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Chapter 1: The World of Pokémon

In the land of Kanto, one day, a youth from Pallet Town was called to meet Professor Oak, a renowned Pokémon researcher.

When the youth arrived at Professor Oak's Pokémon Lab, a wonderful proposal awaited.

"There are three Pokémon here. . . You can have one. Go on, choose!"

So, the youth chose between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, picking the one that seem best. Then along came a rival – Professor Oak's grandson.

The Rival immediately challenged the youth to a Pokémon Battle. But the youth defeated him, showing great skill in doing so.

After seeing how well the youth and that Pokémon battled, Professor Oak knew he had found a great talent. The Professor then gave the youth an important mission.

That mission was to complete the Pokedex, a task that would require traveling through the entire Kanto region and catching all of the 151 kinds of Pokémon said to live there! With a heart of passion, the youth set out on the journey.

The youth had two goals in mind. The first was, of course, to complete the Pokedex. The other goal was to defeat Pokémon Gym Leaders throughout the Kanto region, triumph over the Pokémon League, and become the Pokémon League Champion!

The Road ahead would be long indeed. But the youth threw Poke Balls, caught Pokémon, and – along with new friends – began to make this dream a reality.

At the first Gym, the youth defeated the Pewter City Gym Leader – Brock.

Then, at the second Gym, the youth defeated the Cerulean Gym Leader – Misty.

And at the third Gym, the youth defeated the Vermillion Gym Leader – Lt. Surge.

Trusting in the strength of his Pokémon, the youth overcame each Gym Leader who stood in the way.

But before long, a dark presence cast its shadow across this journey.

That dark presence was Team Rocket – an evil organization that used Pokémon to do its dirty work as it plotted world domination.

Team Rocket had even done away with a Marowak in Lavender Town, leaving Trainers their heartbroken.

The youth, along with his Pokémon, decided to put a stop to Team Rocket's crime.

Team Rocket had opened a Game Corner in Celadon City to raise money, and the youth discovered the Rocket Hideout concealed in its basement.

Gathering courage, the youth snuck into the hideout. Team Rocket was no match for the youth, whose bravery was fueled by good intentions, and step by step the youth approached the heart of the hideout.

Deep inside the hideout, the youth faced off against Giovanni, the Team Rocket Boss. Giovanni's Pokémon were known for their overwhelming strength . . . but still the youth pushed the Pokémon's powers to the limit and defeated Team Rocket's wicked leader.

With Team Rocket defeated, the youth's glorious adventure resumed. Now the youth could do things like play the Poke Flute to wake a sleeping Snorlax or travel the Cycling Road on a Bicycle.

At the fourth Gym, the youth defeated the Celadon City Gym Leader – Erika.

At the fifth Gym, the youth defeated the Fuchsia City Gym Leader – Koga.

But the youth's string of victories was once again cut short by Team Rocket.

Team Rocket had taken over Saffron City and occupied Silph Co. (the Silph Company) right at its center.

Once again, the youth battled Giovanni, the Team Rocket Boss. By now, the youth had grown so much that Giovanni was no match for the youth's team.

This time, Giovanni admitted defeat and declared Team Rocket disbanded!

Now the youth was unstoppable, defeating Gyms left and right!

At the sixth Gym, the youth defeated the Saffron City Gym Leader – Sabrina.

At the seventh Gym, the youth defeated the Cinnabar Island Gym Leader – Blaine.

But on reaching the last Gym – the Viridian City Gym – the youth's heart skipped a beat.

The Gym Leader was none other than Giovanni, who planned to revive Team Rocket.

The youth's victory was never in doubt in the final showdown with Giovanni.

With a passion for justice and trust in Pokémon, the youth crushed Giovanni's villainous ambitions.

Eventually, after emerging from the long and arduous Victory Road, the youth reached the Pokémon League. At long last, it was time to fulfill that early dream.

The battles with the Elite Four were far from easy, and at time, the Pokémon League Champion nearly overwhelmed the youth.

But the youth believed in his Pokémon, and fought with determination.

And finally, victory was theirs!

Now, three years later, another youth sets out for a new adventure in the mysterious region of Johto!

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