Author: Nightshade sydneylover150

Summary: A narrative poem from Severus Snape perspective as he looks out at Harry and thinks what could have been, what in reality is, and what a spell caster took away.

Rating: T for Teen

Disclaimer: I'm a poor graduate student. Somehow I don't think I own Harry Potter or its series which belongs to JK Rowling firstly and Warner Brothers. Plus, I cannot forget that Snape's portrayal is owned by the wonderful Alan Rickman and Harry's by Daniel Radcliff.

A/N: Snape and everyone mentioned in this story have been under a spell, which Snape manages to throw off slowly in the narrative. I'll let him do the talking and explain.

Should Have Been Mine (And What Truly Is)

You should have been mine.

I was the one who loved her.

I was the one who truly cared for her.

But he took her away from.

He took you away from me.

Now you are supposedly someone else.

This… this…. Harry Potter.

The name is an illusion another has placed upon you.

The one who stole so much of your happiness,

And twisted your love for me into fear and anger.

But part of me knows you are still mine.

(Though his spell twists my love for you as well)

As part of you knows as well.

(For you, my child like me, are no fool)

I cannot reclaim you by force.

Nor by blood right.

(For he took that away from us)

Nor in the public's eye.

At least, not now.

But I can, nay, I will protect you.

Dumbledore is wrong,

About why I protect you.

I don't do it for her.

Well, not only for her

The one who should have been…

(Nay, that's not right…)

Was my wife.

I do it for you, my son.

I promise you, Sumner Henry, my son

(The name seems odd to me too.

But one day I'll use it freely.)

I promise you Harry….

I promise I will win you back.

I promise this spell will end.

I promise I will fight with all my being.

Mostly, I promise he will pay.

He will pay for every tear.

He will pay for every smack.

He will pay for every pain they caused you to endure.

No one hurts the Half-Blooded Prince's family,

He should have never crossed the Snapes.

Sirus Black will rue the day.

That my son, I can promise you.

A/N: Bet you weren't expecting that ending. The idea behind this narrative poem is that Sirus being so pro-Lily/James cast a spell that made it seem like Severus was never part of the picture. (which I may or may not use in a Harry Potter story I'm writing. It's a long way off until that comes out. Probably this Christmas) In reality Harry, whom Lily and Snape must have named Sumner Henry (Don't ask me, the name wrote itself. I think Snape liked the meaning of Sumner which is summoner.)However, around Harry's second or third year Snape begins to overthrow the spell and this narrative poem is the result.

Any ways, let me know what you think. Reviews are welcome and will be responded to and constructive criticism will be used to improve my writing technique and the story itself.

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