wasn't me!

It was a much needed diner stop, made especially enticing by the pretty-blond that served them.

Leaving with their order she smiled at Sam.

"Dude … she likes you," Dean grinned.

Sam, pleased with himself, went to the bathroom.

On his return she was delivering pie.

As he sat down the "fart" noise emanating from his seat was loud and continuous.

The waitress, disgusted, stomped away. Sam, blushing, glared at his brother.

"What?" Dean asked innocently.

Sam picked up a spoon, scooped up whipped-cream and flicked it at his brother's face.

Dean licked his lips. "This means war," he smirked.